The Stellar Alignment of the Great Pyramid


This is the second article in the series addressing the ancient idea of there being opposing forces in the universe that are responsible for creation and for the continued vitality, creativity and integrity of our world. The light, or love-motivation force, and the dark, or fear-motivation force, are thought to be oppositional powers at work in the world. If we sort ideas into one of these two categories, Love-motivation or fear-motivation, which ideas will fall into which category? For example, sort reincarnation and sort resurrection to see where these ideas will fit. Perhaps they come under the same category, being variations on the theme of eternal life. Sort salvation-from-without and also enlightenment-from-within into these two categories. Now, go back and look at these ideas. Which ones do you select? Do you believe you can alter your spirit-soul's destiny by altering your personal beliefs?

The following shows the idea of oppositional forces at play in the lives of humans, as it was perceived by the Aztecs and the ancient Indians of Central America. The Aztecs were once love-motivated and they were open to earth energy and the Kundalini power of the serpent energy, which they called Quetzalcoatl, Feathered Serpent. This good god of theirs was finally displaced by Huitzilopochtli, god or war and of the sun. The values of the Aztecs became warped as they were guided by this Karmic sun god to produce the horrors of their civilization that we are familiar with. It wasn't always that way. There was a time when they subscribed to the teachings of the Feathered Serpent, who spoke to them of love, of the purpose of existence and of the meaning of life.

About existence and the meaning of life, an enlarged perspective can sometimes be gained if we think of life as a game. In ancient Mexico, the early Aztecs, Mayas and Toltecs played a game called Ollin, the Sacred Cosmic Ball Game. The game symbolized the game of life and taught each individual spiritual knowledge and the importance of being able to successfully mediate and manage the strong "positive" and "negative" universal forces. In this game, which was played at a temple-pyramid, all the world's a stage whereupon these great cosmic forces play out the dramas within them. Center stage and in the starring role is each individual, who channels and mediates the forces and within whom the forces are reconciled. Each person is thus the center of the universe.

The Forces of Light are represented by the World of Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent. We are seeing again in again, in diverse ancient civilizations, this Kundalini serpent-bird symbolism. In the legend of the Aztecs, the priests had a vision in which they saw their people establish a great civilization in a marshy area where they would see a cactus growing out of a rock, and perched on the cactus, an eagle eating a snake. Today, the eagle, cactus and snake appear on all Mexican paper money. A plant growing from a stone, an alchemical symbol seen in alchemy of the 16th century and later periods, represents the Philosopher's Stone, resurrection symbol of eternal life.

Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent, is an ascension symbol. The serpent and the energy it represents have been transmuted to a bird and a different energy, and now can fly or ascend. A modern depiction of Quetzalcoatl is seen as earth energy (Dragon current) becoming Kundalini energy. This powerful energy is depicted as capable of blazing through the physical body, setting it afire and transforming the vehicle into bird energy or ascension energy. Is it surprising that we channel the earth energy into ourselves and out the top of our heads? If the energy is not carefully directed, it can produce warrior societies, as in the case of the Aztecs.

Quetzalcoatl is associated with Venus, the morning and evening star. He is also a symbol of death and resurrection. Quetzalcoatl's Forces of Light are:

Malinalli (Life),  Coatl (Creator),  Calli (Preserve), 
Xochitl (Joy),  Itzcuintli (Love),  Mazatl (Peace), 
Ollin (Power),  Cuetzpallin (Fertility),  Cuauhtli (Air), 
Atl (Water), 

His opponent is Tezcatlipoca, god of the night sky and symbol of death and reincarnation. The Forces of Darkness are represented by the World of Tezcatlipoca. The dark forces are:

Miquiztli (Death),  Cipactli (Idleness),  Cozcaquauhtli (Spoiler), 
Acatl (Emptiness),  Ocelotl (Hatred),  Ozomatli (Inferior Man), 
Tochtli (Weakness),  Tecpatl (Sterility),  Ehecatl (Violence), 
Quiahuitl (Emotion). 

The Sacred Cosmic Ball Game was a religious ritual game played on the steps of the temple-pyramids. The players were required to be knowledgeable in the sciences of time, astronomy, philosophy and similar disciplines that lead to wisdom. Without sound knowledge, the game of life cannot properly be played, and without wisdom it cannot fully be enjoyed. Priests wore symbolic masks to indicate the Power they represented in either the World of Quetzalcoatl or the World of Tezcatlipoca. Tla Man at the center of the game is humanity represented by a priest wearing a human mask.

The object of the game was for a player to move toward the top of the pyramid while assisted by the Forces of Light. The Forces of Darkness tried to drive the player down to the lower levels and off the pyramid. At the top of the pyramid is the portal to Otherworld, where one dimension converges with another. The players could move only up or down and could not stay in one place for long. No horizontal movement was allowed. At the higher levels of the pyramid stood the priests masked as the Powers of Darkness, who tried to push the player down to the lower levels where the representatives of the Powers of Light symbolized the lifting of the player upward. Players reaching the top of the pyramid defeated gravity and their spirits become one with the Light. The portal to Otherworld opened to them and they escaped the reincarnation forces of time and fatality.

A player advanced to a higher level according to whether his deeds and thoughts matched those of the Forces of Light. The player must move down the pyramid if they matched those of the Forces of Darkness. Prior to the game each player tried to accumulate small round rubber balls, awarded for every good deed. During the games these balls were given to the masked priests representing the Powers at work in the universe with whom the players cooperated. When a player was reduced to only one ball remaining, he was out of the game. This motivated each person to practice good deeds and thoughts everyday, to cooperate with the Forces of Light so that he might collect enough balls to stay in the ball game. The punishment for bad deeds and thoughts is early retirement from the game.

By this game of Ollin the priests were successful in instilling a moral code into the society, as well as teaching the foremost principles of this cosmology. The priests could effectively teach each member of the society about the higher calling of an individual, about that person's place and purpose in the universe, and about what one could expect at the next level of existence. The ultimate lesson to be learned in the Game of Life is that a human spirit can exist and be productive at various levels of mastership according to spiritual perfection and growth, and individual desire to align with the powers of Love and Light. (Ollin material adapted from Szekely from Mysteries of the Mexican Pyramids, by Peter Tompkins)


This is the third article on the idea of reciprocal as being the harmony of the cosmos. There could not be apart good things and bad, but there's a blend of both so as to make things fair. (Plutarch) The following Isis-Osiris mystery-myth demonstrates the ancient concept of duality as it was expressed in the persons of good-doing Osiris and wicked Typhon, with Isis as the Intermediate Principle, representing transcendence of duality. But how does she bring about the transcendence? Where Osiris is Mercy, represented by his crook, and Typhon is severity, represented by the scourge, Isis Unveiled unites them within herself by her unconditional love, her compassion and her responsive sexuality.

The three of them, Osiris, Typhon and Isis, represent the Three Primordial Principles of positive, negative and neutral, creating a dimension or plane of existence upon which the cosmic powers can actualize themselves through us, their human counterparts. If we accept this tri-fold energy concept as cosmic law, what does it means in terms of structuring our own reality and consciousness for the new millennium? How can the earth goddess society energies of love, compassion, mercy and forgiveness be released from the entrapment of religious institutions and widely promoted? The following is the story of the earth goddess Isis' love for Osiris and her compassion for Typhon.

In the beginning Thoth and Rhea, the Father-Mother, were in love. Rhea worshipped Thoth, and Thoth served Rhea. Within Rhea's Womb life began to form. The life therein was the vast vortexes and spiraling galaxies of the universe, and all was motion within her. Thoth introduced order into Rhea - creating space-time - and she gave birth to Osiris. A voice fell out with him announcing the good-doing Osiris is born. Next came his brother Elder Horus, a prophetic birth, followed by the wicked Typhon who leapt forth most unnaturally from Rhea's rib, preempting his sister Isis who should have come before him. Next was born Nephthys, her name meaning End. Isis and Osiris were in love and were born married. Also were Typhon and Nephthys but they hated each other. Thus was duality established.

Osiris was a God-man and carried a scepter symbolizing his power. He traveled all over the cosmos and brought order to the visible universe. His name is derived from sairein meaning sweep clean, and he swept clean the world. He provided fruit for everyone and taught them geometry so they could have health and wisdom. Osiris was a heaven-walker and he also sailed the heaven-ocean in his ship the constellation Argo.

While Osiris was away bringing order to the visible universe, his brother Typhon tried to take his throne. The goddess Isis held the throne for Osiris and kept Typhon at bay until Osiris could return. She had some sway over Typhon because he had been born a serpent, and out of compassion for him she split his tail in half lengthwise so he could have legs and walk upright. Typhon was a reptile with legs.

When good-doing Osiris returned from arranging the universe, he had been gone so long that he mistook Nephthys for Isis and slept with her, causing the birth of Anubis. No one would have known of his indiscretion except that he dropped a wreath of honey-clover from his pocket onto the bed, where Typhon later found it and swore to kill him. Isis found out about it, also. When Nephthys gave birth to Anubis, she left him exposed to die, out of fear of Typhon, but compassionate Isis went looking for the baby and saved it.

Typhon, plotting to kill Osiris, built a coffin-chest to would fit him exactly. He tricked Osiris into getting inside it, whereupon he closed the lid and threw the coffin into the Nile. Mythical creatures in the form of pans and satyrs spread the news everywhere of Osiris' dire fate and a panic broke out. Isis, all distraught, took her 3-pronged scepter, her symbol of power, and set out in her papyrus skiff to find Osiris. No one could help her except for Anubis, who knew what had happened and who told Isis. Anubis was loyal to her because she had saved him at birth.

With a broken heart, Isis began her search to find Osiris. She set out in her papyrus skiff onto the Nile where Osiris' coffin had been wave-tossed into the papyrus swamps of the Delta. It came to rest in Byblos against a heather-bush, which grew into a beautiful heather-tree because it grew around the coffin and body of Osiris. The king of Byblos cut the tree and used it as a pillar in the roof of his palace. He left behind a tree with 5 branches.

Isis found her way to Byblos, where the queen hired her as a nurse for her baby son Diktys. Isis nursed the baby with a finger of her right hand because she was a goddess, and with her left hand she beat her breast in mourning for her husband Osiris. Isis revealed her identity, becoming Isis Unveiled, and opened the tree trunk pillar, retrieving the damaged coffin-chest and body of Osiris. She placed it in her skiff and took it back to Egypt, where she hid it in the marsh swamps of Buto.

Typhon was out hunting pigs in the light of the moon with his hunting dogs when he found the coffin-chest of Osiris. He opened it and chopped the body into 14 pieces with his hatchet, scattering the pieces everywhere. Once again, Isis set out in her skiff to find Osiris, finding all of his pieces except for his phallus, which was eaten by the sharp-snout fish and the Nile crab. She took the pieces and buried them in the cities of Egypt, guaranteeing so many burial places of Osiris that Typhon could never find him. The Egyptians celebrated the Burials of Osiris by cutting a tree-trunk and making it into a crescent-shaped coffin.

Horus, the son of Osiris, came forth to avenge his father's death. He wore on his head the plumes of Isis and Nephthys, his plumes of power. The falcon on the perch was his symbol and also the golden hawk flying with the lodestone, the Bone of Horus. The Horus bird and the Typhon snake -- the sacred serpent-bird is Kundalini symbolism found in ancient Egypt.

The battle between Horus and Typhon and their enemy camps lasted for many days and Horus won. He tied and bound Typhon, intending to kill him, but compassionate Isis set Typhon free. Osiris:

"Himself is far, far from the earth, unspotted and unstained, and pure of every essence that is susceptible of death and of decay. Nor can the souls of men here [on the earth], swathed as they are with bodies and enwrapped in passions, commune with God, except so far as they can reach some dim sort of a dream [of Him], with the perception of a mind trained in philosophy. But when [their souls] freed [from these bonds] pass to the Formless and Invisible and Passionless and Pure, this God becomes their guide and king, as though they hung on Him, and gazed insatiate upon His Beauty, and longed after it--[Beauty] that no man can declare or speak about. It is with this the ancient tale makes Isis e'er in love, and, by pursuit [of it], and consort [with it], makes [her] full-fill all things down here with all things fair and good, whatever things have part in genesis [gene of Isis]." (Plutarch)


Keys in the Enochian LanguageI hope we can all start on time and do the ritual together. If not, perform this ritual when you can. On the same day or the 6th or the 8th would be great. About 300 of us will be participating all over the planet, some actively and others in mind and idea. In this ritual we hope to establish the foundation of a group consciousness.

You may set up your portal anyway you like, as a circle, as an altar, as a specific design. I plan to construct mine in the following way. First, I will turn off my computer nearby because I will be working with two portal disks: Side 1 or Side 2 of the Phaistos Portal Disk and the Enochian Disk. Left is the Enochian Disk, which many consider to represent dark forces. Use it carefully and with full understanding of what you are doing - setting yourself up for an experience like this can be quite powerful.

This will be a very powerful ritual because we will be working with light and dark forces to activate the spiral energy needed to empower our living light-body, or Merkaba, through the planetary etheric matrix via inner plane portals to reach the Treasury of Light. The Phaistos Portal Disk is a portal opening disk, an open-ended geometric design, and the Enochian Disk is a portal closing disk, a close-ended geometric design.

The Enochian Disk was received in a mysterious way in the 16th century by John Dee, court astrologer for Elizabeth I (whose name is spelled out on the disk) and his associate, the alchemist Edward Kelley. According to them, they were crystal gazing and saw the disk materialize in the obsidian "shewstone." Appearing with it was a young angel about eight or nine years old named Madimi, who instructed them on the design and lettering of the disk. John Dee named one of his daughters Madimi. On comparison of the Phaistos Portal Disk and the Enochian Disk you can see how similar they are, the only two such disks and designs known to exist at this time.

At the center of the Enochian Disk is the word "Zeel," meaning re-turn, impossible to see on the web page and the printout. Also on the disk is the word "El," meaning "turn." In this context, I am interpreting "El" to mean turn and gauge, because the Enochian Disk fits over the Aztec Calendar. If you would like to see this match, email me and I will send you both drawings so you can see how the Enochian Disk is used to "turn and gauge" the Aztec Calendar. In this opening-closing ritual we will not be using the Aztec Calendar. We will use the Phaistos Portal Disk to open further the portal at Cheops Pyramid and then, using the Enochian Disk, close the Pyramid of the Sun portal when we are finished.

I plan to use my quartz to make the design of the constellation Orion, because the three pyramids at Giza are aligned to match the three stars in Orion's Belt. This is an "As Above, So Below" configuration. In the top section of Orion, I will place the Phaistos Portal Disk and in the bottom section I will place the Enochian Disk. Near each disk I will make an Egyptian Ankh cross with quartz. The Ankh is a "T" shaped cross with a circle resting atop the horizontal bar. Use anything magical you like, runes, quartz, whatever you have that is special for you to design this cross. I also will scatter various types of quartz and rose petals all over Orion. I plan to light candles before I begin the ritual, but I won't be lighting them during the ritual as we have done in the fire rituals. Instead, I will place 4 small bowls of earth in the 4 directions of the portal layout.

The ancient Egyptians thought of God as Light, Great Creator. Their name for the Creator God was Ptah. In this pyramid ritual we will call for Ptah Great Creator to shine the Boundless Light of creation upon us, to allow the Egyptian Shield Guides to pass through the pyramid portals, and to help empower our Spirit-Souls through the etheric planetary portals. Let us begin.


A Soul Sayeth:

Light, Great Creator, we see your eternal power. From a beginning boundless to an endless end You create the galaxies and spin them with your whirl. Ptah Creator God, hear us now we beseech thee.

A Soul Sayeth:

Light, Great Creator, you are the Fount of Light. You pierce the darkness, You make clear the path for all. You are the lord of joy! Ptah Great Creator God, hear us. Open the Cheops Pyramid portal and let these go through.

A Soul Sayeth:

Osiris, Shield us Guide us. Ptah, let him go through! (Sprinkle earth from the North bowl onto the Phaistos Disk.) Isis, Shield us Guide us. Ptah, let her go through! (Sprinkle earth from the South bowl onto the Phaistos Disk.) Thoth, Shield us Guide us. Ptah, let him go through! (Sprinkle earth from the East bowl onto the Enochian Disk.) Mighty Horus, Shield us Guide us. Ptah, let him go through! (Sprinkle earth from the West bowl onto the Enochian Disk.)

A Soul Sayeth:

Creator God, I have brought my heart. I wish to be a perfect soul. I am here when you call me. Ask for my heart-soul and I will give it. Light, Creator God, whose word is truth, whose word is truth. Ptah Creator God, lend me your power. Help me ascend my spirit-soul.

A Soul Sayeth:

Great Creator God, fill the Nile of my heart with the Water of Life. Light me the path to your wisdom, for I seek you as you desire it. Over the power of darkness assert your mastery of command. Light, Great Creator, bestow upon me a special gift.

A Soul Sayeth:

Ptah Creator God, I live in the dawn of your love! In this place of ascending, this Mer, I await your light. To my Spirit, my Ka, unite my Soul, my Ba. Ascend my Spirit-Soul, my Mer-Ka-Ba.

A Soul Sayeth:

Propel my Spirit-Soul through the portals to the heaven-sphere. No passwords are needed now, no gatekeepers block my path. I ascend on spiral energy past the Moon, past Mars and Venus. I ascend on spiral energy past Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and the Sun.

A Soul Sayeth:

Light, Great Creator, the road of souls is open to your heaven-plane. Send the Virgin of Light to seal my soul against heaviness of heart. Light is on my face and on the face of my twin soul and we are oneness. We ascend and see the Great God in the shrine of the Treasury of Light.

A Soul Sayeth:

Ptah, I lift up my hands in prayer for your divine love and light. Invisible forces hinder Heart-souls and Spirit-souls on the path. Shine your light on the dark and let the dark seize upon it. Shield Guides come forward. Close the portal at the Pyramid of the Sun.

A Soul Sayeth: Sayad Djed - It is done.

The ritual is over. Relax, meditate and experience the Light of the Great Creator God. Pay close attention to your dreams and remember to email me your ritual experiences.

Claire Grace Watson
Shield Guide
LVX - Light of the Cross



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