Subatomic Particle Prisoner

In the year 1895, Sir William Crookes, one of our greatest scientists, gave an interesting lecture before a body of chemists in Great Britain, in which he dealt with the ability of the atom to choose its own path, to reject and to select, and showed that natural selection can be traced in all forms of life, from the then ultimate atom up through all forms of being.

In another scientific article, the atom is further considered as having sensation as well:

"The recent contest as to the nature of atoms, which we must regard as in some form or other the ultimate factors in all physical or chemical processes, seems to be capable of easiest solution by the conception that these very minute masses possess - as centers of force - a persistent soul, that every atom has sensation and power of movement."

Tyndall has likewise pointed out that even the very atoms themselves seem to be "instinct with the desire for life." (The Consciousness of the Atom, The Evolution of Substance, Alice Bailey, 1922)

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Your duty as a citizen and our responsibility as individuals in God/dess's world - A person has a duty to participate in life. Let us remember we cannot go through life without experiencing this duty to participate in and honor all life. We have a civic duty to the people around us. They are entitled to our care and concern, even when they do not always give it themselves. When we understand that our responsibility is to give care and concern to the people around us, then we are enlightened beings. These people who do not return our efforts in kind are unenlightened beings and require our care and concern even more.

Your duty as a citizen and our responsibility to our friends and companions, our neighbors and our children, our parents and our loved ones, and everyone around us, whether we know their names or not - We have a civic duty as citizens of the planet and the Universe. We have a responsibility to ourselves, to our families and to our loved ones. We also have a responsibility to all the people around us because these people are entitled to it. Do you think these people around us are entitled to our being irresponsible? They are entitled to experience us at our best.

Your duty as a citizen and our responsibilities as people who are involved in life and who therefore have a stake in the outcome of this planet's particle fizz666 projects, whether we acknowledge it or not - People can detect whether we are giving them our best. Let us ask ourselves this. If people do not deserve the best from us, then do we deserve the best from them? Are we getting the best we have to offer? If we are not, we may want to consider our own behavior as being at odds with our civic duty and responsibility.

Your duty as a citizen and our responsibility as people intimately connected with All That Is and therefore owing allegiance to All That Is, in terms of protecting the great variety of life now on this planet - What are these responsibilities? Simply, the responsibility to act in accordance with Divine Law and the responsibility to act in accordance with Divine Will. We are God/dess. Now, let us be God/dess. Not all laws are made in the senates and legislatures. If we want new laws, we must make them for ourselves. We can come together as a group to work within boundaries to change the laws. We simply move toward the government as a meditating mass focused on changing flow. The government must respond. Mind over matter. If it does not respond, it will find this same mass of meditating people quietly refusing to pay taxes. All of the meditating mass of people cannot be put into prison to meditate. None of us will go to prison. The law will change.

The planet is an individual life form and has concerns, just as any living being does. Look on a map of the solar system. Here is our planet sitting out here in space and living and breathing. Is the planet not alive? The planet is the mother, and we are the children. The planet is a living thing with living things living on it. Does this not add up to precious life? Can we protect this planet? Let us ask ourselves this. What would the planet do without us if we could protect it from something, but instead chose not to? (I love you, Koot Hoomi, Archangels Gabriel and Uriel, Jiddu Krishnamurti.) includes that life which we call human, and sweeps into the path of its energy the tiny life which functions through an atom of chemistry. It is the great process of becoming, and that which makes existence and being itself possible. This period of limitation, of a gradually increasing imprisonment, and of an ever deeper descent into matter, is succeeded by one of adaptation, in which the life and the form become intimately interrelated, and subsequent to this is the period wherein that inner relation becomes perfected. The form is then adequate to the needs of the life, and can be utilized. Then, as the life within grows and expands, it is paralleled by the crystallization of the form, which no longer suffices as a means of expression. Following upon crystallization, we have the period of disintegration. Limitation, adaptation, utilization, crystallization, and disintegration, - these are the stages which cover the life of an entity, or embodied idea of greater or less degree, which seeks expression through matter. (The Consciousness of the Atom, The Evolution of Form, Alice Bailey)



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