We have, therefore, under consideration, four kinds of atoms:

(The Consciousness of the Atom, The Evolution of Consciousness, Alice Bailey, 1922)

Page 8 - SECTION F

Foci and structures - Life is about focusing and establishing eternal ways of existing. This is what is meant by "foci and structures." The atoms try to establish a format to begin their multiplication into molecules but the fizzassists prevent them from doing so. This leads to a lot of atoms losing their minds, so to speak, and a lot of fizzassists losing their souls, so to speak. (Solon Centurion)

Famous formulas used to make determinations regarding foreign substances - Formulas such as E=MC2 are used to make determinations about relationships of mass to energy to light. This is interesting but foolish. The only relationship of mass to energy to light is that of Oneness. They are the same substance but in different form. The famous formula for making determinations regarding the relationship of mass to energy to light is Einstein's theory of relativity, which is what we are paying trillions of dollars to have investigated. I prefer "Education=MassConsciousness2. (I love you, Sir John Warren, St. Germain.)

Foreign substances - Used to make determinations about the properties of subatomic particles, foreign substances can be defined as anything foreign to the environment of the particle itself, whether it is boron solutions or particle accelerators or formulas for particle synthesis. These individual additives to particles are considered to be foreign substances by the particles, which have a negative reaction to them. When the particles are finished with their negative reaction, a new kind of particle has been created, one in which the coded information contained in the foreign substance is now part of the particles. Think about what this means in terms of Frankensteinian creations.

Future policies and plans - Policies and plans are used to make determinations regarding what will happen in particle fizz666 and thus the world of subatomic particles. In future policies and plans, the fizzassists get together and decide how much money they need in order to continue their operations. They make determinations about how to extract the money from the government. Next, they decide if they will need to go to great lengths to extract the money from the taxpayers. Finally, they decide to what lengths they are willing to go to get the money. They quickly conclude they will go to any lengths to get the money they need to continue their frivolous experiments for money.

Further recommendations - Future policies and plans are used to make further recommendations regarding what can be done about funding. Sometimes, "further recommendations" involves the invention of false statements and blatant lying to get the money. Other times, "further recommendations" requires the use of special vouchers and other invoices to get the money. Usually, however, further recommendations and plans involves the extended use of government property to conduct research that is valueless to anyone except the fizzassists, who need to be able to make a living one way or another.

Forensic science - Forensic science is used to make determinations about why particles mutate, as if it isn't obvious why they mutate. They were smashed. So what has forensic science to do with this? Forensic science deals with the death of living things when death was neither natural nor predictable, except in the case of subatomic particles, which were destined for death by us when we invented particle fizz666. Can we un-invent it? (Sir John Warren, St. Germain)



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