Hi. Are you trying to get too many signals through too small a modem? Maybe your head needs to grow.

Are you measuring your head lately, lightworker? Sometimes, heads grow when the lightwork begins, when the higher light bodies reside inside the cerebellum and other parts of the brain. But how will you know if your head is growing if you don't measure it?

In November of '96, when I first connected with Ganesha, he gave me the project of making myself some hats. Now, I see why he did that. My head has grown 1/2 inch in circumference since then, but if I had not made the hats I wouldn't have known it, because it didn't feel like it was growing. I can pick up a lot of signals, now. What about you? Are you trying to get too many signals through too small a modem? Measure that head, lightworker.


Too much blame is being attached to us, when really, we deserve more credit. (Where did that come from???)

Once upon a time in the world, an Old Man created a species for purposes of doing his bidding. But guess what? That species got well out of hand, fast! Then, the Old Man said, "Ok, do it your way," and sure enough, the species went out to create it's own world and when it did, funny things began to happen.

But here is the cogent point. When we are underdeveloped and underevolved, we tend to make mistakes. And when we are overdeveloped and overevolved, we also tend to make mistakes. Now, where are we in this picture? Ask yourself this. Are you under or overdeveloped, are you under or overevolved, or are you just right?


Channeling Session Results with Archangel Bellaron, ("Angel of the Old and Dying"), with the Egyptian God Horus, ("Clawed being who captures death and swallows it.") and with Bird Tribe

January 25, 2000, 8pm EST Tuesday Night, Yahoo chat room, 5 people present

This was the channeling sessions of your dreams! Archangels and eagles flew in and showed us their feathers and let us know we have something important in common. We are the future, the saved ones, the hopeful ones. We are the blind lovers, the crazy thinkers, the lost reasoners. We are the divine flock of workers in the Light, for the Light. Our reward is Peace and the prospect of Eternal Life!

This group channeling session was lead by me, Claire, from a friend's home in Stone Mountain, Georgia, a perfect place for a channeling session except for one thing: a rock band was playing in the downstairs of the home.

I began meditation and found a peaceful space and went into a light trance. A sense of timelessness surrounded me like a wide peace, and I rejoiced in the presence of the archangel. I wanted to sleep in the deep peace I was feeling. I asked my friend Lowell to let me know when it was 7:45. Didn't want to be late for the session. At 7:55 I logged into the chat room and began to bring the archangel through. Char kept notes.

Char asked what the band was playing. "Loud and erratic rock music," I said. Zapphoton suggested, "In that case, channel Jimi Hendrix." We laughed. The archangel was ready and I started deep breathing.

We began meditation and had a group experience of moving through various frequencies, some of them soothing and pleasant, some transitional and cold, some nervous and warm, some weird. Our ears were ringing. We acknowledged that we were moving through energies and frequencies. I think the experience was more interesting than it was pleasant. It peaked our curiousity.

I began to see the archangel. He was tall and towering over us. "And over the musicians, too," I typed. The music had stopped the moment the channeling began. Also at that moment, my friend Lowell fell fast asleep on the sofa and began snoring.

Char's notes (my comments in parentheses):

Through Claire: "Archangel Bellaron: Now come we here, and gather the forces. Valor and fortitude, values of honor... these are priorities."

Claire describes seeing an image of him flying like an eagle above us. Several of us feeling pressure or touching on the temples... like gentle claws of this eagle.

Char is sharing what's going on in the session with another spiritual kindred, Natalie Hawkmoon, in a different chat medium, and Claire said "Oh good! Tell her, Eagle is in the room with all of us now"

We learn Eagle is a Bird Tribe being. Everyone's experiencing temple touches, and left/right brain energy...

(I (Claire) have read the bird tribe material. It was in 1996 during Ritual of the Rock Eagle Portal.

(I began to feel a connection with the Ashtar Command and typed, "Isn't this the energy that the Ashtar Command resonates with? And don't they call themselves eagles?" Zapphoton responded, "Yes," to both questions. We had connected with the Command, but we did not explore it. I could feel the eagle's talons gripping my crown chakra and diverting my focus back to it. "It doesn't hurt," I typed in. "They do not seem predatorial but they do seem like warriors.")

Thru Gentleheart: "Because in order to fly and share the information, he (angel eagle) needs to have both sides of the brain balanced...requires him to have what seem like two forks of talons on our heads...though we are responsible for regulating it."

The bird tribe is arriving as a flock... a couple of those in the chat room can see them.

That's when I (char) decided to go quiet for a moment to allow more purely.

Again thru Gentleheart: "They are archangels and they are birds, here to infuse us with light."

Then all of a sudden I (Char) was feeling them head to toe, all round me, like they're carrying me somewhere. I start sobbing tears of reunion... wondrous familiarity of flight with them... so beautiful... so much love.

(When Char was crying I was seeing a vast flock of bird-angels. They were flying over us and into us and they were showing us how many there are. It felt like timelessness. And while some of them flew away with Char, one of them landed in me.)

Claire feels the eagle within her... who then forms into an angel...white wings, shoulder length brown hair... then goes back and forth...eagle to angel.

(I could see inside me the eagle's beak and one yellow-orange eye, his right eye, and I shared my eyeballs with the bird, who looked through my left eye at the computer screen, but not through my right eye. I typed it in and the bird watched me out of that one eye.)

Then one of the angels speaks through me (Char): "You are all shapeshifters, as Claire describes. It is all part of the blending that you are, of light and physical, of spirit and matter, of eagle and angel. We are always with you."

(Mayann suggested "spaceshifters" as a good description of the angels' energy.)

(Char) said, "It's not Bellaron speaking thru me... I asked, and got, "I AM I AM as One of the Bird Tribe"

Claire not getting much in words at the moment... just a sense of utter timelessness. "They are ancient."

Through Gentleheart again: "It's their cellular memory of their travel through the galactic night. Eagle is Sirian, one of the Originators of life here, our life as we know it."

Claire feels the eagle perched on her head.

(I was very curious, and my focus was on this eagle perched on my head, and still is. I wanted to know what it means to have an eagle on your head. Zapphoton said, "It means you are the chief!" That was so comical to me.

I (Char) asked Natalie Hawkmoon what she was getting, and she said, "I am hearing an orchestra of sound but more like feeling the sounds....I hear Harp playing."

(Claire): Remember the Harpies in Greek mythology? They were winged women, goddess elementals who are said to be like eagles and with talons. I am not at peace with the Greco-Roman portrayal of the feminine energies as goddesses.)

Claire realized then that the Eagle is Horus... Mercury.

(I typed the words I was hearing, "Mercury, Mercurious, Hermes Mercurious, phosphorous.")

Mayann mentioned that there is now astrological movement of the planet Mercury, now til March.

(Claire): Gentleheart got the Horus connection ahead of me. When he said, "Greetings to you, Horus," I connected with the Egyptian god Horus through the eagle within. Horus' symbols are the falcon on the perch and the hawk that flies with the lodestone, a natural magnet, in its claws. Felt like a lodestone was part of the activity at the top of my head, where the talons were. I typed that I thought I could levitate. Thinking back, it felt more like being lifted by a magnet.)

Through Claire: "I AM Horus, Archangel of the divine realms. I am Eagle, clawed being who captures death and swallows it. Transformative light. There is another who wishes to speak, my heart-soul Bellaron, Angel of the old and dying.... bringer of soul's mercury to the bereft."

Still through Claire (Bellaron speaking now): "I am no more but Life Eternal. See me glow...Mercurious, phospherous."

(Claire): In alchemy, Mercurious is the Divine Child, the being born within the Self that elevates the Spirit-Self to the higher realms. Mercurious is the goal of alchemists; it is the gold made from the base metals.)

At this point I (Char) remembered a scene I saw in meditation the night before, which was all phosphorescent, and realized that somehow Bellaron was present to me then.

Still Bellaron through Claire: "Angel of darkness lights up the night. Blessed be his soul for merging us with all that holds water."

Claire says, "His heart is ringing now and he rejoices in all our visions. His call to us is one of harkening to the middle places. He says "'Come hither to the midlands. Come hither to the furrows. Here is where the work is, in the low places, not so much in the high. Where all are weeping, all calling forth. I am their angel, I hear them cry. I harken to their moans and woes of lives long past and not forgotten. Wasted lives is the sadness; waste of time, life and love. I am their angel. Through me they may ascend. Through me they may yet conquer. There is a light above and beyond, can you see it? That light is bright, and like the moon I reflect it to them. I am their angel of the glowing light, the phospherous light, so they may see me. With my eagles I command the furrows wherein live the souls whose lives are lost, so that all may live and rejoice in the One."

(Claire): Exactly at 9:00pm EST, the archangel left, and I typed in that he left at 9, probably because I had requested a session lasting only one hour this time. No one knew what I meant by "9," because it was really 9:30. I had experienced a time slip, part of the timelessness. I went into the chat room at 8:30 instead of 8:00 and realized it only at the end. Char commented, "No accidents..."

End of Session

Let us rejoice in the glowing white light of the Archangel Bellaron, for he has come to bring light to our furrows! He is salvation to the very last!

Material on the Ophanim Angels:

Ophanim, or Thrones, are 3rd in the hierarchy, beneath Seraphim and Cherubim. Thrones are the third most powerful angelic order within the hierarchy. They are also known as the Ophanim or Galgallin. They are supposedly very swift, possibly the fastest of all the angels, and are often depicted as wheel-like beings with many eyes, hence their nicknames "Great Wheels" and "Many Eyed Ones." It is not known how many wings the Thrones have, if they have any at all, considering they are depicted as wheels. Their leader is said to be Raphael.

Here is more material on the subject of eagles and angels at several web pages:

On the site is a drawing of Rock Eagle in Georgia, built by the Mound Builder Indians probably 2,500 years ago or older, and it is compared with Stonehenge. They look similar. Perhaps Bird Tribe angels influenced both groups of people.

Dan Winter and I talked about the angels-eagles, about Rock Eagle and the Mound Builders. We concluded the same as the book "Return of the Bird Tribe." We enjoyed a discussion of Ophanim angels and Bird Tribe and how they are related. We have joint material we wrote on the net. (And included below) The Ophanims are known, especially biblically, as bright specters of white light. They are the glowing wheels of Ezekiel. They also are known in old Kabalism as "Galgallin," meaning pupil of the eye. They are brilliant, bright beings that are said to enter the body through the pupils of the eyes. They are often experienced as blinding white flashes of light in the pupil of the eye.

Dan and I both felt a deep bonding with Bird Tribe. That was the last time I wrote about them. Perhaps, that's why it took several minutes for me to realize their return! According to Dan's material that follows, Char's tears were used by the angels to glue galaxies together.

Dan on Ophanim angels:

The angelic logoi/ "Bird Tribes"/Ophanim/ Lords of Time (Time Cops) inhabit...spin domains made recursive and self aware. They regulate the time lines, by the PHI based harmonic velocity modes of light, like we regulate Radio stations, to maintain communications order. They await our waking up into enough emotional awareness coherence/recursion to inhabit those black holes threading galaxies together through time. The same way emotion held tectonics together like wormhole glue for aboriginal song lines, is the way emotional magnetic coherence inside large magnetic bodies glues galaxies together through time. The arc-angles await our learning the language of symmetry enough to steer our emotion through the symmetry operations necessary to thread awareness through time.

(Claire): This is a mental body definition, logical and powerful. Spiritual body says simply, "Char cried and they flew away with him."

When channeling, I think it is wise not to use too much of your analytical mind. You give up remembering that the eagle on the head is a symbol of ascension, but you gain a conversation and profound connection with it. Remain acutely aware but be careful not to be analytical. Speaking of which :-)

Dan continues. The syntax of the local star field language, was brought by the Annunaki. The more fractal and galactic Sirian/Ophanic/Enochian language glyph symbols, are based on the hypercube/dodec (Vincent Bridges.) This is a superset of early language brought by the Annunaki. These ancient letterforms, language of the angels/angles are the wave guide shapes like cookie cutters through which magnetism learns the turns to inhabit/braid star systems together. The eddies (furrows?) in the wave forms of light outside of a cellular centriole/and galactic black holes shaped like Ankh, Aleph, and Omega, are the ripples past the foci of the letterform itself which wave pattern residue in the ethers we then call "a galaxy". The face of the black hole is the language of angels selectively consuming and spitting out the magnetism making galaxies. The shape algorhythm for this black hole braiding thru time is called the Ophanic Alphabet of the Enochian keys.

Another article you might like to read is by Vincent Bridges, who writes about losing the angels from him, and then shows how the mental body can be allowed to oppress the spiritual/mystical body so that the Bird Tribe cannot return. Minds spinning analytical thought toss the birds out of their nests rather than allowing them to become embedded or nested or making their birds' nests on the head. In a wordless mind the eagles can nest. See Vincent's article, if you can find it on the net, "Impact of Ophanim Angels on History."

The mental body can work in unison with the spiritual and like it. Char demonstrated that last night. Char is a conscious channel who coordinates his mental body and his spiritual body so that he can fly and type at the same time :-) I feel this is part of the teaching the eagles brought, that of the right brain/left brain phenomenal capabilities. Char's balance of both bodies is transcendent, and thus he was flown away by eagles. Whatever points the archangels were making with their chakra talons, whatever lessons they brought, they were gratefully received and with a long hope that we will see them again. The god Horus told us, "See them all, my beautiful feathers. See how many feathers I have to display?!"

Peace and Love,
Shield Guide
Claire Grace Watson


Peace be unto you. I knew yesterday that Archangel Bellaron is here because of the mind's eye vision of had of gold and yellow and brown Autumn leaves, swirling along the ground and in a spiral breeze. At the same time that I saw it, what passed over me was the widest sense of peace I have ever known. Just for a moment, an instance, I knew the meaning of life with every particle of my body but my mouth could never have told it. That is the angel of old age and dying that I experienced once before in Seattle.


Channeling Session on Spiritweb

Group Channeling Session
Tuesday Night, Feb. 8, 2000
8:30pm EST
Spiritweb chat room Metatron

Dear One, I am breaking this email into two parts, not because it is so very long, but because some people can only get a few paragraphs, and it's longer than that.

Thank you for registering as a member of this channeling group. All of us appreciate your energy flowing through and helping us connect with higher light bodies and divinities. We also hope to connect with our higher selves at these ultra-highfrequencies.

Speaking of frequencies, this Tuesday night at 8:30pm EST we will be hosting Archangel Metatron in the Spiritweb chat room Metatron. Go into the chat area on the website and type Metatron into the search engine, then enter the chat room. Go to:
and type in the name


Last week, Metatron came into our group and helped us adjust our "speed" so we could "handle Raphael." Not to pat us on the back, but didn't we handle Raphael just great?! This week, we will be handling the power that helps us handle the power, or something like that. :-)

I AM sure, just based on our experiences so far, we will have a super evening with Metatron. Just relax and allow. Take your time to feel the change of frequencies as we move through them. Sometimes it is a pleasant experience, sometimes it is weird, sometimes just interesting, but keep in mind there is a reason for it and an energy presence helping us at all times. And when we mark our first movement into the dimension of ascended light, we will be greeted by a being who is merging with us to help us move into ascension realms of light. We can experience what it is like to be in that energy and to directly sponsor a being of light who can merge with us and show us some visions and sounds, and we can experience the physical sensations of Being There in the ascension moment.

I am really excited about Metatron! My first experience with him came about in much the same way as last week, when he just popped in. During the first Ritual of the Portal in 1996, I intuitively wrote him into the group event. Here is Ritual of the Stonehenge portal and here is how Metatron asked to be placed within the context of that group event. (I get goose-pimples reading this. Everything we asked for was granted. And this ritual is just as significant right now as it ever was.)

See Part II {?:^)

Group Channeling Metatron Part II

To continue, here is Ritual of the Stonehenge Portal. If you did not get the full text, let me know and I will resend these emails. :-)

In this ritual, we called upon Metatron to guard the portal, wherein reside the light keys.

Fire Ritual to Invoke the Shield Guides

We call upon the Archangel Michael, come forward now and with all your powers raise the Watch-Towers at the 4 corners of the universal Cross of Light. Come forward Lord Michael and place your first sword of light high atop the Western Watch-Tower.(Light the candle to your left)

Come forward Lord Michael and place your second sword of light high atop the Southern Watch-Tower.(Light the candle at the bottom)

Come forward Lord Michael and place your third sword of light high atop the Eastern Watch-Tower.(Light the candle to the right)

Come forward Lord Michael and place your fourth sword of light high atop the Northern watch-tower.(Light the candle at the top)

We call upon you, mighty Archangel, raise high your cobalt blue excalibur sword and make it spin! Shield us now with your presence and your sword as we begin to weave the tapestry of love and light that is our group consciousness.

Now we are shielded and with all power we say:

Come forward Pacal, Shield Guide of the Maya, raise high your hand-shield and shield us.
Come forward Isis, Shield Guide of the World Soul, raise high your 3-pronged sceptre and shield us.
Come forward Osiris, Shield Guide of the Egyptians, raise high your silver shield and shield us.
Come forward Gillian, Shield Guide of the planet, raise high the 3-pronged shield and seal the planet.

Now we are shielded and with all power we say:

Come forward priests and priestesses of the old universe Bring us the Light keys.
Come forward Prometheus, our Fire-Brother,Bring us the fire energy.
Come forward you powerful and loving beings of light! Surround the fire portal Stonehenge in all spirit, in all love and light and ignite the portal.
Place the light keys inside the portal and raise the fiery hand.
Come forward the Archangel Metatron Grace the portal with your angelic being.

Now we are shielded and in all power we say:

Only the light keys for ascension can pass through the fiery portal.
Come forward the Shield Guides of the universe. Bring the Light keys through the portal of the old Stonehenge.
Pass the light through the portal, into the energy grid matrix of our planet.
Flow this energy of light and love directly to us, unite with us in the Light!
Come into our portals and empower us in all light and love.
Come into our biofields and increase our light. Extend to us the love and light of the Source.

Love and Light In Extension!

When I wrote, "Come forward the Archangel Metatron. Grace the portal with your angelic being," I remember it amused me, because I thought it was flattery, a way of getting this powerful guardian archangel involved with us and watching over us. Now that I read back over it, I see it IS time to bring Metatron, because we DO have the light keys in the portal and the fiery hand IS raised. Thank you, Metatron!

At the time I wrote that ritual, I could not yet hear my guides speak. I was channeling, but I could not hear them say their names. I didn't really know who Metatron was but I felt his presence and got an idea of his name, and I intuitively knew where to put him in the ritual. He is very good at wordless communication, so it is wonderful he is coming to work with us.

Our group has 28 members now, and hopefully most of us will be present on Tuesday night. The great thing about the spiritweb chat room is that we can cut and paste the session at any time, and also print it out. There is a little lag time between typing and posting to the chat room, and every time you post, the web page reloads. Try turning off the images to limit the distraction of that page reloading each time. That's all there is to it, but if any problems occur we will meet at the Yahoo chat room instead. Only registered members can enter the Yahoo chat. Anyone can enter the Spiritweb chat.

Peace and Love,
Shield Guide


Halo Merkaba, Dear One :-) I am trying to write a piece about last week's channeling sessions, but I think I've given up on it. You just had to be there. We merged with Metatron, Hilarion, Mahatma Ghandi, Lady Diana, Sananda, Genie, and Rondra. Then, Metatron gave us some tools to work with, a blueprint, a gold disk, a map, and the Water of Life, and then took us for a ride in his merkaba to meet Spon-Das and Lyra, in the constellation Lyra, where we entered a stone building through a door, and then figured out to go up through the ceiling. We floated above the building and looked back at the planet Earth and experienced our bi-location. It was wonderful and we all felt the sensation of riding through space, floating in space, and then coming home in the merkaba basket boat that Isis weaved for us. It was sweet beyond all telling and my love for Spirit has deepened since then, even as deep as it already was.

Peace and Love


Invitation to attend and participate
Voice channeling of Martin Luther King on the topic of:
"The Realization of the Self in a Planetary Environment of Lawlessness, Fear, and Hate."
Monday, January 17, 2000
8:00 pm EST

If you have microphone capabilities we can talk to each other, and if you don't you can type your comments and questions. If you do not have mic capabilities, you still should be able to hear me speak. (Turn your speakers on :-)

To participate (only members and founders can chat), join this club, Channeling Sessions. Just follow the links. When you join, you can find information on how to set up your mic so we can speak real time. The information on setting up the mic is under Member Tools, Help, Chat, More Help. You might want to read this info anyway.

I will be doing more channeling sessions like this with others of my guides. As a member you will receive the I send to members regarding the sessions and the speakers.

When you join and enter the chat room, some windows will come up about configuring your mic. If you have one and want to speak, click yes for voice activation and read the instructions. If you don't have a mic just click no and keep going to enter the chat. When we are talking, we have to take turns. We can't talk at the same time, like on the telephone. This session should last about an hour or so, and please feel free to stay in the chat room and continue the discussion as long as you like. Some of my community members and friends will be here during the channel, and they may wish to join in with you from this end with comments and more discussion. I am planning on taping the session. You can tape too, if you want to have a copy of it.

I am a conscious channel, which means my voice does not change when I channel King. I feel the presence of King very strongly. In the US, today is his national holiday, and I live in Atlanta, GA, where King grew up, lived his life, and is buried just a few miles from me. I can feel a "consciousness bubble" forming today in Atlanta in respect for King and his life and for his values of nonviolence in an often violent world. Atlanteans are bringing him through today.

King has requested a channeling session with me, and I have quickly agreed. I dreamed of him last night ("I have a dream" :-), and in the dream he showed me the topic he wants to discuss. I have channeled King once before in Seattle, Washington, and I felt his presence to be very serene and peaceful. He is not at rest, however, in terms of global matters and he still participates from his level of beingness.

King is powerful and virtuous. He lives a life of happiness and joy. If you would like to experience his energy, I think I can provide a way of doing that through this channeling session. Certainly, I will try to bring him through in his own energy and experiences. Oh, btw, every now and then we have power outages in the intentional community where I live. If that happens, which it probably won't, just stay in the chat room and I will be back online soon.

If you have questions and I'll try to answer them. I am new to this talk chat technology, so I am just learning it. If you are a pro, please lend your expertise. I am a little bit nervous, as you can imagine, because I have not channeled in a talk-chat before, and my first experience will be one of bringing through an individual whom I have channeled only once before, a great, planetary spirit and guardian who will speak about subjects near and dear to his heart. Feel free to send this and the club link to whomever you think might want to participate. There is a limit on how many people can be in chat room at the same time. I think it's 18 or 20, but I'm not sure. You may want to go into the room early just to make sure. That's what I am going to do. Also, please keep your open so we can if we need to.

Peace and Love


Channeling Session Results
Tuesday Night, January 18, 2000
8:00pm EST
Archangel Bernadette
and Martin Luther King

Next Session:
Tuesday Night, January 25
8:00pm EST
Archangel Bellaron
and the Lady Di

Happy Lunar Eclipse to you! Here are the channeling session results from Tuesday night. As it turned out, 5 people did manage to get registered as members, and several of them are channelers.

First, an archangel named Bernadette came in. She said she is an "Irish angel lady." She connected us together and opened all our chakras, one at a time from the top down, and we all were having the same experiences, temperature changes, kundalini movement and occasional chills. Lots of goose bumps and continuous crown chakra opening. I had a mind's eye vision of her swirling her white gown over our heads. The chakra opening lasted about 20 minutes, and it was so profound an experience that we thought Bernadette was IT, the whole event. And we were happy with that! She told us she came because we requested her, but none of us remembered that. Once she got us all opened, she brought in Martin. As I channeled her, she said, "Someone is here who wishes to speak." Then, I channeled the name, "Martin."

When I first got Martin, we had difficulties getting synchronized, he and I, and really we couldn't. Sananda came in and stableized us. Martin told us he loved being with us and he seemed to want to sit with us an casually chat, just enjoy being a member of the group. We were, of course, delighted with that. His presence was not as profoudly felt by us as Bernadette's, but it was a strong presence. I gained a remarkable experience of him because I was the main person who was embodying him, but we all were holding his light and energy. Bernadette made it possible for him to merge with all of us, not just me. Martin told a parable and a poem.

The parable was about a man who rode a raft across a river and met a woman on the other side. He told her,"You and I are the same person." She said, "No, we are not the same person. I am me and you are you." The man said, "See that raft? That raft and I were one when we came across the river, and you and I are like that." The woman said again, "No, we are not." The man said to her, "Madam, you are a fool." She replied, "Sir, you blaspheme yourself!" With that, Martin started laughing and laughing, and somehow it knocked me out of the chat room and I had to re-enter.

If you read that parable several times it will finally click in how really deep it is! It is a deep river the man rafted across! And considering the circumstances, the channeling and the groups' experiences, it just gets even more astonishing as a teaching. Yet it is so simple a little parable. Martin recited a poem, my new favorite poem :-) that goes like this:

There was an old man who lived in a shoe, stop me if you've heard this. (Everyone chuckled)
He had so much money he didn't know what to do.
He decided to go out in the world to seek a bride.
He went out of the shoe but it was cold outside.
So he decided to seek for a bride from within,
And accomplished it with email, my friend.

Like the parable, it is another poetic conundrum that exemplifies simplicity but delivers the goods, the teaching, in a major way! Martin said that, in life, he was crazy about Sarah Vaughn, the singer. He also remembered a little puppy he had when he was a child. He took a few moments to enjoy the memory of that puppy.

Once we got in the flow things, he did tremendous material about life and fear, and utterly lifted me to a high realm where I could know what he was saying and what I was typing. It just rolled out of him, material about being who you are when all around seem to resist it, talking about mothering others and leading the way to the higher ground and about not be afraid to be who you are. He told us, "The illusion is that the world is frightful." Then he told us, "The dream is freedom." (Think about that one for a moment and you can see the multi-dimensionality of the statement, almost a remark about our entire reality.) He said there is much work to be done. He talked directly to our hearts, and it was beautiful. He knew something about everyone in the room and spoke to us individually.

When the evening began, I had a fun time with this spirit crew because both Bernadette and Martin wanted to play with my computer equipment and with my microphone, which was not working right. They kept me involved with fiddling with equipment for at least 15 minutes, off and on. I think they wanted to talk :-)

It was funny to me and I typed in, "I'm trying to wrestle this equipment from these angels :-) Bill typed back, "When you get a body you want to play with the toys." When Martin first came through, he kept saying his name over and over. At least 10 times or more I said, "Martin," with different tones of voice, Martin, Martin, Martin, Martin, over and over. I still am not sure why. My friend Carol says, "Don't you just know how much he wanted to hear his name spoken in a soft southern accent?"

Sananda was present and never said one word! He helped Martin and me get organized. Then, towards the end, a Sirian and a Pleidian came in. I could hold 4 but not 5, so the Pleidian left, and the Sirian stayed long enough to say hello to Char and then he left. Char was promoted by the Sirians to the rank of Sirian Commander a couple of years ago.

Then Bernadette left with Martin, while Sananda stayed behind silently. Dee and Bill tried to engage Sananda in conversation, but he waited patiently without responding. The only time he responded was when he laughed when Bill, who couldn't get him to respond, told him to go play on his Harley.

Then Bernadette came back and visited with everyone again. We did not know she would return and were of course intrigued. It was like she left to give Martin a ride home and then came back to the party :-). She resonanted strongly with James and was embodied by him. He felt trancey and couldn't type well. He arrived late and had not experienced her energy earlier. She stayed on with him after the channeling and into the next day, and she also visited with Char, making an interesting demonstration of bilocation or multiple self-hood or a group of archangels called Bernadette, or something. The possibilities are interesting. Mayann came in very late and experienced Bernadette for a while during the channeling.

The channeling lasted for two hours and 15 minutes. I really enjoyed it and did not want to stop. But I was tired. They had played with everything on my desk and pressed all the buttons, played with the silver angel on top of my computer, fiddled with the keyboard, messed with the mouse and taken the mic headset apart and put it back together 3 or 4 times. :-) When I got up the next morning I felt like I was wearing some kind of equipment that might be called a helmet massager :-)

My information about the next channeling is that tentatively scheduled are Archangel Bellaron (angel of old age and dying) and the Lady Di, Princess of Whales (Moon Goddess of the Whales). I have channeled the archangel once before, and during the session a picture of a child, who had died early in life and who we were talking about, fell off a shelf and landed near me. The possibility because obvious to us that the archangel was accompanied by the child. The thing I remember so well about that session, was that two people were present who were in their 80's, and they were frail. Their son was there and he knew what I was doing when I called on spirit to come through, and they knew, too, but they didn't take it seriously. Bellaron came and connected us, and I got most amazing sensation of "the energy of ancientness and being ancient." Can't think how else to describe it. The old couple and the vastly old archangel together produced it. I loved that energy the moment I experienced it, the energy of being at that place in life where old age is the reality and the moments are lengthening and death is no longer a fear. I hold onto the memory of that moment. If we could experience that, how happy I would be.

I have channeled Lady Di several times since 1996. She is a lovely spirit, fun to talk with and passionately interested in the whales on the planet. When I channeled her in '96, at Sananda's request, I listened as he told about her arriving in Heaven and making boasts about being the Princess of Whales, setting up what she called a "foreign office" and scheduling speeches. "She convinced everyone there of the truth of it," Sananda said, laughing. He said, "She materialized in the midst of us and crowned herself queen! She produced as evidence of her royalty her subjects, the whales, and they are indeed devoted to her! She is their goddess."

The topic of the next session will be, "How to find peace within," but I hope to always remain open to whatever occurs. As Bernadette taught us, sometimes we do not know what or who we need to make these experiences varied and rich. The session is scheduled for January 25th, at 8:00. If you want to join in and are not yet a member, let me know and I will send you a membership invitation. It's free :-) It's a Yahoo chat room. It takes between 12 and 24 hours for the computer to process your membership so you can enter the chat. Look forward to seeing you :-)

Peace and Love


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