Mound Builder Indian
Mound Builder Indian with Wings (and a violin???)

I was not aware that I was Native American when I wrote this portal ritual in 1997. My mother "shielded" me from knowing I was 1/16 Creek (Cherokee) Indian and only revealed it to me just before she died. My great, great, great grandmother walked Trail of Tears from Alabama to Texas.

Ritual of the Rock Eagle, Rock Hawk and Rock Falcon Portals

We visit the portal of Rock Eagle, Georgia, via the astral body and open the portal in order to connect to Mound Builder Indian energy and ancient divine beings who were overseers of the planets thousands of years ago. By invoking the ancient Mound Builder Indian energy and the energy of the People of the Dawn, we gain a deeper understanding how ritual works to enlighten us and also how dreamwork is one of the most importants phases of our lives. Invisibly we pass through this ancient Indian portal and come more closely into the Light and into a deeper understanding of ourselves and who we really are.


  • Invoking archetypal energy to help open portals
  • The Eagle as an energy archetype
  • Using indigenous languages to invoke archetypal energies
  • Astrological implications for portal work
  • Relationship of eagles, angels and angles
  • Bird Tribe invocation
  • Eagle as symbol of one of the 12 tribes
  • Uses of numerology in portal work
  • Kundalini-serpent energy surges, out-of-body experiences
  • Visions of blueviolet light; sensations of warmth and bliss
  • Pulsating crown chakra and many more ritual results


    Eagle is the great sacred bird of the Cherokee Indians and of nearly all native tribes. Eagle figures prominently in their ceremonial rituals. The Mound Builder Indians responsible for the three quartz rock birds in Georgia were Bird Tribes and left us evidence of this in their construction of three huge sacred birds: Rock Eagle, Rock Hawk and Rock Falcon.

    The Eagle expresses an archetypal energy that expands the boundaries of the self through increased awareness. By calling Eagle we invoke this energy to come to us and assist us in gaining the level of awareness necessary to become conscious co-creators in our own lives. We want to awaken ourselves in the Dreamtime dimension and gain the valuable information held there for us. We want to bring this information back from the Dreamtime in the sense of knowing and feeling and remembering all of our experiences there. By calling Eagle we hope to achieve this.

    The following Cherokee ritual-poem in the Cherokee language calls forth Eagle. Speak the poem and when you dream of Eagle, arise and do Eagle ceremonial dance. With your arms spread wide, dance the Eagle in the shape of a figure 8 — the symbol for infinity and for the eternity of process. The dream and the dance are magical for you. Cherokee Indian words calling for Eagle to come:

    Da go no hi li 
    Flying this way 
    Da yu gi yo hi ni 
    Di ye i di si gi 
    Wakes them up 
    Ga lu gi 
    She comes 
    Wo ha li 
    Di ye si di si gi 
    Eagle wakes them up 

    Flying this way
    Daylight wakes them up
    She comes
    Eagle wakes them up

    Rock Eagle Indian Mound

    Ritual of the Rock Eagle, Rock Hawk and Rock Falcon Portals is scheduled for the middle of the Autumnal equinox on Saturday, Oct. 19, beginning at 8:30 PM, when the sun is passing over the earth's equator.

    Located near Eatonton, Ga., the Rock Eagle and Rock Hawk Effigy Mounds were built by Mound Builder Indians ca. 3000 BCE. Although other types of Indian mounds have been found in the region, the Rock Eagle and Rock Hawk are the only known stone effigy mounds in the southeastern United States.

    Portal Rituals for Planetary Ascension 2012

    The Rock Eagle, measuring 102 feet from head to tail and 120 feet from wingtip to wingtip, was constructed entirely of milky quartz, a piezoelectric material. So was the Rock Hawk, measuring 102 feet from head to tail and 132 feet from wingtip to wingtip. The quartz rocks from which these giant portals are constructed range from baseball size to boulders. 13 miles separate the two portals. An old Indian legend claims the existence of a third rock bird, Rock Falcon, which is probably at the bottom of Lake Oconee, created when Wallace Dam was built in 1980.

    In 1933 the Rock Eagle was excavated to gain clues as to its purpose. Trenches were dug to the eagle, revealing not artifacts but puzzling layers of soil. Beginning at the top would be humus and soil mixed, next would be an area of red clay, then below would be a layer of yellow-brown clay and loam, and below that would be the basic red clay, and in some instances there would be traces of charcoal with the yellow-brown soil. When it was decided to dismantle the eagle, work was begun at the neck and shoulder where a belt of hard yellow clay occurred - a two foot wide trench was cut into the heart of the effigy. Every nook and cranny made by the large boulder was packed with small quartz stones. Small fragments of charcoal appeared. When the ground level was reached, evidence was found indicating that the lower surface had been burned before the effigy was constructed. The floor consisted of small head-sized stones imbedded in burned soil and burned organic matter from six to eight inches thick. Below this layer was a layer of yellowish brown clay similar to the clay seen in the trench - but still no sign of any artifact or bone material.

    Then the mound was excavated from another direction - this time near the tail. Found there was a huge boulder from which the the eagle had been started. Then in about a yard square between another boulder close to the base of the tail was found fragments of calcined and unburned human, bird, and animal bones. Also found was a small granular quartz ovate pointed tool. After this, excavation ended.

    Portal Rituals for Planetary Ascension 2012

    The quartz rocks used in the construction of the Rock Eagle and the Rock Hawk are found in the Eatonton area (an hour or so SE of Atlanta). The stone mound builders who completed this work belong to an ancient period now know as the Old Quartz culture. Rock Eagle and Rock Hawk are designed exactly like Stonehenge, and the three may be concurrent history-wise. The portal paths at Rock Hawk, Rock Eagle (picture below), and Stonehenge (jpeg below top) mark the energy lines, as do the portal paths leading to the portals in your homes, but on a smaller scale. The large circles of these geophysical portals mark the convergence points of electromagnetic (telluric) energy.

    Portal Rituals for Planetary Ascension 2012 At the center of the chest of the Rock Eagle is a circle of rocks like the circle at the center of Stonehenge, only smaller. Inside the circle of rocks are clean quartz rocks of a reddish hue, different from the surrounding rocks. This is the center of the portal. A portal path runs from the chest, up along the neck, and to the top of the eagle's head.

    The geophysical portals, outer physical constructions of inner metaphysical truths, crisscross the entire surface of the earth according to a specific pattern in the lithosphere. The great oracles of antiquity, the Oracle at Delphi and the Cumaean Sibyl, were established at powerful geophysical portals-convergence points of telluric energy. Inner world portals correspond to outer world portals, and in the Indian mysticism of Shamanism it is recognized that both are necessary for mental projection into the nonspatial realms and for astral projection out into the physical universe.

    To prepare your portals for the Ritual of the Rock Eagle, Rock Hawk and Rock Falcon Portals, read the following email for guidance. By using these ancient piezoelectric portals to activate the one in your home, you should power up your portal. Ritual of the Rock Eagle, the Rock Hawk and the Rock Falcon Portals will be an amazing international event (the ritual will be performed all over the planet) and it may even result in the revealment of the hidden Rock Falcon portal.


    Portal Rituals for Planetary Ascension 2012The following is additional to the ritual by Spirit Guides, who include it for your consideration. Spirit sees a pattern shared by ancient Indian meaning and celebration of Rock Eagle and the annual celebration of Burning Man in the desert of Black Rock City, Nevada. Compare the structure of Burning Man with the Rock Eagle.

    The Burning Man
    towers o'er my dreams
    and calls to me at night
    He beckons from
    the far horizon
    fiery bright 'gainst starry sky
    I don't know what he wants from me
    I only know that I must go
    My destined metamorphosis
    waits beneath his pyric glow
    The vision haunts
    my waking hours
    and will not fade or wan
    til I'm absorbed in how to make
    this pilgrimage
    my muse demands
    What sacrifices will I make?
    What parts of me will perish?
    but ohhhh....
    the self I might become -
    the vision that I cherish

    (Poem by Jim Dees)

    Both the Burning Man ritual and the Rock Eagle ritual hope to renounce the patterns of the old by burning them away. This allows a new structure to be built that does not harbor within it old restrictions and unnecessary beliefs. Society's overlaid patterns are burned away, giving the individual plenty of opportunity for ever more creative expression. This might have been just as important for the ancient Mound Builder Indians as it is for us today.


    During this cusp time (Oct. 19-20), we will be moving from Libra into Scorpio. Scorpio was once regarded as the sign of Eagle or Phoenix. It was a sign of regeneration and rebirth. Because it had sexual connotations it was relegated, during the Middle Ages, to the sign of the "lowly" scorpion. We can celebrate it both as Scorpio and Eagle/Phoenix. (From Marnie Muller, Asheville, North Carolina)

    Moving from Libra into Scorpio is a move into the liquid energy of Love. This is represented in Tarot by cards equivalent to the Knight of Cups. This liquid energy expresses itself in the orange, flowing flames of the hottest fires and the cool, cascading waters of rivers and waterfalls. Though they are opposites, fire and water, they have in common the flowing, burning energy of Love. The star groups associated with this movement from Libra into Scorpio are Serpens (the serpent), Ophiuchus (the serpent holder), and Hercules. This is especially meaningful in terms of Kundalini energy, for when the coiled serpent at the base of the spine rises as Chi energy in the chakra system, its sole desire is to fly. The serpent longs to become the eagle, the phoenix, the rebirth, the regeneration. It becomes the sacred Serpent-Bird and flies on the Wings of Love. Its strength lies in its power of Love and in the singular sting of Love's delights.


    The relationship of eagles to angels may be profound. As Ken Carey's Return of the Bird Tribe suggests, naming a vast magnetic angelic living waveform is difficult for early native humans. So if magnetic emanations looked like wings, and perception was bird like, then the bird tribe idea became a receptor for the image of vast interpenetrating angelic beings... ophanim... etc. The seeding of our genetic forms required input from Sun Spirit and the souls of Adam Kadman. These were wave geometries which contained morphic seed impulses into DNA.

    There may have been psychological/physiological reasons for constructing Eagle portals. Eagle formations in the land, also an archetype of Pennsylvania's bald eagle region, suggest correctly the idea that magnetic morphic resonance in the land itself, creates a large organ of perception for our collective emotion.

    So while we call getting perception thru the wormhole of magnetism "escape velocity" when molded into Rock Eagle, escape may be less appropriate than re-entry to describe what our feeling then inhabits in the larger body of starsystems... Do not underestimate the power invested in human glands to bend magnetism the scale of star systems. (Dan Winter)


    The beautiful Cherokee Indian words calling forth Eagle to wake us up are repeated in the ancient Hebrew image of the Eagle found on the banners of Dan. This Biblical story, so far in the distant past yet appropriate to Rock Eagle ritual, is both revealment and enlightenment.

    The Biblical Abraham, patriarch of Judaism, was a citizen of Ur in the Sumerian half of Babylonia. Although the Bible gives Abraham's profession as that of a sheepherder, he may have been a merchant prince in Ur. It is recorded outside Jewish literature that Abraham was well versed in the celestial sciences.

    About 2000 BCE, Abraham's father, Terah, took Abraham and his wife Sarah, and his grandson Lot, the nephew of Abraham, and emigrated from Ur. After Terah died, Abraham had a personal encounter with the Lord 'Jehovah,' who instructed Abraham that his descendants would become his Chosen People to reign in Canaan. In return, Abraham must obey Jehovah's commandments.

    Abraham left his home in Ur and traveled to Canaan, the area later called Palestine. He and his descendants lived there for many years. Abraham, his son Isaac, and his grandson Jacob are known as the Hebrew patriarchs. Jacob had 12 sons, one of them named Dan. The 12 tribes that later made up the Jewish people all descended from these 12 sons. Eventually, the 12 tribes relocated to Egypt where they prospered until Moses led them out of Egypt, and they wandered in the desert for 40 years. The number 40, in Hebrew numerology, is prophetic and equivalent to the number 4, the number of the fullness of the universe.

    One of the 12 tribes that wandered in the desert, the tribe of Dan, flew the eagle on the banners of Dan. In Abraham's day the eagle and the scorpion were interchangeable symbols of rebirth and regeneration. As used for the zodiac, the scorpion was ascribed to banners of Dan. The Dan tribe was said to have been founded by a serpent or Crowned Snake. Again, this is Eagle and Serpent symbolism. The Hebrew word Neshr means eagle or falcon. Neshr is related to Neshima of Neshima consciousness, a high level of awakened consciousness. Neshima consciousness describes an awakening to one's identity as a soul member of a Light-Body Network or Merkaba. With the dawning of this level of consciousness comes the desire to achieve full Neshima consciousness. This begins a path of love for, and service to, the Merkaba. Eagle or Neshr on banners of Dan might have symbolized that particular tribe's service to conscious ascension. In more ancient times than these, the Eagle symbolized the star Sirius, the bringer of the Water of Life in the form of psychic energy to the people and the land.

    Just before we begin the Rock Eagle ritual today, the 1st quarter moon will be going into Aquarius the Water-Bearer at 7:51 pm Eastern Time. This is numerologically the number 4. (7 + 5 + 1 = 13 = 1 + 3 = 4 by natural addition.) This is a move into the flowing energy of Love in the age of Aquarius—the age of awakened consciousness and the fullness of the universe. When we activate the portals today, we will use the electromagnetic energy—the Earth Kundalini/serpent energy— to empower our light-body or Merkaba in hopes of achieving the dawning of Neshima consciousness. (Composed by Claire Grace Watson and Marnie Muller)


    As the Moon orbits the Earth it passes through the signs of the zodiac. Every lunar month it travels through all 12 signs, passing through each in more than two, but less than three days. When the Moon gets near the end of each sign, it goes beyond its last major aspect, or connection, with another planet. When this happens, and until it moves into the next sign, the Moon is said to be 'Void of Course.' This period is a time when we can really feel unconnected and without direction. It is, therefore, an ideal time for centering ourselves.

    On Saturday, Oct. 19, between 2:09p and 7:51p Eastern Time, the Moon will be Void of Course. During this time it is wise to avoid making important decisions. Judgment at this time is probably faulty. Decisions tend to be unrealistic, subject to factors unknown at the time. New paths are likely to be plagued with false starts, errors and unexpected hassles.

    During Moon Void of Course, actions produce unexpected results. Creative efforts go in unexpected directions. Contracts, promises or new laws bring on difficulties. Purchases prove to be unsatisfactory or the object simply does not fulfill its intention. Routines involving no decisions will usually go well but often require corrections later. Delays and frustrations are common. Moon Void of Course is a time to kick back, let life flow and avoid difficulties. The important guidelines for Moon Void of Course periods is to not be involved in concerns beyond your spiritual center. Moon Void of Course is a time for subjective, spiritual, non-materialistic concerns. When we begin the ritual at 8:30p the Moon will no longer be Void of Course but going into Aquarius. (Pocket Astrologer 1996)


    There are two ways to set up your portals this time. First, turn off your computer if it is nearby. Then, mark your portals with quartz in a circle, and in the center of the portals make a Latin cross with Tarot cards, runes, quartz, whatever you have that is special for you. Be sure, if you have a Tarot equivalent Knight of Cups card, that you use it. At the intersection of the cross place one of the portal disks, either Side 1 or Side 2. If you like, coordinate your ritual with someone else, and you use one side of the disk and they use the other side. Then, see what happens. Let me know. Place at the four corners of the cross four candles and beside each candle place a small bowl of water. I will be using water from the Chalice Well at Glastonbury Tor. (Thank you, Cynthia).

    (This jar of water duplicated itself in the Ritual of the Pyramid Portals. The number on the bottom of the lid changed, from a six to a five, and the new jar contained the original amount of water before I used it in portal rituals. This is a manifestation of the Holy Grail, this time in something like a peanut butter jar.)

    When you light the candles during the ritual, you will also sprinkle water on the flames. Not enough to extinguish the flames, but enough to mix the fire and the water opposites.

    The second way to set up this portal involves using a lot of quartz, which increases the power of the portal. If you have enough quartz to make an eagle design in the center of the portal, set it up like this. At the center of the portal, on the eagle's breast, place one side of the disk. At four corners place four candles and beside each candle place a small bowl of water. When you light candles during the ritual, you will sprinkle water on the flame, as above, and also onto the quartz eagle. You will need to sprinkle extra water onto the quartz to balance the fire energy. Then, speak the ritual and the Cherokee Indian words and, if you want to, do the eagle dance. With arms like wings, dance the eagle in the pattern of the figure 8 — symbol for infinity and for eternity of process.

    Phaistos Disk

    Phaistos Disk


    The portal disk is the world-renown Phaistos Disk from 1700 BCE Crete. This Bronze Age disk is the most famous undeciphered artifact in the world. I have recently deciphered it, but I have not widely published this information as yet because we are still investigating the multidimensionality and uses of this disk. We used it in the Stonehenge ritual as a portal disk. You will see in Ritual Results something that occurred when miKron (Dan Raffanello) used the portal disk. Turn your computer off when using the disk. After the ritual, you can safely turn the computer back on.


    People of the Dawn, People of the Light, come forward now!
    A mist lies across the river of time! Come through the mist!
    The fogs of creation are filling with love! Bring us the Love!
    People of the Dawn, People of the Light, Hear Us!
    Pass through the old quartz portals. Come into our Space.
    (Light the first candle, sprinkle the water)

    The Creator made the world - come and see it!
    From Nothing into Something was it made!
    We have the gift of breath and thought!
    We have the gift of life and love! Hear Us!
    Pass through the Rock Eagle portal. Come into our Time.
    (Light the second candle, sprinkle the water)

    Look at us, hear us, People of the Dawn! People of the Light!
    Heart of Heaven, Heart of Earth! Join together, make it One!
    May the people have peace and be happy! May they have joy!
    Grandmother of the light, let the love come! Grandmother, Hear Us!
    Pass through the Rock Hawk portal. Come into our Energy.
    (Light the third candle, sprinkle with water)

    People of the Dawn, People of the Light, Hear Us!
    We only came here to sleep! It is not true we came to
    live on the Earth!
    We only came here to dream! Our bodies will wither and die!
    Send Eagle to wake us up! Our hearts will grow green again!
    Pass through the Rock Falcon portal. Come into our Matter.
    (Light the fourth candle, sprinkle the water)

    Da go no hi li

    Da yu gi yo hi ni

    Di ye i di si gi

    Ga lu gi

    Wo ha li Di ye si di si gi

    Flying this way daylight wakes them up!
    She comes, Eagle wakes them up!
    Hawk follows Eagle! Hawk wakes them up!
    Falcon follows Eagle! Falcon wakes them up!

    Grandmother of the light, let the dawn come! Let it come!
    Grandfather of the Heaven, let the love come! Let it come!
    First Mother of creation, let the light come! Let it come!
    First Father of creation, let the love come! Let it come!

    People of the Dawn, Hear Us! Come forward!
    Give us all the power of Love! Give us Love!
    Flow to us all the energy of Love! Send us Love!
    Eagle flies the Wings of Love! Bring us the Love!

    Now I am awake! Now I walk with talking God!
    With love and beauty in all things around me I go!
    With love and beauty I follow immortality!
    And I only ask, May it be beautiful behind me!

    I will take care not to go towards the dark!
    I will go towards the light and love of the day!
    I will fly where Eagle flies, where Hawk and Falcon fly!
    And I will fly where Eagle flies on the Wings of Love!

    Now, if you like, fly eagle's wings of love in the figure 8 pattern. Feel the flowing energy of Love. Please email your ritual experiences to me.


    How did your ritual go? After the experience I had, I vowed to have an Indian love ritual more often. In fact, you can perform this ritual any time you want to!

    I set my portal up in the shape of the Rock Eagle. I used quartz rocks I had collected from within a mile of the place in Eatonton, Georgia. (I live in Jesup, Georgia) Using the quartz rocks, I made an outline of the eagle, a perfect replica, 3 feet long with a wing span of about 2-1/4 feet. At the top of the eagle I stood a 1-1/4 ft. high bronze candelabra and a white candle. At the base of this candelabra I placed a colorful bird feather mask I have had for years. The mask is right at the top of the eagle's head. Just inside the eagle's head, where the eye would be, I placed a Dwendi Stone from the Philippines. This is a smooth, brown, magical healing stone the healers there use to cure terminal illnesses. It is said to have been touched by a Dwendi, a powerful spirit who inhabits the Philippines. This particular stone has been used many times in healings and I was fortunate to receive it as a gift. I used the stone to symbolize the eagle's eye like the eye of Horus or the 3rd eye or living eye - the Anja chakra. By this placement of the Dwendi Stone, I hoped to open further my Anja chakra.

    For the eagle's nose and nostrils, I placed 3 quartz stones: a red phantom quartz crystal (spirit guide stone); anthraxilite with a carbon phantom crystal inside; and sceptre, a tiny and beautiful rock crystal quartz formation in the shape of a sceptre. To the left of the eagle's neck I placed a large crystal ball on a bronze dragon stand, and to the right of the eagle's neck I placed a smaller crystal ball, also on a bronze dragon stand. I did this to encourage spirit to appear inside the crystal ball.

    Inside the wings of the eagle I scattered Tiger-Eye quartz, dried red rose petals, and dried red rose buds. At the top of the eagle's chest, I placed Side 2 of the Phaistos Disk/portal disk cutout. Just below that I placed a bronze angel, a Cupid with wings. Below the angel and center the chest of the eagle I placed the Knight of Cups tarot card, the card symbolizing the liquid energy of Love. Then I placed 3 more cards I liked. Just to the left of these cards I placed my healing wand, a milky quartz crystal I use for healings. Below the cards, inside the tail of the eagle, I placed Side 1 of the portal disk cutout. In the left tail section of the eagle I placed a milky quartz crystal I carry with me always for its beneficial, protective properties.

    Then, I scattered amethyst and milky quartz crystal points inside the chest and tail of the eagle, all around the cards and the disks. I also placed Mockingbird, Dove and Bluejay feathers in this same area. To the right and left of the eagle's chest I placed pewter candelabras with white candles. At the base of the eagle I placed another tall, bronze candelabra and white candle.

    I began the ritual by using an Amazon rain forest rain stick, given to me only a few months ago. I sat at the head of the eagle between the nose and the right wing span, with the feather mask and the candelabra to my right. I began the ritual by shaking the rain stick 4 times, then pausing and repeating the motion. I did that several times between 8:25 and 8:30. I could feel a difference in vibratory level of the portal as I used the rain stick. (Portals respond to some sounds.)

    At 8:30 I began the Fire Water Ritual to call forth the Wings of Love. Between the first four verses of the ritual, I used the rain stick, this time shaking it 5 times instead of 4, 5 being the number of change. After the first 4 verses I continued to use the rain stick between verses, but shaking it 4 times, 4 being the number of fullness. At the end of the ritual I realized I had forgotten to light the candles and sprinkle the flames with water! I got the Chalice Well water given me by Cynthia and began to light the candles and sprinkle the water. I noticed right away that the fire LIKED the water and the water LIKED the fire. I sprinkled the water on the quartz rocks and they also LIKED the water. So, I went around and did it a second time since the fire and the water were so enjoying themselves! The fire and the water still wanted to mix some more, so I went around again and sprinkled the water a third time! I was just about out of water.

    I then did eagle dance. I danced the figure 8 with my arms outspread and with the rain stick. Right away, I noticed I didn't want to stop dancing the eagle. I danced it over and over and finally made myself sit down.

    I sat down in a Buddha meditative pose and began to relax into the softness of the portal. About 5 minutes passed and I wondered if anything was going to happen. That's when I began to experience the flow of Kundalini energy along Ida and Pingala, the psychic nervous system along the spine. Ida and Pingala are entwined like twin serpents along the spinal column. I began to feel a sensation of love all over my body and it seemed like my spinal column was turning to water and flowing. The Chi energy began to flow in an undulating manner, snake-like and rhythmic, and I thought, 'This is why it's called serpent energy!' As I sat in the meditative pose, my whole body began to move in a rhythmic, flowing motion that felt sensational. I could feel healing properties flowing throughout my body and I began to feel blissful and warm all over. I also felt very light and floating, as if I might levitate right at that moment if I tried.

    Just then, my inner vision was awash in a blueviolet light, some of it pulsing and swaying, some of it squiggly and dancing. I thought a great, spiritual power had done a laying on of hands right at the top of my head at the Crown chakra. The chakra was pulsing and I could feel light and love flowing and in and out of the top of my head. I was babbling some kind of gratitude words like oh, wow, and don't let this stop, and keep on with this, this is wonderful, thank you so much. I just wanted the sensations to continue as long as possible and I thought by uttering appreciations I could keep it going. I think it worked.

    By this time it was 10:00, I was surprised to see. I turned my computer on and saw I had email from Lokas Aethyrs asking me to hop on spiritweb at Stonehenge spirit chat and talk about the ritual. I was moving in slow motion and could have meditated for some time longer. I hopped on spirit chat and several of the people chatting told me that although they had not done the ritual they had experienced within the last two hours a feeling of bliss, love and warmth. I am still experiencing the Love that came to me as a result of calling for it.

    In retrospect, I believe my portal experience began at 7:00p when I took a bath. (It's good to do cleansing before you begin a ritual.) I put a scoop of sea salt, bubblebath crystals in the water, which turned it a beautiful aqua blue. Then, out of an antique quart jar I dumped dried, red rose petals into the water. The contrast of colors was incredible! I soaked for about 30 minutes and it is only now that I realize that I spent the entire time in the tub humming and singing some little happy song about rose petals on my toes!!!!

    If you have ritual results you would like to share, please email them to me. I would like to post some of them on the Ritual of the Rock Eagle Portal Spiritweb page.

    On the Wings of Love

    From Barbara Switzer (Blueagle)

     "I truly believe a lot of it has to do with the thought, desire, and the devotion put into it. I don't have a lot of crystal, about 8 pieces. I sat mine up on a large green and white Indian blanket, on the floor. Candles at north, east south and west, all white. Mostly ameythst and clear crystals sat all around the edges. I formed my eagle out of rosary necklaces given me by a spirit sister. One is Ameythst stones, the other I'm not sure, beautiful yellow stones!! The portal disc, I placed at the head with a beautiful 3 in phantom crystal in the center. I sat between the foot of the eagle and the left wing span!!

    I didn't forget to light the candles and sprinkle the water, but I sure grinned when I read your letter, because that sounded exactly like me!! Like you, I danced the dance of the eagle and chanted the Indian words!!Then I sat back in same spot with eyes closed, Buddha pose. From the time I first entered the portal I noticed a difference in the energy. Afterwards while in meditation, the energy was so strong pulsing thru my body and head. My ears were pounding and ringing so loud, it reminded me of tom toms. I didn't want to leave it or come out of it, like Spirit was all around me. After those kind of experiences, I like to be real quiet!! (so I was)"

    From Dan Furst:

    While my preparations and physical layout of the ritual were not nearly as elaborate as yours--mine involved dowsing to find the vortex in my home, and making a simple arrangement of candles, crystals, cards, bells and sacred geometric shapes -- I did feel a very deep physical surge of energy, especially when I was playing my didjeridoo. After the ritual, I felt an enormous flow of energy that I really needed, as I was setting up for an evening party that my wife and I had last night. The feeling in the room was beautifully light and airy, the interaction among the people light and effortless. Somehow the ritual seemed to have cleared and energized the space. The energy remained high even after the last guest left. We didn't go to bed until about three hours later.

    From Light Vicki L Goodwin:

    I followed the ritual as instructed. I played the continuous OM tape in the background. I went into a deep peaceful meditation right away. I have a family and they were not involved in the ritual or in anything that I am involved in ....oh well. Anyway after about 30 minutes my daughter shut a door and I had a startle reflex. I did not want to come out of my deep peaceful meditation but I had some adrenalin in me and it was difficult to get centered again.

    About 2a.m. all the lights went out in my neighborhood. At about 4:30a.m. the power company was seen at a transformer box across the street from the room I did the ritual. The weather was beautiful in Greenville, NC last night so the power did not go out because of a storm etc. I believe the Beings of Light were giving me a sign that they were and are here and they heard my request. Thank you Claire for leading us in this beautiful prayer of love.

    From Saskia Bosman:

    Thank you very much for your Email messages. How beautiful, to read your report of your ritual.

    Unfortunately, I haven't done one and I even didn't think about it. But I am sure the portal had some effect on me and on the people I was with.

    That day (for us in Holland the ritual time was mainly in the afternoon), I was facilitating a Brain Healing Day in the North of my country, with guided meditations, sound, movement and working with color, in order to balance and integrate the brain and activating its large slumbering areas. But looking back at that day, I must say the energy was exceptionally gentle and the air was filled with intense joy. Somehow (and also very unusual at a brain healing day) we were all called from inside to bring crystals. Spontaneously we have built a large crystal mandala in the center of the group at the beginning of the day, which stayed there the whole workshop.

    Hopefully next time I will participate more actively. Please keep me informed, your work is inspiring!

    From Anonymous

    This ritual was held in a crystal-studded cave in Arkansas.

    The pursuit and quarry, chase and kill, ceremony and magic are one and inseparable. Shiva and Shakti in union. My implementation of the disc ritual flew to where I was and who I am. Ultimately, we are all on separate paths.

    My site was a cave 20 feet up a limestone cliff. Its four foot, southeast facing, oval entrance overlooks a small lake. To the right is a deep and sharp chasm. It's 20 miles from Hot Springs and in the heart of the Arkansas crystal belt. The cave walls are studded with them.

    The dawn chill created a heavy mist on the water. bout 100 feet from the cave a ghostly Blue Heron flushed from the shoreline and disappeared through vapor to the west. This was an omen.

    I felt rushed to prepare a ritual I had only read and meet the 0830 EST deadline. It went together without effort. A soft dirt patch was immediately in front of the entrance with a pile of crushed leaves for a seat. I set crystals on a the points of a Roman cross facing the entrance. I put an Adventurine to the left, and two stones of unknown origin, but known power, to the right. The disc was placed in the middle with a large crystal in its center.

    The magic started with the first words of the Fire Water Ritual. Saying "People of the dawn, people of the light, come forward now!" I immediately felt a laughter or mirth saying "Do you think we could go away if we wanted to?" The mist formed into shapes that moved both toward me and toward the west. I've seen them before: Conical energy formations twirling counter clockwise.

    At the "Pass through the old quartz portal" line I felt something behind me. My spine braced, not out of fear and not in any sort of grip. The urge to turn to see it was stilled with the realization I was seeing it. It was a part of me and that visceral understanding would only be confused and distorted by vision or something akin to looking at your liver.

    Surges of energy pulsed thought the upper third of my ida and pingala. The Anahata chakra opened quickly in apparent sympathy with the channels. As is usual with me, this triggered an almost maudlin burst of love and good will followed by a keen awareness of the lower three chakras. The snake was moving but instead of Kundalini down to up, or the Kabalic up to down, it was going from front to back.

    The ceremony went well until the calling of the eagle emanation. With this the path wavered and the shapes and energies diffused. This was not the morning of the eagle for me. It was the day of the heron. This image took over and direction returned.

    The rest of the ceremony went easily. There was reverence, happiness, and a few jokes as tricksters are usually on my path. There were no birds. The eagle was out of place and the heron was an omen. What did arrive came without feathers. I didn't focus on any symbol and seemed to go directly to the shapes and energies.

    The native language chant seemed obtuse. Maybe it was the wrong song for the place. My usual mantras fared no better. The lack of a focusing sound was starting to break the moment but a simple ohm brought it back.

    I had planned to Yantra meditation on the disk but things started quickly. The energy from the year seemed to shift to sushumna. My spine surged to a brace I could feel from the base to the brain. My eyes and nose tingled and sensations became more intense. With head stretched rearward I spontaneously began forming complex mudras. Some were similar to ones I use. Others were unique. I can't repeat them.

    I can recall some of the following minutes with clarity. For most of it though, I was not there or what I experienced doesn't translate to our everyday language. I was with the "People of the dawn." They had let me be with them for awhile.

    I was aware of intentionally moving my chakras four or five times. My channels were so open it was easy. I was able to surge to Ajana and hold it for maybe five seconds at a time.

    The crystals glowed. The candles were lit but the flames were higher than the crystals. With soft vision, I was aware of the lines between the crystals and the cross, which had been scratched on dark earth. I had a large crystal on the center of the disk it glowed strongly even though it was away from the candles.

    I felt the disc's presence but really didn't feel it. Part of this was my unfamiliarity with it. The disc has power but I couldn't tap into it. Toward the end the top candle toppled sending a stream of red wax across the disc. It was dramatic and fun but I couldn't read anything from it.

    The climax would be when I was given the revelation that all was well, but I am not ready to go farther right now. I didn't want to come back but there was a strong, voiceless message given to me, "there's time, there's time." I knew I will be back.

    A falling rock noise to my left year ended it. I immediately knew it was over. I checked my watch and about 45 minutes had gone by. I started to stand and realized I had been in a half lotus for all this time. This is more than 40 minutes more than I usually keep this position.

    The two mile lake side walk back to the car was calm and almost thoughtless. The rest of the day was laden with melancholy from knowing my path is still long. This was mitigated by also knowing that something is walking with me.

    Yes, it worked. Yes, I was introduced to some sort of portal even in the narrowest sense of the word. No, I did not perform the ritual properly and some of the basic elements elude me.

    I will return to the cave at dawn. I will someday follow the direction I was given to move down the gorge and to the west. I can't recreate what happened that October morning. But I can visit and let the People of the dawn lead me.

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