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Subatomic Particle Prisoner It has been said that all evolution proceeds from the homogeneous, through heterogeneity, back again to homogeneity, and it has been pointed out that:

Evolution is a continually accelerating march of all the particles of the universe which leads them simultaneously, by a path sown with destruction, but uninterrupted and unpausing, from the material atom to that universal consciousness in which omnipotence and omniscience are realized: in a word, to the full realization of the Absolute of God. (The Consciousness of the Atom, The Evolution of Form, Alice Bailey, 1922)

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Karma and particle fizz666 - Karma and particle fizz666 may possibly be one and the same. Karma or law of reciprocal is a software program provided to us by life. A utility software, law of reciprocal prevents us from deluding ourselves about reality. It mirrors all our actions and it educates us, so that we learn from our mistakes and profit from our deeds. If we set out to destroy, then we will experience the destruction. If we set out to create, then we will experience the creation. Very harsh and very helpful! In this way karma keeps us all in line. Karma can be like a harsh Yahweh, the god of retribution in the Bible. Like Yahweh, karma may know math and how to count particles. If they come up short, we're in trouble with the Burning Bush! If we set out to destroy subatomic particles by the quadrillions, then we will be disintegrated. I think most fizzassists are expecting this anyway, being atheists. They probably feel they have little to lose by their activities. (I love you, Allah, Miriam Magdelena Mary, Martin Luther King.)

Karma, particle fizz666 and meaning in life - A direct relationship exists between karma and particle fizz666. In a field so potentially destructive as particle fizz666, can we afford to ignore the concept of karma? We have to dumb ourselves down to play this game. If we believe that nothing we do is meaningful, that everything we do is wasted and that consequences do not exist, we need to go back to kindergarten and start over. But of course, that's impossible. Or is it? Do we start over and start over and start over and start over and start over and start over until we get it right? I am a little bit tired of that dance of death, so I am getting it right, right now.

Karma and the results of tampering with God/dess's Universe - Law of reciprocal states an opposite and reciprocal action to an initial action, as a law of physics. This means that whatever we do in life, we will experience in life. If we tamper with the Universe to make a living and to get famous, we will get into a situation out of which we cannot get. Is this where we want to be, trapped in a reality we created to satisfy our ego and greed? Life is worth more than this, surely.

Karma and the Karmarians - Some beings known as Karmarians carry out the Universe's law of reciprocal or karma. The Karmarians live in a system with no sun and no moon, where it is dark all the time. These beings from "the dark side" appear whenever the law is put in force. They supply the negative energy to make it happen, they give it the push it needs to get going. Though they are dark, they are divine in their service to God/dess.

Ring-Pass-NotIf set into effect, karma cannot be halted until another action reverses the direction. To help this along, law of reciprocal comes with additional software called Ring-Pass-Not, the force at work in the Universe to limit its spread. The limiting factor is essential. It makes life in an infinite Universe seem finite and it also keeps us from killing innocent planets when we screw up and kill ours. Karma and law of reciprocal establish a finite domain for living wherein life can form and flourish. Law of reciprocal is proved by physics, but this does not mean that the Universe is within the realm of physics; it means physics is one way to interpret the Universe.

With law of reciprocal, the results of all actions are guaranteed, and the forward projection of reality becomes possible. We can plan, we can think, we can grow. This is what will be accomplished when the Junior Achievement Awards program is enacted. People can plan and think and grow as a result of knowing they are due an education by the society and government they fund.

Karma and diminishment of the Universe - The law of reciprocal guarantees that an action taken with intent to diminish the size of the Universe is guaranteed to produce the intended result, but with a twist or mirror effect. The Universe will be diminished, not by getting smaller, but by diminishing the destroyers, i.e. the particle fizzassists. If we are on the same boat as they are when the effect happens, we will be diminished along with them.

What does God/dess think about these activities and about being diminished by a tiny group of people-particles on a little bitty planet? God/dess does not think about it. Law of reciprocal software comes with a "flood" button, an "earthquake" button, "tsunami" "asteroid," "plague," "virus," and "sayonara" buttons.

Men are as yet far too selfish to be trusted with the distribution of atomic energy. (The Consciousness of the Atom, The Evolution of Consciousness, Alice Bailey)

Karma and the use of particle accelerators to make determinations about abstract math formulas and particle mechanics theories - The two fields of mathematics and particle fizz666 are distinct and unrelated. Math is abstract concepts and particle fizz666 is physical science. Abstract math and physical science have nothing at all to do with one another. They are not even in the same ballpark. They are in the same town, but one is on one side of town and the other is on the other side of town. As sciences, they mix about as well as oil and water. Quantum theory is abstract math, and particle fizz666 is neither math nor theory. It is observation of the Universe to get money. This is Draconian, and the Karmarians are preparing law of reciprocal regarding our actions in particle fizz666.

Karma and subatomic particles - This is the law of reciprocal when it applies to the results of atom smashing. We attack the particles to find out what they are and how they operate. We smash, fuse and split them, and the particles respond by being mutated by us. Just before they mutate they let out a little stream of light that we can see if we have the right equipment, which costs billions of taxpayer dollars. We can then see the results of our actions when we knock loose the photons from the particles by smashing them together in particle accelerators.

The expensive equipment tells us that the photon community was destroyed, the nucleus erased, the photons knocked loose, and that we successfully smashed them. When they were smashed, they flew apart in random directions. Law of random dispersement states, when photons are knocked loose from the atom, they will disperse in random directions that cannot be predicted until observed. This field of study is called bean counting, not particle fizz666 or any such high-sounding name for a science that is just counting and recording photon trails. This is particle fizz666 today. Do we want to continue to spend on it billions of dollars or do we want to send our children to college?

Karma and the possibility that God/dess and the Universe are One and the same being - Law of reciprocal is used at the superphysical level, the level of God/dess-as-Universe. If God/dess is the Uni-verse, then particle fizz666 is attacking God/dess. If God/dess is not the Universe, then it is attacking the Universe. If the Universe is not a living thing, then everything in the Universe is dead. Well, something is alive and so it must be God/dess. Therefore, to attack a dead Universe is to attack God/dess. So you see, there is no way to participate in particle fizz666 without attacking God/dess.

Karma and the meaning of existence - If particle fizz666 is a valid science, then the fizzassists are valid scientists. If it is not a valid science, then the fizzassists are not valid scientists. The field of particle fizz666 is not a valid science because it brings together two opposite fields of investigation, and neither of the fields can conform itself to the other to investigate something. Therefore, no reason exists for particle fizz666 to be a huge field of scientific investigation at this time.

What if there exists in the Universe a group of beings called Draconians, and what if they are recruiting for their vice organization of usury, consumption and greed? What if Draconians came into this dimension of the Universe to see if anyone here would work for them? What if they are looking for beings to be their employees, and their requirements are: (1) employees must be willing to wage war on God/dess, (2) employees must be able to acquire financial and moral backing from their planet, and (3) employees must be willing to destroy life. And, if all goes well, people on the planet will admire and even worship the employees for their work. Could be just great!

The Draconians have good luck recruiting from the field of particle fizz666 because we really fit the employee profile for good workers who are easily bought. All we have to hear is the suggestion that we ourselves are God/dess and that we can turn the Universe into a uniServe. We line up to apply for the job.

Karma and the forces of darkness - One thing that particle fizzassists do is make it possible to display the law of reciprocal as it proves the existence of God/dess. It goes like this. If the Universe is God/dess, then beings that attack the Universe are anti-God/dess. If anti-God/dess beings attack the Universe, then the Universe is God/dess. When the Universe is God/dess, and when it is not God/dess, beings that attack the Universe are anti-Universe.

If the Universe is not God/dess, then beings that attack the Universe are not trying to attack God/dess. If the beings who attack are God/dess, then their attack on the Universe is the same as God/dess attacking God/dess. If God/dess attacks God/dess, the Universe will cease to exist because God/dess is the Universe if beings who attack God/dess are not God/dess. See how it works? It means that the only way to keep from attacking God/dess is to stay out of the field of particle fizz666.

Karma and the Draconians, their puppets - When the Universe is God/dess, the beings who attack God/dess (or Goodness) are anti-God/dess and anti-Universe. Therefore, if beings attack God/dess, then the Universe will cease to exist because God/dess will not be attacked by beings whom S/he has co-created and who must obey the laws of the co-Creation. Therefore, to attack God/dess is to cause oneself to cease to exist. If we wish to continue in the Universe, which either is or is not God/dess, then we must model our behavior according to the laws of God/dess and/or the laws of the Universe.

In many ways, our ability to find out more about the laws of the Universe is supplanted by particle fizz666. But by simply accepting equations of particle fizz666 as divine law, we pre-conclude some important data that we need in order to access our true position in the Universe. And even more trying for us are the particle fizz666' laws stating that it is correct to smash and destroy particles, who are God/dess's tiniest space commanders. These laws are of felonious intent. Sir Isaac Newton said so himself in his law of reciprocal paper titled "Physics and the Law of Reciprocal."

Karma and joining together for Peace, Love and Understanding - Let us build no more particle accelerators like the new supercollider. At 54-miles-long and costing billions of dollars so far, the supercollider looms large with its ability to destroy us financially and to smash atoms better than ever. Every single particle destroyed by a supercollider is a member of a family called a particle wave. Do the other particles miss the particle that was destroyed? No, of course not, the fizzassists say. Most fizzassists are admitted atheists who believe the particles are not sentient beings. They think of them as dead.

This is the part abstract math plays in this funded field of strange endeavor. Because analysis assumes a corpse, fizzassists can never get around themselves to see that they are killing something. And we citizens are supposed to pay for it. To help in healing the particle fizzassists of their of desire for the supercollider, e-mail Claire Grace Watson and offer to help with the project. We can overlight the field of particle fizz666 together. As a group we can shift the path of the new millennium. With our result guaranteed by our purpose and action, we will shift reality on this planet for ourselves and for generations to come. We will begin the millennium with the knowledge that our future is assured and that we can make plans to live a full, rewarding and happy life. And we want these plans for a happy life to include our children and their descendants. (Allah, Miriam Magdelena Mary, Martin Luther King)



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