Subatomic Particle PrisonerLet us endeavor to realize that there is no such thing as inorganic matter, but that every atom is a life. Let us realize that all forms are living forms, and that each is but the vehicle of expression for some indwelling entity. Let us seek to comprehend that this is likewise true of the aggregate of all forms. Thus we have the clue to ourselves, and perhaps the clue to the mystery of the solar system. (The Consciousness of the Atom, The Evolution of Form, Alice Bailey, 1922)

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Subatomic ParticleA subatomic particle - The particle and its invisible companion, the anti-particle, form a unit of pure consciousness. They are a team and they join other particles and their spiritual companions to create communities of atoms, which create communities of molecules, all with spiritual companion communities. This comprises all of our physical reality. Everything in our part of the Universe is subatomic particles and their spiritual companions, and thus our world and everything in it is imbued with Spirit and has Soul.

Eating the Last GruThe particles and the atoms are like us, little lightbeings with unconscious intent and purpose for existing. Until we discover our purpose, we take it on faith that we have one. The particles help us discover our purpose by creating communities for us. In fact, we are their communities. Adam (humanity) is atom. Adam-Atom. I mean, think about it. Would we put Jesus and the Disciples through the particle accelerator? Well, that is what we do at a different level of reality. This book is about that and also about the subject of particle fizz666 (our sad physics).

...we must consider the atom in the human body as a little entity, a tiny, intelligent life, and a microscopic, active sphere...Individual consciousness to the tiny atom in a man's body would be its own vibratory life, its own internal activity, and all that specifically concerns itself. Universal consciousness to the little cell might be considered as the consciousness of the entire physical body, viewing it as the unit which incorporates the atom. Absolute consciousness to the atom might be considered as the consciousness of the thinking man who is energizing the body. That would be to the atom something so remote from its own inner internal life as to be practically inconceivable and unknown, yet it nevertheless sweeps into the line of its will the form and the atom within the form, and all that concerns them. (The Consciousness of the Atom, The Evolution of Consciousness, Alice Bailey)

These two subjects, the purpose for existing and particle fizz666, are interrelated and cannot be truly separated, although current concepts in particle fizz666 do not acknowledge this holistic relationship. The following material will illuminate this Oneness relationship we have with particles and it also will introduce new material to illustrate better relationships we can have with the little lightbeings. Most importantly, it will show that particles are divine beings of light who are filled with a sense of purpose and a desire to serve, and just because we cannot conceive of how this is possible does not mean we can just assume it's impossible. "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy." I would also like to add that if you can dream of it, Horatio, then it exists in particle reality.

This idea has only to be extended to man, considered as an atom or cell within the body of a great Entity, and one can then work out along similar lines this conception of a threefold consciousness. It might here be wise if we were to come down and consider more practical matters than absolute consciousness. (The Consciousness of the Atom, The Evolution of Consciousness, Alice Bailey)

Angstrom of arterial elements (and causation of arterial elements) - Certain qualities of particles are not given in atomic structure definitions and atomic causative definitions, demonstrating two important concepts. Much exists without specific references, and no one knows all of reality, exclusively. Nor is it necessary or desirable to know all about it. The magic and mystery of life can be a wondrous and continuous revelation.

Most particle fizzassists (physicists who assist our sick physicks) do not respect any view of magic nor do they honor concepts like revelation. Particle fizzassists are those of us still trying to come out of the Dark Ages into the Enlightenment but locked in the dungeon by Ego (Egor). To get light, we smash atoms and rob the photons of their light. When the atomic community is destroyed, the tiny photons leave photon trails that we observe and count. Then we compare that data with our theories to see if we got it right. Our deductions prove we can never understand the whole of reality from our one perspective, but we continue with our investigative activities because it pays well.

Angstrom of anterior lobe of the human brain - Angstrom references weight and measures of subatomic particles. Angstrom also specifies certain weights involved in cerebellum measurements regarding particles. The human brain can perform the main functions of particle fizz666. The human cerebellum is capable of measuring and sorting particles. It does so by using the subatomic particle operating system of the human body known as the chakra system. Since about 3000 BCE, images from the Indus Valley civilization depict the human chakra system and its meditative path. Spread over our bodies in a matrix of tiny paths, portals and spheres, the chakras produce kundalini, the energy of consciousness called chi (key) energy in mysticism. This also is physics but is the poor relative of the big atomic boys. With so little money involved in the ancient physics of human consciousness and material manifestation, the science remains occulted, its wisdom preserved, its methods unexploited.

Chakra Command CenterOur occulted chakra systems spin subatomic particles into physical reality. Chakras are invisible energy wheels connected throughout the body by paths of light. The wheels spin particles in and out of their whirling vortices. They are invisible organs of the body that are operating at the subatomic and autonomic levels, making it possible for us to move about in space-time. They do it by weaving us as waves into the electrostatic field fabric of space-time and energy-matter. The chakras condition space to be malleable, to accommodate our journey through it like Moses parting the Red Sea.

Angstrom of the arterial part of the chakra system - Our chakras spin particles into our inner and outer reality. We are not sure how this works, but we do not need to be. We can rest in the knowledge that we know how we create reality because we are a community of subatomic particles and because our particles know how to do it. Our autonomic chakra systems care for us, making it easy for us to interact with other particles that comprise our reality.

Angstrom of weights and measures of the chakra system - Our natural method of weighing the Universe's particles is by using our chakra system and our brain. The brain is designed to identify and categorize particles. Using a complex, beautiful and mysterious process involving the retina and the brain, we gather light and sound keys (chi) from the sights and sounds in the environment, and these keys contain the particles we identify and categorize. We do it for the enlightenment, a condition our brain acknowledges as a preferred condition.

The crown chakra is the crown of our chakra systems. Located at the top of the head at the soft spot or fontanelle, the chakra is the part of the brain that works at the subatomic level. When the chakra is activated, the brain and the chakra position us, fully functional, in our group illusion, our beautiful world (See Planeism). It is a mysterious process. The brain and chakra may send vibration frequencies into the outer world, then use those frequencies to modify the photons to other frequencies. The chakra then integrates the modified light into the physical system as photon wave data streams. This is food for the spirit-soul and it grows the aura, the individual's personal biofield of light.

In the brain, photon wave data streams converge to produce higher levels of light than were not present before, which is enlightenment. I mean, who knows? Maybe that's the only reason we are here, to gather these photon particle wave data streams to gain enlightment and then, sufficiently enlighted, we're off to somewhere else. The aura expands and becomes useful as a vehicle, filled with color/light and moving us through the world. We fuel our vehicle of light with kundalini or chi energy that our chakra systems are producing by weaving subatomic particles. We motivate through the field of space-time and energy-matter as wheels of light, weaving ourselves in and out of physical and interdimensional realities. As we continue to integrate light into our system and interact with the particles, we grow spiritually so that we become points of enlightened perspective in the matrix of space-time and energy-matter. No longer defined by forces outside of ourselves, we know we are Divine Vehicles of Light, right down to our divine particles.

When we investigate subatomic particles without this knowledge of our divinity and of the service provided us by the particles, we are just mean bean counters. We weigh and smash atoms with our big mechanical fists so that we can deprive them of their light and count their delicious photon trails like the beasts that we are.

Angstrom of the anterior frontal lobe of the human brain - Part of the brain functions to bring about informative positions of knowledge. The frontal lobe of our brain seeks to understand our position in the matrix of space-time and to help us navigate through our world. The frontal lobe, in concert with the brow chakra, accesses environmental data that exists as light keys.

With light keys we create a representation of reality in reference to our position in the matrix of space-time. Our position can be plotted in reference to something else while we travel the matrix or curtain of space-time and energy-matter. When we are enlightened beings of light, our position is a reference point of enlightened perspective for all other positions in the curtain. Like the sun, we are points of enlightenment set in a black background of a matrix reality.

Our movements through space are determined by our decisions, which are based on our beliefs. We often think we are separate from our beliefs, but in fact we become our beliefs. When we take actions based on beliefs that we have about life, our actions create movement in our world, leaving trails for others to follow. As beings of light, we leave photon trails like the particles do. We cannot see our photon trails just as we cannot see the photon trails of the particles. Nevertheless, we merge with our world in a mysterious way and become One with it. This is no different than particles, except that we perceive them as too small to have personal belief systems. We are being presumptuous when we think they act randomly and without function or purpose. This demonstrates our limited vision and understanding of the world in which we live.

Angstrom of the corridor of human capabilities and human corridor of events - The Law of Reciprocal makes possible many opportunities for personal, spiritual growth. With law of reciprocal (defined in section L) we can create a corridor of events in which human qualities can be expressed as capabilities within the corridor of space-time. Shall we express virtue or shall we express vices as our human qualities and capabilities? Right now, we express both and we empower the vices ahead of the virtues. As if She knew we would go wrong and eventually lose interest in perpetuating our species, given our naturally depressive state in view of our heavy density matter, Goddess had the foresight to invent orgasm. But She also has other inventions in Her closet.

Angstrom of the corridor of space-time and the corridor of human events - Vibration attunement of the environment is a function of the human anterior lobe of the frontal brain cavity. With the frontal lobe we make unconscious determinations about our relative position in the matrix of space-time. Located near the lobe is the mysterious third-eye chakra or brow chakra, the energy wheel regulating these activities. Using the lobe and brow chakra, we instruct the brain to focus on objects in the outer world. In turn, the brain informs the rest of the body about our position in space-time. Without this ability to interact with particles, we could not walk through a room without walking into a chair or a table or a wall. We materialize and de-materialize ourselves with every step we take.

Our ability to spin particles into reality is miraculous and not simple to describe. The entire operation is an expression of our Oneness with the world. The brain sends vibrations into the environment in the form of amplitude modifications. The particles that comprise the objects in the environment cooperate by modifying their frequency so the brain can make calculations about the size, shape and density of their object. The brain informs the body and its systems about the object and where it is located. Many of these operations take place outside the window of time so that simultaneity is accomplished. The process is the result of the continous collaberation between our physical self -- our Ba, composed of particles and operating inside the window of time -- and our spiritual self -- our Ka, composed of anti-particles and operating outside the window of time.

Angstrom of the anterior lobe of the human brain and of the frontal brain cavity - The lobe and the anterior lobe of the frontal brain cavity quantify matter or particle fields to make determinations about it. This is the difference in brain power and particle accelerator power, and in chakra spinning and nuclear reactor power. With the brain and chakras functioning, nothing else is required, and certainly not expensive atom smashing equipment that costs trillions of dollars and destroys lives, destroys atoms and, ultimately, destroys Adam (humanity).

Angstrom of weight regarding the anterior lobe and the chakra centers - The chakra centers operate at the subatomic level and cannot be detected at this time. In the future, they will be detected because of their spinning activities. As the chakras spin particles for the body's navigation through space-time, the body will formulate ways of detecting the chakras for closer cooperation with them. This ability is not yet universally evolved, but does manifest in certain individuals.

Acquired combustibility - In particle fizz666, this describes the behavior exhibited by certain particles under scrutiny and being tested by application of intense heat. Fragmented by the heat, the particles try to calibrate their dissonant portions.

During acquired combustibility, the particles experience the equivalent of what would be, to us, intense emotional and mental disturbance. They are forced to display how they behave when intense heat is applied to them and how they try to avoid it or to repair the damage. During acquired combustibility, the particles become intensely excited. When a similar thing happens to us, when we are dispersed by fire, for example, and all our possessions are gone, we try to regroup and share resources. We try to recover what remains and continue on. So do the particles. We are not desirous of sudden destructive disturbances and neither are they. Therefore, our quotient of combustibility is similar to that of particles. This is unfortunate because we may soon be similarly tested by ultimate Powers-That-Be. We may find ourselves in a galactic maelstrom or planetary Hades of our own making due to our lascivious activities in the field of particle fizz666.

As for the particles themselves, unwilling volunteers in this line of investigation, their torture is needless. Does size really determine level of pain and suffering? Can we justify our actions against the particles by saying they are so tiny that they cannot possibly experience being smashed? Are they not holistically one with us? Do we not owe them some reverence and respect? Even subatomic particles have an absolute right to exist. If their discomfort and destruction provides us an occasional healing modality, is it right to destroy them so that others can benefit? Fascists subscribe to a similar belief and build evil and corrupt empires around it. Is this what we are doing by cultivating the field of particle fizz666?

Action of referral - Under the intense heat of subatomic diffusion or dispersement of particles, the particles begin to self-reference and to regroup into original patterns they had before dispersal. We do the same when our group is scattered to the wind. We regroup to begin anew and to try to rebuild what we had. This is simply the way beings behave, whether they are people or particles. No need to disperse them rudely just to find out something we already know. (I love you, Sri Krishna.)

Angle of abatement and causation of same - Types of angles are involved in the dispersal of subatomic particles. Angle of abatement means that the particles try to reduce the amount of tensor pressure by resisting frames of structure applied to them. They will respond by trying to abate the pressure applied and to reduce the tension in their environment. This is what we do when pressure is applied to us, whether physical or mental. When we read something, for example, that contains strong opinion, and we are impacted adversely by it, we try to reduce the impact by denying its truth. This is how we predict the fizzassists will respond to this material containing this strong opinion - they will deny the truth of it. (I love you, Arjuna.)

Angle of distortion and causation of same - This is the type of angle involving acts of distortion when atoms are split. The distortion will be the same whether or not the atom splits cleanly in two or whether the atom disperses in various places. Angle of distortion is the same as angle of abatement, except that angle of abatement refers to the attempt to abate pressure applied. Angle of distortion is not the same as distortion in the sense we think of it. For the time being, think of distortion as meaning that which is distorted by pressure applied.

Angle of distortion can happen to all sentient beings. It happens to us when something pressures us and forces us out of our heart center, something immense and abusive like particle fizz666. Our sense of peace and serenity becomes distorted and we are not our normal selves. We continue to live life and to make decisions, but now our decisions do not have the same success as before, and neither do our lives. Particles are sentient beings within themselves. It is heartless in the extreme to apply destructive forces to them. Yet, this is being done by the lost and confused parts of us, the fizzassists-locked-in-the-darkness. Because they are lost, particle fizzassists do not acknowledge that the particle is alive and functioning properly and is therefore not to be tampered with.

Angle of refraction - A type of angle is involved in refractory responses by application of pressure in the form of light. This angle is determined by the type of light applied and by the amount. Think of angle of refraction in terms of light and intensity of light, and you can gain an understanding of what is meant. Angle of refraction is also the attempt by the particles to determine what to do when intense pressure is applied to them. They try to survive, and thus they rely entirely on Divine Law to protect them, just as we do.

Anterior frontal lobe - This part of the brain resides at the front of the head and is part of the cerebellum rather than the cerebrum. The frontal lobe performs duties that are normally not part of the brain's function, such as believing, smelling and sensing certain aromas of higher fragrances normally not perceived by the usual means.

This is significant in particle terminology because it references the same things the particles are used to perceiving, i.e. certain aromas as frequencies, certain beliefs systems and certain qualities that are not defined by particle terminology but that are part of the atomic particle equipment. The fizzassists would not know this of course, as they do not perceive the particles have any sentient abilities and consider them to be more dead than alive.

Anterior lobe - Attached to the cerebellum but not part of it, is the anterior lobe. Equipped to handle certain duties, the lobe determines the weight of particles. This is a God/dess-given ability that has gone unnoticed for all time and that has yet to be activated. God/dess, the Divine Father/Mother, grants the particles certain capabilities in the construction of our dimension of space-time and energy-matter. The remarkable anterior lobe can determine everything about particles. The lobe is a kinder, gentler science than particle fizz666. Activation of the anterior lobe is easy, just requiring a certain light key input by the brain. During the night, when the mind is at rest and the body is sleeping, the anterior lobe begins to acquire its light keys. The lobe sorts the particles by weight to determine their nature and capabilities, their content, their usefulness to humanity and their wisdom. This activity produces what we know as "dreaming."

Until these capabilities of the frontal and anterior lobes can be used, we must stop abusing subatomic particles. We are becoming crooked in our understanding of particles because the brain is not yet receiving its light keys. As Dr. Frankenstein we are creating our monster. Particle fizz666 and atomic testing must be halted until the mind of humanity can come into the arena of atomic science and begin to perform its intended operations.

Anterior special lobe - The brain is designed to sort particles by weight. When this part of the brain is working properly, the particles are sorted carefully. The brain makes a determination about the usefulness of the particles to humanity. Again, this part of the brain is not yet functioning but will begin to function when all atomic testing is halted.

Antiquity in action - This moment in time, when one particle collides with another and when recognition is established by the collision, is called antiquity in action. This is supposed to be a test to determine recognition of the particles but instead it is a test to determine whether particles can recall their atomic structure. This test is invalid because the particles have no way of recalling atomic structure but instead can recall only atomic weight and periodicity. (Sri Krishna)

Arbiter and abatement - Arbiter refers to the weight of atoms and abatement refers to the mass of atoms when under pressure. Arbiter means the atoms can determine their weight, and abatement means they can determine the pressure being applied to them. This is erroneous because the atoms, again, cannot determine their own structure and they have no way of determining the pressure applied to them. Therefore, particle testing is useless to determine these properties of atoms.

Arsenal of abatement - Atomic testing is used to determine the qualities of atoms under pressure. This form of testing is particularly injurious to the atoms because it places them in situations from which they have no escape. They are trapped by the fizzassists and can only respond to ensure their own survival. The fizzassists themselves would respond exactly the same way if they were placed in these traps. Therefore, this form of testing should be halted immediately, in order to save both the particles and the fizzassists.

Arsenal of causality - Certain equipment is used to determine the properties of matter relating to the causation of subatomic particles in cohesion with one another. Arsenal of causality means that the particles are grouped in a dense structure of matter and forming material properties when combined in this way. This form of testing is also injurious to the particles, which do not necessarily wish to be placed in these particular groupings because it causes them harm. Fizzassists who place the particles in these positions should themselves be placed in such positions, perhaps to determine how they like slamming into each other when they do not wish to meet. (Their Styrofoam coffee cups would be smashed, with the coffee going everywhere!) Perhaps then they would learn what it feels like to be placed under an arsenal of causality just to determine what responses they will give. They would do better to stay home and watch TV.

Astellar phenomenon - Fizzassists believe that star systems will behave in the same way as subatomic particles, if they are placed in the same circumstances and certain specific operations. Is particle fizz666 just a foolish attempt to operate on the star systems? The theory behind this presumes that star systems and particles are exactly the same, only different sizes. "Astellar phenomenon" implies that the fizzassists, given the chance, would be tampering with the star systems in exactly the same way as they tamper with the particles. I'm guessing they'll never get that chance. Thankfully.

Aperiodicity - This refers to the conclusions gotten from the testing of particles for antiquity in action. Aperiodicity means the particles cannot recall their atomic weight but can recall only their atomic structure. This test also is invalid because the particles, again, have no way to determine their own atomic structure. They are aware, sentient beings without a clue as to how they are functioning as consciousness. In this respect, they are like many of us. (Sri Krishna)

Arterial consumption - Arterial properties are used to determine the consumption levels involved in subatomic particles. Tests such as these should be banned because the particles are not capable of forming cohesive units just to make determinations regarding their own powers. They are merely particles doing what God/dess has given them to do and nothing more. They cannot be forced to acquire properties that they do not already have. Therefore, this form of testing should be banned before the particles themselves grow tired of it and quit the world entirely. (Claire Sarasvati)

Artery of events - Arterial forces are used to make determinations regarding particle behavior. Artery of events means that the particles themselves are required to give an indication of their qualities and powers. The particles cannot give the performance the fizzassists are asking them to give because the particles cannot perform in this fashion. They are merely particles doing what they are given to do. They cannot perform on demand and do such feats as are being asked of them. They are not performance artists but are particles!

Artistic representation - Particles are required to give an indication of their performance abilities. They are required to do back flips and forward rolls and jumping jacks and other such gymnastic feats as are required of Olympic athletes. They are only particles. Give them a break!

Aspersal of arterial abatement and causation of same - The abatement theory states that particles have the ability to make determinations about the properties of their environment. This theory requires the particles to practice abatement of pressure applied and then find ways to escape the central location of the pressure. There is no way under the sun a particle can do such a thing, so what could be the purpose of such a test?

Aspersal theory - The aspersal theory is applied to particular fields of particles rather than to specific types of particles. Aspersal theory means that the particles will behave according to certain parameters and not according to their own particular behavior patterns. This theory is ridiculous because we are testing particles not people. Where can such a theory lead? To what end can such a theory be applied? To the end of government funding and corporate research grants. (Sri Krishna)

HarmonyAtom - The quanta of matter held inside a molecule is the atom, and contained within the atom are even smaller quanta called quarks (subatomic particles). The atom is the basis of all life in the Universe, and from its small beginnings as particles is everything formed.

The atom is the smallest community of matter and is composed of even smaller particles called neutrons, electrons and photons, to name a few. The positron and the proton are not particularly significant to particle fizz666 because they are understood to hold electrical charges and are therefore not involved in the direct formation of matter. They are involved in the electromagnetic properties of atoms rather than the subatomic properties and said functions.The atom is the smallest particle we know of that is not found alone but in a grouping. The atom is sociable in nature and is quite friendly. It has a heart, a nucleus. The atom goes straight to the heart of matter and forms itself little love nests there, from which it produces little baby atoms that scatter themselves and breed and form molecules until they discover another directive. Then they become extinct as atoms but continue on as Spirit. The atom is quite harmless and does not deserve the treatment it is presently getting. The atom is our friend but we do not treat it like a friend, we treat it like an enemy. The time has come for Adam to befriend the atom rather than mistreat the atom.

Atomic - This adjectival form of the word atom implies a small amount of something, as in atomic substances or atomic weights or subatomic particles. It also implies lifelessness as well, and this is the crux of the matter. Atoms are not lifeless but are the smallest forms of life that we know. They are sentient beings who are deserving of better than we are giving them. They are God/dess's own creatures, just as we are, and they are being bombarded and blasted and twisted and tortured and wrung out and wrapped around and run over and driven mad, just as we would be if all these things were being done to us. But of course, they are being done to us, by us, because of the Oneness relationship we have with the particles.

Atomic particle fizz666 terminology - The language used to describe atomic particle fizz666 activities and procedures is particle fizz666 terminology. This is a language we are only beginning to learn, whether we want to or not, and as we go into the new millennium we are finding out more and more about it. Particle fizz666 terminology is a nice way of saying all the mean things that are being done to atoms, and thus to ourselves, on the behalf of scientific research and for purposes of getting more money. Subatomic particles live in an incredibly beautiful world, but we would not know anything about this because we destroy their world before we can envision it. We kill it, we mutate it, we operate on it over and over because we want to and because we think we are God/dess's most precious beings in the Universe and thus entitled to do what we will. But what do we really know of the particle world? We know something about it because we live in it at another level of awareness. But we currently know nothing of the beauty of the particle world. Some of us are truly hoping to learn more about it but in a loving, caring and nurturing way. (Sri Krishna)

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