The method of the evolutionary development of consciousness in a human being is but a repetition on a higher turn of the spiral, of the two stages which we noted in the evolution of the atom, that of atomic energy and of group coherence. In the world at present can be seen the human family at the atomic stage of manifestation, leading on to a goal not yet achieved, the group stage. (The Consciousness of the Atom, The Evolution of Consciousness, Alice Bailey, 1922)

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Subatomic Particle PrisonerStructure - In terms of framework and process qualities, atoms are composed of certain structural tendencies and behave in certain ways. This is true of all life, is it not? Everything is bound by the clauses of the contract for existence. Included in this contract is the structure of being. Structure is innate in all physical things, and all physical things are alive. The determination of structure is not really important, is it? What difference does it make how Adam or atom is structured? Adam is structured like a human and atom is structured like particles.

Structure can matter only if the fizzassists have a plan to alter the structure of the atom in order to derive financial benefit for themselves. The structure of the atom is a God/dess-given thing, and is not meant to be altered for any reason, especially reasons having to do with making money. The structure of Adam is also a God/dess-given thing, and medical science uses the structure of Adam to make money.

Sad JesusSecondly, there is the point of view which we can best, perhaps, call supernaturalism. Man becomes conscious that perhaps, after all, things are not exactly what they seem to be, and that there remains much which is inexplicable; he awakens to the realization that he himself is not simply an accumulation of physical atoms, a material something, and a tangible body, but that latent within him is a consciousness, a power, and a psychic nature which link him to all other members of the human family, and to a power outside himself which he must perforce explain. (The Consciousness of the Atom, The Field of Evolution, Alice Bailey)

Subatomic particle substructure and series of substructures - Subatomic particles can create substructures. They are capable of reproducing themselves in acts of procreation. To transmogrify the particles as if they were useless dirt under our feet is to destroy living beings capable of reproducing. It an individual in God/dess's Universe, entitled to respect and dignity as an individual member of the great All That Is. We have not the right to destroy particles, just as we have not the right to destroy anything else we cannot create. (Lord Ganesha, Don Miguel, Shield Guides)

Sanctioning - Fizzassists refuse to assist the particles that are begging for mercy when their quality of life is reduced. Sanctioning refers to the use of tests to determine the quality of life of particles. The tests determine if the particles are living comfortably, if they are well fed, if they are happy and if they are making babies. This, of course, is not really the definition of sanctioning, but I wish it were. Sanctioning is the use of testing to determine the ability of the particles to stay alive under the constant abuse and harassment of determinative tests. Sanctioning is a nice way of saying, hell is here so get ready you stupid little particles. We are now going to make your life a misery.

Series and periodicities - Testing is done to determine if the particles are capable of adding and subtracting, multiplying and dividing and doing other mathematical functions. The particles are only trying to carry out God/dess's directive to make molecules, which is an addition and multiplication function, so we already know they can do this. What is the point is trying to find out if they can do this? It is because these tests are really about adding and multiply the fizzassists' bank accounts and the financial bottom lines of the corporations that are funding the fizz666 research. Whatever can the purpose be, if not the pursuit of money and power? (Solon Centurion)

Series and substations - Groups of fizzassists stand around and drink coffee at their substations while the innocent little particles are mutating in a prescribed series. "Series and substations" indicates the use of particle accelerators to make determinations about the number of particles that can inhabit a specific particle domain and still remain viable as living entities. This, of course, has nothing to do with the real purpose of the testing, which is to give the fizzassists a paycheck to take home on Friday. They want to go dancing and drinking and partying with their friends, and well they should but not at the expense of the lives of particles. "Series and substations" just means the particles are grouped according to class and are placed into specific areas according to that grouping.

Series and tables - Certain laboratory equipment is used to make determinations about the quality of life of the particles. What a joke. For one thing, not one single fizzassist in this field cares one hoot about the quality of life of the particles and, for another thing, not one single fizzassist involved in the testing has any idea of the extreme stress and discomfort they are causing the particles. So what if the galaxy itself performs this operation nonstop for all eternity. How do we know our version of it isn't completely negative or that some essential component isn't missing in our idiotic mimicry of what the universe does naturally? Who knows, there may be natural star system ganja involved that assists in the galactic transmogifications. If so, the little particles will certainly be denied this sacrament by the mean ol' government-funded fizzassists. (Sir John Warren)

Series determinants - This refers to the ability of the particles to add and subtract and multiply and divide under adverse circumstances, like in school when the teacher is beating you over the head with a stick. How well do you think you could add and subtract, multiply and divide under those circumstances? Well, neither can the particles perform under such terrible conditions.

Series dispersement - Certain parameters are used to determine the ability of the particles to make decisions in certain circumstances. The thing is, of course, why give them these circumstances? What is the purpose of making trial runs for situations that will never occur except inside the particle accelerators? This makes no sense at all and is a complete waste of time, energy, and money and life. The fizzassists are just trying to make a living, and I suppose that will be our response when God/dess asks us, "What in the world did you think you were doing?"

Series distribution - Fizzassists believe particles have the ability to make instinctual choices regarding quality of life and habitual behavior. This is one of the dumbest tests by fizzassists because the particles are only particles, and they do not make choices about quality of life and habitual patterns of behavior. What can the fizzassists be thinking of, to run tests such as these? Money?

Series qualities - Fizzassists believe particles have the ability to make choices about their individual capabilities in certain quantifiable circumstances. They think the particles can just get up and walk out of the laboratory if they don't like what is happening. They ask the particles to make determinations about their reaction when presented with clinical tests to determine how they react. Now, is this the strangest thing you ever heard?

Series responses and determinants - What is the meaning of a phrase like this? This phrase refers to something so obscure than even fizzassists have no idea what is meant by it. (Solon Centurion)

Subatomic ParticlesSingularities - Where in the world does this come from? "Singularities" refers to the ability of the particles to decide for themselves whether they wish to stay single or get married. "Singularities" refers to the concept that particles can make a decision about whether to couple and reproduce in adverse circumstances. (Sir John Warren)

Source codes and causation of same - A list of codes is used to quantify the causes of experiments and their results. One source code describes one kind of experiment and result and another source code another kind. Source code does not mean anything related to the word source. This word Source is a reference to God/dess and, therefore, certainly has no place in the arena of subatomic particle testing.

Source codes for distortions and determinants - A list of source codes is useful when trying to determine certain quantities and results of testing. For more information, see Source codes and causation of same.

Strengths and weaknesses - Certain calibrations are used with chemicals when performing particle testing. The particles are inundated with a variety of chemicals to make them appear visible and to force them to show themselves, an event requiring immensely expensive equipment. Fizzassists who apply the chemicals have no idea what damage will be done to the particles, nor do they even care about it.

Stress correspondences - Different types of stress relationships are involved in particle testing. One type of stress relationship could be the use of certain frames or structures to produce a certain amount of stress. Then, a determination would be made about the relationship of the stress produced and the ability of the particle to defer stress.

We all know how difficult it is to defer stress, and we are big and human. How can we ask such a thing of a particle? There is no reason in the world for this kind of treatment to be perpetrated upon an innocent particle. What in the world could cause us to want to do something like this? I just don't know unless it is money motivated.

Stress points - The particles can withstand applied stress. "Points" refers to the breaking points of the particles or their inability to withstand stress applied. Fizzassists like to apply stress to the particles until they mutate. When the stress reaches a certain level of application, when the particles begin to mutate, fizzassists sip coffee and continue to apply the stress.

Stress requirements - The particles can withstand stress up to a given point but then mutate. The implication in fizz666 is that the particles require a certain amount of stress to be applied so that they can mutate. Now, does this sound balanced, particles needing a certain amount of stress applied for purposes of mutating?

Stress qualities - Physicists believe particles can make determinations about the kind of stress applied, as if the particles can do anything about it once the determination is made. A subatomic particle cannot make a determination like this and the fizzassists know it, but they continue to apply the stress because they continue to need the money.

Stress relationships - Fizzassists believe particles can understand the relationship of itself to the stress applied. They think the particles can realize where it is and what is happening to it in the laboratory. Perhaps the fizzassists are concluding that the particles should try to escape from the laboratory, as well.

Little ParticlesStress repair - Fizzassists believe the particles can repair themselves after the stress has been applied. They think the particles will either repair themselves or mutate. This is lunacy on the part of the fizzassists because particles cannot make conclusions about the kind of repair they need. The particle is a particle is a particle. And it is God/dess's particle, and this is where we are getting in beyond our own ability to extricate ourselves. God/dess may be frowning upon us for the injuries we are doing to her loving particles.

Stress repentals - The particles can repent of their crime of being particles and receive some mercy or they can obstinately continue on as particles and take all the abuse the extractors can hand them. Stress repentals means particles can determine the amount of stress applied to them and decide among themselves whether to repent of their crime of being particles or to continue to be stressed. If they repent, they can escape the abuse, but if they do not repent then they must continue to withstand more of our abuses. The Inquisition is in operation once again! (Sir John Warren)

Stress reprints - Particles can withstand stress until they either repent of their sins or mutate. This is the Inquisition as applied to particles. If they will only confess of being particles, if they will only admit to their limitations and misconceptions about the nature of God/dess and the structure of the universe and if they will only prove the fizzassists right, then they can get some relief before they are put through the final tests and tortured out of peaceful existence. (Solon Centurion)

Stress resizes - This concludes the stress testing done on the particles, in which they were stressed beyond their ability to want to live and continue on as subatomic particles. When the resizes are issued, the particles are released from captivity for a few moments at the most, and they are marched into another testing arena where they are subjected to more of this insane testing by these insane fizzassists. (Sir John Warren)

Stress response - Fizzassists believe the particles can respond to certain modes of testing, as opposed to certain numbers of testing. If the test is strict enough the first time, then it won't need to be repeated, an expensive proposition. The particles are given a specific amount of time in which to respond to the testing, and when they give the incorrect response, they are punished by more of the same. It is their fault the expensive testing must continue, therefore they need to be punished. In the course of the testing, the particles are required to answer specific questions, such as what is your name, what is your commander's name, what is the name of your unit, what is your mission here on this planet, and what is your identification and reason for existence. When the particles do not give the right response, the inquisitors torture the information out of them. (Solon Centurion)

Stress results - Stress is used in acquiring information about particles. Nothing wrong with this, as long as the fizzassists are applying the stress to themselves, as well. Then, it becomes balanced. And the scales must be balanced.

If we would apply this stress to ourselves, we would be working within the arena of what is allowable when getting answers to our questions about God/dess's universe. However, we are applying stress to members of the universe who have no way of responding or of extricating themselves from the stressful situations. We are victimizing them, and we will pay in kind. (Sir John Warren)

Subatomic ParticleStress retreats - This refers to resorts and spas the fizzassists have set up for the particles to retreat to when they are just beat. The retreats offer a variety of healing modalities, including massage, yoga, nutritive therapy and healing energies. The particles can rest up for the next barrage of abuse and then retreat again to the resorts and spas. Stress retreats refers to the ability of the particles to escape the abuse being heaped upon them by us, the fizzassists.

Subatomic Particle
Subatomic Particle
Subatomic Particle
Subatomic Particle
Particle World Accelerating

Stress retrials - The particles can be continuously tested until they finally expire. The fizzassists are trying to determine how the particles can continue to withstand such terrible stress as is being applied to them. The answer? They are courageous and they have a strong instinct for survival. Why do we need to test for this?

Stress series - A series of stress testing is applied to the particles to see if they can withstand a series of stress testing. This is unholy in the extreme and is another Holycost.

Stress stereotypes - This refers to the kinds of stress testing being applied. The testing can be said to be stereotypical in that all the tests are mean-spirited and of Draconian intent.

Stress strengths - This is a bad joke because the particles do not have the strength to withstand the stress being applied to them. This is a phrase fizzassists are fabricating to help them feel as thought they are discovering something really important about subatomic particles. Instead, they are discovering that the particles haven't the strength to withstand their testing. We are paying for this by being similarly stressed ourselves, as part of our karma.

Stress structures - This refers to the structure of the stress being applied and the inability of the particles to withstand this structure of stress. All of the stress testing is the same, with a lot of important sounding terminology to convince the funding corporations that they important because they are involved in particle fizz666 testing. Oh wooooo! They are really big deal corporations! In reality, they are part of a brilliantly conceived and bipolar fraud to extract money from themselves.

Structure and causation of same - The structure of the stress applied is the torture of innocent particles. "Structure and causation of same" can be defined as the structure of the building in which the fizzassists are housed, which is caused by the money from funding by governments and corporations, donated to build torture chambers.

Structures and couplets - The particles are able to escape stress by forming relationships or couplets to defend themselves. They really are trying to get together in a group and say goodbye before they mutate. This is very thoughtful of the fizzassists to give them a little space for their farewells.

Structures and ranges - Fizzassists believe the particles can define the ranges of stress being applied to them. They think the particles group together to discuss what to do about the structure of the stress. The think the particles present their proposals to their board of directors, who enact measures to release them from their stress. Right.

The board of directors of the fizz666 labs are far more interested in the amount of money they can put together into their own pockets than about the torture of God/dess's little children. This board of directors will go the way of the particles and the fizzassists.

Synthesis - Fizzassists believe the particles can synthesize their operations into a uniform one so that the fizzassists can better understand why the particles behave as they do. Fizzassists force them to do this. But, what the particles are doing in those little groups is trying to make molecules and to escape from the fizzassists. They band together in order to make a group effort to survive. The fizzassists, of course, could care less about this. They are only interested in their paychecks and in the recognition they get for taking the credit for God/dess's creation, the Universe. They would like to usurp God/dess's position in the Universe but they forget one very important thing. God/dess will not be usurped.

Sources of radiation from outside the solar array - We are impacted by radiation from outside our environment. The ionosphere, a layer of our atmosphere, is a shield standing between us and the rest of the Universe. Contained within this atmosphere are all the combinations of life possible on our planet. These combinations exist individually as subatomic particles. We are composed entirely of particles, and so is everything else. The body is a compilation of subatomic particles, all working together to create a fully functioning body for Spirit to put on and use. Our body can withstand tremendous pressure all the time so that we can be physically mobile and operative within a physical environment. Therefore, to destroy subatomic particles is the same as to destroy ourselves because they are us and we are them. (I love you, Lord Ganesha, Don Miguel, Shield Guides.)

Sources of radiation from within our atmosphere and solar array - The Universe constantly bombards us with particles to destroy our physical bodies, and this is a great gift, but some of us do not appreciate it. When our physical bodies are destroyed, we can become another form of being and enjoy life from another perspective. This is important in the way things work in the Universe, because if nothing ever died as a result of particle bombardment and forces of gravity, then creativity could not continuously occur. Without natural destruction, creation stagnates. With continuous destruction we can have continuous creation.

Even though the Universe is a particle accelerator that endlessly bombards us with particles, we do not live in a hostile environment. Although the Universe is capable of overpowering us, She does not do so. Let us not fire back in confusion and misunderstanding at the Great Mystery that is taking such good care of us.

Sources of radiation and the possibility that something might happen from within our solar array - We may be creating our own nuclear Holycost through particle fizz666 because we are creating negatively charged particles. They roam our environment in search of each other so they can release their negative charge like a battery. When they release their negative charges, the atmosphere becomes negatively charged. We breathe negatively charged air and we become negatively charged. This is happening already. Do the people around you seem negative?

Sources of radiation and negatively charged people - We are becoming negatively charged already, and we are infecting each other with negative thoughts and opinions. Negativity is a virus and is propagated by negatively charged particles. Please note, when we are negatively charged, the planet is negatively charged, the Universe is negatively charged, and the fizzassists are negatively charged. How can particle fizzassists smash atoms and not become negatively charged like the particles? They have a Oneness relationship with the particles, therefore, the fizzassists are negatively charged. Do we want these people telling us how to think about reality?

Can negative fizzassists and atoms dissipate their negative charges into the atmosphere and not affect us? No, they cannot. We have a Oneness relationship with all life. We have a holistic relationship with the Universe. Nothing negative dissipates but is merged in the surrounding energy while the Universe bends over backwards so to speak to overlight the dark energy. (Lord Ganesha, Don Miguel, Shield Guides)



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