We shall then be led to the consideration of the evolution of intelligence, or of the factor of mind which is working out as ordered purpose in all that we see around us. This will reveal to us a world which is not blindly going on its way, but which has back of it some plan, some coordinated scheme, some organized concept which is working itself out by means of the material form. (The Consciousness of the Atom, The Field of Evolution, Alice Bailey, 1922)

Page 22 - SECTION T

Subatomic ParticlesTesting and ban of same - Here is the goal of this book, to start a movement to ban the testing of subatomic particles. When this is achieved, the Universe will respond to us in a kinder, gentler way. Until testing is stopped, the planet can continue to expect a negative response from the Universe and God/dess.

Tensor points - Fizzassists believe the particles can withstand the torture they receive, but they cannot. Tensor points references the structure of the frames applied to the particles when they are being tested for stress. The tensor points are places on the frames where the most pressure is exerted. Tensor points are like the vises used in the Inquisition to pinch off fingers and toes. This is perpetrated on subatomic particles. Tensor points give the particles the most excruciating stress. We are no better than Torquemada, who may be burning in a long-term hellfire. Unless we stop this particle abuse, we had better line our caskets with asbestos. We may need it.

Tensor points and places - Tensor points are principle places of intense stress, resulting in intense stress to the particles. Hopefully, this will not happen to us when we are getting our karma for our particle fizz666 activities, because the application of tensor points while acquiring combustibility in the depths of Hades could be very stressful. (Sir John Warren)

Trace particles and their causes - Whether human or trace particle, any being has an instinctive desire to survive. Sometimes, survival depends upon remaking our environment. Trace particles can alter their environment so that it accommodates survival. But, after being separated by particle accelerators from their parents, uncles, aunts, nephews and grandparents - collectively a community called atom (Adam) - the trace particles make chemical alterations to their environment. They adjust the particles around them to match their own constituency of matter and negative outlook. In this respect, fizzassists are creating little Frankensteins that go out into the Universe and create more little deranged monsters, little freakish particles that multiply.

When particle fizzassists and their accelerators cause trace particles to be released into the environment, the particles don't know what to do anymore because they have been separated from their home. They must devise new ways to live and work, just like people, because they have lost their support system and they are looking for opportunities in which to survive and express themselves, just like people. Trace particles know only one thing - they exist. They try to express it, just as we do. They make the necessary changes to the environment that serve to bring about a recognition response to their existence. They alter the environment to cause the response they are searching for, just as we do, and the response they are searching for is one that confirms their negative-outlook existence. And they get that response. Trace particles set up housekeeping in their new environments but without their normal means of support. They must attach themselves to other particles in an effort to establish symbiotic relationships like the ones they had. This does not work because the new particles do not resonate with the trace particles and resist. This gives the trace particles a very negative outlook on life, and they begin to frown a little. (I love you, Sierra, Sandalphon, Ratay Shaman.)



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