The Nag Hammadi Library, The Secret Books of the Egyptian Gnostics

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Thirteenth Aeon | Tree of Death
Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil
Tree of Life | Trees of Paradise

"For without wind and stars, nothing happens upon the earth." (The Paraphrase of Shem, Gnostic papyri)

Thirteenth Aeon - The constellation of the Pleiades. The 13th Aeon, corresponding to the Ogdoad, is said to be located in the Place of the Left and ruled over by the Great Invisible Spirit with Barbelo and the triple powers. Jesus found Sophia sorrowing in the 13th Aeon and reinstated her at its lower limit. This aeon is also said to be ruled by the impure creator.

Tree of Death - Tree of evil. Emanating darkness and existing in Paradise in a dualistic opposition to the Tree of Life that emanates light, the Tree of Death is divided into many trees bearing war and cruelty, all strangers to peace and filled with wickedness and never bearing good fruit. The fruit, which produce parasites, are divided against each other and the tree. The whole tree is perverse, each part corrupting the other; the root is hatred; the trunk is violence; the branches are irritation; the leaves are aversion; the fruits are division and tastelessness; the color of the tree is denigration.

Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil - Acquaintance of Good and Evil. God told Adam and Eve not to disturb this tree because Good and Evil are linked together on it, co-existing in harmony. The Tree of Knowledge has the branches of a fig tree and fruit like dates. Jesus transformed himself into an eagle and lighted in the Tree to teach Adam and Eve the Gnosis. He dictated the Books of Jeou to Enoch while speaking from the Tree of Knowledge which is also called the angel Naas, the Serpent

Adam was killed by the tree of knowledge, called the law, that grows in the man-made garden. The Tree of Knowledge in God's garden makes humans alive.

Tree of Life - Tree of Good. The Tree of Life renders immortal the souls of the Just who are rising above matter. It grows as high as the sky, with branches like Cypress and fruit like bunches of white grapes. The Archons surrounded the Tree of Life with animals of fire, also with a twirling, flaming sword wielded by Cherubim, to defend it from Adam so he would not become immortal. Jesus had Adam taste the Tree of Life so he would realize he was imprisoned in his body. The Tree of Life is located variously in the East, West, and North region, and in the midst of Paradise in the middle of the Garden.

There is a "false" Tree of Life of the Archons that casts a shadow of hatred, has a bitter root, deadly branches, false leaves, perverse sap, sinful fruit, and the seed of desire. This Tree of Life grows from darkness and to taste of it sends one to hell. In another account of the origin of the Books of Jeou, the books were revealed to Enoch by Jesus who spoke from the Tree of Life, which is also called the angel Baruch.

Trees of Paradise - Those are the trees which grow in the Garden of Eden. They are trees, but also abstract entities, the first emanations from the world on high, expressions of the forces of life and death. The five trees of light represent abstract emanations of the Tree of Life; Spirit, Thought, Reflection, Intellect, and Reason. The five trees of darkness represent emanations of the Tree of Death. When the resurrected Jesus came down from heaven to speak with his apostles, he wore luminous vestments patterned with five trees.

There are five trees in Paradise which remain undisturbed summer and winter and whose leaves do not fall. Also, there are two trees; one bears animals and the other bears men. Adam ate from the tree which bears animals. Thus, he became an animal and brought forth animals. Adam and Eve, after eating of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, hid under the trees of Paradise. There are three phoenixes in Paradise. The first is immortal; the second lives 1,000 years, the third is consumed.




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