Minoan ferry, 1600 BCE, Crete - Minoan Lines cruise ferry in Crete today


According to our Hazardous Historical Television, the Minoans sailed across the Aegean waves back and forth from Crete to Egypt to tour the Great Pyramid, that monumental feat of Bronze Age technology and the most popular tourist destination on the planet back then as it is now.

"Homer tells us, 'the dark—prowed ships are borne to Egypt by the force of the wind and the wave. 'The southbound trade of Minoan Crete pours out here, swelled by goods from northern merchants who ship their cargoes overland to avoid a long detour by perilous seas. ( The Life of Greece , Will Durant, 1939)

There seems to me to be a connection between (1) the identification and naming of constellations by the Minoans; (2) their apparent access to the pyramid, perhaps for astronomy and/or religion, represented by the explicit images on the Disk of their exploration of the pyramid, in combination with the constellation Argo seen on the Disk; (3) the Minoan boat on the Disk and the Minoans' advanced nautical technology and navigational skills, represented by the North Star image on the Disk, and; (4) their apparent travel to the pyramid from many foreign ports in the Aegean, not just ports in Crete.

Early astronomy involved the study of the properties of a circle and the geometry of a sphere, for use in astronomy. This involves the antique science of "containment of geometrical arrangements," nearly lost now but building pyramids and civilizations way back then. I think the Disk preserves not only the cultural relationship of the Minoans with Egypt and the Great Pyramid but also preserves part of this ancient science that may have been used in the construction of the Great Pyramid.

Whoever created the Phaistos Disk (and fire-hardened it to preserve it) must also have been knowledgeable about this ancient science and might therefore have been the da Vinci of that world. Such a person from that time exists in myth, known to us as Daedalus, a visionary and the world's most famous inventor. If Daedalus created the Phaistos Disk or invented it and commissioned a brilliant artist to create it, this could be another invention of Daedalus or it could be the renown Maze of Daedalus.

Minoan Olympics
Phaistos Disk pictograph, RunnerPhaistos Disk pictograph, Runner Phaistos Disk pictograph, Runner

Phaistos Disk pictograph, Runner, compared with Minoan mural of runners


Phaistos Disk Pattern
Phaistos Disk Pattern
Phaistos Disk Pattern
Phaistos Disk Pattern


Phaistos Disk
Phaistos Disk hidden pictograph, Pyramid
Phaistos Disk
Phaistos Disk
Phaistos Disk
Phaistos Disk, Great Pyramid, Interior

The Phaistos Disk will test your beliefs about the universe. Do you believe in the Big Bang universe or do you believe in the Intelligent Design universe? Can the universe be both? The mind searches for evidence of your beliefs as it seeks patterns in chaos. Does it find them? Try searching the Phaistos Disk for patterns!

Claire Grace Watson vs. Dr. Jerome Eisenberg in Japanese, as written and presented by Urashima (History and Archaeology) )

Then I read the unique interpretation that the disk describes the history of [Thisea] and [Argonayton] from [Kler] [Goyatson] (Claire Grace Watson): It showed how the conjunction with lines of similar symbols on ton disk they gave the depiction of [gnostoteron] constellations. And then I remembered what connected the Disk of [Faistoy] with the [yperdoynabioys] Thraces that reported [Fokoyno]: In 2002 [bre] [thike] in Nebra of Saxon a cupreous disk of diameter 30 hundredth with golden astrological representations of age of 3.600 years. (Gia Kvashilava in Georgian, The Secret Alphabet of the Phaistos)

Phaistos VasePhaistos Vase

This vase pictograph from the disk matches this vase excavated at Phaistos. On the vase is a spiral and a design resembling the symbol for the Greek letter Phi. (Phi-stos)

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