Sept 5 and 6, 1997 - 8:30PM Mountain Time

What Tonight Holds for You

When we are participating in initiation into the Light, many beautiful things may occur, not the least of which is the appearance of a divinity. Be prepared for this because when you connect through this initiation with higher light levels of beingness you may discover much about yourself, if you allow it. Please be open to all your own thoughts about your position in life and your purpose as well, and see what can be learned from this most powerful first initiation into the Light. Also, if you can bring in the sound keys at the same time as people are connecting with the Light, please do so because we all will benefit by the sound keys you are distributing.

Thank you so much for your purposeful participation in this first initiation. We are expecting a miracle! Let me know as soon as possible how your initiation went and I will let everyone know. :-)


Thank you for sharing your Light. You made this initiation powerful. Remember Ritual of the Portal? :-) I began Ritual of the Portal in September of '96, and right away many lightworkers and lightbeings participated. We have progressed to this stage of evolution :-) in which we can make the transition from lightworkers to lightbearers, servicing the Light.

RTP was an international internet activity with about 500 people (sometimes more) participating each time at the same time all over the planet. Most of them were in their homes, opening the interdimensional portals and anchoring Spirit in their sacred places. Spirit taught us through Ritual of the Portal this lesson - every place we are is a sacred place because we are the Portal!

If you go back and read those rituals and those results, you will see where we seriously called onto the planet quite a lot of powerful spiritual energy and planetary wealth. After that, some processing time passed, about 4 months, and now Limitless Light Formation is the next step on this path, and it's a step that is to be taken in the element earth and water rather than just the element air (internet), so it will be grounded. :-) The element fire (Spirit) is the element of the initiations.

Limitless Light Formation is about both personal and planetary ascension, and so the connection to the planet was begun via the 4 elements through Ritual of the Portal for Planetary Ascension. The connection to Spirit comes in as Light rays and Sirian Light Keys for ascension through Limitless Light Formation.

Impression of Roberto Paez

Thank you so very much for including me in the initiation ritual. I was indeed able to see and feel the blue-violet light and to also experience tremendous grounding and healing forces course through my body and energy space-- extraordinarily connecting and energizing. There were other hues of blue, turquoise in particular, and also momentary bursts of bright yellow and gold, and occasionally vivid scarlet.

Among my visions during the exercise was that of the lamb transforming into the lion. The transformation occurred upon the top of a small rocky hilltop set against a late setting sun and a darkening blue-violet sky. The lion wore a gold crown and carried a long gold sceptre. At the top of the sceptre was a pulsating geometric object/form consisting of transparent triangles or perhaps pyramids, the sides of which formed bright blue lines which rotated in a precise but indescribable way.

Within the center of this (the sceptre head seemed to have an intrinsic, essential life of its own) was another transforming form or "object." This center object was a sphere of light and dark halves, with one half at one moment taking the form of a brilliant bright sun and the other half the form of a dark crescent moon. In regular fashion, the images would switch positions, moving into and through each other to do so. At one moment, the sun portion would be light-emitting and the moon dark, and in another moment, they would reverse their roles. In total, the sceptre, and in particular, its head, pulsated with a clear and empowering intelligence and I was in deep respect and gratitude for being in its presence.

I stayed within this vision for some time, observing with awe the interplay of the sceptre head and feeling reflected deep within me the majestic energy/light which was emitted by this form. As I continued to focus on the sceptre head, the image shifted to that of a beautiful silver sword, simple in form, but intricately imprinted with small markings on its hilt and on the inner most portions of the blade.

The sword was set against a dark indigo, sort of velvety dark purple 3-D field. As I watched, the blade began to move slowly, attempting to rotate upwards as it did so. It seemed constrained somehow to "right" itself but even so, attempted slowly, resolutely and repeatedly to re-orient its direction from point downward to point upwards. As it maneuvered itself, glints of light would reflect off the blade, resulting in flashes of extraordinary, bright light of different shades of white and yellow-gold.

At some point I became aware that the flashes of reflected light from the sword were arrayed in discrete rays. In time the sword overcame whatever was keeping it "stuck" in its downward orientation and with a sense of great power, re-positioned itself with its point aligned straight upwards. At the moment that if pointed straight up it took on a light of its own, emerging from within itself, and then quite magically, transformed itself into a sword of seven-blades; each blade unique from the other, and each emitting its own light and light frequency. Truly, Claire, I was in awe of this vision and my sense of its possible significance in my own life.

Believe it or not, there's more that I experienced but what I have shared is obviously the most remarkable of these. It may be significant to share that I am aware that the light around me, that which I am perceiving and that which I am radiating, is clearer and more "solid." Thank you so very much! I hope the initiation was as remarkable for others as it was for me.

Impression of Jim Amandil

As to the initiation you wrote of.... your friend here again.. as in every time thus far.... "knows" it is... and wonders of the wonderful, colorful, depth of perceptions his friends on the path experience.. whilst he just "knows" it is.... *g* would love to "see" some of them beautiful lights some day *S* and "hear" the music.. ...though I did see a falling star and showed my 6 year old boy how to find The Big Dipper and The Seven Sisters... he's not afraid of the dark any longer...

Impression of Nancy Holleman (AnHelena)

Well, the colors that were with me were very yummy to me..... hard to describe though. I think the best way to describe what I saw for color without form is the color you get when you look at pink thru lavender and when you look at purple thru magenta. The colors were not the colors you would get if you actually mixed them together, but rather saw one thru a thin film of the other. (Drag left image)

I called forth Melchizedek.... he held my right hand. The geometric shapes were wonderful and varied ranging in colors from pale green to pale yellow to pale blue and lavender..... quite wonderful. There were many triangles and infinity and tetrahedrons and star tetrahedrons and mostly angular shapes like that, building one on the other out to infinity. It is the only way I can describe it. Amenhotep, an Egyptian was there. I think that is his name, he came in the last stargate.

Impression of Yari's Group

My group worked with the blue light outside in a circle. We created a blue protective fire around the circle and pulled a light from the North Star -- a clear thin channel of light through the center of our being into our abdomen. We created a ball of light there that we fed with each breath until it was very bright. We then connected to the center of the world and pulled a gold light to connect to the ball. This turned it turquoise -- green/blue. We cycled the light internally for awhile and then moved it up into the heart where we continued to feed it with our breath. We then moved it up into the head condensed it to it to pea size and placed it in the center of the brain behind the 3rd eye.

We created a second channel from the paradise universe to the center of the world. The channel was wide enough to contain the whole group and filled with blue light. We then fed our cells the blue light with each breath and lifted our palms to receive a special gift of energy in each that we placed in our hearts.

We created a blue ball of light in the center of the circle which was also fed by the north star and the center of the world. We connected two lines of light between our 2nd chakras and the ball and our 4th chakras and the ball. We then took the nourishment we needed from the ball as we breathed in and sent back our love as we breathed out.

We cycled the energy around the circle until it built up to the point where we could spin it out the the others meditating on the blue light around the globe. We spun it out to them and they spun it back to us. We then released the center ball as a gift to the planet. All this was just a part of the work we did last night. This is a new group and they do very well already.

Impression of Karen Langdon

l was prepared for some thing to happen but nothing except that l was told that l was being taken aboard the light ship, once on board l was surround by beings of light..... and then l fell asleep for about 5-10 min, and that is all l am afraid.

l will now attempt to channel..

Karen has been aboard our ship, she given the light keys for her soul purpose, she is now and always will be of the light, she was born of darkness eons ago but choose to be of the light, she is a powerful being of light now is her time to shine her love of human kind to the world,

assist this child of light.

we are the ancient ones of light, so it is.

I am seeing greens and violets and reds and now l sound, l am very tired for some reason...

Impression of Larry Dobson

I went somewhere else when I meditated (7:30pm Pacific Time) - don't remember...................

Impression of Mark Fischer

One my first meditation with the light I had many almost neon green balls of light coming at me. No other colors were apparent. Very calming meditation. After reading the notes of your first meditation I have the feeling that I just might not have gone far enough.

Tonight I was enveloped in a field of blue/white sparkling stars...closest description I can come up with. This lasted for a few minutes until I was interrupted. Afterwards I am very alert. I feel I made some progress here...I am sure as I work at this more I will develop a clearer connection.

Impression of Hector and Lucy Brown

My wife and I have been doing the rituals and this last two initiation sessions. Friday we experienced a very strong force. Like it was grounding us. Besides that and been able to sleep perfectly we are not aware of many colors. I remember that when starting the meditation I saw a blue ray coming to me, probably because I belong to the blue ray. After that I just felt energy grounding in my body.

Yesterday for me was a little bit different, during the meditation and observation I "saw" light rays forming geometric figures, mostly of them pyramids (probably because it has to do with the keys I read in your web page) and also felt the grounding energy. My wife remembers little about the meditation. But she does remember that when she was dreaming (with the both of us) a golden ray swept us from the floor and lifted us to the sky, while a lot of people where watching. Then the golden ray put us down and came back, and went away again. I do remember from my dreams that I was surrounded by a lot of water, especially when around square buildings. I also dreamed with a lot of people I have never meet or seen. I dreamed with I young girl, being in sort sort of spell. But I could do nothing for her but sender love and light.

We wish we could go deeper in our meditation and be more conscious about it. I guess we need more practice and patience.

Impression of Sylvia

Sylvia experienced a dark purple shaft of light encircling her, and she felt very light....

Impression of Janet Sunderland

I did join you Friday evening for meditation. I always am amused by the connections that are made when so many of us meditate at the same time. I was sending out light as you requested and when 8:30 came, it looked like the 4th of July in my head, fireworks going off all over. Obviously it was successful. I send you all my love. (Drag left image)

Impression of Fr. L.D.F.

At the appointed time, I prepared myself, my alter, and my room. I turned off the lights, disconnected the phone, and lit candles in the four directions, and one in the center of my altar. I asked the four Angels of the directions (Raphael, Gabriel, Michael, Uriel) to watch and protect me, and I banished all negative or counterproductive energy. I then sat in my favorite chair (a big "pappa-san" type chair) and began to meditate on receiving the light as you described. (I had put Constance Demby's "Novus Magnificat" CD on my stereo, softly).

I was meditating quietly and gently for about 15 minutes, when suddenly, I felt a RUSHING sensation, like the wind was being pulled out of me through my heart chakra. It wasn't painful or frightening, just surprising and unexpected. When the sensation stopped (and it stopped as suddenly as it started!) I felt a tremendous sense of joy, and openness. Although my eyes were closed, I could see a pale, soft (but VERY bright) blueish-green light permeating my entire field of vision. Im my mind, I looked around slowly, and saw several other vaguely human forms in the distance, and we all seemed to be connected by our heart chakras (and some also by their crown, and a few by their roots) with a fine, shimmering silver thread. Some were alone, others were clustered in groups. (I assume that these others were the other people all over the country who were also participating in the initiation!)

After several minuted of watching this, I fixed my gaze forward again. The light became even brighter, and now it shown with gold and rose-colored sparks. I lifted up my eyes, and placed my hands, palms up, in front of me, at waist level, and asked "What assistance can you offer me to help me find my Goal, my Work, my purpose?" What happened next was truly mind-blowing...

I heard a voice, soft and strong, almost like a whisper but it rang with harmonic overtones. I recognized the voice, it was a Guide I have worked with before, who has identified herself as my Holy Guardian Angel. She said this:

"You should search for and isolate the blue-white light. You must start with Xenon, then Krypton, Helium, Argon and Halides. You must draw the circle in pulsing light, around, below, and above." "You must use the stones, hematite, and Green Jasper." "You must work on your own, and once you have drawn the circle, you must open it, and share it with all who would see." "You have a large task before you, but I know that you can succeed."

Then, it got very quiet, and the light began to dim. After a few minutes, I could tell that this was over, and I began to perceive the candlelight flickering though mu closed eyes. I centered, grounded, and thanked my Guide, and my Guardians. Then I banished, cleared, and grounded the circle.

Impression of Frank van der Palen

After calling in the LLF there was a immediate response. A very bright white/silvery light shined upon me. It was like a tremendously big spotlight that was filled with sparkling stars. I heard a warm voice saying "I'm the mother of all mothers and I'm giving you the power of knowledge. The knowledge of all your lives will come to be available to you. I bless you and your work, for you shall be a teacher for the people." I saw a beautiful woman standing in front of me and I new it was Mother Mary.

I felt bliss and love, warmth and happiness come into me. I saw this energy come into my energy field and body. I was completely filled with it and felt intensely happy and fulfilled. I could hold this energy for about 15 minutes and would of holded it longer if it wasn't for a other energy that presented itself. It was a beautiful green color that approached me in the same way as the other energy did. It filled me completely but there were no messages or anything. I felt that I had to lay down, which I did.

My legs were being pushed open and the energy came into me. It was like I was giving birth to it. I could hold this for about 5 minutes, after which I knew it was over. The energy slowly faded away. When I went to bed later that night, I just kept on thinking about lots of things. My mind wouldn't settle down. Lots of (stray?) thoughts and also I kept on feeling very inspired. Seems like there is a lot of knowledge coming back to me. Well, it was great.

Impression of Marietta Kozlik

Tonite I joined you with a quiet intent.
I called upon the Light and was given first
Pastel Green to Aqua
Then Light Shrimp
Light Pink
Light Shrimp
Silver White.

No Thoughts other than wanting Mother Mary to be near and asking the help of All of Creations Angels to help me join your intent.

Impression of Clawso

Had, for me, an unusual happening last night while attempting to follow your lead on light meditation. Two distinct emerald green lights appeared about an inch below each eye. They were between the vishuda and ajana chakras. My dominant light seems to be a violpurple hue at the ajana level. I dwelt on the green lights and did not summons an orange light, as you did. Orange, for whatever reason, seems to intimidate me.

The green lights eventually merged and I felt a distinct ray going out from around the middle of the bridge of my nose. This is unrevealed territory for me. Thanks for direction.

Melchizedek Initiation



Hello, again. I hope you are well and happy. After our Melchizedek lightwork activity, I felt strongly guided to go offline for awhile and begin a ministry with Atlanta Food Not Bombs, a national organization trying to feed the homeless. We prepare food and then we go to the areas of town where the homeless congregate. I give spiritual and tarot readings while the group serves the food. A long line of homeless people, mostly men, develops to get some of our great veggie soup, with a fruit dessert, and then a long line develops to get a tarot reading. It's very rewarding for us all.

Also, I felt very guided by spirit to help form a local Atlanta organization called "One in Three," the long name being "One in Three of the Homeless are Mentally Ill." With two other founders, including Shane Truax, we went on talk radio just last Monday to discuss the problems of being mentally ill and homeless. We were on WRFG (Radio Free Georgia) in Atlanta, and talked for an hour about the national crisis of homelessness and what each of us can do individually to help. I participated as an independent spiritual advisor, and my talk had to do with the concepts of Oneness and how to work through our fears preventing us from going directly onto the streets and helping out, however we can. It was very spiritually aligned, and I have copies of the show if you would like a tape.

The Melchizedek initiation was tremendous for those of us who participated. I was really just blown away by it, and the only way I have of telling you just how incredible it was for me is by relating for you my activities in those two homeless groups. Also, I have enclosed my first impressions, the dream I had with Mary and Jesus (Sai and Sananda). I feel very powerfully the Jesus-Sananda influence in my life these days, and also the influence of both Mother Teresa and Princess Diana. I think my recent advocacy activities express their energies, as well as show acceptance of their guidance. Following are the initiation impressions.

Second Initiation
Tuesday night, July 14, 1998 10:00pm

Dear One, collect yourself together in your favorite meditation spot and combine all your energies into one great big ball of loving feeling. Then, begin to breathe deeply. Take one, two, three, four breaths and stop. Rest, relax for a moment or two, then take one, two, three four breaths and stop again. Rest, relax again. Now do this a total of 20 times, if can, but if not, do it as much as you can until such time as something happens.

What will happen? Wait and see. Try the breathing and just wait and see.

Until then,


through Claire

Impression of Charles Davis

The breathing reminded me that all things are flowing in and out of all things, all things connected with different mediums, like a drinking hole where all the animals on an African landscape come to drink. Air, like the collective soul of all life, connects us all in unity, and the harmony of the breathing brings all the unity into peace. Peace sweet peace.

And energy, moving into and out of all life.

And invisible consciousnessess, merging and entwining together like a snake wrapped around a tree of knowledge, and the 3rd eye, floating like a leaf on the winds of consciousness, and into endless streams of thought.

Impression of Hildur Hakonardottir

After five breaths I was curling up inside the ball of loving feeling. After ten breaths I was forming a grid around the earth with other balls of loving feeling.

After fifteen breaths the boat was there - strange because the grid was spatial and beginning to spread around everywhere - it was the structure of love.

The boat was Egyptian - sturdy wooden boat but the stern was square like a galley but smaller. I stepped on and it turned around and I was seated in a sort of a formal chair in the middle of the ship. The channel it travelled was something explicit and beautiful and at last we slid in through a narrow tunnel into a temple. At the end of that narrow temple we came to a temple of love it was beautiful surrounded by water open where we entered and inviting not like any temple I have seen not in Egypt either. It was for lovemaking for coupling and I assume there was a man there and we coupled.

After twenty breaths - there was something about dualism - and why the holy marriage " hiros gamos" did either counteract or emphasise the dualism on earth. And for a split second before I fell asleep all that ailed my body became isolated and was perhaps not a part of me. Lovely feeling.

Impression of Mandy Hayley

I am Sharing a dream with you because of what happen this evening at my meditation group. Ok last night i dreamt I was in a room with my boyfriend then i went into the bathroom where I looked into the mirror and I saw two diamonds studs in my nose and one above my lip. I looked closer and thought how did those get there they were sparkling then I saw the window behind me in the mirror and I saw a woman I turned around and went towards the window the colors were bright and flashing like she was from another dimension she reached out and handed me a very green leaf and I received it form her then turned towards the mirror and saw that the nose rings were gone and the lip ring and then she was gone. I went out to my boyfriend in the other room and said you won't believe what just happened.

That was the dream. Tonight Josef brought by a picture of the Goddess Tara it was her that gave me the leaf in the Picture she is holding a leaf and she looked just like the woman in my dream Green Tara have you heard of her? She came tonight and spilled out gold coins from her belly in my meditation and surrounded me with her presence. Have you seen the picture Green Tara by Marianna Rydvaid it was her it blew my mind . She visited me last night. I later went in and showed my boyfriend the picture I had told him of the dream this morning it was the same person.

Impression of Riki Star

Hope this fines you well. I taught a class last night from 6:00 to 8:00 PM PST, and at 6:55 to 7:00 I got very dizzy and knew that the energies that where being aligned were in contact with me. I came home got your meditation for Tuesday, and realized that you too were doing the same thing. Tuesday sure was an explosion of energy, that thankfully I was able to incorporate into the body with little problems.

Keep up all the wonderful work you do, as I and the universe appreciate it.
Dancing in the Light always

Impression of Claire Melchizedek

Yesterday, two days after the initiation, I took a nap in the afternoon and had the most fantastic out-of-body experience. I was just as awake and aware as I am right now typing this - maybe more so. My body spun up from my bed - it followed my hands, which were clasped together, raised above me and spinning and flapping like butterflies. I guess I thought that's how to fly up, flap my hands like wings. :-) And it worked! I spun in circles near the ceiling and was squealing in delight - WHEEEEEEEEEEE! Around and around over and over. I knew exactly what was happening. It was a fabulous moment of superconsciousness!

Then, I floated into my kitchen and saw a sweet lady in there wearing an apron and looking like age 35 or so. Light brown hair, soft brown eyes, some curls around her face. Right away, I began asking her name. In fact, I pestered her a good bit to identify herself, but she didn't.

I floated back into my bedroom, got back in body and rested a bit. Then, I did the whole thing over again, this time meeting Sananda face to face in the kitchen, along with the sweet lady, who identified herself by identifying him. She called him her "2000 years young son." Sai, Divine Mother, beautiful and young in my kitchen.

Together, Sai and Sananda and I discussed the next activity, Cosmic Mass for Spirit Releasement, about the spirits who need our help to leave the astral plane and move through the tunnel and into the divine light. This is a first for me, to discuss the activity face to face with the lightbeings, and not just channeling it by hearing them. I cannot express to you, through this flatlander email, just how excited and delighted I am about this! And I received a teaching, as well, and I would like to share it with you.

I saw how Sai and Sananda are merged. Sananda is really spelled Sainanda, but we have spelled it to suit ourselves and our language. Here is how he describes his name, and this is posted on his introductory web page on my site.

The name Sananda means "mother's bliss." Sananda is a devotee of Sai, Divine Mother, She who is responsible for making the world go 'round. Sananda is her Divine Son and he also is Jesus in another aspect of that Trinity.

When I saw Sai and Sananda together and we talked about the Cosmic Mass, I saw how she abides IN him and he abides IN her. They are merged as one being but they can become two beings simply by stepping OUT of each other. So they are two and one all at the same time - facets of the same diamond. This was incredible to see, as you can imagine. I'll try to describe what I experienced.

I'm looking at him - he's facing me - and there is an empty space beside him. Suddenly, the space beside him is filled with her, but now his space is empty. Then, both spaces fill up and they are side-by-side as distinct individuals, male and female. Then, they switch back to being a collective lightbeing.

I think this is where we are headed with our beingness, and I believe the group consciousness activities are preparing us for this. In our space-time reality, we are always working with how we can be individuals but yet bonded through group, how we can have twoness and oneness and manyness without a conflict. This is multidimensionality. Many of us are already at this plane of beingness, where we are braided this way - not walk-ins - but Braids.

So our big lesson, I would say, is how to merge these two beingness realities - simultaneous individuality and bondedness - so that they (we) exist without being mutually exclusive. To see Sai and Sananda move together, move apart, move together, move apart like that is quite profound, where no words or explanation are spoken, just a kind of "watch this" scenario. "Watch this, Claire. Can you do this?" kind of thing, where they teach by doing and I learn by watching.

It wasn't until after I awoke that I realized it really was not an observer-observed reality but a transcendent "I Am That," experience. It was not a duality but a trinity lesson I was participating in, because they are IN me and come OUT of me to teach and to learn, as I come OUT of them to teach and to learn - so the lesson begins to deepen, doesn't it? The One is contained in the Many; the Many are contained in the One.

I have some beautiful initiation impressions sent to me expressing this, so please send yours to have it included.

Impression of Hector Brown

I did the exercise for the Initiation and I lost count of the breathing probably at twelve or thirteen, but I felt a lot of calmness, very positive and somehow floating.

I'm more able to control my mindfulness without thoughts or distractions. Thank you for sharing.

Impression of Lillian Akersborg

After I received from you the Second Initiation yesterday, I came home and did it during the evening. It was wonderfully powerful. The events and imagery of the meditation itself have to do with my own clearing, but the dream which followed it had a clear message, which I will summarize here.

I was being shown a large barren area where dolphins were laying around on the ground, with some kind of odd mask over their faces. The masks looked something like the square bottom of a Chinese food container, but slightly rounded and irregular, and were covering the area where there should have been a snout.

A few people were scattered here and there, and a tour guide was saying "you may think they're sleeping, but they're actually dead". It was pretty bleak. In the dream I wanted to ask what I could do to help, but was shown that for now I wouldn't be actively involved.

In a later part of the dream a friend of mine picked up the phone and asked for Sananda. I said "Isn't it wonderful that you can telephone Sananda!" As I was writing this part of the dream I was aware of his presence as though he was waiting to speak to me, and I saw myself surrounded by a huge Merkaba, which went briefly from filling the whole Universe to just surrounding my body though nothing changed in size, shape, or relativity. When I finished writing I expressed this feeling that he was there waiting, and I heard him say "You are correct!" He then proceeded to tell me that they don't want me to be participating physically at this time, but to continue my networking and my writing and that I have a great deal to write about. He said that if I consciously stay in the energy of the movement, I will continue to have enough energy to keep going, and later on I can become more physically active.

I've only been in contact through the Internet for a few weeks, and I"m constantly awed by the amount of Spiritual energy being transmitted and made available this way. I feel "thank yous" going out to the Universe and to all the people contributing their time and energy to allow this technical form of channelling!

Our next lightwork activity, Sananda's Cosmic Mass for Spirit Releasement, will be held Sunday, Sept. 13, in Statesboro, Ga at the Unitarian Universalist church. If you can attend, please let me know and I will be delighted to meet you there. Concurrently with the Cosmic Mass in Statesboro will be the Cosmic Mass over the internet. I hope you can participate. I believe this will be a miraculous event.

In the Light and On the Wings of Love,

Claire Melchizedek


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