Subatomic Particle PrisonerFor the atom of substance the goal had been the attainment of self-consciousness. For the human being the goal is a greater Consciousness, and a wider range of awareness. (The Consciousness of the Atom, The Evolution of Consciousness, Alice Bailey, 1922)

Page 10 - SECTION H

Particle MomsHousing - Some of the atoms are seeking shelter from tyrannical fizzassists but are not finding shelter. So, they attempt to erect housing to protect themselves from the mad fizzassists who are perpetrating this reign of terror upon both the particles and themselves. The fizzassists destroy the housing to see if the particles will build more shelter. From whence cometh this kind of behavior? (Sir John Warren)

Housing and causation of same - The atoms attempt to set up protective housing, which is designed to prevent further interference in God/dess's directive to produce molecules. The housing system fails because the fizzassists destroy whatever the atoms try to do in an effort to protect themselves.

Housing and couplets - The atoms try to establish housing and set up coupling. They try to release all agents that are intrusive upon their ability to set up housing. They decide which of them should mate with which of them, and which of them should be forced out of the structure in order to save the life of the whole organism. This is what will happen to us if we continue with this testing. We will be forced out of the structure to save the whole organism called God/dess so that the Universe can survive with optimum results.

Huge deficits and particle fizz666 funding - Why is it necessary to point out that the federal government has huge deficits and particle fizzassists have huge funding needs? Unless we make this point we may not understand the relationship between the two. Particle fizz666 is a field requiring great sums of money to continue, because the fizzassists themselves require huge salaries in the millions, and their equipment costs trillions. So, when we talk about funding particle fizz666 we are talking about trillions of dollars. (I love you, Isis-Osiris, Sirian Council, Lucifer.)

Huge deficits and particle fizz666 - As particle fizzassists, we invent terminology to increase funding and rob ourselves of the good use of our hard-earned money. We do this by building 54-mile-long particle accelerators for smashing atoms to smithereens. As a species, we sometimes are crazy and particle fizz666 proves it.

Huge deficits and government property usage by particle fizzassists - Many research facilities in particle fizz666 have the free usage of government property. As greedy fizzassists we are setting up our extortion operations in government buildings in order to gain entree to government money. If we can operate out of government facilities, then we can require the government to pay the bills for the operation. See how easy this is?

Now, let's prevent us from using government property for our research. A domino effect will begin, and the end result will be the fizzassists can no longer kidnap the government and hold it ransom for money to run the research centers. can perhaps be proven that man is equally a life or center of energy, manifesting through his bodies; then it can perhaps be demonstrated that a planet is also the medium of expression of a still greater center of energy, and further, under the law of analogy, it may perhaps be proven at some distant time that there is a God or central life back of material nature, and an Entity Who functions consciously through the solar system. (The Consciousness of the Atom, The Evolution of the Thinker, Alice Bailey)

Hades - Once upon a time, a fizzassist fell into what she thought was a hot cave. Although in life she was always unenlightened, she carried no flashlight, which would have come in handy just now. As she was falling, she remembered with nostalgia the wonderful lecture she had just given at the annual atom smashing convention. She had used a brilliant analogy to describe why it was absolutely necessary to use particle accelerators to smash atoms in order to learn more about the Universe. As she fell, she had a beautiful, split-second memory of that wonderful moment in which she had finally made the point that she was hoping to make.

In her analogy she had used the concept of the different sizes of basketballs, tennis balls and marbles. The idea was to show how particle fizzassists use the smallest possible probe, subatomic particles, to get the most information. This was appropriate and quite touching because it was cleverly conceived to correspond with the big ball contest being held at the atom smashing convention, where many of the fizzassists were competing. Some brought glow-in-the-dark basketballs, others brought glow-in-the-dark tennis balls, and still others brought glow-in-the-dark marbles. The glowing balls lovingly simulated the nuclear power of radioactivity to light up the world. She decided to use the balls in an analogy, having noted that some of the fizzassists' balls were bigger than others. Her analogy also was intended to show why particle accelerators were necessary to smash life structures in order to understand them. She was of course delighted with her own superior sense of analogy.

"A man fell into a dark cave," she began her lecture, "and was immediately frightened by a loud snorting sound that seemed to be a hungry bear. With no flashlight handy, the man had to rely upon the glow-in-the-dark basketballs he happened to have with him." Some of the audience chuckled, and one man called out, "It wasn't a dark cave, it was Hades!"

"NO!" she replied loudly. "Heaven and Hell are just projections of our concepts of a reward-punishment system. It's how we keep ourselves out of trouble. The places do not actually exist. And angel is just a misspelling of angle. Angles are real but angels are not. Now, back to my analogy," she said, regaining control of the audience.

"The man in the dark cave heard a loud snorting sound but could not make out what it was. Being a fizzsassist, he naturally threw the bucket of basketballs in the direction of the snorting sound. As the balls hit, the fizzsassist glimpsed the fat and fuzzy outline of a large and menacing creature."

"A nuclear power activist!" someone called out from the audience and all laughed heartily at this good joke. The woman smiled in condescending acknowledgment of this funny comment and continued her analogy. "The basketballs were too big. Smaller balls were appropriate for this. The creature snorted again and the fizzassist threw the bucket of glow-in-the-dark tennis balls at the scary demon. As they hit, the fizzassist glimpsed a better outline of the large and menacing creature, but still could not tell what it was."

"A government facility inspector," called out an audience member, and all laughed hysterically. The woman, a bit peeved now at having her delightful analogy interrupted twice, continued her story. "Again, the balls needed to be smaller for this work. The terrible beast snorted and the fizzassist had only glow-in-the-dark marbles left. He threw the bucket of marbles at the beast, and because the marbles were small he could see the beast was a terrifying and blood-thirsty..."

"…Citizen for particle fizz666 accountability!" a man called from the audience. No one laughed. "No!" yelled the woman, who was now really ticked off at having been interrupted again. "It was not a citizen or an inspector or an activist! It was a big, blood-thirsty bear!" The audience was silent and no one got the analogy. "Don't you get it?" she asked, in exasperation. "We have to use the smallest possible probe to get the most information about the mysterious force behind the Big Bang of the Universe. We have to accelerate the tiniest things, marbles, I mean subatomic particles, and smash them into a target in order to get a delineated outline of the unified forces operative in the Big Bang! This is the only way we can prove our theories and get an understanding about the Big Bang explosion of the hostile Universe!"

"Oh," said someone in the audience. "I get it. We have to mutate life in order to see where it comes from and what it looks like! Brilliant, absolutely brilliant! And if what we saw was really our own mutated creation, then that's even better because it proves we can create it ourselves!"

"Yes, we are beginning to completely understand how to create life structures ourselves." said the woman in relief. "We can only learn about the biggest things in the world by mutating the tiniest things in the world. If we hurl larger objects at a target and at slower rates of speed, we will not get a clear, definitive picture of the brute mechanical force at work in the creation, I mean explosion, of the Universe. Only by spinning subatomic particles into a hurl and then smashing them into the invisible forces can we outline the brute force behind the Big Bang. We can learn what caused it and perhaps what awaits at the end of time."

"Yay!" called out the audience. "Profound!" said someone. "Brilliant!" said another. "Just typical of the imaginative mind of the particle fizzassist," said another. The woman bowed her head in humble acknowledgment of her own powers to sway an audience to understanding, and stepped down from the dais. After shaking some congratulatory hands, she got into her Mercedes and drove home, taking with her some samples of the balls from the convention as memorabilia of her incredible speech. But suddenly and out of nowhere, she was smashed by a pick-up truck at an intersection and killed instantly, without any pause for reflection but only the sudden, inalterable change in circumstance. It happened so suddenly, she didn't even know she was dead.

She thought she had fallen into a dark cave. Just as she landed, she heard a terrible snorting sound directly in front of her. She wondered, "Is it a bear, or is it some fellow fizzassists playing a fiendish joke on me?" Again, the thing snorted so she threw the glow-in-the-dark basketballs at the snorting sound, but could only see a vague, fuzzy outline that was terrifying and blood-thirsty. It did not like having basketballs thrown at it. But the basketballs were too big so she threw the glow-in-the-dark tennis balls at the creature, but again she could only see a vague outline of the being in front of her, more distinct and snorting louder. It did not like having tennis balls thrown at it. But the tennis balls were too big so she threw the glow-in-the-dark marbles at the creature and finally saw it, a terrifying and blood-thirsty....

"Oh, my gosh!" she said in astonishment. "It's not a blood-thirsty bear, it's Albert Einstein! He's not really dead! He's just confined in a hot cave!" With great relief, she heaved a thankful sigh and thought to speak with him at long last, her hero. "Wait a minute," she reflected. "Where am I?" Just then, she realized she had not fallen into a hot cave but had entered a holographic projection of Hades.

Gru's Head CollectionAt that exact moment, the terrifying creature revealed itself as the Gru, a multiheaded mutant of nuclear physics that thought itself Einstein. He stuck out all his tongues at her in unison and bit off her head to add to his collection. Her last thought was the karmic realization that she had used the smallest possible probe to get the most information about her fate. Just as she passed out of the hologram, she heard strangely comforting voices discussing her.

"Do you think she got the analogy?" the first angle murmured.

"Not sure," murmured the second angle. "Maybe rinse-and-repeat is in order?" (Isis-Osiris, Sirian Council, Lucifer)



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