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The Sirians, with their vast knowledge of the universe, may have brought to this planet a spiritual legacy from Canis Major, from the Pleiades, from Argo and from Bootes. This spiritual legacy is the Universal Mystery Religion, into which they initiated the Egyptian priests and priestesses. Sometime later they departed, leaving behind a solid base of information around which our societies could grow and become strong, like the magnificent heather-tree that grew around the coffin of Osiris. Thus, the Sirians encouraged, in both Egypt and in Sumer, the fundamental ideas of most of our spiritual beliefs.

"The Wisdom of Egypt formed the main background of some of the principle teachings of Early Christianity. The Wisdom of Egypt is the Gnosis." (1)

As time passed, the Universal Mystery Religion, archetypal for Christianity and other historical religions, was transformed. The ideas installed in the great temple of Hat-Hor (Hathor, Virgin-Mother) of Denderah later founded the Biblical virgin birth. In Denderah could be seen the Hall of the Child in his Cradle and the holy Mother with the divine Child in her arms, (2) archetypal images embodied in the Phaistos Disk pictograph of Isis and Diktys. These became the Virgin Mary and the baby Jesus, and both Diktys and Jesus were known as the Fisher and the Netter.

The story of Osiris, the dead god-man, is the archetype for the Savior of the World, who is plotted against, betrayed and murdered. After his Last Supper in the banquet hall, Osiris was cut into pieces and distributed to the people of Egypt, archetypal for the Last Supper and Holy Communion and distribution of the body and blood of Jesus. Likewise, the body of Nommo, one of the alien visitors to the Dogon Tribesmen of Mali, will be sacrificed, say the Dogon, and distributed to the people, thus saving the world. When Osiris was born, a voice fell out with him, archetypal for the Christian Logos, the Word. Opposite the good doing Osiris is Typhon, the Disrupter, who was born from Rhea's rib, like Eve from Adam's rib. Typhon, the Great Serpent of Evil, became the snake in the Garden of Eden.

The spread of these ideas created an expectation of a mortal but alien savior to come. The word "alien" is used here in the same sense as it was used by the early Common Era Gnostics; to identify beings that are not purely human, if at all human, and the word also applies to angels and other supernal beings of light. The Gnostics referred to Adam and Eve and sometimes to Jesus as aliens.

More than just the foundation of mainstream religion, the ancient Osiris-Sirius religion of the Egyptians, from which came vastly popular Hermeticism, is also the basis of all occult magic systems. Alexandria, Egypt of the 6th century CE was the world center for occult instruction by magicians who were the trained adepts of ancient Egyptian magic--of Moses magic. The sciences of astrology, alchemy and magic, once united in one system, were highly developed and partly founded in Egypt and then spread all over the world. The Egyptian concept of the duality of time--a temporal dimension accompanied by a timeless dimension--has influenced most major religions.

The story of Moses represents the direct link between Egyptian Hermeticism and Judaic Kabalism and, consequently, the Old Testament and Christianity. Moses, born a Habiru (Hebrew, meaning the other side of the river), was instructed by the Egyptians and trained in Pharaoh's own courts. "He was taught all the wisdom of the Egyptians and became a great man in words and deeds." Instructed at the Heliopolis in Egypt, the On of the Bible and the greatest university in the world, Moses learned "physics, arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, medicine, chemistry, geology, meteorology and music." (3) At the Heliopolis were 13,000 Egyptian priests who were said to have power over the weather and over large objects, such as the large blocks of stone found in the pyramids.

In another ancient legend of the Jews and the Egyptians, it is King Solomon who instructs the Egyptian priests. In the ancient astrological literature of Book of Archangels by Moses the Prophet, also known as Arkhangelike and said to have been God's gift to Moses on Mt. Sinai, is detailed a multitude of powers useful for protection against base powers--archetypal Typhon powers.

Arkhangelike tells of the "hydria that are in Egypt," serpent-demons captured and stored in 7 bronze vases by King Solomon, who was reputed to have been a great magician. A magician may gain power over these demons by reminding them of their imprisonment by Solomon in hydria of bronze. The vases, called Khalkhydras, were made of electrum (an alloy of silver and gold) and engraved with magical formulae. Solomon sent the vases from Jerusalem to Egypt, entrusting their safekeeping to the Egyptian priests, who used a book against them called The Seven Heavens, supposedly written by Solomon.


Magic and science were once inseparable sciences, as these old legends demonstrate. Science and religion began together as the deification of physical phenomena, as seen in Sumer in Mesopotamia about 3000 BCE. The Sumerians deified fire as the god Shamash. (far left) Earth was deified as the goddess Ninhursag. (second from left) The water deity was Enki, (third from left) the air goddess was Inanna. (left) They conceived of these elements as living beings who are sexually polarized and who exist as Ideal Form at another level of reality. The 4 elements are the "philosophy of the whole world" and the solution to the text enigma of the Emerald Table of Hermes Trismegistus, who is thrice-greatest for having been purified by 3 of the 4 elements and for having received the Heavenly Partner.

"Therefore, I am called Hermes Trismegistus, having three parts of the philosophy of the whole world."

In the Emerald Table, Trismegistus cites 3 parts of the philosophy in Precepts 4, 6, 7 and 8. These are fire (what was), earth (what is) and air (what will be). Omitted is the 4th part, water, because it comes as the celestial baptism of the soul, sealing it against the powers of Matter and initiating a spiritual renewal outside the field of space-time. It is this purification by water at the spiritual level that is symbolized by the death of Osiris, when his body is purified by the Nile and becomes the five-branched tree, the ancient Chaldaean (Mesopotamian) symbol for the human purified. The purpose of these purifications is to receive the Heavenly Partner, who initiates baptism by water--the 4th part of the philosophy.

According to the oldest histories of our world, the ancient Mesopotamians were instructed and enlightened by aliens. As recorded in these old histories, Sumer and Babylon were founded and guided by half-human, half-fish beings called Oannes who came each day from the sea to instruct humanity on the arts of civilization. This Great Fish archetype, significant in Hellenistic theosophy, became the symbol for the savior in the Christian religion. The fish appears in Mayan ideographs as the fish-in-hand glyph, a collective unconscious symbol meaning immortality.

"Oannes also comes to teach from the Waters of the Euphrates." (4) "The Chaldaeans [also tell of] the [disciples] of Oannes." (5)

The historians Berossus and Apollodorus wrote in their ancient histories that this fish-being was endowed with reason. Fish-beings called Nommo landed at Mali and communicated with the Dogon tribesmen. The word Dogon may be related to Dagon, formed of Dag, meaning fish, plus the suffix "on." In the Canaanite pantheon of gods (ca. 1700 BCE), Dagon is the Ugarit god and father of Baal, and the grandfather of Mt, pronounced Moshe, the golden calf. (6)

Cylinder Seal

OannesOannes, their limbs separated by Isis (Nature), making them "even-footed," instructed about a big star and Thoth's Net, (below) the curtain of space-time and energy-matter consisting of 13 pointed portals and an open central pillar. 1,000 years later in Knossos, Crete, strange beings physiologically similar to Oannes were engaged in mysterious activities involving sound. Acoustics is the study of sound waves detectable by the human ear. The technical problems of acoustic design were first systematically invested in the United States in 1906 and in Crete in 1600 BCE. These strange beings of ancient Crete lost the fish tail and wings but kept the webbed hands, the odd snouts and the proto-human bodies of Oannes. (above left)

"This great Fish is of the nature of knowledge; for does not Oannes come out of the Ocean in fish-form to teach, in the Assyrian Mystery-tradition, and does not the Ophite tradition in another of its phases derive the inspiration of the great prophets of Israel, in their several degrees, from this same Group of Angels which the Diagram calls Leviathan?" (7)

Sumerian Pottery In the murky period of Earth history between 10,000-3,000 BCE, when it is challenging to discover exactly what went on, Oannes told the Sumerians about an even murkier period of time when the earth was inhabited entirely by non-humans. The history and description of this period of time was intended, so Oannes said, as allegory, but the Sumerians gave it a literal interpretation and made it part of their religion and expressed it in their art. Oannes said, that in the beginning the world was a dark, watery place "wherein resided most hideous beings," hermaphrodites with wings, with two heads and with two faces, one male the other female. This being, portrayed on the Riddle of the Stone, became one of Alchemy's premier symbols.

Sumerian BullsOannes spoke of humans with the legs and horns of goats, or with the body and limbs of horses. These became some of mythology's most memorable creatures. In Ur in Sumer, an artist, ca. 3000 BCE, decorated a lyre with these "hideous" creatures. (right)

Oannes said there were bulls with the heads of men, seen as the Winged Bull of Dur Sharukin, ca. 700 BCE (far left), and the bull at the palace of Sargon II, ca. 715 BCE. (left)

Long Man Oannes told the Mesopotamians that when light came into existence and prevailed over the watery darkness, all the hideous beings disappeared from the earth and other animals and men were formed which would be able to bear the light. This allegory, expressing the religious philosophy of Dualism or the Doctrine of Two Contraries, involves the light and the dark and becomes the Three Primordial Principles, expressed today as positive-proton, negative-electron and neutral-neutron.

The Three Primordial Principles were depicted on Iranian pottery of 4000 BCE, along with electromagnetism and an alien. (far left) Likewise, the Long Man of Wilmington is seen coming through the geophysical portal on an English hillside. (left) The Long Man of Wilmington, 230 ft. tall, can be seen in Sussex, England.

Oannes instructed the Sumerians in literature, law, science, geometry and architecture. While the Mesopotamian artists gave a literal interpretation to the mystical religious teachings of Oannes, the architects were inspired and encouraged, exceeding their abilities. Residential architecture of 1700 BCE was aesthetically pleasing, (below left, Illus. 4.) and commercial architecture of 1500 BCE was brilliant. The city of Ashur on the Tigris River had three ziggurats and 38 temples. (below right, Illus. 5) The prehistoric temple at Eridu (3250 BCE) was an architectural masterpiece. (below center, Illus. 6)

Sumerian House
Ashur Temple at Eridu
Bull WorshipBull Worshop

Before Oannes came and taught humanity about the light and the dark, bull-worship was the oldest organized religion. Nearly forgotten today is the fact that bull-worship was the mainstream religion of humanity for over 20,000 years. In 6500 BCE, bull-worship worked for the citizens of Catal Huyuk in Turkey. (above left and above right, Illus. 7)

Palace at Mallia

The architectural design of the palace at Mallia, Crete is distinctively bull-inspired. (left) After humanity made the transition from bull-worship to philosophy, the horns of the bull were retained as a symbol of divinity. In Mari in Mesopotamia of 1700 BCE, the people with horns are gods and goddesses. (above)

Moses with Horns

Also divine is Moses-with-horns, seen on the 13th c. CE manuscript illustration. (right) As Moses receives the engraved tablets on Mt. Sinai, his brother Aaron and the Israelites, who constitute the "cult of the young son," worship the golden calf, the son of Baal, thus defying both Moses and the established "cult of the old bull." This "old man-young son conflict" archetype is replayed again in the Jewish-Christian religion phenomena, wherein the old man cult denies the divinity of the young son, and in return the young son cult persecutes the old man cult. The golden calf looks like the sacred Apis bull of the Egyptians. (below left)

Apis BullThe golden calf was named Mt, pronounced "Mose-s," Moshe in Hebrew. Moses means "is born," as in Thutmose, meaning "Thoth is born." Moses was sculpted with horns as late as the 16th century CE by Michelangelo. Eventually, the symbol of the bull's horns became reversed in meaning and symbolic of the devil. Bull-worship, however, died hard; even today, the bull is sacred in India.


Why worship the bull? Various theories offered up have to do with the bull's strength, his size, his horns, and his intellect. Instead, bull worship may have to do with Oannes' "hideous beings" that inhabited the earth but were forced to leave when the light came. Oannes' story suggests that, just as the Spanish ruled the New World until the English prevailed, the Earth may have been the domain of one group of aliens who were replaced by another. Two "hideous" bull-beings (left) were found drawn on rock in Auanrhet, Tassili in Africa. One is a Minotaur, the carnivorous half-man, half-bull son of a white bull, and the other may be, too. Did these bull aliens come from the Pleiades in Taurus?

Mayan ImagesMesopotamian ImagesOannes, like Osiris, went over the whole Earth bringing order and organization to it. This history is supported by evidence that archaic world civilizations, though separated by vast oceans, were genetically and culturally linked. A pronounced example of this is the connection between ancient Mesopotamians and the Maya, a connection seen in the design of the ziggurats and the Mexican temple-pyramids, both topped by "houses." Other similarities seem obvious. For example, Semitic figures can be found throughout Mayaland, (far left) nearly identical to those of Mesopotamia of 700 BCE. (left)

Mound BuildersSumeriansFlat Head Indians

The facial structure of the prehistoric North American Mound Builder Indian, (far left) a relative of the Maya, is preserved in the figurines of ancient Iraq, (second from left) and vice versa in the clay sculpture of the Mound Builders. Both the Maya and the Flat-Head Indians of North America (third from left) attempted to retain the look of their Mesopotamian and Egyptian relatives (fourth from left) by pushing all their facial features into the center of their faces. To re-gain the flat foreheads, the long noses and the protruding lips, they altered their facial structure by cranial deformation, using a device to bind the malleable skulls of infants. (top left) The coffee bean eyes and the "squint," beauty features of the Maya, were achieved by hanging a ball of wax in front of the eyes. (top right)

Genetic DiskGenetic Disk Side 2

The explanation for the genetic connection of these two distant groups is preserved on the Genetic Disk, an enigmatical two-sided metal disk with a hole in the center. (above) The disk, very old and of undetermined age, was unearthed in Peru by a farmer plowing a field. The Genetic Disk records the evolutionary stages in the creation of a complete human being from an amphibian-being or a fish-being, such as Oannes.

On the disk can be seen spermatozoa, egg cells, fetuses, fertilized eggs, embryos, developing embryos, various types of genetic material, a fish-being, a bird-being, amphibians, sexual organs, and a pregnant female, all arranged in a certain order, apparently for reference purposes. Using the Genetic Disk as guide, the Sirians may have sampled some of the genetic material of the life forms on Earth and using some of their own genetic material they practiced genetic engineering.

Written history of this alien intervention is found in the Bible and in Book of the Secrets of Enoch. The legendary patriarch Enoch, supposedly the grandfather of Noah and rumored by some to be identical with Thoth, records that "angels," called the Watchers, descended to Mt. Harmon about 12,000 years ago. They were known also as the Bene ha Elohim--the Sons of God--and also as the Grigori. These mysterious angels were said to be gigantic and of an essence different from the other angels. These giants, divinized in Greek mythology as the Titans, were the Watchers, described as "those who watch,"those who are awake" and "the ones who never sleep." They are "nearer in form, genes and sexual enthusiasm to humankind." (8) Sumer and Akkad Map The Watchers, according to Enoch, came to assist the archangels in the creation of Eden and to teach humanity the arts of civilization. As to the location of Eden, Genesis places it within the lands of Akkad and Sumer. (right)

"And the Lord God planted a garden in Eden; and there he put the man whom he had formed. And out of the ground made the Lord God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food...And a river went out of Eden to water the garden; and from thence it was parted, and became into four heads. The name of the first is Pison...And the name of the second river is Gihon...And the name of the third river is Hiddekel: that is it which goeth toward the east of Assyria. And the fourth river is Euphrates." (Genesis 2:8-14)

The Watchers enthusiastically proceeded to teach humanity the arts of civilization, but some of them, like some of the Minyae, were overcome with love and desire for earth women. These angels are said to be the only ones with the physical wherewithal to have a sexual relationship with humans. (9) Genesis 6:1-4 supports this legend of the Sons of God and tells of the giants who once walked the earth and brought forth children who became "men of renown."

"And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose...There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bar children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown."

This cross-fertilization of one species with another by genetic intervention, and the resulting alchemical transmutation, may be in accordance with Divine Law when it serves to create greatly advanced individual and collective intelligence in a less developed evolutionary region. As a result of this intervention we stand a greater chance of evolving in an optimal way. We are "set free" like the Egyptians "from a life from which (we) could find no way out and like unto that of wild beasts." We rapidly acquired a brain encoded with established archetypal patterns of an intellectually and spiritually advanced intergalactic species. Our subsequent evolutionary development aids in the expansion of universal consciousness, creating a more highly evolved World Soul intellect.

Genetic engineering by an advanced species enables us to circumvent millions of years of evolution. It allows us to participate in high levels of communication with beings of other dimensions, in realms of both objective-ordinary reality and subjective-nonordinary reality. Without this genetic intervention, Homo Sapiens might never have existed. Significant intellectual advances might not have been made, and we might have become extinct like Neanderthal.

Through cross-fertilization we gained an inherited repository of intellectual experience reaching back to the beginning of our genetic forebears' existence and beyond. Accessible to us is a network of images and sensory data representing race memories not entirely our own and a universal collective unconscious beyond our local field and archaic in nature. With our specially coded brain we can access the timeless, nonspatial world of Mind and Idea beyond the curtain of space-time and energy-matter and we can gain a sensory knowledge of Old Man Universe.

Through cross-fertilization we gained the Book on the Sapphire Stone, from a legend of the primitive Jews. This book belonged to Adam, the first man and alien. Because of this Book Adam knew all about the universe within--his limbs and veins and the things that went on inside his body. He knew everything about the universe without--the courses of the planets and the paths of the Moon and Aldebaron, Orion, and Sirius. Adam knew about the weather and the seasons. He knew about thunder and lightning and he could say what would happen from moon to moon.

The Book on the Sapphire Stone allowed Adam to understand spiritual matters. He knew the names of every separate heaven and the activities of each one. He knew just about everything that could be known. Adam had benefit of "some psychological micro-dot, containing the totality of accumulated knowledge." (10) In Kabala the word "Sefirot" means the Sephiroth (vessels-spheres) of the tree and is related to the Hebrew word "sappir," or sapphire, meaning the Radiance of God or The Boundless Light. According to this legend, Adam passed this book, this "sappir" or Inner Light, to his descendants, Jared, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Aaron and Solomon. The Book on the Sapphire Stone is the curtain of space-time and energy-matter emanated and constructed by Mind and Idea, the direct emanation of the Creator. The Great Creative Current can be activated and anchored in the individual conscious mind by various techniques, including meditation, scrying, magic, ritual and other systematic attempts to know. This consciousness template contains the totality of accumulated knowledge of human and non-human experience in the universe. It is an idea chart of evolution, a blueprint for creation and a map of the universe. Interstellar flight without benefit of machines is simple when the consciousness template is activated. Otherworldly beings travel here by both Starship and by mental projection.

Beyond ourselves, beyond the Sirians and beyond the curtain of space-time and energy-matter are the highly evolved Heavenly Partners with whom we merge alchemically, those beings existing as Archetypal Intelligence in the celestial realms of Mind and Idea. They are the Divine Sparks and the Divine Mind, the incorporeal occult Forces of the universe emanated by The Boundless Light. They instruct us in Divine Law, they guide us to soul awareness and they prepare us for alchemical transformation to planetary spirit. Nous the Divine Mind teaches us of our participation in the design of the universe, Poimandres the Good Shepherd guides us to our realization of the deepest mysteries, and Thoth the Divine Mind brings us to knowledge of the Great Miracle, that creation by pure thought is God.


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