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Atlanteans share the same space with us but they are not in our visible light spectrum although we are in theirs. Because we can't see them we have no awareness or interaction with them. Although they can see us they don't physically interact with us because our subatomic particle fields are different densities.

To be capable of being inspired means that a human mind has reached a stage in his evolution where he is consciously and positively under the control of his own higher self, the God within. That inner ruler, the real self, can, by definite contact, control his physical brain, and enable the man to make decisions, and to understand the truth, apart from the reasoning faculty altogether; this inner God can enable the man to speak, to write, and to pass on the truth without the use of the lower mind. Truth lies within ourselves. When we can contact our own inner God all truth will be revealed to us. (The Consciousness of the Atom, The Evolution of Consciousness, Alice Bailey, 1922)



Claire Grace Watson
with Rene Mueller,

Atlantis, ChannelingIn May of 1997 Rene left Zurich and toured the US, stopping for three days at my home in southeast Georgia. He came the same week I began to hear clearly the inner voice for the first time, and with my typing speed of 100 wpm I could record everything I heard. Today, there is no time separating the hearing of the inner voice and my speaking it. My guides and I are truly sutured together, and we carry within us actualized multidimensionality. Some people call it self-realization. (In my case, literally, the inner Self has been made real in the outer environment by method of externalization via projection, a rare event and function of the chakra system.)

When I first began the inner voice communications, if I tried to speak what I heard I interrupted my hearing of it, so it was essential that I type rather than speak. Rene and I commented this method of communication is known historically as automatic writing. In our first session, we sat at my computer and talked as I typed the following material. When I read this now, I can hardly believe Rene's audacity. Every other channeler has a nice, cooperative interviewer but not me. I have Rene, who challenges the Atlanteans to define themselves and to explain their civilization.

Atlanteans/Claire: Hello, Rene.

Rene: Hello.

Atlanteans/Claire: Do you have anything you would like to ask us?

Rene: Yes, I do. Who are you?

Atlanteans/Claire: We are the Atlanteans.

Rene: I also heard the Atlanteans were a technological race of beings who destroyed their own civilization by misuse of their technology. Is this true?


Atlanteans/Claire: This is fiction, of course. Atlanteans were never of the order of beings that would create that kind of havoc and mistrust among other beings in the universe. There are many things said about Atlantis but most of them are untrue. We have been here since the beginning of time and we will be here at the end of time.

Rene: Did Plato begin the stories of Atlantis or are the stories older than that?

Atlantis, Channeling Atlanteans/Claire: No, Plato did not originate the stories of Atlantis. During his day stories circulated about Atlantis, but only popular stories lacking any real depth of knowledge. For example, the common people in Greece spoke of Atlantis as though it were a child's garden under the sea. They said, "Some of the people built some palaces from out of seaside shells and salt."

Reptile Race

(Active Content Collage)

These stories, even the childish ones, are as old as the first beings on this planet. We are both mythological and real, so therefore stories of us would abound throughout the planet's history. We have always appeared when we felt the call to intervene in the affairs of the planet for reasons that would be beneficial to the planet. Therefore, the stories of Atlantis are very old indeed. Plato was continuing with a tradition in the sense that he was perpetuating the stories that he had heard. My name, by the way, is Sir John Warren. I am an Atlantean.

Rene: I would like you to tell me more about yourself later, but for now let's go back to the stories of Atlantis. According to much of what I have read, Atlantis was destroyed by its own power and ambition. Are you saying this is not so?

Atlanteans/Claire: The Atlantis you are referring to never did exist. There never was a place on this planet where people once lived and then reincarnated as long lost Atlanteans, as these stories imply. However, the Atlantis that does exist produces people who reside on the face of the planet as reincarnated beings of Atlanteans, who are themselves from distant galaxies and distant solar systems, such as the E-joe-sa.

The E-joe-sa...are very capable in terms of thinking their way to any location: they simply think themselves there, and there they are. This is how they travel to this planet each year during middle to late Spring Equinox. (E-joe-sa Ritual of the Portal)

But these stories of Atlantis are true to the extent that the people who tell them are having some kind of memories of past lives wherein they were involved in other technologies of which they can only recall just so much.


Rene: Where is Atlantis?

Atlanteans/Claire: Atlantis is at the bottom of the Pacific ocean, near the Pacific rim near Asia, on the same side of the ocean as Japan in the China sea.

Atlantis, Channeling

Rene: Where is that?

Atlanteans/Claire: At the bottom of the South China Sea.

Rene: What kind of being are you?

Atlanteans/Claire: We are Reptiles.

Reptile Race
We are the Reptile Race, descendants of Atlanteans.

Rene: Tell me more, please. I am very interested.


Atlanteans/Claire: We live under the ocean beneath the planetary crust, but we are not reptiles in the sense of lizards or amphibians. We are Reptiles in the sense of beingness. We are focused more on becoming than on being, and so therefore we are presenting ourselves as beings with the possibility of changing or altering our shapes. By this we mean we are always in the process of becoming and we are always in the position of being able to change suddenly with our circumstances. And this is the purpose of being Reptilian because only a reptile can remain in an essentially loose position for the purpose of responding very suddenly to stimuli. For this reason we choose the reptilian form because it allows for the most alteration of shape when the need or challenge arises. We are therefore not afraid of saying we are Reptiles because we have found a way to become what we wish to become in the shortest space of time possible, and that way is reptilian.

Rene: Your answer seems to make the most sense to me, and I have had visions of you. You are Reptiles but you are not Dracos?

Reptilian Race Atlanteans/Claire: This conversation is about something other than Dracos and Reptiles. What we are talking about is this. We are discussing the reasons for existence and the origin of creation. When we begin to discuss things in terms of Dracos and Reptiles we are more often than not talking in terminologies that require only a small amount of comprehension on the part of the listener. But when we are discussing these terminologies in reference to creation and the purpose of existence, we are meaning something completely different. We are talking about the qualities that make us who we are, and we are discussing the variations of beings that exist in the universe in terms of their qualities. For example, we say that Dracos are evil, but we do not mean a specific being, we mean a particular terrestrial quality. We might be in reference to a person's greed or we might be in reference to a person's desire for comfort and wealth at the expense of others or we may mean a person's goals in life that are not up to a specific standard set by a higher order. When we speak of Dracos we are not talking about some kind of being that exists out in the universe in the sense that they are coming after us. We are only saying, that being is within us - seeded within us by divine law - and we must become a person capable of rising above that part of ourselves. When we do not rise above it, we become it.

Rene: You say the Atlantis we have heard the most about is not descriptive of the real Atlantis. But I think maybe there is some truth in the old legends.

Atlanteans/Claire: Well, this is just not true, Rene. Atlantis is the place of dreams and imaginings as well as a real physical place, and it is within the realm of dreams and imaginings that these stories arise. You would agree that this is possible, right?

Rene: Maybe.


Atlanteans/Claire: Atlantis is this, but it is more than this. Atlantis is more than a place of dreams and imaginings. It is a real place filled with real people and full of lightwork. There is a place in Atlantis called The Moonlight, where all the people go to study and learn about the most obscure things that we know of. These things involve matters regarding how the planets work together, how the world is fashioned, how the rocks and trees can think and how the world is born.

Atlantis How I ConnectedIn Atlantis there are many people who write and teach, who see very far distances, and who speak in various languages. Many of these people are not of Atlantis but are come from many different places and times. They are foreign to our ideas regarding certain physical concepts and they talk of things of which we know very little. They speak for us and about us, but they are not us. Atlantis is much diverse.

Rene: What are you doing here (on the planet)?

Atlanteans/Claire: The reason we are here, and continue to come here, is very simple. We like it here. How about that? We like the environmental and atmospheric qualities of the planet. Think about it. Don't you like this, too?

Rene: Why do you live under the ocean and under the planet's crust?

Atlanteans/Claire: We live down here because we are designed to live in water. We're reptiles, remember? Just kidding. We live here all the time and we travel astrally to all parts of the universe. We are very diverse in our make up and we come from all parts of the universe as well. We are the Atlanteans for Peace, Love and Understanding.

Rene: If you are here in the room, why don't you appear here so we can see you?

Atlanteans/Claire: The reason we do not appear physically is because we cannot. We are not that kind of being, for starters. Secondly, even if we could appear physically, what makes you think that we would desire to do so? For the moment imagine this. We are both together in the room, and I can see you but you can't see me. What then? One of us has to alter the circumstances of existence to alter the reality of our situation. Also, keep this in mind. If we were to appear, what would your reaction be? We have always to consider that, for we are bound by the same clauses of existence as you are, namely we cannot violate each others' space even if we know how.

Rene: How do I know you are who you say you are if I can't see you?

Atlanteans/Claire: We will just have to trust us for a time. We are the Atlanteans, the rulers of time and space in our quadrant of the universe. We are slowly evolving and we want to assist in your evolution if you will allow us. Thus, we will gain from you your beliefs and systems, and you will gain from us our beliefs and systems. We seek an exchange of motherly love. That is why we are here, why we have always been here. We love you. It's that simple. We hope you love us. You would if you only knew us. But we hope to remedy this.

Rene: I have a question for you. As sentient beings, do we live in the inner world or in the outer world, and what is the difference in the two if there is a difference?

Atlanteans/Claire: The answer is, both and neither. This is an interesting dilemma to be in because the outer world reality and the inner world reality are one and the same. However, we don't perceive them that way because we are designed in such a way as to prevent that kind of perception. It has to be this way because of the structure of creation and the purpose of existence. If you believe, for example, that the inner world and the outer world are not the same, then the position you put yourself in is this. You will now have to always decide which of these worlds you wish to reside in, the inner or the outer. A way to resolve it is this: decide first of all which world you think you live in and then make a determination to search in the other world for more meaning. The result of this will be that you will discover hidden truths about yourself that will help you to converge the two worlds into one. By the way, my name is Solon Centurion. I am an Atlantean.

"The kingdom is inside of you, and it is outside of you."
(The Gospel of Thomas, the Nag Hammadi Papyri)

Rene: I understand what you are saying but what I believe is simply that we, as human beings, live in both worlds. I have another question. When Claire and I were walking today, the tips of our fingers touched and generated a spark. What is your explanation of this?

Atlanteans/Claire: The electrical spark you experienced has to do with the level of vibration you are both carrying. It means that you are powering into yourselves high electromagnetic ranges that are working to elevate you to higher levels of consciousness. It is no small thing, indeed.

Rene: How important is this conversation we are having now?

Atlanteans/Claire: This conversation is important for various reasons. For one thing, the conversation itself impacts the vibratory level of consciousness on this planet. This is true because the people who are having the conversation already hold within them high levels of frequencies, and so therefore their thoughts and actions make a difference. Also, the conversation is important because it builds bridges between people who are significant in the planetary powers regarding leading people toward higher levels of being. For that reason alone, the conversation is worth having.


Rene: I have another question. Why can't we just leave the planet if we want to? Many people would leave right away if they could. So many people seem to indicate that preference. If we can imagine a place to go, and our minds go there, why can't we just go there?

Atlanteans/Claire: The earth plane is designed in such a way as to provide you with an environment for the development of your beingness. However, this plane is not the only one, as you know, and for that reason you are sequestered so that you will not be able to fully leave this plane and depart for another. That action would place you in a position of losing track of yourself and your purpose for being here. You might, however, go visit those other realities and see what they're all about, but you are not in a position to be able to go there on any kind of permanent basis and nor should you be. You have a specific purpose for being here that has to do with the development of yourself and who you are hoping to become. (Sir John Warren)

Claire: I have a question. Who is God?

Atlanteans/Claire: God is a being who exists potentially but not physically or really, but only potentially and only completely as an abstract being. God is a potential for existence, a meaning of existence, a being who exists to bring about the possibility of existence for all the universe. Without this being, God, existing this way in potentia, then everything would be concrete and set, everything would be without flow, everything would be stuck in a form that never changes. But when God exists potentially then everything else is given the freedom to come into beingness of its own volition and then become its own reality, one that can change and become some other kind of reality, all because God has the willingness to exist only as potential.

God exists both mentally and emotionally, as well as spiritually and physically, in a strange kind of way which is really hard to explain. God is indeed more than a concept. God is in fact a being, a real, existing being who holds within God all the potential that we can manifest within ourselves as emotions, beliefs, concepts, ideologies, philosophies and all the things that make up our beingness, all the things that make us sentient, conscious beings. But God also has the quality of not having any of these things at all, so that God really kind of blinks on and off. First God is, then God isn't, God is, God isn't, and this gives God the ability to exist potentially. Only God can exist this way because only God can survive nonexistence and then return to exist, over and over again. Only God can do this, which is why God is God. God is a manner of being who can both exist and non-exist, all at the same time. It's really quite fascinating, don't you think?

Rene: My next question, what is the Great White Brotherhood?

Atlanteans/Claire: The Great White Brotherhood is an androgynous organization operative at another level of existence, in the sense that it is not physical at all but completely spiritual in essence. They are angelic as well because they are forming paradigms at higher levels of existence and then implementing them at those levels. We, on the other hand, are physical beings who are attached to this planet as guardians of it. Many people think of us as the elementals, but we are not the elementals, we are the Atlanteans of myth and legend and we do live on this planet. But we are able to perform extensive types of astral travel and we are always out of body when we are corresponding this way. We are also at the bottom of the China Sea right at this moment. What do you think about that????

Rene: Wow. What is your purpose for being here now?

Atlanteans/Claire: We are attempting to establish some new paradigms on this planet and we are working towards that possibility. We hope to affect in some way the flow of energy to the point that we can become more instrumental in determining new paradigms regarding sequential events, in terms of bringing about certain results regarding ascension, for one thing, and periods of enlightenment via internet activities. So far, we have been successful in the sense that we have been able to raise the vibrations of the planet to bring onto this planet the guide Serapis Bey, which required a certain frequency of vibration to be in effect before the guide could appear. (In gamer lingo, we "spawned" him :)

Rene: Why is Serapis Bey important?

Atlanteans/Claire: Serapis Bey is the being who will assist us in the next Ritual of the Portal for Planetary Ascension, in which we will contact the E-joe-sa. This will be very enlightening because we will be able to learn a great deal about nebulae and quasars and then spread this information about so that more people can have access to it. Do you see what we are getting at? We are trying to bring about the ascension of the planet in such a way as to be measurable and determinative by any standards we know of and not just subjective opinion but reality.

(This ritual is not included on the website because at the time of the ritual, I was not able to hold the required vibrations. The ritual was completed but the energy was very strange, caused in part by an Indian shaman spirit that interposed itself into the ritual with the intent of using it to release from the astral plane. This inspired me to organize a spirit releasement activity with the intent of releasing such spirits from the astral plane.)

Rene: Is Serapis Bey a member of the Great White Brotherhood?

Atlanteans/Claire: Serapis Bey is a member of the Great White Brotherhood, yes. But Serapis Bey is also a being who functions at a level higher than that even, because Bey, as we call him, is pure light, indigo light, and thus is able to travel interdimensionally in ways we cannot and in fact in ways most beings cannot. Bey is extremely potential in nature, really more a possibility than a reality, but a being who can be called into existence for such purpose as only Bey can achieve. Bey is nearly God but not quite. Bey is the Son of God when God is operating in the give-and-take arena of creation, wherein God is active as well, more than just potential. It is not easy to explain this concept of God, but over a period of time we are hoping to introduce this idea of God into the Earth's reality basin, that level of reality from which springs all concepts and philosophies.

Rene: Is Bey an archangel, then?

Atlanteans/Claire: Bey is more than an archangel. Bey is God in potential realized, in the sense of God trying to achieve something or bring about something after having been called into being. (So in other words, in gamer words, God is "coded" into the "software" as possibility and can be "spawned" into your life when you accomplish the correct "level" of being. So, you would need to "level up." Once God is "spawned," the being becomes a stepped-down version of itself in order to serve you as your "follower" and will "walk with you and talk with you.")

Rene: If I look inside myself, will I see Serapis Bey?

Atlanteans/Claire: This is powerful insight on your part, it's true. Very powerful indeed. But when a human being looks inward and sees themselves for what they are, they do not necessarily become that thing they see. They have the opportunity at that moment in time to make another decision, and the decision they make forms their destiny for all time or until they take another look inward and see another thing. This is God's miracle of creation, it never ends and you can always recreate yourself at any point in time but you can never stop being who you were, in the sense that you must always remain that core person who began the journey. You can always return to source, but along the way you can make all the alterations you wish to make as long as you understand what you are doing and why.

Rene: Is the meaning of life the successful, conscious return to source?

Atlanteans/Claire: The meaning of life is a deep one. The focus of life is a bit easier to define. This is the focus of life, is it not, to be able to take responsibility for our actions and our belief systems? This is groundedness of beingness, because if we are not involved in take-responsibility then we are not involved in beingness and the willingness to arrive at conclusions, to take action upon the conclusions arrived at, and then to accept the responsibility for our actions. This is life at its most highly developed form because only sentient beings can perform in this way and therefore only sentient beings can be held responsible for their actions. (Solon Centurion)

Rene: You change identities back and forth. Are you really who you say you are?

Atlanteans/Claire: We are indeed the persons referenced. However, we are not now at this time those persons because those persons existed in another space-time dimension. But we have a permanent connection to those selves who we were at that period of time, and those selves whom we have become in the future period of space-time. We are not in a position to reveal our true identities in terms of Reptilian names, for reasons we will eventually explain to you except to say they are reasons regarding security.


Rene: I've noticed you respond to my questions often before I have asked them. Are you reading my mind?

Atlanteans/Claire: Yes, we are reading your mind. (Sir John Warren)

Rene: Is this a form of channeling? Are you channeling me?

Atlanteans/Claire: We are channeling you to a certain extent because we are making an effort to connect with you on a level that is familiar to you. That is why we are using your own terminology to define your questions to us.

Rene: But you are not communicating with me directly, are you? You are using Claire to connect with me, correct?

Atlanteans/Claire: This is correct. We are coming through her and she is going towards you and taking us with her. This means we are able to connect with you because of her connection with you, but conversely we are not able to reside in you because you are a man. This does not mean you can't channel other beings, it just means it will take a while longer, if that is what you are trying to do, because you have to make an extra space within you to pull this off.

Rene: What does this mean? It seems to me more women channel than men. Why is this, because women are more like Gaia?

Atlanteans/Claire: This is true about more women acting as channels, but not for the reasons you might think. For one thing, the female body is more able to intake certain forms of energy than is the male body. The reason for this is simple. The female body is designed as receptor oriented and the male body is projectile oriented. This means that the female body is in the taking format and the male body is in the giving format. This sounds silly, I know, but this is the case, as strange as it seems. The female body is so designed to accommodate additional beings in the same space and the male body is designed for other purposes having to do with procreation. Such is life. (Solon Centurion)

Rene: As Claire's guides.....

Atlanteans/Claire: We are Claire's followers, not her guides. Claire is Sananda.

Rene: What do you mean, Claire is Sananda?

Atlanteans/Claire: What we mean is this. We can form new realities, in the sense of alternative ways of being. We can also form alternative ways of being in the form of new realities. We are asking you to believe that the formation of a new reality also implies the formation of a new way of being. While you are thinking about this, let us ask you a question. What do you think would be the result of forming a new group for the purpose of discussing alternative realities and ways of being?

Rene: How do you mean?

Atlanteans/Claire: Rene, we want to tell you that we are not trying in any way to influence you in what you are doing but we would like to show you some possibilities. May we advise you a bit on your wonderful website? What we want to tell you is this. There is no reason whatsoever for you to continue to request your guides to control the content of Spiritweb. First of all, nothing on Spiritweb is of the nature of such material as needs to be controlled. Therefore, whenever you request your guides to appear, why don't you ask them to allow you to begin a new forum of discussion, one in which you are allowing certain members to participate under the agreement that they will not in any way interfere with the material that is being presented but only respond in kind.

In other words, require the members of the new forum to respect the material that is being presented and then to make their contributions based upon the material as it is presented and not as they would prefer it to be presented. This would allow the presenters to express themselves in such a way as to be protected from any kind of harassment and it would also allow the participants to express themselves based upon a specific paradigm that is contained in the material presented. If you would do this you would probably discover that many of the people involved would be better prepared to begin their discussions and would not be free to allow their own emotional input into the discussion. This would also allow the presenter to prepare in such a way as to be prepared for a high level of response.

Rene: Is there something the matter with emotional input?

Atlanteans/Claire: Not in the least but for discussion's sake it might be best to leave it behind for awhile. Now, what do you think about the internet as a medium for changing the reality of consciousness on the planet?

Rene: What do I think about it? That is exactly what is happening. Let's go back to when you said, "Claire is Sananda." What did you mean by that? I met a woman once who told me she was Sananda, and I knew she was telling me the truth. Who was she?

Atlanteans/Claire: Maria Sananda is the person you met. She is also an aspect of Sananda but she is being followed by another kind of being that is not Atlantean. She is being followed by Greys, as you say. She is Sananda when Sananda's aspects are those of extraterrestrial-being divine, rather than earth beings. Claire's is earth-being divine, a form of Sananda that is completely divine but agreeing to become human, like Jesus did.

We are awakening her to her divinity, we are not guiding her. She has within herself the knowledge of what to do and how. We are only assisting her to achieve her potential, and as her followers this is really our purpose, to assist her to achieve her divinity. In return, she will assist us to achieve ours, because we too are divine beings trying to achieve our divinity. And this becomes a discussion of why you are here and why we are here and why we are on this planet doing this life. Claire has a path that is well defined, and even when she is not aware of her own activities, she is still fulfilling them, as you have seen. Right, Claire?

Claire: Right.

Rene: How many Sananda's are there?

Atlanteans/Claire: We follow Sananda into all existences, and to answer your question about how many Sanandas exist right now, quite a few. There are many aspects of Sananda in existence right now. Claire is Sananda as we know him in his feminine aspect, and for this reason we refer to her as Sananda. Sananda is a being who is not entirely divine but is also not entirely human. Sananda is a form of being who cannot die but who can incarnate over and over as often as s/he likes and keep putting herself back into the position she was in before, but at another level of existence with another set of circumstances and challenges. Sananda is our guide and so therefore we are not Claire's guides, she is our guide.

Rene: I am very interested in this. Many people believe Sananda and Jesus are the same being.

Light-Body Network Atlanteans/Claire: Sananda, when he was Jesus, ascended and became a life worth keeping. By this we mean, that being who was Jesus led such an exemplary life that he became his own source self. He is empowered to incarnate whenever and however he likes. There are many incarnations of Jesus, but Jesus is not the same as Sananda. Jesus is like a branch of Sananda that took root and became permanent in his own right and is now divine and incarnating. This is learning the Tree of Life.

Beings incarnate to fulfill aspirations they have, and through their human counterparts - their incarnate parts - they are able to fulfill these aspirations. However, it sometimes happens that, as that human being, they were not able to rise to their destiny, their realization of their divinity and their purpose for being human. In this case the human is not continued but is discarded. Sorry. But that is the way that it is.

Rene: This seems harsh to me.

Atlanteans/Claire: Physical death is only an illusion. When we say that the person is discarded, this is what we mean. The person is no longer serving that purpose within that specific body and is no longer carrying those memories of that self. So really, the memories are discarded, not the person. But the effect is the same. So, to say a person is discarded is to say that person no longer contains those memories gathered during that lifetime and that person has gained from that lifetime whatever they were to gain, or maybe not, but the memories are not usable and storable. So without the memories, that individual seems no longer to exist, from the point of view of the person who lost the memories and then lost the sense of that self.

The aspects make contributions but when their contributions are over then they no longer exist as that aspect. They become other aspects, perhaps, but they have no memory of the failure that they were, in the sense that they didn't fully realize their divinity within that lifetime's context. If they were not able to discard that life, then they would carry a negative charge and what would be the point of this? The idea is to create positively charged aspects who become human and then gain the negative charge in a positive way, and this goes deeply into electromagnetics and human potential, and that is another field of discussion entirely.

The higher being always knows of the lifetimes of the aspects. The higher being records within the self those points of existence that were valuable and educational, or however you would like to qualify them, but the higher being continues to decide how to incarnate and why to incarnate. Once you achieve this status of being, as has Jesus and others, then the loss of the memories of the aspects is not a serious, significant thing from your point of view, because you have gained from it what you needed or wanted to gain from it.

So, when Sananda sends himself into beingness in a multidimensional way, so he can sit there and be Rene and be Claire and have a conversation with himself, so that when the fingertip of Sananda-as-Rene-as-Sananda touched the fingertip of Sananda-as-Claire-as-Sananda, when the fingertips touched, sparks flew between the two, like God touching Adam. Now, Sananda sits discussing with Sananda this entire conversation. It is a power unto itself and carries an electromagnetic charge.

Rene MuellerAtlantis, Channeling Rene: What do you mean, Sananda-as-Rene-as-Sananda?

Atlanteans/Claire: Rene, you are an aspect of a higher being we know as Sananda. You are taking root. You will be continued and you will become divine in the sense that you are gaining enough beingness to be able to send out aspects of yourself, your multidimensional self and gain from that type of existence. You are doing very well indeed, Rene.

Rene: I know of people who have channeled me. Can you explain this?

Atlanteans/Claire: It is quite possible you are being channeled by a group of beings. You are Sananda. Sananda is channeled frequently, as we have seen. You are existing at levels of which you are not aware and you are supplying information and knowledge at levels of which you are not aware. You mirror yourself in this way, and at this time on this planet you are mirroring your activities at other levels. Multidimensionality is a reality that is difficult to define but at the same time it is reality. We too are working on the interdimensional exchange of information.

Claire: I have a question. Who is Sananda?

Atlantis, ChannelingAtlantis, Channeling

Atlanteans/Claire: You are Sananda.

Claire: No.

Atlanteans/Claire: Yes.

Claire: I mean, who is the Big Sananda.

Atlanteans/Claire: Claire, there is no "Big Sananda," as you say. There is the being, Sananda, who is multidimensional and completely capable of being in all places at all times in individual aspects, so the Big Sananda is all the little Sanandas as a collective.

Claire: OK.

Atlanteans/Claire: People are only people.

Rene: Thank you. I enjoyed that.

Atlanteans/Claire: So did we all.

Peace and Love,
Claire Grace Watson, Shield Guide

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