The Inner Dimension
The inner dimension is calling your name


BuddhaMany are called by the inner call but few are chosen. Not everyone called acknowledges hearing the voice within and neither do they heed it. What about modern psychiatry and the damage it has done to our understanding of what the Roman Catholic church calls the inner call? Thankfully, we have the great mystical traditions of Hermeticism and Theosophy to balance the misconceptions distributed abroad by psychology and psychiatry. And as Carl Jung said to his detractors, "What I am saying is, the psyche is real!" So, with that in mind, do you hear the voice of your psyche calling your name?

In modern New Age terminology, we have the inner call manifesting in the individual life of a person as channeling capabilities - the ability to speak and write "allogeneous books" (books from God). Via this path of gaining information or Gnosis, many realities become known that cannot be known by any other path or access. Invisible teachers appear and give guidance and they extend themselves to the person with whom they merge or guide.

The focus of this book is on going within to access information normally available in outer sources; going within to access information not normally available at all; going within to attempt to contact spirit guides; going within to access guardian angels and other spiritual beings of light; and going within to contact the Higher Self of the Inner Genius.

First, we travel so far back in time that "herstory" is completely forgotten, to a time when history was not even born, to a time when Earth Mother took a deep breath and called forth goddesses to fill the void.


In the beginning was the Earth Mother called Cybele. All of the plants and animals of the Earth worship Her and do Her bidding, for She knows the source of Love. With Love She moves the stars and planets around Her. With Love She bids her plants wither and die, then grow and bloom. The Earth Mother tames wild beasts with the wink of an eye and guides the seas to the shore with the brightness of Her face.

Pregnant with Time and Light, the Earth Mother gave birth to a daughter, the Great Mother Theia, whose bright eyes sparkle. Theia in turn gave birth to twin daughters. One is called Eos, Light of the Sun, and the other is called Selene, Light of the Moon. Eos loves to play in her garden, and there she grows every plant known and unknown. When she cries that even the smallest plant must wither and die, her Grandmother Cybele tells her the meaning in life -- that only through death can a thing be reborn, and that only through rebirth can consciousness spread and grow. The Grandmother tells her grandchild, "Your purpose in life is to aid in the spread of loving consciousness. For this, you must pass through many lifetimes, many cycles. And, to pass through many lifetimes you must perforce die and be reborn. This yourself you must do, and even for the smallest flower, even for the smallest bug, this is the Calling. Follow it, as you always follow your heart in matters of love. This is my beautiful child."

Selene loves to lie in the cool grass of the evening and gaze at the twinkling stars in the heavens. When she cries because the stars and planets will not move, her Grandmother Cybele shows her that love, and only love, can move the universe. The Grandmother tells her, "Let there be no tears for me or my world, for I am Knowledge above all. You must see me as I am, a beautiful being of bright light, love, and peace, for I am your Grandmother in heart and in Spirit, for I am your Mother in life and in love. For me you will die and be reborn and I will resurrect you until the end, when we will ride away into a new world to spread our message of peace and love."

Eos and Selene are each fulfilled by their new knowledge and are not afraid to love living things. Eos rides her horses from dawn to dusk, and Selene rides hers from dusk until dawn. Together, they spread the knowledge taught them by their Grandmother Cybele, and together they go from day to day and from night to night with all understanding of life and love, and what it means to be free.

When the Earth Mother saw that Her Light was full shining, She gave life to her daughter, the Great Mother Rhea, who saw well her purpose; to give birth to three daughters, Demeter, Hera, and Hestia. Demeter loves Eos and cares for her garden so that Eos may ride her horses all day. Demeter sees that each plant is nourished and that food is grown sufficient to feed all the people that are being born on the planet, mirroring the reign of the Goddesses. They are people who are hungry and who need to be nourished like the plants, and they are given nourishment for their sustenance, their well-being, and their caring natures. They learn by imitation how to be free and loving, and so they desire no more than this.

But there are those among the people who begin to grow weary of the caring nature of those around them, and they seek for more. They search for the excitement of strife and they find it among themselves. They settle together and build themselves a nation of concern and worry, for they are not within the boundaries of the Goddesses any longer, but have set themselves apart as they are want to do and are free to do. Empowered by the Great Earth Mother, they are making for themselves a god of all they detest. They create for themselves new gods and they build themselves a Tower of Babel, a language barrier where no longer the vision holds true and where the people are feeling very sorry for themselves as a result of it. They pray to their gods for relief and the gods answer their prayers and try to protect them. Demeter cannot understand any of this but she continues to shower the people with all her givingness and her charity. She feels sad to be rebuked by some of the beings on the planet who cherish not her gifts. Demeter turns for solace to the garden of Eos, the garden of Eden it is called. She replenishes the soil with nutrients by her touch, and the grain and the seed grow too well in her presence. Eos shines her light on the garden, and its warmth suits Demeter well.

One day, Demeter found some snakes in the garden and she shooed them away, for they bade her to talk with them, but she would not. She told them, "Snakes do not need to talk, for you are born to wander, and where is the wisdom in being a wandering womans-talker? I tell you, depart my presence and be of one with yourself. This garden is for beauty and peace, while you are not for these things. Be gone, therefore, and stay away from me and Eos and our garden." She shooed the snakes away but they became esconced in the gardens of the unhappy worried people on the planet, who know not how to make them leave. There they live until this very time, but soon will they leave for they are not of the same ilk as the beings of the planet, who cherish them not. Soon, they will be called from their hole-homes by the Irish Caller and they will depart this plane of existence.

Demeter, in her turn, gave birth to the beautiful Kore, who served her mother well. Kore cared for the seed corn and saw that it was not ground. "The seed corn must not be ground," Demeter told Kore, "not of the corn which we are planting, nor of the seed of the people -- their own babies and kin. Do not allow them to destroy their own children by their lack of loving them. Show them the path to love and how to cherish their own kind. Show them the children must not be ground under the plows of the very civilizations they grow. Teach them, Kore, of these meanings and let them live their lives happy and free."

Kore cared for the seed corn and saw that it was planted and germinated each new season. She focused her light and love on this, giving all to it and desiring nothing more than the return of the beautiful corn. She prepared to teach the people not to grind their children into dust, but one night, as she was departing her garden of love and light, she was stolen away by the dark God of the Underworld, that demon born from the worried imaginations of the unhappy people. She was taken away by him while no one was looking, and she cannot fulfill her purpose of guarding the children. Instead she must focus herself on this lesser goal.

Her captor's name is Hades and he reigns beneath the earth in the planetary recesses of the old mines of the gods, those places said to be inhabited by dark ones, places made of fire and suffering. They are not anything more than the demented wishes of the uncaring, guilty people on the planet. But by their powers of imaginations, gifted them by the Earth Mother, the people devise for themselves these creatures of guilt and woe, who are themselves trapped within the consciousness basins of the suffering people who create them. Nevertheless, these gods exist and are empowered. And they steal from us our beauty, light, and wisdom. And this is what it means when Kore is taken by Hades to the underworld recesses of our planet. Kore rules with Hades in the dreadful underworld of our worst imaginations, and her wisdom is lost to the Earth. She remains in that plane of reality where she feels she can do the most good by educating Hades as to his own miserable existence. She is working hard at it, now, working to liberate this being from his prison.

Hera, Demeter's sister and daughter of Rhea, cherishes the birth of each new child and cries with each mother who feels the pain of childbirth. Even those who do not know it are accompanied by Hera at childbirth. She is loving and good and not at all despised by Zeus, who exists to worship her. But yet the Greeks portray her one way, as is their way. But not to be concerned at all about that, for Hera is more than just a Goddess, she is an ideal and therefore eternal. Hera felt such empathy for the mother's pain at childbirth that, one day, she gave birth to Ilithyia, the midwife who spends all her life lessening the pain of childbirth and helping each baby find its mother. Without Ilithyia, a woman can not bear the terrible pain of birth, because it is Ilithyia who enters the birth canal of each newborn daughter and numbs the nerve endings in the canal so that childbirth is at least bearable. But with this compassionate action, she desensitizes the woman to the ecstacy of natural intercourse with a man. And when Ilithyia returns after the childbearing years, when the woman can no longer give birth and will not have to tolerate the pain of childbirth, she regenerates the growth of the nerve endings, and natural intercourse becomes more satisfying for the woman.

The third daughter of Rhea is Hestia, who found fire and brought it to the people. Hestia built a hearth to hold fire and then she placed it in a forge. She learned to turn dirt from Demeter's garden into copper charms to adorn the body of her Grandmother Cybele. Hestia loved to work at her forge; she became an artisan and never gave birth. This she trusted Hera and Demeter to do. Before Hestia the people had only themselves to find fire, but with Hestia came the ability to create fire from the earth and also the ability to create objects from fire. With Hestia came the ability to make many things by using fire. And with Hestia came the propensity of the sad ones, the uncaring, unhappy people, to abuse fire and misuse it for purposes of causing sadness and pain. With fire came the people's ability to choose which life they want to live, one of sustenance and warmth or one of sickness, sorrow, and pain.

The Earth Mother Cybele observed the work of Her Goddesses and decided to give birth to more, for she felt the people's call to her for assistance in their lives. And, as the people's needs develop, she begins to give birth to new kinds of Goddesses, ones who can serve the people well. And, in truth, Cybele loved her children and wished for more. Love was with her, and now she gave life to the Great Mother Phoebe, who repaid her in kind with her twin daughters, the Great Mothers Leto and Asteria. Leto came first.

Leto loves the water and swims whenever she can. It is her joy in life. When she was a child she swam even more often, and one warm afternoon she swam across the water to a floating island. Just as she arrived she felt the pains of birth, and though she searched for a midwife and called for Ilithyia, there was no response and no one could be found on the island who could help her. For long hours she suffered the pains of birth and she wished often for the help of Ilithyia, the goddess midwife. After some time, Leto gave birth to Artemis, a healthy, strong daughter.

Artemis grew and prospered on the floating island, choosing to stay in the land where she was born. She runs with the wild beats in the forests. She sleeps with a white doe and is guarded by her loyal dog. When hunters come to her forest to kill the white deer, she learns to shoot the bow and arrow to protect her cherished animals. She shot well the bow, but when her arm was restricted by her right breast, she cut the breast off so that her aim improved and she might wound rather than kill those who slaughter her animal friends. Because she keeps so busy guarding the forest, she has no daughters. Artemis grew to become a goddess of the Greeks, the one they begged for when war developed and when they needed the guidance of a goddess huntress, one who would protect them as she protected her animals. She was much loved by the Greeks, who worshipped her daily and made statues of her for viewing.

The Great Mother Phoebe's light shone bright and she gave birth to Leto's sister and Artemis' aunt, Asteria, a bright light who gave life to her own daughter, Hecate. When Hecate was born, she loved her cousin Selene the best. Hecate and Selene, Light of the Moon, run with the hounds and guard the innocent animals of the forest from hunters. Like Artemis, Hecate's closest cousin, she punishes all who murder the forest animals. While Artemis shoots them with bow and arrow, Hecate sends her dogs to tear at their heels and chase them away. Hecate swore vengence on Hades, who stole Kore away to the underworld. Hecate vows to restore Kore to her beauty and glory and to prevent Hades from further usurping her beauty and power. Hades denies Hecate access to Kore, but Kore knows the world awaits her return.

The Earth Mother Cybele loves to remember her daughters as little girls and to tell of all the childish things they did. On remembrance, love welled up within her and she gave life to the Great Mother Mnemosyne, who was so filled with joy of life that she gave birth to nine daughters, the Muses, each one as happy as her mother. Clio loves to tell stories of days gone by. Thalia laughs out loud and always has a smile on her face. Terpsichore loves dance and lyrical poetry. Erato speaks often of love and sets it to poetry. Polyhymnia meditates often and mimes. Urania loves the stars and the planets. She fashioned a globe and compass. Calliope dresses eloquently and speaks highly of others in epic poetry. She fashioned stylus and tablets. Melpomene is mischievous and plays tricks on others. She wears a tragic mask. Euterpe loves music and plays the flute. The Muses inspire the people to greater poetic heights than ever before and, without them, little would be done on the planet in art, poetry, and music. The Earth Mother sees this is good and continues to create them, over and over, each with a new demeanor and purpose to help fulfill the artistic desires of her people. She is loving and well-guided to give us Muses to help us achieve our artistic fulfillment.

The Earth Mother Cybele looked about Her and admired the beauty of Her land. Her plants grow soft beneath Her feet and Her animals frolick about Her. Her people prosper. A time came when the planet rested and restored itself to love and peace. But that time soon passed, and a cry came up from Her land for justice, because without justice there is chaos and suffering. In answer to her people's cry, the Earth Mother gave birth to a daughter, Themis, who was born to protect the just and punish the guilty. Themis was wise above all others and spoke freely to her Mother. Themis told Cybele, "The guilty will punish themselves, for they will send themselves to Hades, where Kore will restore them, in time. What I prefer to do is to reward the innocent and guard the righteous." Because of Themis, the people can assemble and speak together and makes laws. Themis is blessed and can tell us of future times by coming to us through the dreams of others. That is how she guides us.

When Themis saw what justice required, she gave birth to three daughters. The first, Eunomia, sees that the laws are made and observed. The second, Dike, sees that the just are rewarded and the guilty fulfilled. The third daughter, Irene, is caretaker of the peace and urges all to be mindful of others. Of the three daughters of Themis, only Dike had a daughter, Nemesis. Dike had learned that only the just had a sense of fairness, and she is greatly pained to see the abuse of the fair. From this pain was born Nemesis, whose purpose it is to maintain order and avenge wrong. Nothing angers Nemesis more than thieves and liars. For these, she has no love, and though it is not to be, she struggles to show mercy to these criminals. More often than she wishes, she brings down her sword of bronze on the neck of a thrice-caught thief. When her sword of bronze lands upon the neck of the thief, she feels the power of the righteous and she also feels the shame of the thief.

The Earth Mother was full of knowledge. Her people were many and would need many leaders. Now was the time right to bring to life those destined to rule. Cybele gave birth to the Great Mother Tethys, so that she might bring into the world her daughters Electra, Metis, Dione, and Amphitrite. Metis brought forth her daughter, the Great Queen Athene, who protects the townships and goes forth into battle to repulse the enemy. Athene rides her chariot into battle carrying only a bronze shield and spear. She hurls her chariot against all who oppose her and crushes them beneath the wheels. All who fight her fear her. When the Great Queen is not fighting or taming horses or making chariots, she is weaving cloth and practicing embroidery. She also mixes potions for health and she practices healthy living.

Dione gave birth to the Great Queen Aphrodite, who fights with her regiments at the side of Athene. Though Aphrodite rules as sister queen to Athene and fights victoriously at her side, the battlefield is not where she longs to be. Fighting is not her nature, for she loves the beauty of a quiet afternoon beside a cool stream. She gave birth to Harmonia, who prefers the home to the battlefield. Harmonia in turn gave birth to four Great Queens, Semele, Ino, Autonoe, and Agave.

Amphrite, daughter of Tethys, who lives on the seashore and gathers fish from the sea, gave birth to the Great Queen Rhode, who learned to sail and founded an island of her own. She calls her island Rhodes, and there she lives and rules and fights. In her time she gave birth to Electryone, the mother of the Great Queen Alcmene, woman of might. Amphitrite's second daughter Benthesicyme led a group of elite Amazon warriors to conquer and settle in Ethiopia. Electryone brought forth the Great Mother who held within her body all the colors of the rainbow, and more. She gave birth to three Great Queens, Podarge, Aello, and Ocypete. In time, the world was blessed with the birth of the Great Queen Medusa, Queen of the Gorgons, and valiant above all others. She was murdered by the brutal Perseus, who invaded her island for such purposes. Born also was the Great Queen Lamia, Queen of Libya and daughter of the Great Queen Scylla. Into the world was also born Hypermnestra, traitoress mother of Hercules who, reared on his mother's jealousy of other women, vowed to destroy the reign of the great Matriarchs. Also, many others were born swearing allegiance to the vengeful fathers Zeus and Jupiter and other lesser sky-gods of practiced brutality who martyr their fathers for profit. These are the beings created by the unhappy, worried people in their anger, hate, and jealousy.

Only the goddesses have the power to turn the gods toward their divinity and only the goddesses determine when that moment will come -- it will come when the gods desire it, for the Great Earth Mother Cybele has granted us all freedom of choice. When the sky-gods have revealed their divinity to their makers -- the anxious and worried people -- then the people will be turned to face their goddesses, who long for this moment. Then, Earth Mother and Sky Father will be wed, and the people will be resurrected by the Great Earth Mother, who promised us this.

Yet, the Earth Mother thinks not of these things, for She is of the mind to bring Light and Love to a world, and this She has done here in this place. She rests on her knowledge that all is now well with the Earth and that Order and Beauty reign above all. Thus, the Earth Mother sleeps and will awaken when finally She feels, once again, the pressure of the void.


Self-RealizationWe live on this planet under certain conditions, and those conditions are these. Where life is a system, we are part of the system. As part of the system, we have some say about how the system should run. As operators of the system, we decide what parts of the system should be utilized and what sections should be abandoned. As members of organizations designed to run the system, we are the controlling factor regarding how the system shall work, and not some 2nd party. Right? So the point is this. Is the system running as it should, and if not, what can we do about it? That is the question, whether to run the system or allow the system to run us.

If life is a system, does that mean it's mechanical? No, indeed. It means it's pre-designed to work a certain way, and that particular way is discoverable. So instead of running the system, we could be on the path of discovery of how the system is designed to work. The Divine Plan is very mysterious. It makes us explorers and engineers.

What if life is neither a system nor a discoverable path? Well, then, life is systemless and so we would be the participants in a divine plan that is always potentially immanent. In that case we are the co-creators of a systemless system, and so we can co-create life in such a way that it has inherent meaning. That would make us co-creators of life systems - WithGod, in other words. So, being WithGod, what would be the first executive decision in this instance? To make the system manageable. So that is who we are and what we do. We are WithGod, involved in life energy management. The Oneness of life is miraculous. Inner Voice of St. Germain.


Words such as these, multidimensional self, are meant to cause you to think, aren't they? What is the multidimensional self and how does it function in the real world? What is the real world? These are questions we hope to answer in this piece about humanity and how to be human.

Now, first of all, what does it mean to be multidimensional? This is the first point under discussion here and so we will begin. Multidimensionality means moreness rather than oneness. There is far too much emphasis put on oneness these days because it eliminates from consideration the possibility of moreness, which is also a good deal more than is thought of. These words are tricky, as you can see but they mean something to you, don't they? They mean measurement, and when you read them you think in terms of measurement of the self. More self, one self, twin selves, and so on. These are the kinds of concepts that are bandied about these days by people who think they know what they mean. But do they really know?

Multidimensionality is the most complicated concept there is, simply because it expresses a concept that cannot really be explained but can be felt. Ask yourself this, "Am I multidimensional?" Does it mean you have two jobs? :-) Does it mean you have two selves? What does it mean? :-) It means you are much more than you are aware of and it also means you are capable of understanding yourself within the context of being multidimensional. This is powerful indeed, so let us continue, please.

Multidimensionality is rare because, for one thing, you have to have lived a long, long time to achieve it. Not so many people on this planet have lived that long. Oh, sure, in the universe there are some really old folks out there but they are not really related to us and this topic, because we are speaking of human multidimensionality. We are speaking of Earthian beings who are beginning to come into their own multidimensionality. So here we are talking about it but yet talking around it because it's something you need to feel, not speak. It is something you need to experience, not talk about. It is something you either are or you're not. Are you multidimensional? How would you know? You know by this one simple checkback response. You will know when you ask yourself this question, "Am I multidimensional?" Now, be still and listen. Did you get an answer from some other part of you? Was it from another part of you that is thinking you, rather than you thinking it? Another part of you thinking all by itself? That is multidimensionality, and when you experience it you will know it. Are you multidimensional? Sure you are, or you would not even be reading this.

Now, let us proceed to another question at this time. What do you think would be the response if you asked yourself this, "Why am I here with my multidimensional self?" The answer simply is: because. And why should you accept that silliness as an answer? Because. Now, let us go on to another question and see if the answer isn't stranger than the question. What do you think would be the result of asking yourself this, "Could I be God or no?" And the answer is: No, because God could not question God in such fashion. God simply IS and so are you but you are not God. Now, if you are multidimensional, how is it you are not God? Because God is not multidimensional, only singledimensional. How is this possible, you ask?

Knights Templar God is everywhere, you say. Indeed, God IS everywhere but as a single being not as a multiple-being self. God is oneness and you are - we are - multiple selfhood exploring the Universe that is God. We are many inside the One. We are One experiencing the many. We are not God but we know who God is and we know God well. God is all around us but we are not God. We are God's probes, beings who go out into God and experience God and report back to God through our multidimensional selfhood. That is the answer to the question, "Are we God?" We are Ourselves. We are exploring the Dimension of God.

Inner Voice of Sir John Warren, Atlantean and Knight Templar

By Solon Centurion

Whenever a group of people unites to perform functions, such as regulating the federal government or distributing laws and rules of conduct, then these people place themselves at the head of a group known as the population of a country. When these lawmakers decide, for example, that the population must be taxed on their personal property for reasons of supplying the regulating group with funds with which to run their established governing body, then these regulators and lawmakers hence become a tax generating, tax collecting body of workers, from which taxes they pay themselves a salary.

Now, a conflict has arisen because of this, and the conflict can only be dissolved, it seems, when the lawmaking, regulating body is dissolved. Therefore, anarchy becomes the position from which the government begins to regulate the population and, as such, this anarchical governing body can become totalitarian in scope.

When this happens, fascism and other forms of self-serving governments spring up for purposes of regulating and lawmaking, and then you have gone full circle over a period of years without any progress being made. So, it is easy to see that it is incorrect to dissolve the government as it stands at this time, because what happens is much worse than what was dissolved. Therefore, one must search for the solution among other methods of resolving the problem of taxpayer exploitation on behalf of the ruling, taxing governing body.

This is the position in which the United States of America finds itself today, and other countries as well. Now is the time to look for the solution to the problem of property taxes as they are instigated at this time. When the property of public citizens is being taxed, then what is occurring is this: the citizens are being held captive within a system that operates to supply itself with funds from the large group of people who are simply working to attain their financial goals and have no real interest in supplying a governing body with a salary to support them while they are producing rules, regulations and taxes that are perceived as detrimental to the well-being of the population supplying the income.

Certainly, there is a way out of this. It only needs to be looked at and studied from the perspective of clearing up the problem rather than dissolving the existing government of a two-party system and replacing it with a three-party system. This will not work because it only begs the questions of what to do about the taxation of the working population and how to empower the largest mass of working citizens on the planet today: the citizens of the United States of America and for which it stands: life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and justice for all.

This is the purpose of this article, to explore the possibilities of reducing the burdens of the citizens and at the same time increasing the wealth of the federal government. Let's look at how this will work for the benefit and happiness of all. Certainly, there is an answer and we will now begin to discover it.

Where there is a will, there is a way, and the will is strong in this country to find ways to liberate the citizens from the indebtedness of the federal government, an organization bent upon destruction of this country and its citizenry. Make no mistake about that. Unless this tide is turned, the federal government will destroy us all. Now, let's see what can be done about it because there is power to be revealed and to be used to alleviate this problem, where the people are paying for the support of the government that is enslaving the people.

Income Taxes pay off Real Estate Taxes

Can you imagine the effects of having a government without taxation of private property? We can. Here is how it would work. The public citizens would pay taxes on income in proportion to salary amount, but their property would not be taxable because, even though the government is the ultimate owner of all the property in the country, the citizens would be the property owners in deed and title and would be in effect leasing the property from the government and paying the lease off with their taxes. When the taxes of the property owner reached the level of the property valuation, then the citizen would no longer pay taxes on the property.

This would allow the citizens the motivation to own the property by paying taxes and it would allow the government the opportunity to collect more taxes from the citizens, who would be motivated to work to pay taxes so their property would no longer be taxable as income to the government. Both entities would benefit this way, and both entities would also find their attitudes changing greatly towards each other, because the government would learn to appreciate its citizens more and the citizens would learn to evaluate the government in lighter terminology than is in use today.

There is no real reason for these two entities to be at war with each other when their differences can be resolved. After all, they both want the same thing: money to fund their programs and their lives. This should not be in conflict but yet it is. Whatever the reasons, they can be resolved. It just takes a little cooperation by both parties to resolve their material world problems and meet at high planes of understanding. For this reason, we are writing this article, to show the path to understanding and cooperation. Then, the country can become really powerful in leading the world by showing the rest of the planet how to resolve issues between the governments and the citizens.

This is the purpose of this article, to show the people involved, and that would be everyone on the planet, how to achieve these goals by cooperation, understanding and realization of the value of everyone involved. Where governments and people are concerned, much worth is evident and much devaluation of worth is also evident. For the citizens of the United States to continuously harp about its government is ridiculous when all they would need to do is find solutions to the problems at hand.

For the government of the United States to tax their citizens beyond reasonable rates is also ridiculous, when with a little imagination, the government could come to evaluate the citizens as beings worth cherishing and not people worth extorting money from for purposes of funding meaningless and expensive programs. Something needs to be done NOW, and something will be done soon. If not, then the outcome could be tragic.

Tax-Payers Rewarded

The following material is meant to guide the citizenry of the United States and other countries to a higher ground of understanding, where they can learn of the value of their government and at the same time understand the meaning of private ownership of property. When citizens all over the country unite to distribute information regarding the establishment of a new form of private property ownership, then the government must listen or see itself of the verge of living without the tax base offered by the citizens, who are threatened with life and limb if they do not pay their taxes. But the people of this country can subscribe to a new kind of orthodoxy, in which they are rewarded for paying their taxes rather than punished when they do not.

This is what we are suggesting to the government at this time, that the citizens be rewarded for being the good taxpayers that they are, rather than punished when they withhold their hard-earned money simply because the government squanders it on programs that the citizens do not care about and do not want. Were the citizens to withhold their taxes as a large group, the government would have no recourse but to subscribe to the citizens' new programs, one of which would be the full ownership of private property without being taxed, achievable by the continuous and quiet payment of their income taxes.

This would prompt the government to enact an across-the-board law applicable to all states that they could no longer fund their local and state governments by the extortion of property taxes from their citizenry. This would not weaken the power of the local and state governments but would increase their state and local tax base because they would have plenty of money, since the law itself self-motivates the citizens to work to pay taxes, rather than to be forced to pay taxes on the money they have worked in order to spend.

This is a complete reversal of the trend as it is going now and we can only imagine the results of this great new program and what results might be attained by the citizenry of the United States withholding their taxes until such law is enacted. In fact, many more interesting and fair movements can be started this way and what would be established is this: the first true democracy of the United States of America. We would be honored to assist in any such programs as come along and need guidance. Certainly, we are interested in issues that can be resolved by the citizens and the governments at hand.

4th Dimensional Concepts

The question of how to own real estate without paying taxes is simple to answer, but the question of how to implement such a program is not so simple, because it requires a group consciousness effort on the part of the citizens of this country, and this is a 4th dimensional concept rather than a 3rd dimensional concept. Most of the people living on the planet at this time are still living in 3d concepts of their own making, and so we would suggest to them that they begin to open themselves to ideas originating from 4d reality.

Here is what we are saying to do. Stop and look around you and see your environment as one of your own creation and then come to the realization that if you created it, you can uncreate it. Stop right now blaming others for your circumstances and begin to realize how you can create your environment to your own liking. This is the most important thing you have to do in your life and if you will do this you will come to understand how it is the government works the way that it does.

First of all, the government exists as a projection of a reality that exists in some other dimension of thought and beingness, because nothing exists on the physical plane that does not exist on the ethereal plan as a form or idea, constructed exclusively by the collective consciousness of mankind.

See the government as a problem you have created in order to be solved by you, then you can realize how the problem can be solved. You just join forces with your neighbors, bringing about a physical world collective consciousness group, and then you begin to pressure the government, an entity of your own creation, to respond to you rather than to continuously feed itself off of the manna you are making as hard-working people.

Next, you cause the government to listen to your new ideas, which you have placed, by virtue of your actions, into the reality basin of the planet, sometimes called the collective consciousness of mankind. Finally, you put the government on short notice that what you intend to do is cut off funding to the government completely as a group. This will cause the membership of the ruling, taxing body of government, called the legislature and the senate, to respond in kind to your wishes and ideas or else go home and learn to earn a living like you do. This is the action we are suggesting you take, because if you will do this one thing, you will be utterly successful. This is the kind of action that was taken in Golden Age Greece by its citizens and it worked then, just as it will work now.

Governments and citizens stay the same, only the faces change. We have all done this before, else we would not be here now reading this and contemplating doing it again. It's what we do, move mountains and change governments. We are interested in the Tao of Change, as a group and as individuals, and that is one reason we are here. We like it.

What do you need?

What can be the cause of your inability to manifest that which you need? Have you given this much thought, lately? For some people, the answer lies in their inability to determine exactly what they need, and for others the answer lies in the fact that they need more than they determine they need. By this is meant, some people require more from life than others, but ask for less. This is typical in this plane of being, in which physical wants and needs often go unappeased because people simply will not do what is necessary to acquire their goals.

When this is true, a case exists in which a larger group or organization of people will exploit the meager needs and requirements of a smaller group or individual to keep them in penury and want, just because the smaller entities allow it and do not consider themselves worthy of more. This is what we see is happening in this country at this time.

People everywhere are going around with less than they need because their government has convinced them they do not deserve or need more. When a government does this kind of exploitative activity, then it becomes the enemy of the people, not the people's friend, and should be forcibly realigned to the people's needs and goals. This is what we are suggesting when we advise withholding income tax money from the government.

This large ruling body cannot put us all in jail, or even some of us, when as a large group we advocate withholding, and then we withhold, income taxes from the government, and we also withhold the government's ability to punish us for doing so. We would advise the citizens of this country to take such action as this because we are asking the government for a right that they will not give us unless we threaten such action as withholding taxes. The government is not likely to assist us in owning property outright unless we force them into such a position, so make no mistake about this. We need to leverage our position in such a way as cannot be withstood by the government. Threatening to withhold, and then withholding, income taxes is the kind of leverage that will work. And it will work! Make no mistake about it, it will work.

You are sitting at God's Right-Hand Position

Now, we are going to tell you something you already know but have forgotten. We are going to remind you of your godhood and of your beingness, for these two concepts are critical to your ability to make the changes in your life that you deem advisable to make.

Formulate in your mind an image of yourself sitting at the right-hand of God and then see yourself discussing with God some changes you would like to see made on planet Earth. As you are forming this image in your mind, consult yourself as to whether or not you are deserving of this right-hand position and then look over to the left-hand side of God, and who do you see there? Is it Buddha or Jesus or Mohammed or Ashtar or Sananda or do you see anyone there at all?

Now, ask yourself this. If you were to be allowed to sit at the right-hand of God, who would you chose to sit at God's left-hand? Now, ask yourself this. Were you to sit with these two beings on the universe's highest throne, what would be the first thing you would do to alleviate the suffering of the people on the planet Earth and on other planets throughout the universe? Would you act for them or would you empower them to act for themselves?

We think your answer is the latter, because when people are empowered by God to act for themselves, yet they do not act, what is it you think God and God's disciples and co-creators ought to do? Should they intervene in human affairs? Are you waiting for God to straighten up your life and the occasional messes you put yourself in? Were you to ask God for assistance, would you ask for God's intervention or would you ask for God's empowerment of yourself to do the things in your life that you deem necessary to be done in order to have a great life?

Now, ask yourself this. Suppose God were to show up one day and say to you, "Here I am. Use me as you see fit." What would you do? Give this some thought, because the answer to this question defines who you are and what you believe you yourself are capable of doing in terms of regulating your life in such a way as to make it the best life you can make it, because if you ask God to do your life for you, then what good are you to God? Nobody in the world can say with complete authority that they are useful and worthwhile to God if they are expecting God to intervene and straighten up the messes they get themselves into.

Now, with this in mind, organize a group locally to make it possible to own real estate without paying taxes, and when you do this let us know and we will connect you with other local groups who are doing exactly the same thing. We can act at the central networking point of all the people who are working towards this goal and we will have more good ideas like this forthcoming so we can enact them on the physical plane. Your own ideas along this line will be greatly appreciated, and together we can make our world a better place. Reactionary politics is part of the Tao of Change.

Yours in all light and love,
Sananda Buddha Jesus and Solon Centurion



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