Subatomic Particle PrisonerIf we are right in our fundamental concept, if there is a grain of reality in our hypothesis, and if there is a substratum of truth in our idea of the atom from which the elements are compounded, it is to be recognized as a life working intelligently through the medium of a form. (The Consciousness of the Atom, The Evolution of the Thinker, Alice Bailey, 1922)

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Grand Unification Theory or GUT - Many fizzassists are allowing their GUTs to get in the way of their reasoning powers. Which is the right GUT and who has the best GUT? Not the vegetarians. They probably have smaller GUTs than the carnivores.

Fizzassists keep trying to get back to square one with their GUTs, but we are already there, they just do not know it. They think if they can recreate their favorite acorn, the Big Bang, then they can prove whose GUT is the best. Get out your checkbooks, folks. This is going to be a big one! It could be even more expensive than it ever has been, for there are newer and bigger accelerators on the way to weigh the fizzassists' GUTs.

One of the goals of fizz666 is to draw seemingly unrelated theories together into a single, simple unified theory. According to the propaganda, the advantage of a unified theory over many fragmented theories is that a unified theory often offers "a more elegant explanation of data and may point toward future areas of study." Unfortunately, none of the fizzassists can agree on the others' theories, so all must go wanting. And boy, do they ever want. They want cars, they want houses, they want servants and they want vacation homes.

Grants and funding for particle fizzassists to spend their time sitting around and chatting about whether or not God/dess exists - Talking about God/dess is a wonderful way to spend time. Why pay others to do it, especially when they are likely to come up with the crazy notion that the wonderful world in which we live is the result of a cosmic abortion? God/dess gives birth to us in sublime moments, and with Her we create our own reality. (I love you, Metatron, Mary Mother, Sanat Kumara.)

Grants and funding - This is a law of the Universe. Whatever we receive from the Universe as a gift must not deplete the Universe in any way. The current benefits derived from the field of particle fizz666, those producing results in the field of healing, cannot be used because they were squeezed out of an unwilling Universe. The gifts were not freely given and their effects will not be permanent.

Particle and AntiparticleWhen healing with energy, the getting of the gift must agree with the Universe's concept of gift giving, otherwise karma or law of reciprocal results. If the Universe was squeezed out of its gift, then the healing will be used to squeeze the patient out of money. This is what we are seeing in medicine now, and this is the direct result of buying into a system that believes healing must come at any cost.

Money comes from major sources to line the pockets of particle fizzassists instead of funding projects of material significance. Grants and funding exist to make it possible for particle fizzassists to live like kings while others live like serfs, working and paying taxes to support the fizzassists in their doubtful careers as god-kings, building new universes and claiming to "create something out of nothing." (USA Today) Oh, now, that I gotta see! We are playing God in a cavalier way like cowboys, gun slingin' and hip shootin' holes in the Universe's fabric of space-time.

Grant and research money makes it possible for the children of particle fizzassists to go to Harvard and Yale and become particle fizzassists. The children of taxpayers go to community colleges and become more tax-paying people to support the children of particle fizzassists. They went to better schools because their parents had the money to send them, due to their habit of defrauding taxpayers and due to the taxpayers forgetting to do anything about it.

Grants and funding give particle fizzassists vacations to Europe and to other places of interest because the taxpayers of this country pay out trillions, ok billions, of dollars to them to do nothing at all except transmogrify atoms. Then, fizzassists like to sit around chit chatting about it, as though they have nothing to with destruction.

The money makes it possible for particle fizzassists to go to special restaurants and to spend great amounts on food and to spend great amounts on clothes to wear to go to those special restaurants. All this paid for by taxpayers and people who cannot afford to eat out and buy expensive clothes. Instead, they must work every day just to live. They must take part of their money and put it to taxes that go to pay the salaries of particle fizzassists, who do no work at all but who claim to be great thinkers. We do not have to pay our fizzassists trillions of dollars, ok billions, just to think, but that is what we are doing.

The money makes it possible for particle fizzassists to sit around and make notes about how the atoms are mutating and about why the atoms are mutating, as if they themselves are not responsible for the mutation of them. This is what we give them money to do, mutate atoms and brag about it. "We have created something from nothing," they brag.

The money extends the livelihoods of the fizzassists into the 21st century and beyond so they can continue in their grand style of living, using the show of money to reinforce the misplaced opinions of them that they are brilliant. In our society, a pile of money proves brilliance. This is the Cosmic Joker laughing at us!

Government and corporation money enables negatively charged particles to be released into the atmosphere, so they can eventually overwhelm the positively charged particles and bring a flood of destruction in the form of water, fire, atomic bombs, Holycosts and all manner of biblical prognostications. Fortunately for most of the fizzassists, who are proud atheists, they need not worry about all this biblical destruction stuff.

The money allows fizzassists to set up shop in government buildings, and they use the property to wage war on God/dess via the systematic mutation of Her space commanders. Subatomic particles are defending themselves but it is not a pretty thing to see. We need to help them so that they do not need to defend themselves.

Subatomic Particle People
Particle World

The money destroys the environment in ways that cannot be repaired by us, and it causes the possibility that God/dess might think S/He has created a monster - us! Should S/He destroy His creation and start over? Noah and the Ark can happen. Are we building our ark, yet? Better get started, we'll need one. How do we build an ark? We build our aura or lightbody into a divine vehicle called a merkaba. When we die, we ride our vehicle out of here to dimensions of peace, love and understanding. Do you want to build your merkaba? Then stop supporting particle fizz666 and get busy learning how to activate your chakras, increase your flow of chi energy and expand your aura. (Metatron, Mary Mother, Sanat Kumara)

If there is one thing apparent to all of us who are in any way interested in the faculty of awareness, and who are in the habit of noting that which passes around us, it is that of the different grades of mentality which we meet everywhere, and the different types of consciousness among men. We meet people who are alert, alive, aware of all that is going on, keenly conscious, responsive to thought currents of various kinds in human affairs, and conscious of contacts of every kind; then we meet people who seem to be asleep; there is apparently so little that interests them; they seem utterly unaware of contact; they are yet in a stage of inertia, and are not capable of responding to much outer stimuli; they are not mentally alive. One notices it, also, in children; some respond so quickly, while others we call stupid. It is not really that one is more or less essentially stupid than another; it is simply due to the inner stage of evolution of the child, to its more frequent incarnations, and the longer period that it has been occupied in becoming aware. (The Consciousness of the Atom, The Evolution of Consciousness, Alice Bailey)



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