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The turn of the last century brought with it numerous tales of ghost pirates. Many serving in the navy and merchant marines claimed to see them, and often as not their tales were proven to be real. Proven by others, that is, who also saw them.

Today as yesterday, ghost pirates sail the world over, ramming their bulkheads into peoples' homes and unloading the proclamation of their existence onto the docks of those who can see and hear them. At World Soul Media we are discovering more about them as we learn to work with them in the fulfillment of this publishing project.

Accompanying the ghost pirates are all the guardian angels and archangels as would be necessary to compel the pirates onto the path of wisdom, light and justice as they take this God-given opportunity for creative expression. Through art there is often found salvation, and from the point of view of the ghost pirates and all the rest of us who are not perfect souls, this could be a very beneficial thing! The ghost pirates, colorful and powerful spirits of the astral and celestial seas, come through again to bring you these tales of their escapades on the high seas of life!