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     The Saint likes the way George explains the Divine Plan, so he grants that George teach classes about it called Divine Planes of Reality. George teaches the classes as the Saint guides him. He teaches three levels of class Advanced, Expert, and World Class. George hears the voice of the Saint when he teaches the classes. He hopes he is conveying the information as clearly as he is receiving it.

     In the Advanced Class, George teaches that the planes of reality are eternal and infinite in duration, and so are all the people and all the things in the plane, but a person can stay in each plane for only a limited period of time. Because each plane is more wonderful than the one preceding it, the time limit a person can stay is longer than the plane before. In the Advanced Class, he teaches the planes from the perspective of being somewhere above them and looking down onto them. From this perspective they appear as concentric circles organizing in a spiral.

     The Physical Plane, the least wonderful of them all from the perspective of the other planes, has the shortest time limit so that no one is asked to extend their experience of it when they could be in the next plane instead. Yet people cling to the plane as though it is all there is, as though they can somehow extend the time limit. But the Creator fixes all this by making the planes, one after the other, more wonderful, more expansive, finer, and of longer duration. George tells them that it usually is not until a person experiences their body dropping off and then reawakens into the next plane that they begin to lose their fear of death.

     The Physical Plane, the center circle of the spiral, is of shorter duration than the next plane that circumnavigates it. Lasting only for a hundred years or so, it hardly matters whether a person is in the plane for five years, for fifty years, or even a hundred years. Only the experience of the plane matters.

      Circumnavigating the Physical Plane is the Astral Plane, which lasts for approximately three hundred Earth years, but here the meaning of time begins to change and also the definition of space. The Astral Plane gets its name from ancient times when people looked up at the stars and thought that was where they went when they passed over.

     George and Mavis are in their last year in the Astral Plane, whereas Louise has only just arrived. StumbleBlock also is in his three hundredth year, but his problem is that he can't remember what he did in the Physical Plane that causes him to be so unhappy in the Astral Plane. If he doesn't remember he will become a Go Back, and if he does remember he might choose to become a Go Back, anyway. In all of the planes, a person can make one of three choices: they can go forward anytime, they can wait until the end of the time limit, or they can go back one plane to relive that experience for whatever reason but usually to try to improve upon it.

     Some people, however, are repeating a back and forth, life and death cycle involving the Physical Plane and the Astral Plane. This is because they have issues that they think can only be resolved in the Physical Plane and also because they haven't awakened to the existence of the other planes. In ancient times people imagined that, if not enlightened, they could get trapped in an eternal Earth-Moon loop that only could be upended by the Savior, who acquired that title because of this ability.

     Circumnavigating the Astral Plane in the next spiral is the Beautiful Plane, which all describe as simply beautiful. In the Beautiful Plane are the Green Mansions that cause many, upon seeing them, to mistake the Beautiful Plane for the Heaven Plane. The enjoyment of exploring the mansions is part of the wonder of the Beautiful Plane. Sometimes the Creator plays the role of a youth in the mansions, and this allows for the chance to personally experience the Creator without being harmed by the experience.

     The Beautiful Plane is of infinite duration, as are they all, but the time limit there, in relation to the plane immediately preceding it, is something like three thousand Earth years. Those in the Beautiful Plane experience the virtues of Truth and Beauty and distribute them throughout the Creation.

     Circumnavigating the Beautiful Plane is the Honorable Plane, which Mavis desires as do many of the people who prioritize being honorable above all the other virtues. The duration of the Honorable Plane is thirty thousand Earth years. Those in the Honorable Plane are distributing the value of Honor throughout all the Creation.

     Circumnavigating the Honorable Plane is the Co-Creator plane, which exists as a mirror image of the Creator Plane and therefore is the child of the Creator Plane. It accounts for the words of Jesus when he said, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." The Co-Creator Plane, though seeming to exist infinitely, has a time limit of something like three million Earth years.

     Circumnavigating the Co-Creator Plane is the Serene Plane, which lasts something like thirty million Earth years and is of long duration to serve the Creation's desire for serenity. In the Serene Plane, the landscape is vast and calm, and all those within the plane are so serene that their minds expand out into infinity and their experience flows out of them and into all the planes in all directions. Because of the Serene Plane and the beings there, we can connect with their serenity and anchor it in the Astral Plane and the Physical Plane.

     Circumnavigating the Serene Plane is the Heaven Plane, where each one's desires are completely filled on all the levels of their being. Those in Heaven, so completely fulfilled, share with the entire Creation their joy, so that the plane becomes legendary and each of us longs to go there. But the Heaven Plane, like the rest, has a time limit as well -- something like three hundred million Earth years.

     Circumnavigating the Heaven Plane is the Love Plane, which is composed entirely of the Virgin Mary and her Cosmic Sisters. The Virgin Mary is called the Queen of Heaven because of the position of her plane in relation to the Heaven Plane. The time limit is three thousand million Earth years.

     The Virgin Mary is called by many names throughout the Physical Plane, throughout all of time. To be in this plane is to be in the arms of the Great Mother. The experience is indescribable, and the only way we know how to achieve it while anchored in our respective planes is to call the Virgin Mary into our lives. When she comes she brings the entire Love Plane with her and we are awash in the wonder of her love. She serves all the planes in all directions.

     Circumnavigating the Love Plane is the Divine Plane, filled with angels, some who were once human and others who never were. In this plane the beings can see the Creator without being injured. The time limit is thirty thousand million Earth years.

     That completes the Advanced Class and gives the students plenty to think about. Some of them need a hundred years or more to grasp the concepts, and the Astral Plane provides them the time they need. They might have missed this in the Physical Plane, where life is oriented so much toward the physical than the spiritual. On the Astral Plane they have another chance to assimilate this information.

     In the Expert Class, George teaches about the Creator Plane, and this requires a depth of understanding for both the teacher and the students. Circumnavigating the Divine Plane, and the final circle in the perfect spiral, is the Creator Plane. It stretches out infinitely but also has a time limit because the Creator grants that God is not separate from the Creation, thus is subject to the same laws of perfection. The Creator Plane could stretch out sublimely for all eternity but that the Creator loves to be involved in the Creation. When the beings on the Physical Plane connect with the Creator Plane, it gives the Creator the opportunity to experience time in another way than just infinite.

     Beings on the Physical Plane have a special relationship with the Creator. They are the mirror image reversal of the Creator -- they long for the eternal and the Creator enjoys feeling mortal. This is one reason why the beings on the Physical Plane are empowered to call the Creator into their lives and into existence where, from the perspective of the Physical Plane, the Creator seemed not to exist.

     But only the Creator can exist-not and then return to existence over and over when called, and this is why the Creator is God. Only God can both exist and exist-not. When the Creator exists-not, experiencing a self-imposed time limit of the Creator Plane, the Creator Plane also exists-not, but when the Creator exists, so does the Creator Plane.

     When the Creator Plane exists-not, the nine perfect circles of the spiral form an eternal Universe free to create as it chooses, lacking a Creator but having a Co-Creator Plane. But when the Creator Plane exists, it joins with the Co-Creator Plane. In the Expert Class George teaches the planes from the perspective of being somewhere alongside them and looking at them from the side. From this perspective they appear as a spiraling double helix like two interweaving DNA strands.

     When the Creator and the Co-Creator Planes merge, they form the shape of a horizontal figure 8, the symbol for infinity. The figure 8 encompasses the Creation, encircling and separating the remaining eight circles of the spiral of Creation into two equal spirals of four circles each. It bonds them together within the realm of eternity. When the Creator and the Creator Plane merge with the Co-Creator Plane, this realigns the Creation back into an eternal state of perfection.

     When the Creator Plane and Co-Creator Planes merge, the first four planes of reality -- Physical, Astral, Beautiful, and Honorable and the second four planes of reality Serene, Heaven, Love, and Divine -- are circumnavigated by the flowing Creator and Co-Creator Planes. They make the shape of a figure 8 when they cross over between the fourth and sixth planes of reality. The parallel worlds are bonded together by the Creator and Co-Creator Planes, creating an inexhaustible, ever-flowing river of experience.

     Overriding this entire system is the value of free will. When the Creator Plane exists-not, all the circles of the spiral are seemingly merged into one spiral of concentric circles. The idea is that, if the planes and all the beings within them can come up with some configuration for the Creator and the Creator Plane that is more perfect than the one available, they are welcome to do so. But always in the background of nonexistence, and visiting his Mother, is the Creator, who can be called back into existence to realign the Creation so that those experimental creations can be corrected and the Creation can exist again in a state of perfection.

     The Creator agrees to exist forever in a state of nonexistence if ever the Creator and the Creator Plane perfection are surpassed by a creation of the Creation. As it happens, the Co-Creators are prolific at coming up with imperfect gods to replace the Creator and together they rearrange the creation in a thoroughly self-serving and thus imperfect way. The Creator is not concerned at all about this because the Creator has many remarkable assistants to help keep the Creation perfect.

     This completes the Expert Class, and with all the doodling and drawing going on, the students need many years to figure out how the system works and whether they can perfect it somehow. They are invited by the Saint to go off and try to come up with ideas to perfect the already perfect Creation. Many of the students conceive of interesting alternative plans. George reminds them it is possible for a person to grasp within their mind the entirety of the Creation. When they do they might see it as a butterfly or a moth rather than a horizontal figure 8.

     This is where the World Class Class begins. Anyone who has taken the Expert Class and understands the concepts is invited to enroll in George's World Class Class, which is about the Creator's assistants and how they function to ensure the Creator always returns to existence so the Creation can exist in a continuous state of perfection. The class also explains how the assistants hold the Creation together in the Creator's absence by working one-on-one with the Co-Creators.

     George begins the class by telling them, "The archangels in the Creator Plane have an overview of the entire system and therefore can instantly locate themselves at will throughout the Creation wherever they are needed or wherever they perceive the Creation to be falling below the Creator's level of perfection. By the power of their minds they connect themselves together and overlight the entire system, stabilizing it, and keeping it perfectly balanced. When they connect, they are arcs in the eternal forms of triangles, rectangles, quadrilaterals, various polygons, and other advanced geometrical formations that produce universally recognizable images, such as stars, boats, caves and pyramids. The production of these arcing geometrical forms makes the archangels transcendent of the Creation, and this is where they can do their best work.

     When Michael connects with Rafael, for example, a straight line is created. When Gabriel connects with Michael and Rafael, an ideal form is created that vibrates in a certain color and in the shape of a triangle. When Uriel joins the formation, a rectangle is created, and so on. Since their activities are happening within the parameters of a spiraling, eternal system they have available to them all the geometric formations creatively possible within the concept of a perfect circle."

     The students are asked to conceive of the individual archangels as actually being entire legions of angels, rather than one individual, although the entire legion comprises one vast being or group consciousness. The archangel Rafael, for example, and all the legions of angels comprising the archangel, can be called in as one individual, as the archangel we know as Rafael. But within this archangel are the legions of angels of which it is composed. The same goes for the other archangels. Just as the Creator and Co-Creator Planes can circumnavigate and hold within them the entire Creation, so can the archangels hold within them the entire Divine Plane and all its angels, having the mirror of itself in the Honorable Plane.

     In the mirrored reality of Creation, the Creator Plane has its mirror in the Co-Creator Plane. The Divine Plane has its mirror in the Honorable Plane. The Love Plane has its mirror in the Beautiful Plane. The Heaven Plane has its mirror in the Astral Plane, and the Serene Plane has its mirror in the Physical Plane. Because of this mirrored reality, the planes closer to the center of the spiral, and separate from the outer planes, mirror the more wonderful outer planes but to a lessor degree.

     When the angels as a certain group spread themselves out over the Creation, they become that particular archangel. By their continuously shifting and fluid positions, the archangels hold in a perfect spiral the eternal Creation. If the students glimpse with their minds an archangel, they might see it as having wings because the archangel holds within it the perfect pattern of the entire Creation when the Creator exists and when the Creation is bonded into the two great spirals. One of the wings is the knowledge of one realm, the other wing is the knowledge of the other realm, and the archangel, whose mission it is to hold it all together, is between them. The archangel might also appear as a peacock, with the divine realms of the Creation fanning out behind it as the glittering feathers.

     All of the planes, though vast and spread throughout creation, are subdivided into segments, with the exception of the Physical Plane. It exists in all physical levels of the Universe and is automatically subdivided. For example, the physical plane of planet Earth is separate from the physical plane of another planet somewhere else in the universe. The beings on both planets are bonded by having physicality in common but are separated from each other. Travel between them is possible but it takes physical equipment to achieve it unless astral travel is employed. People on the planet Earth and on other planets are accomplishing both modes of travel.

     The Astral Plane is automatically subdivided into segments and although it extends throughout Creation it has a local population. For example, the St. Augustine Astral Plane has a distinct personality than the New Orleans Astral Plane or the Savannah Astral Plane or the Paris Astral Plane, yet they all have in common the same plane of existence, and travel between them is possible. Just as in the Physical Plane we are born in one physical location but may choose to move to another, the same holds true for the Astral Plane. We die in one physical location but on awakening into the Astral Plane may choose to move to another. We can also make that choice on the other planes.

     As we move into the next three planes, the subdivisions continue but are based on different values. For example, one part of the Beautiful Plane is Beautiful, another is Very Beautiful, and another is Very Very Beautiful. The same is true for the Honorable Plane and the Co-Creator plane.

     The five planes following these also are segmented but not for comparative reasons. The Creator also is an architect and locates the planes within an overall blueprint. The subdivisions allow for matrix mapping and, from the point of the view of the Creator and especially the archangels, this makes things a lot more manageable than they might be without the subdivisions.

     For example, the archangels can navigate more fluidly to "Spiral 4 of the Creation' than to 'somewhere within the Creation.' They can move more fluidly to 'Spiral 4, Segment 3" than they could to simply "somewhere within Spiral 4." In the first five spirals of Creation are approximately 30 segments and the same is true for the second five spirals of Creation. Within these 60 segments are 240 specific locations, 37 of which are exactly identical and exist in several different planes. 11 are unique locations existing in one plane only. The archangels can move more fluidly to "Spiral 4, Segment 3, Section 3A" than they could to "Spiral 4, Segment 3.

     Once an individual has called the Creator into existence, they self-activate their Soul Number and become an eternally identifiable part of the Creation regardless of where they are in the various planes. This soul-numbering system is based on a 60-soul system in which there are only 60 different soul types, and each soul type exists both archetypally and architecturally as one of the separate segments of the Creation. Each segment therefore is an aeon or "vast soul" in a divine realm of the Creation.

     Number 33-14, for example, is soul number 33 of soul type 14. This actually locates the origin of the soul, segment 14, as well as the specific soul who is calling. It helps if the archangel knows the soul number of the soul type calling. From that and by using DNA code identification, they can instantly identify the individual soul. Then, they travel that soul's spiraling DNA strand to connect with that soul. Inside that soul, as part of the DNA strand, is the matrix blueprint of the entire Creation as well as that soul's segment origin.

     When the archangel appears in that individual soul's spiral segment section, they have done it by coming from inside the person and out through them to the outside of them, where they appear as projections. The ancient Hebrews called them Wheels because they are spinning, sparkling light, and they also called them Galgalin, the word based on a Yiddish word for pupils of the eye, because it seems they come through the pupils of the eyes to enter the Physical Plane and where there is the possibility of actually seeing them with the eyes.

     The archangels can move more fluidly to "Spiral 4, Segment 3, Section 3A, Soul 33-14, DNA Long Code" than they could to "Spiral 4, Segment 3, Section 3A." How the archangels can identify each individual by DNA code is astonishing, considering the first chromosome alone is sixty thousand letters long. The Saint says they may soon offer classes on this subject.

     "So," George concludes, "we see that the Creation is a universe based upon a rational order and has a comprehensible intellectual structure. Let us say the Creator is momentarily in non-existence," George further explains, continuing his examples, "and the archangel Michael is in Spiral 9, Segment 2, Section 2B, and Rafael is in Spiral 3, Segment 4, Section 4E, and Uriel is in Spiral 6, Segment 1, Section 1C. When their minds connect they form a perfect triangle and bring into perfect alignment those three circles, and everything in between. Their connection creates ideal forms or archetypes that are the union of the archangels, who have their title because they are the angles creating the arcs of vibratory color and sound that we know as the universe. They take the Creator's numerical concepts and, with arcing geometry, turn them into planes of reality, also called domains for living.

     Without the archangels," George likes to joke, "the universe might be just an infinitely long spiraling string of numbers with us trying desperately not to fall off." He waits while the chuckles subside.

     "The truth is," George says, "we exist inside the archangels and they exist inside us." On seeing the big expressions of 'Huh?' appear on the faces of the students, he decides to let that drop. Maybe later on he can offer another series of classes Advanced World Class Class, Expert World Class Class, and World Class World Class Class. It amuses him to think of it. The idea that we are the angels that compose the archangels is a little too much for some of the "fallen" to grasp.

     "So when we call on the archangels in emergency situations," George likes to tell his World Class Class, "we better have an emergency, because they are busy holding together the perfect Creation, both when the Creator exists and when the Creator non-exists. They do this by reading an inconceivably long string of numbers generated by the Creator. The failsafe," George tells them, "is that only an angel can call an archangel into their spiral segment section, and only an individual who has called the Creator into existence can become an angel.

     Now here is where it gets complicated," George tells them, and the students laugh. "When the archangels appear, and when we project them into our plane of reality, they do not appear as triangles and rectangles or other geometric forms. Instead they inhabit the forms we are familiar with on our plane, the ones we project as human beings. They take the form of human beings and their size is limited only by the space we give them in which to appear because they are vast beyond all conception.

     Although they appear as human, nevertheless, they are eternal angles-of-arc. The value of their presence is simply that wherever one of them appears, everything surrounding it becomes instantly aligned into perfection within the original parameters of the Creation. The archangel who appears acknowledges the individual whom they come to serve as the Creator in the moment, or the Co-Creator. With this system in place, each person has the opportunity to be the child of God in the Co-Creator Plane because what happens, in effect, is that the archangel upon appearance brings with it the Divine Plane to the plane of the Co-Creator in the moment. At that instant, and for the duration of the archangel's presence, the individual on that plane is the Co-Creator whom the archangel has come to serve."

     Needless to say, George's classes spark a lot of discussion and that satisfies the Saint and makes George feel wonderful as well. The students usually go off to think about it for a couple of centuries. When they get it firmly in their minds they usually opt to move forward into the next plane.

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Phaistos Disk
My tracing of the Phaistos Disk, colorized

1600 BCE, Crete
Phaistos Disk
Phaistos Disk My exact tracing
of the Phaistos Disk
with pictographs color coded
Phaistos Disk
Phaistos Disk
Overlap the two sides at the matching line segments
Phaistos Disk
My exact tracing
of the Phaistos Disk, pictographs removed
Phaistos Disk Infinity
My exact tracing
of the Phaistos Disk with pictographs
Phaistos Disk
Phaistos Disk

The artist(s) of the disk puzzle populated the spirals with pictographs as place holders for the hidden large pictographs (patterns), revealed when the matching pictographs are connected with lines, as in connecting points with lines in geometry and stars with lines in astronomy to produce constellations.

Phaistos Disk, Constellation Argo
Phaistos Disk, Pentagram, Heptagram
Phaistos Disk, Geometry
Phaistos Disk, Interior Great Pyramid
Phaistos Disk, Sacred Cave
Phaistos Disk, Right Triangle
Phaistos Disk, Great Pyramid Geometry
Phaistos Disk, Great Pyramid Geometry
Phaistos Disk, Cone
Phaistos Disk, Inverted Pyramid
Phaistos Disk, Inverted Pyramid
Phaistos Disk, Octahedron

































Claire Grace Watson
Phaistos Disk Solution
by Claire Grace Watson

Claire Grace Watson


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