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Subatomic Particle PrisonerHere we have the whole object of evolution, the attainment of the consciousness of the real self through the medium of the not-self. (The Consciousness of the Atom, The Evolution of Consciousness, Alice Bailey, 1922)

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Junior AchievementJunior Achievement Awards for pre-college teens - In the United States we have available an award system to send all children through college--the Junior Achievement Awards program. This system is underfunded and ignored because so much money goes into other programs and because the US government places little value on education. We can fund public education through gambling called lotteries, but this is like holding hands with the devil to get to the light. How is it ever going to end? Badly, of course.

This planetary responsoring program will shift money away from particle fizz666 and into the awards program and other programs designed to provide higher education for everyone. Trillions of dollars are available to go toward the education of children everywhere. This will create a population of educated people who make a difference in the world rather than just sponge off of it.

This program is for people who cannot send their children to college for whatever reason, including not being able to pay the tuition or afford the room and board. Why should children be denied admittance to college because they do not have the money? This is the same as denying a sick person medicine when she does not have the money. It is heartless and cruel but serves to show how the realities of medicine and education mirror each other in our society. The education program could be re-sponsored by shifting money from particle fizz666 into the Junior Achievement Awards program. (I love you, Lord Michael, Archangel Bellaron, Manes.)

The Junior Achievement Awards program and people with handicaps - This program can fund people with handicaps because they have a hard time funding themselves through college. This could happen if the billions of dollars going into particle fizz666 were shifted into the Junior Achievement Awards program. How many people do you know who would go to college if they could afford it? Think about this for a moment. Many people cannot send their children to college because of the costs, but this country could remedy this by shifting the money from particle fizz666 into the Junior Achievement Awards program. This would have the effect of motivating the children to prepare for college, because when we can plan for something, we can accomplish it. If children know they can depend on financial assistance for education if they make the grades to be accepted into a college or university, they can plan on this, regardless of the financial condition of their parents.

Funding the Junior Achievement Awards would be the best thing this country could do and the best thing particle fizz666 could ever accomplish. It would educate the children and fund the colleges. In turn, the colleges would gladly give up their particle fizz666 departments, which they operate only for money. This way, there will be much more money available for colleges. They can abandon particle fizz666 and admit it is too costly and too dangerous. Particle fizz666 can end this planet, but a population filled with educated people can prevent that from happening. As it is, we have a huge population of negatively charged and uneducated people.

The Junior Achievement Awards program can ensure all children a college education if they are motivated and try hard. This would be a boon to the educational level of the citizens and would ensure that the tax base of the country grows. The government would benefit handsomely by shifting funding to produce this result. We believe that the most important thing for a country is an educated population.

The Junior Achievement Awards program is for people who want to go to college or university but who cannot because they have not the means to go. Some of them do not have the grades, either, but if they could go to remedial classes, then they might qualify for college or university. Some people need a second chance. Let's give it to them. What do you say? Don't you sometimes need a second chance? In this country, there is no second chance for poor marks, but there should be. We all deserve a second chance. If we shift the money from particle fizz666 research into the Junior Achievement Awards program, we can turn our world around. Think of all the people on the streets who would come in and try again. It could be just incredible!

When citizens cannot go to college because they have to work, something is wrong with the country. This is the same as placing a hurdle in front of a starving man and telling him that food is on the other side if he can find the energy to jump. It is cruel. If we could re-sponsor the Junior Achievement Awards program using particle fizz666 money, we could get us all educated. (Lord Michael, Archangel Bellaron, Manes)

Junior Achievement Awards Funding - This money will come from atom smashing. $500 million buys a lot of textbooks for students who cannot afford them.

"Meanwhile, money for physics (which is usually packaged with chemistry and mathematics) has, at best, been maintained at a constant level of purchasing power. The Department of Energy, the mainstay for physics, has about $670 million this year for the "basic energy sciences," a 2.8 percent increase, while money for atom smashing is virtually unchanged at $680 million. Dethroned by the end of the Cold War from their long role as the top scientific advisers to the White House, physicists suffered another blow with the political termination of the Super-conducting Super Collider in 1993 - after $3 billion had been spent on their dream project. To maintain an advanced position in the kind of research the ill-fated SSC was designed for, the United States is contributing more than $500 million to a powerful accelerator under construction at Europe's atom-smashing center, near Geneva."

Daniel S. Greenberg,
The Washington Post,
Dec 24, 1997

Daniel S. Greenberg is editor-at-large of "Science & Government Report," a Washington newsletter.



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