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Today, at any instant, about 400 photons of cosmic microwave radiation are streaming through any cubic centimeter of free space. They collectively have less energy than ordinary particles such as protons and electrons, but vastly outnumber them. Thatís a lot of potential data carriers. Furthermore, we could imagine that these photons are cleverly quantum-mechanically entangled to help with error control.

By storing its essential data in photons, life could give itself a distributed backup system. And it could go further, manipulating new photons emitted by stars to dictate how they interact with matter. Fronts of electromagnetic radiation could be reaching across the cosmos to set in motion chains of interstellar or planetary chemistry with exquisite timing, exploiting wave interference and excitation energies in atoms and molecules. (Is Physical Law an Alien Intelligence? Caleb Scharf, "Nautilus," Nov. 17, 2016)


Light Keys ReceptorAncient Egyptian papyrus (right) shows the antique scientific understanding of how we receive information from the stars as beams of light, in this case from star Sirius. The pictographs represented on both sides of the Phaistos Disk (right, hidden star pattern excavated, see excavation) are here interpreted as photon wave data streams emanating from star Sirius and entering the chakras of the head in subatomic particle waves. The photon wave data streams contain the light keys, represented on the Phaistos Disk as pictographs spiraling out from the center of the disk/star. (below, Phaistos Disk with color-coded pictographs)

Phaistos Disk


Key Meaning
Light Key
Key Origin
Key 1 - Plentitude
Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys
Flax Flower - Linen Cloth -
Constellation Octans
Key 2 - Intellect
Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys
Priest of Isis and Osiris
Key 3 - Cleanliness
Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys
Sweep of Osiris, Purifier
Key 4 - Motion
Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys
Heaven Walker -
Divine Being
Key 5 - Imprinting
Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys
Papyrus -
Written Word/Logos
Key 6 - Positioning
Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys
House of the God/Goddess
Key 7 - Multidimensionality
Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys
Thyrsuses -
Bamboo Wand and Cone
Key 8 - Purity
Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys
Heather Tree - Purified One
Key 9 - Power
Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys
Body of Osiris - Shareability
Key 10 - Divinity
Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys
Key 11 - Contentment
Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys
Shield Guide Shield
Key 12 - Logic
Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys
Pi - Pyramid Builder
Key 13 - Wisdom
Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys
Sceptre of Osiris
Key 14 - Energy
Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys
Serpent Power -
Electromagnetics -
Constellation Serpens
Key 15 - Ascension
Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys
Golden Hawk of Horus with Lodestone -
Constellation Aquila
Key 16 - Spectrum
Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys
Sirian Aircraft Flying
Key 17 - Importing
Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys
Cheops Pyramid Uses
Key 18 - Feminine Nurturing
Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys
Isis - The Goddess Energy
Key 19 - Sovereignty
Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys
Falcon of Horus
Key 20 - Yoga
Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys
Yoke, Constellation Bootes
Key 21 - Virility
Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys
Bull's Foot of Apis -
Constellation Taurus
Key 22 - Womb
Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys
Skiff of Isis
Key 23 - Form
Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys
Sharp-Snout Fish -
Carpe Diem
Key 24 - Force
Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys
Nile Crab
Key 25 - Regeneration
Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys
Marsh Grass
Key 26 - Pattern
Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys
Honey Cake
Key 27 - Geometry
Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys
Coffin-Chest - Rectangle
Key 28 - Resurrection
Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys
Discarded Coffin
Key 29 - Redemption
Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys
River Nile - Body of Water
Key 30 - Friendship
Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys
Right Hand Sign
Key 31 - Fruitfulness
Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys
Key 32 - Godliness
Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys
Osiris and Shield
Key 33 - Personality
Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys
Big Dog
Key 34 - Faithfulness
Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys
Key 35 - Multiplicity
Cosmic House of Horus -
Free World Space Station
Key 36 - Love
Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys
Persea Fruit - Heart Chakra
Key 37 - Manifestation
Wand of Isis
Key 38 - Devotion
Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys
Ram and Sheep
Key 39 - Gnosis
Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys
Hood of the Robe
of Isis/Osiris
Key 40 - Victory
Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys
Key 41 - Parameter
Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys
Key 42 - Sanctity
Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys
Herald Trumpet
Key 43 - Containment
Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys
Water Vase/Water of Life
Key 44 - Perpetuity
Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys
Crescent Shaped Coffin
Key 45 - Decision
Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys
Typhon's Hatchet
Key 46 - Equality
Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys
Equilateral Triangle
Key 47 - Mythology
Star Sirius, Star System Light Keys
Pan and Satyr


Wherefore, we are here to enlighten you further on the purpose of existence and the path to immortality. Are you ready? Good, then let's get this underway because it will be some time before you truly get the meaning of it. There is a path to follow here and ofttimes it winds around like a maze, so stay with us, please. Stay with us.

When we speak the word immortality we invoke several meanings, all of them quite different. Once we have gotten at the true meaning of the word, then we can begin to see how it is we become immortal, because it does not happen naturally as is commonly believed. Individual earth-self immortality is not a given but is instead something that is accomplished just like everything else in life, including birth. That, too, is an accomplishment because we come here for purposes of establishing ourselves as a spiritually enlightened perspective within the matrix of space-time and energy-matter, and unless we do certain things we fail in that objective. Now, the question is, what certain things need be done? Well, first of all, we need to recognize the simple fact that something needs to be done and then, next, we begin to determine exactly what needs to be done.

Now, on the earth plane we are certain of very few things but one of those things is this; we will die. This is horrendous to many people, who perceive death as an ending, rather than a possible beginning, but it is these same people who also spend a lifetime denying their opportunities to do the specific things they can do to bring about a state of personal, earth-self immortality. By this is meant, engaging your Ba, your earth-self, in a merger with your overself and spirit-soul, your Ka, as the Egyptians referred to it. We speak in Egyptian terms here because we are working with a Cretan-Egyptian artifact created to convey this information.

The Ka-Ba, then, is the Being who continues on after death in a vehicle called the Mer-Ka-Ba, Mer meaning "place of ascending." This moment, this now, is your Mer, your place of ascending. The Merkaba vehicle is comprised of beingness established by the earth-self, who intentionally united itself with the soul-self, the Ka. So what we have here is a scenario in which the beingness of the earth-self is uniting itself to the beingness of the soul self for purposes of achieving immortality. The merger begins as you begin to assimilate the light keys.


When the Egyptian god Thoth weighs the heart of the newly deceased against the weight of a feather, it means the newly deceased person is being measured ounce by ounce according to the deeds of a lifetime, and a determination is being made about whether the newly deceased person accomplished resurrection into a new life.

The newly dead have a specific density-minus that Earth beings do not have. For one thing, they have lost all of their bodily fluids, and their mass remains only as a shadow of what was once living flesh. The flesh itself has begun to decay and the individual no longer identifies with the rotting body. This is exactly as is supposed to be, except for one thing. The newly dead do not know what is happening exactly and so must find a way to relate to the new situation in which they find themselves.

These beings are no longer male or female, having dropped off the earthly polarities associated with sexuality. Now, this person's life as spirit has begun, and the search for meaning begins again. Without help of some kind, the meaning cannot be discovered, the path cannot be found -- as in physical world reality -- and the spirit roams the interphases of earth's vibrations as a ghost, looking for a key place or a perfect priority with which to identify itself. This is misery, to say the least. When one is alive and fully incarnate, these issues can become clear. Either you belong somewhere or you don't. But, when you are newly dead without guidance and leadership, then nothing, literally nothing, is clear and so you must pitch about looking for something, anything, familiar and not finding it in most cases. What happens next?


When beingness has been reestablished in a lifetime, then none of this, absolutely none of the former, transpires. Why? Because Spirit has found a home in humanity, who has found a home in Spirit. This is the sole purpose and function of alchemy, to locate Spirit within the body and vice versa. Several different approaches have been made regarding the meaning of alchemy, but the meaning is quite simple. A merger--a fusion--is taking place between the human and the spirit-self. This is the heart and soul of alchemy, and when this occurs, nothing out there, or in there, in the Universe can undo this marriage. It is Divine.

So now we see the way to immortality--merger of the earth-self with the spirit-self. This is the meaning of alchemy, pure and simple, and it is not so simple to achieve, either, because it requires a good deal of patience on both sides of this equation, as well as the acquisition and assimilation of light keys.

The importance of alchemy - fusion - is this. When Spirit searches for a place to reside on the planet, a place where grounding is made possible and work can begin, then the human part of this partnership also benefits most miraculously, for no longer is that person alone in the Universe with only herself inside her head using her brain to think, but also now a spiritual being there resides and helps out with the thinking. In the Urantia Book, this being is called the Thought Adjuster, but a distinction must now be made between the Thought Adjuster and the co-creating spirit. This being who co-creates with the human is also the human as well. How this works is quite complicated but very interesting.


The individual human being has two selves, one of them mortal and one of them immortal. The mortal self, the Ba, is walking the planet searching for meaning, experiencing life as a physical being and hopefully enjoying life. The immortal being, the Ka, is also wandering through existence and also is enjoying reality at that level and experiencing life at that level. The quest becomes for the two selves to find each other. How is it that they are separated, you may ask? A very good question, indeed.

The separation occurs at birth, when one part of the soul comes down onto the planet and the other part stays behind in Paradise. As the biblical word implies, paradise describes the quality and kind of place where the spirit-self lives. It is certainly Paradise, have no doubt, but also it is incomplete in that the other half of the self is separate from it--Paradise Lost, in other words. So, now Paradise must be reclaimed. How is this to be achieved? Simple. The two selves find each other and then Paradise is regained, Paradise is found.

Now, the two beings are in separate and very different locations but are actively looking for that person or thing who can fill the void of emptiness and loneliness, so outwardly they search, both of them, for it is not so different where the spirit-self lives as where the earth-self lives, only in the sense that the spirit-self has some dominion over its environment that the earth-self does not have. For example, the spirit-self can take the place around where it lives and modify it, to make it prettier or lighter or wetter or dryer, or whatever. The earth-self does not have this power but instead replicates it by use of technological devices, and that is the most it can do to modify its environment.

Funny, isn't it? Both selves are busily modifying their environments and trying to work out exactly what it is they both need to make their lives better and happier, when the whole time all they really needed to do was re-find each other. And so this is the paradox of Paradise, the two selves are searching for each other, and then when they find each other they are united and become happier beings than they were before. So, can this be all there is to happiness and immortality? Not really, but it's a great big part of it, at least.


Heaven is that place achieved by a certain state of mind. When the person becomes united within the self, Heaven is achieved. Does this surprise you? No, probably not, but then again, who knows? Many people have many different ideas and concepts regarding Heaven, and they could all be right. Why? Because Heaven is a state of mind in which a person lives. It's like the State of Heaven, wherein you take up residence in that state and drive around the place and check it all out. :-) Truly, Heaven is like this, and thus can be achieved while in the physical body. Do you doubt it? No, certainly you don't. We all know beings who achieved it, right? Buddha for example achieved the State of Heaven, and so Buddha will now speak and tell you more about it, Heaven on Earth:

Peace, my friends. I am Buddha, speaking to you from my own special Heaven, which I have created from my own special state of mind. I am the Buddha, not any other being, but yet I am manifest myself many times over in beings such as you. I am you, in fact. Does that surprise you? No way, because you know within yourself you are me and I am you. This is Buddhism, wherein we know we are each other and so we remark, on the physical plane, that we are hoping to achieve this sense of knowing, this identification with each other, do we not? We speak of it highly, as though it is a virtue worthy of our achievement.

But yet, it is more, much more, than mere virtue. It is complete knowledge and understanding of the way life works. It is mastery. We are each other, indeed, and we are also ourselves at various other levels. Trust me in this, I used to tell my earthly disciples, trust me in this. Because just as I know I am you and you are me, so also do I know I am otherwise myself at five levels of existence at least, and more yet to be discovered.

Do you see how life works, then? We are always on this path to discover ourselves at all our other levels of beingness, and so I tell you now, you are yourself several times over and over again. Buddha speaks, dear friends. Listen and smile.


The answer is simple: We are our earthly home. Do you think you build yourself a home when you find shelter and housing in this physical life? Is your apartment your home? Is your house your home? If so, then why do you feel so willing to leave it behind when you change your way of looking at things, your way of seeing how life works? Because of this: Your home, your true earthly home, is yourself, and in this world that should be enough for you. Is it not enough? Why, then, is it not enough?

Is it because of fear of this world? Do you fear being lost in this world? If you do, then you have just identified your situation perfectly. You are a lost being searching for your spirit-self, because when you have found your spirit-self you no longer feel lost in this world. You are quite willing to give up all your claims to physical selfhood and fear-based attachments to leave this kind of lost life behind and venture out into a Universe which is your true home and not that piece of cardboard you place over your head at night. That is not your home, but instead your body is your home and your house is the Universe.

This is certain. Wherever you are, there is your home. That much is true, is it not? Then you can see how it is that the Universe is your house and your body is your home. Now, one more thing before we leave this subject behind. What do you think would be the result of your finding yourself outside of your home and not being able to enter it?

Would you be surprised if you could not withdraw within your body? Of course you would, because your body is your home and therefore you can always enter your home and live there, can't you? Sure, so what is the meaning of this entire conversation? To show you how it is that your body is your home and your house is the Universe.


When, in your life, you realize that you are all alone in the Universe, how does this affect you? Do you decry this situation or do you make up your mind to embrace it and go about your business? This is the essential question because this is the answer to the original question, Who am I? When you have decided who you are, that is when you have answered the question in terms of aloneness or togetherness.

What was your answer, by the way? Did you decide you are alone or did you decide you are a member of a collective, because if the first is your answer, then there is little anyone can do for you right now because you have chosen a solitary path, as is your prerogative. But, if you have answered you are not alone but you are a member of a vast collective, of which you really know very little, then you are falling within the bounds of togetherness rather than separateness.

Now, there is something important for you to do at this point. You can take up the opportunity right now to decide for yourself that you have a higher level connection to Spirit and you are now going to form that connection in a much stronger way than ever before. Can you do this? If you can you are well on the path to understanding your own sensitive mortality and the key to your own immortality, for you cannot become immortal within yourself without forming an association with Spirit. So, this you must do.

You merely close your eyes and call for Spirit to come to you. Close your eyes and say, "I call upon my high level Guide. I want only my high level Guide to come to me." Did you do it? Well then, what was the result? Because, if you performed this short ritual, then you would have received some kind of response. If not, then continue to perform it until you do. The light keys of ascension are coming your way. Believe it, trust it, live it, know it. Certain and sure it is, when you call for Spirit, the light keys come.


What is the point of no return when it comes to association with Spirit? There is no point of no return. You can always back out of your relationship with Spirit. All you need to do to escape this association is this: Perform the same ritual in reverse. Say, "I disassociate myself from Spirit. I want no more Spirit in any capacity." Will this work, you ask? Of course it will, but for one thing. Once you have formed your association with Spirit, you can never un-form it. By this is meant, you have guaranteed yourself some degree of conscious immortality just by forming the association. The lengths to which you wish to go at this point are up to you.

You may decide, for example, to leave off completely with your physical world endeavors and begin to work exclusively for Spirit. When you make this decision, you have made the decision that will place you at the top of the Spirit World pillar, for you have decided to dedicate yourself to the good of the Universe, and once you do that, you are forever more cherished and loved by that same Universe.

Now, what can you do to make this decision. What questions can you ask yourself that will help guide you to this point in your life in which you can make this decision? It is simple. You just ask yourself this one question and you decide for yourself if you like the answer you give it: When you leave this world, where do you want to go, up or down? This is a metaphorical question, of course, as there is really no up or down, but the implication is clear, is it not? Up is toward the Divine, down is toward the River of Return to the physical world. Which way do you wish to go?

If you decide you want to go up, then you must do this one simple thing. You must pick up the banner of Spirit and elect to receive the light keys for ascension. The light keys are the Language of Light, and without the codes you cannot speak the language. The Sirian Disk (Phaistos Disk, Crete, 1600 BCE), shows this light code reception process as it was recorded by Bronze Age people in Egypt and Crete nearly 3,500 years ago. The Phaistos Disk is how they passed to us this light key information. Study the disk and see the Victory Path as they describe it, the path of the Immortals, as they were called by the Mystery Schools of Bronze Age Egypt and Crete, human beings who received the light keys.

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