The method of the evolutionary development of consciousness in a human being is but a repetition on a higher turn of the spiral, of the two stages which we noted in the evolution of the atom, that of atomic energy and of group coherence. In the world at present can be seen the human family at the atomic stage of manifestation, leading on to a goal not yet achieved, the group stage. (The Consciousness of the Atom, The Evolution of Consciousness, Alice Bailey, 1922)

Page 5 - SECTION C

Certitude - This blessed word means the atoms have quit trying and are giving up. They are done for the day and can go to sleep and rest for the following day, when they will once more undergo pain and suffering so that the fizzassists can take home a paycheck. This is the way of particle fizz666 today, sorry to say.

Classification - This means the atoms have identified themselves by fingerprint charts and eye scans and can now leave the building and go home to rest. They are done and their business is finished and they are accounted for. Hooray!

Collaborative effects - Fizzassists believe that the atoms have the ability to take notes and form opinions as to the type of aggression being waged upon them. They are said to get together and discuss alternative actions to repel the attacks against them and escape. What kind of total nonsense is this? Atoms do not get together and discuss strategy. Atoms try to do what God/dess gave them to do - shield the nucleus from deterrent forces that would abrade it.

Contrivances - This refers to all the ways fizzassists have contrived to get money from the government of the United States (US) and from the citizens (us). (I love you, Lord Sananda, Solon Centurion, Sir John Warren, Knight Templar.)

Casualties and quandaries - When subatomic particles mutate, questions surround the event. Particles mutate when fizzassists place them in solutions of boron. When casualties occur, the fizzassists are in a quandary and ask, "Why?" This causes problems for the fizzassists because now they must put more particles into more boron solutions, and this costs money. But fortunately, particle fizz666 can depend on support from government, corporations and research grants.

Certitude and consignment - Certitude describes ways of accessing money for more research into why subatomic particles mutate, and consignment describes more ways of getting equal or greater amounts of money. The fizzassists present the government and corporations with personal statements about their theories as to why subatomic particles mutate. The governments respond with money to research the causes. Then, the fizzassists apply for more money by taking out consignment drafts, promising to produce results that are intended mostly to validate the government's system of funding the research.

The fizzassists tell the government, "We are searching for answers regarding why subatomic particles mutate." The government responds, "Here are some vouchers to fill out." The fizzassists ask, "Can we have money to research why subatomic particles mutate?" The government answers, "Yes, we agree to give you fizzassists money to research why particles mutate."

The fizzassists imply they will produce quantifiable results. Instead, they hand the government the inconclusive results. A movement is produced whereby the fizzassists can acquire money from the government without ever explaining anything at all, while continuously producing material designed to cause the government to grant vouchers for money that ultimately does little else but help discover more ways of getting money.

Certitude and server applications - Fizzassists can extract money from the government by filling out forms and promising results. This is the purpose of particle fizz666 research, and nowhere on the vouchers are the fizzassists asked to explain the purpose of their research, except to say what findings they are hoping to gather.

Certitude and server applications and special consignments and conscriptions - These are methods by which the fizzassists can extract money from the government, but with the inclusion of other methods such as voucher chits, consignment slips, conscription chits and server applications. All these forms represent different avenues to take to apply for government money to extract information from unwilling particles. The fizzassists can therefore be said to be extractors, as well.

Certitude and server applications and suspended consignment - The extractors have ways to extract money from the government for bogus research. While it could be debated that some benefit is gained from this research, that benefit is outweighed 100 to 1 by the damages caused to the environment, which is comprised solely of subatomic particles.

The extractors cause negatively charged particles to infiltrate the outer atmosphere of the planet and cause changes that we humans cannot detect, except as exhibited in our behavior. Also, the negatively charged particles prevent the proper location of the planetary grid system and star system grid lines (left). These are the core currents matrixing the star systems.

Star systems are connected in an intricate web of electromagnetic currents, and these currents are being disrupted by the negatively charged particles fizzassists are producing by their research. When these currents are disrupted, the star systems lose their connectivity to each other. They lose part of their reference to the whole and part of their relative reference in space-time and energy-matter. The net effect is a hole in the electromagnetic matrix of space-time and a tear in the curtain of electromagnetism that comprises our reality dimension.

Certitude and server qualities - Certitude statements are the applications used to extract money from the government. The extractors make statements to cause the government to provide them with money so they can continue to make statements to cause the government to provide them with money so they can continue to make statements to cause the government to provide them with money so they can continue to make statements to cause the government to provide them with money.

Certitude and sovereign server applications and special consignments - Special vouchers are used to extract money from the government. When the extractors run out of reasons why they need money, they apply by using special vouchers, and this works just as well.

Particle FizzassistsCertitude and special consignee operations and applications - Special vouchers are used to get money so the extractors can find ways to make more special vouchers to get money. Some of the time, the extractors can think of ways and other times they cannot, so what they do is this. They apply for special vouchers and they make statements on the vouchers designed to entitle them to more special vouchers. (Solon Centurion)

Certitude and special consignments - Special vouchers are used to extract money from the government. Particle fizzassists think of ways to get the vouchers and they begin to list all the reasons why they need more vouchers. This is how they can work themselves back around, so that they qualify for certain consignments that do not require special vouchers. When those consignments are used they apply once again for special vouchers, and this goes on endlessly. The extractors spend all of their time applying for money. This is the deep purpose of their research.

Certitude and special consignments and conscriptions - Special vouchers are used to extract money from the government when the usual methods are not available, due to having been expended. The extractors can apply for special vouchers and still get the money. (Sir John Warren)

Certitude and special consignments and consignee obligations - Special vouchers are used to get the money so that the extractors can pay their salaries. This is why their projects exist, to pay their salaries.

Certitude and special consignments and server applications - This again refers to the use of special vouchers to re-acquire the normal routes of extracting money from the government, i.e. the use of certitude and server applications.

Certitude and special server applications - Certitude applications are used to acquire special server applications, which is the same as using special vouchers to acquire certitude and server applications, only the process in reverse. This method of extracting money makes it easier to acquire special vouchers when the certitude and server applications are expended. Then, the vouchers can be used to re-acquire the certitude and server applications.

Certitude and suspended consignment - Sometimes, special vouchers are unavailable during the times when both the certitude and server applications are used up, as are the special vouchers. When this happens, the extractors can use suspended consignment vouchers to reactivate the certitude and server appliations and the special vouchers. This is a fail-safe method designed to ensure there will always be money, no matter what. (Lord Sananda)

Conclusions - We would like to conclude that we have never seen anything as ingenious as this Draconian method for procuring money. In terms of usury, consumption and greed, it beats it all hands down. Usury, consumption and greed create an environment in which the way is paved with gold for Draconian activities such as atom smashing. What makes us so susceptible to forces like this? We are human but we also are divine. In the moment of our divinity, we do not need money. Live in the moment!

Conclusions and consortiums - Consortiums are used to gain access to conclusions of the federal government regarding whether the fizzassists should be continuously funded in their Draconian projects. The consortiums make it impossible for the government to stop government funding. The fizzassists band together as consortiums and approach the government with an agenda of needing a certain amount of money to continue all of their work. What is the government supposed to do in this situation? When faced by a large consortium, the government is required to fund everyone or no one. This is why consortiums continue to exist, because in the end there is no way the extractors can be refused the money they want.

Conclusions and quandaries - We conclude that we are in a quandary as to why this extraction process has to continue. Conclusions and quandaries refer to the use of conclusions to explain why particles behave as they do. Since no information can be gained by research, the extractors have to draw conclusions, which they could have done without torturing and destroying the particles.

Conclusions and queries - Questions arise regarding particles when the conclusions cannot explain their behavior. In spite of all the research and the testing, we are still at ground zero with answers regarding the behavior of particles. Nevertheless, the bogus research continues so the money can flow.

Conditions for certificates of merit - Certificates are used to gain access to more money. The extractors award themselves certificates for torturing all those particles, and they present the certificates to the government as proof of the merit of the work done. They gain access to money this way, because when the government officials see those impressive certificates they conclude that the fizzassists are important people doing important work. Conditions for certificates of merit are a form of threat, because government officials must decide to give those brilliant people the money they want, else they might quit and go work for other governments. (Sir John Warren)

Conditions for certificates or writs of merit - Certificates are awarded to help the money extraction process. "Conditions" has to do with whether the money situation is in such a bad condition as to warrant the issuance of certificates. (Solon Centurion)

Conditions for loss of conception - Certificates are used to guarantee the attainment of certain amounts of money that might have been lost if the certificate had not been issued. Conditions for loss of conception is a clever way to extract money when all other methods fail. It opens the treasure vaults of taxpayer dollars.

Conditions for special dispensation of conceptions - Certificates are used to guarantee the attainment of money when all other methods fail and all seems hopeless. The extractors award themselves certificates and begin to request vouchers for gaining access to money that would not have been available had they not awarded themselves the certificates. This fools the government officials, who are trying to decide how to allot taxpayer money based on who needs it most, the citizens or the extractors. Usually, the certificates work. When the officials see the certificates, they are impressed and give the money to the extractors. (Sir John Warren)

Conditions for subscription and prescription - The extractors give themselves subscriptions, which are certain forms and vouchers designed to get them access to more money. Prescription refers to the reason why they need the money. Subscription and prescription are just friendly ways of saying the fizzassists are dead serious about getting the money they want, and there is nothing they won't do to get it, including writing themselves subscriptions (free vouchers) to acquire their prescriptions (more money).

Conditions for trials and testing - Trials and testing are used to gain access to more money. The extractors begin trials and testing that they know they do not have the money to finish, and when they run out of the money for the project, they go to the government and ask for money to finish what they began that they knew they could not finish. This is a form of extortion for acquiring money from the citizens of the country, who have literally no idea all this is going on. (Lord Sananda)

Conditions of consortiums and conclusions - Consortiums are used to gain access to government conclusions about whether to award the money to the citizens or the fizzassists-extractors. Conditions means that they have determined a situation exists in which they might be refused their request for money. The time has come to band together and present themselves to the government as a group, and this puts the government in the tight situation of having to chose between giving everyone money or giving no one money. This is piracy on the high seas of government funding.

Congregating and conspiring - These are methods used by particle fizzassists to get money. They congregate and conspire to come to some determination about how to get the money they want. They are committing a crime when they do this because it is against the law regarding monopolies.

Congressional certitude and certificate of special services - Certificates are awarded to the fizzassists by the fizzassists to extract money from the government. The extractors award themselves certificates saying they are providing a special service to the country by the work that they do in the field of particle fizz666 and that they are deserving of a special money award because of it. More piracy.

Particle Physicists Usurp the Throne of GodCongressional Medal for Bravery - Fizzassists use the Congressional Medal for Bravery to get money. They award themselves this medal because they are going up against deadly particles on a daily basis.They are putting their lives on the line for their country.

Congressional Medal of Honor - This can and is being awarded to particle fizzassists-extractors for the dangerous work they are doing in the field of particle fizz666. Claiming to be placing their lives on the line by the jobs they do, they want the government to give them this valued award, usually given to soldiers who really are placing their lives in danger. (Sir John Warren)

Conscripted use and dispensary for distribution of medals for valor under certain personal stress and depression special services award - This is another award the fizzassists-extractors award themselves to extract money from the government. This award claims they are bravely going into the particle accelerators and spinning the particles around and around before the particles can attack them.

Conscripted use of government property while in service to country and its allies and sovereignties - This is the crime the fizzassists-extractors are guilty of. Government property is used to create situations that require the government to give them money. They use government funding to do with it what they will and at the same time they use government property to extort more money from the government. This kind of activity is treasonous, and the fizzassists-extractors could be charged with treason.

Conscripted use of personal property of the country while in service to the government and its allies and sovereignties - Government property is deliberately misused by the extractors to get more money from the government. The government grants the use of property to the extractors for their research. The extractors request the government to give them money so they can do their research. As this is happening, the government is deciding whether or not to give money, and the extractors are devising ways to ensure they get the money. Conspiring against the government while housed in government facilities is treason. (Solon Centurion)

Conscripted use of special services award given to fizzassists in the field of battle against subatomic particles - This is not a joke. This is an award given to the fizzassists for brave acts such as going to work, riding in their cars, going to lunch, taking coffee breaks and going home at night. This award is given to fizzassists for having the guts to get up each day and go rob the government of taxpayer money. This award is given to the extractors for placing themselves in danger, by the very nature of their work, and for continuing to do their work even though their lives are in jeopardy.

Conscripted use of special services while in service to the country and to its allies and sovereignties - Special vouchers are used to extract money from the government while the extractors are employed by the government in the area of defense. This is treason.

Taxpayer SuckersConscription and use of government property to repress information regarding particle fizz666 and certain operations that are illegal - Government property is being used but the users refuse to give out information about their activities. This is a crime against the taxpayers that are being fleeced by the fizzassists-extractors.

Consequences of conscripted use of government property while in service to the country and its allies and sovereignties - Government property is being used at the same time that the users are fleecing the taxpayers. This undermines the integrity of the government and of the citizens who believe in the government. It is dangerous to the security of the country. (Lord Sananda)

Consistencies and conclusions - Vouchers are used to gain money that cannot be gotten by normal means of extraction through certitude and server applications. "Conclusions" refers to the stance of the government regarding the proper means of acquiring the money. In this instance, "consistencies" refers to ways of getting money, and "conclusions" refers to ways of getting around refusals of money.

Consistency and conscription - Taxpayer money is used to get more taxpayer money, and this is what is going on in particle fizz666. We are being fleeced out of great amounts of money by our fizzassists, who are without remorse or compassion. These are Draconian tendencies within the population, expressing as particle fizz666. Does it give them a thrill to do it?

Consortiums - Fizzassists-extractors form groups to fleece money from American taxpayers. They band together in consortiums of fellowship to get money from the government. They force the government to give them money, whether or not the government wants to.

Consortiums and conclusions - Particle fizzassists group together to get money from the government after the government has concluded the fizzassists do not need the money. The fizzassists-extractors form a conspiracy against the government and should be accused of conspiring.

Conspiracy and collusion - Particle fizzassists commit a crime by banding together and colluding to extract money from the federal government so they can continue the torture of subatomic particles. This is the Draconian Empire at work waging war against God/dess and using taxpayer money. The taxpayers are people who would not allow it if they knew it was happening, but the success of the operation depends on information being suppressed. We are working to bring that information into the light so that the citizens can see what is happening.

Conspiracy charges leveled against fizzassists while in service to the government of the country - Will this happen? Maybe.

Conscripted use - It is illegal to use government property while in service to the country and to its allies and sovereignties and while waging war against God/dess's tiniest space commanders, subatomic particles. It is illegal to use this property for a reign of terror against particles. It is illegal to use this property to create a special hell to torture particles. We hereby accuse ourselves and say that we did willingly and with malice aforethought create a hell on earth to torture and abuse, beyond all compassion and sympathy, little particles.

We agree to be of one mind and make such movement against particle fizz666 that the fizzassists involved will leave their professions for some other way of earning a living, and the colleges and universities on this planet will no longer offer degrees in particle fizz666. We agree to continue with our movement until particle fizz666 is a thing of the past, an old relic of the 20th century. We agree unequivocally to begin our insistence that particle fizz666 be ended on this planet, and we do hereby swear and avow to make such a movement that the fizzassists will have to leave their professions or continue to live in infamy. Sworn and signed:

Consortiums and treaties made by the governments are not to be upheld, and no longer will the government continue to issue such papers as will cause the continuation of the practices of particle fizz666 against subatomic particles. This we have sworn to and so shall we uphold our pledge. Sworn and signed:

We also swear and believe that particle fizz666 will be the end of the planet. This testing cannot continue without creating enough negatively charged particles to cause an implosion and a reversal of the Universe's expansion outward. The big bang will reverse and take us with it, right back into the black hole from which we emerged unless we stop testing subatomic particles. We agree to stand firm in our resolve to stop this testing and to make it impossible for particle fizzassists to live on this planet in dignity. Sworn and signed:

Please sign your name in the above three places (or send a email to join JUICE, Juniors Unfunded Into College Entrance).

Thank you.
Lord Sananda
(Or Jesus, as you prefer)



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