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We then proceeded to weave what appeared to be a fairy tale. We pictured the human being as an atom, and traced the resemblance of man to an atom; we found that he attracted and held within his sphere of influence the matter of his various bodies, mental, emotional, and physical, in exactly the same way as the electrons were held revolving around their central focal point. The idea proved capable of still further expansion, and we turned our attention to the planet, picturing it as similar in its nature to the human atom, and to the ultimate atom of substance, being but the expression of a life manifesting through a spheroidal form and working out an intelligent purpose. Then we reached our consummation, and viewed the solar system as a cosmic atom, energized by the life of the Logos. (The Consciousness of the Atom, The Evolution of the Thinker, Alice Bailey, 1922)

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Dispersal - The method by which atoms are grouped according to their ability to disperse is dispersal. They are grouped according to properties, so that fizzassists can determine whether the atoms can produce a written signature and sign out before they are allowed to go home. Dispersal means the atoms are leaving imprints of themselves as they are returned to their prior positions before they were dispersed.

Distortion - This response to pressure has been previously defined, but it includes various other methods of pressure application and results. The atoms leave a record of distortion after being placed under pressure. They leave an imprint that tells the fizzassists they are feeling very distorted, but the fizzassists do not care at all. (Arjuna)

Degeneration of particles - The atom can shed levels of itself when the need arises by stripping down to the very basics and continuing on for a while. The atom cannot determine when to do this, because this behavior is instinctual and designed to protect the core of the atom--the nucleus--from abrasion. The response of the atom to abrasion is to shed layers of itself in order to survive and protect the nucleus.

Mutated ParticleDeterminative results of testing - Results are acquired by the fizzassists depriving the atoms of their God/dess-given directives. This is apathetic in the extreme because the results of testing show the atoms are undergoing excruciating strain and are getting no relief save mutation. (right, Mutated Particle)

Determinative tables - This describes the results of testing. This should not be taken lightly because the results of testing show one thing, and the response of the fizzassists to the results shows another. The results show pain and suffering and the response shows unconscionable callousness. (Sir John Warren)

Distortion of periodicities - The level of distortion involved in the testing procedures is distortion of periodicities. This indicates at what level the atoms are prepared to just give up and quit. This is the Draconian force at its height, operating without compassion and being blessedly oblivious to the application of pain and suffering.

Distortions and causes - Levels of distortion are involved in abatement testing, wherein the particles are stressed to the point of releasing all desire for life. They succumb during this testing and give out one last gasp as they mutate. The fizzassists callously record the data and continue on to the next particles that also are destroyed by the testing.

Deuterium and the relationship between corporate research grants and government funding opportunities - Particle fizz666 acquires big money by suggesting deuterium as a possible alternative to the energy sources of gas, coal and oil. They suggest the deuterium will be used to supersede these resources in some way. Thus, the grants and funding are guaranteed to continue.

The truth is, deuterium can not supersede these stated resources but perhaps can be used to control the way in which the governments and corporations decide when and how much to support this field of testing in terms of money, buildings and other resources. (I love you, Maitreya.)

Deuterium and selenium causes and effects - Deuterium is a molecule found in seawater and cannot be used to make cellular changes at the molecular level. It assists the other molecules in performing one of their functions, the braiding of seawater to the walls of the ocean's florescent light. This increases the light's usefulness to the sea water, as determined by the sea water itself, an entity who is filled with living beings and who provides these beings with sustenance and God/dess's grace. Seawater forms bonds and relationships between itself, the light and the beings inhabiting the water.

Deuterium and changes in relativity and causes of same - Deuterium is used for determining relative uses and special relationships regarding the different beings who inhabit sea water. The deuterium is making these decisions and causing certain phenomena to occur by its presence in the seawater. The deuterium is helping the water determine the relative weight of itself to its relative mass. The deuterium helps the water decide if the weight and mass ratios are balanced. If they are not balanced, deuterium supplies means of balance by forming special bonds with the water and seals these bonds by making the water saltier or less salty, whichever is appropriate.

The deuterium serves a valuable purpose in sea water, and this is why it is there and not because it can do other things for us like make special bonds with other molecules to produce energy for the people on the planet. The deuterium cannot be used this way simply because God/dess did not give it the necessary qualities for this kind of use.

Deuterium and reality shifts and causes of same - Deuterium is used to bring about reality shifts in the popular consensus regarding particle fizz666. Deuterium is used in a high-handed way, because it is just the kind of complicated thing that can be used to cause the public to think something big can happen in cold fusion. There is no way under the sun that deuterium can be used in cold fusion, and the fizzassists know this. They are only trying to find out what purpose deuterium serves by being in seawater, but they are saying that the deuterium is useful in bringing about an energy revolution on this planet. Most fizzassists know that the deuterium molecule cannot be used this way.

Deuterium and reality shifts in the causal relationship of matter to particles and causes of same - Deuterium is used to bring about reality shifts in the minds of the population so that more money will go into the pockets of the fizzassists. Deuterium cannot be used in any way that the fizzassists describe, so why do we even bother? Fizzassists also lead us to believe deuterium is in some way connected to Einstein's theory of relativity - that sacrosanct and useless nugget of information. We already know everything is relative to everything else. Who needs to fund an entire field of atom smashing just to validate this theory?

Deuterium and relativity theories - Einstein put forth theories about the validity of such concepts as relativity and mass procedures in hyperspace, while showing such indices as time, space and matter probabilities. All of this is now being accessed for corporate use, never to be made available to the duped public unless some corporate giant can figure out how to package it and sell it at K-Mart or to NASA. This suggests that the indices are not complete nor ever will be.

NewtonEinstein's view of the universe, stated by his theory of relativity, finds its best use in extracting money from the government. Built into it is a fail-safe method preventing anything of value ever to be derived from it. However, it is mighty powerful in terms of sucking up great amounts of money from the government and from corporations. Newton's view of the Universe is so much more balanced. Here are suggested Congressional Responses to fizzassists, regarding their request for money for deuterium research:

Congressional Responses

(1) Deuterium serves no purpose in applications as a fossil fuel replacement or as a way of supplying energy to a country and its citizens.

(2) Deuterium serves no purpose in making life easier for the people.

(3) Deuterium serves no purpose in replacing oil, gas and coal reserves as energy for consumption by the people.

(4) Deuterium serves a purpose in extracting money from the government and corporations to fund middle-aged college students calling themselves fizzassists.

(5) Deuterium serves a purpose in helping fizzassists fend off and defeat a Congress who would say that the molecular structure of subatomic particles is not such that can be applied in cold fusion.

(6) Deuterium serves a purpose in obtaining money from private sectors to fund middle-aged college students calling themselves fizzassists. Deuterium is useful for getting retirement pensions and societal status and for other things having to do with ego, fear and quality of life rather than with improving anyone else's life. As fizzassists, we could do better by discovering ways to make it easier for people to survive and enjoy life. We could enable more people to pursue their own interests and desires. People should not have to work to pay taxes to support the middle-aged college students calling themselves fizzassists, who are going to persist unless something is done to stop them. (I love you, Lacksmi.)

(7) Deuterium serves no purpose regarding how nuclear processes work in terms of cold fusion.

(8) Deuterium serves no purpose in making determinations regarding the value of the neutron in cold fusion technology.

(9) Deuterium serves no purpose as an alternative source of energy.

(10)Deuterium serves no purpose in supplying a country the means of arming itself against nuclear aggression.

(11) Deuterium serves no purpose in supplying a country with nuclear power.

(12) Deuterium serves no purpose in a planet's attempt to survive overpopulation and to make it easier to supply the people with energy that will not deplete the planet's resources or destroy the planet.

(13) Deuterium serves a purpose in the relative importance of molecular structures regarding marketing and management of subatomic particle accelerators and sources of funding.

(14) Deuterium serves a purpose in teaching people that no matter who they are or where they live, they can still become powerful beings in control of government funding if they will only graduate from college with a degree in particle fizz666. If, on the other hand, they will take the time to check into how taxpayer money is being spent, they also may control government funding. In the case of particle fizz666, it is not true that the field is so esoteric and erudite that the rest of us cannot understand what is happening in that field. It is very simple, really. As fizzassists, we are using our education and field of endeavor to take from the taxpayers - from ourselves - our money and resources. Why don't we just bang ourselves over the head with frying pans? Simple answer: it doesn't pay as well.

(15) Deuterium serves a purpose in teaching us that, not only can we stop the fizzassists from robbing us of our spiritual well-being, but we can get in control of what happens in particle fizz666 by organizing and making an effort to gain the ears and eyes of government officials. The officials also are trying to find ways to stop what is going on, but cannot because they are being kept in the dark about everything the research reveals. They are being treated like mushrooms, kept in the dark and forced to produce (funding).

(16) Deuterium serves a purpose in leading us into the light of knowledge regarding what is going on in the field of particle fizz666. Whatever is going on, it is not desirable. It is no small thing, particle fizz666. It is an immensely powerful field of study that can overtake us. Particle fizz666 leads to ever more research into nuclear fizz666 and the ability to blow the planet away. If we can stop the abuses of particle fizz666, we can control what is happening in nuclear fizz666. The planet depends on what we do.

Particle fizz666 is filling our atmosphere with negatively charged particles and our oceans with electromagnetically charged particles bent on destruction, not creation. What we do in particle fizz666 today changes the world forever.

Dark matter - Fizzassists recently realized what was, for them, a mind-boggling revolution, that the majority of the universe is not made of the same type of matter as the Earth. Could it be because we are not the center of the Universe, as Copernicus suggested? Further, fizzassists postulate the existence of dark matter, a kind of matter we cannot see and that is not made of protons, neutrons and electrons, as we are. Well, this is heresy, surely. What is dark matter? No one knows, but what is known is that much money will be needed to find out. There is another way to find out. Get in touch with your Higher Self. Inexpensive but elegantly effective. (Maitreya)



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