Holy Grail

Manifesting the Holy Grail


About these ritual results, I think you will find them to be almost unbelievable, but in explanation of the Great Mystery they describe, consider this. The relationship to God the Transcendent is a function of You.

How I Ended Up with the Holy Grail!

This is my ritual result. After I performed the ritual, I discovered an apport. From the French apporter, apport means to bring. It is the penetration of matter by objects which seem to enter the room through solid matter. In this case the apport came through my portal. When we performed the Rock Eagle ritual, I used a glass jar of water from the Chalice Well at Glastonbury Tor. It was given to me by Cynthia at a gathering in her home in North Carolina. At the end of the Pyramid ritual, I had not one but two identical glass jars of Chalice Well water.

The second glass jar appeared after I spoke the ritual words. My voice was different, and the words came out of me with an impressive tone of power and authority. I loved the feel of the words and the flow of the ritual. I said the ritual twice, to experience the voice and the words again. I meditated for about 1-1/2 hours, as long as the sublime, deeply cellular feeling lasted. Then I felt energetic and decided to move four milky quartz Rock Eagle rocks in my bedroom to outside on the patio. When I picked up the rocks I saw the second jar of Chalice Well water between the rocks and my printer.

The jars are twins in every way. The original jar is transparent glass with a black plastic lid with dust. The water is clear with white particles floating. The water has a distinct odor. On the bottom of the lid are the letters MRP in an oval. Beneath that are the numbers and letters, 70MM. On the bottom of the jar are the numbers 2244, the letter B in a circle, bottom center, and to the left of the B, the number 5. Below the B the number 6, the number associated with Merkaba.

The new jar is the same size exactly as the original jar. It is transparent glass with a black plastic lid with dust, identical to the original jar. The water is clear with white particles floating. The water has the same distinct odor. The new jar contains the same amount of water the original jar contained before I used it in the Rock Eagle ritual. On the bottom of the lid of the new jar are the letters MRP in an oval. Beneath that are the numbers and letters, 70MM. On the bottom of the new jar are the numbers 2244, the letter B in a circle, bottom center, and to the left of the B, the number 5. Below the B the number 5, the number associated with the Holy Grail. The jars are numbered sequentially and in descending order, like the vessels of the Kabala Tree of Life. I call the twin jars Ka and Ba, as in the pyramid ritual:

To my Spirit, my Ka, unite my Soul, my Ba.

Ka is Spirit, the jar from above, and Ba is Soul, the jar from below. Collectively, they are Kabala.

The Chalice Well at Glastonbury Tor, in the county of Somerset, England, is supposed to have hidden within it the Holy Grail, making the water holy and healing. The Grail is believed to be the chalice used by Jesus at the Last Supper. It is supposed to have miraculous powers and was sought for by the Knights of the Round Table, the perfect spiritual knighthood, for whom the Grail materialized at the Round Table.

In the old legend, the purest knight of them all became the Grail King, or Queen as it were, and took possesion of the Grail. (Thanks, I'll take it. Nice feedback.) In the legend, the journey then becomes sharing the Grail, the idea being that becoming spiritually pure enough to manifest the Grail is easy compared to staying that way when you're out walkabout in the unenlightened world as the Grail King/Queen. Ain't that the truth?!

Holy Grail(Update - A couple of years after that I ended up throwing the Holy Grail twins into a Dempsey dumpster in Seattle because I was pilgrimage - out sharing the Grail so to speak - and they were taking up too much room in my suitcase. Also, I didn't ever want to be tempted to test my theory about drinking the water, which looked pretty vile, that only the current owner could safely drink it. The Grail is just the symbol of something, it's not the thing itself, so there's no point in schlepping it around in suitcase. I bet Sir Galahad didn't haul his around in his saddlebags and he only had one to worry about, not two :)

(Addendum - November, 2017 - You can throw the Grail away, you can throw two Grails away, and it will come back. Takes it awhile, tho. I got another one, this time a hardwood ornate box with a heavy pointed lid that looks just like the one she is holding in the picture above but without the stem, and that sits under my Buddha statue. It filled itself up with water and gave me another opportunity to drink some vile looking Grail water. I poured it down the sink. Perhaps I am missing my big opportunity to drink the Grail water and become immortal but I already am immortal so I don't know what's the point. If it means I can be completely healed of whatever I have, like osteoarthritis or asthma, then I am missing my chance. But my vision did correct itself all by itself to 20-30 the same week I found the new Grail water, so perhaps it gave up on me and decided to do it's thing whether I drink it or not. My conclusion is, you don't actually have to drink the Grail water, thank goodness, to get the healing benefit, just have the Grail in your possession.

In esoteric mysticism, Glastonbury means Glass Castle, an esoteric reference to the glass wall between chakras 6 and 7, two of the life-giving energy centers of the chakra system in the body. The Grail is the symbol of the highest spiritual fulfillment, or chakra 7, the crown chakra.

To reach the energy wheel of chakra 7 and attain the Grail, the spiritual knight embarks on an inner world journey through the strange and mysterious chakra system comprising the psychical self. In this interior land of myth and metaphor, dreams and portals, stairways and houses, there exists an obstacle to be overcome and a trial to be passed by the spiritual knight. The obstacle is an impassible, transparent glass wall, part of a glass castle in an enchanted land of Kundalini/Camelot where Merlin the magician lives. In the land of Kundalini/Camelot are only two principalities, named Eros and Thanatos - Sex and Death. When the obstacle is passed the rewards are great, but the glass wall cannot be climbed, it is too high. It cannot be gone under, it is too deep. It cannot be gone around, it is too wide. It cannot be broken, it is too thick.

To enter the glass castle and attain the magical realm of chakra 7, the knight transcends the I/Thou archetype of our world of apparent extreme duality, and realizes subject and object are one. At the moment of realization the knight sees the glass wall and says, "I am that," then BECOMES the glass wall, passes beyond the self and enters the land of Camelot and the realms of the crown chakra, where our mortality and our immortality are one. At that moment, the Holy Grail manifests and the knight becomes the Grail King, or Queen as it were :)

From Lisa:

This was powerful!!!!!!!!

I did this ritual and I coincidentally (not) met a reiki master and ever since, my crown chakra has been opening more and more, easily too.

Glyns Lowery: From the onset, I would like to say that I'm not unfamiliar with rituals and their power. I have been involved in rituals, initiations and spiritual phenomena for most of my 42 years. So I was interested to observe my heightened sense of excitement and anticipation during the three days preceding the Ritual.

I have always been an Egyptologist and my house is full of replicas of artifacts (all of which I lovingly used in my Ritual). I also have a special love for Egy. symbols, particularly the Ankh and the Eye of Maat (later commandeered by Horus) which I also used. So I wasn't too surprised when two days before the Ritual, I had a vision of a past life initiation in an inner chamber of a pyramid. The interior of the sarcophagus, the chanting of the priests and priestesses and the darkness and fear when they enclosed me in the tomb were all very vivid. I wasn't even surprised when the night before the Ritual, an Egy. guide, resplendent in dazzling gold and white, visited me. He spoke about the importance of the Ritual and said he would be with me during it's entirety. I felt his presence constantly up to, during and after the Ritual. He is here with me now as I type these words.

I had such a lot of fun preparing for it. I had pictures of Orion and, as you suggested, I used crystals to map it out ( in my case, large quartz spheres). I used lots of other crystals (all quartz except for a big piece of black tourmaline to help keep the energies grounded - an inspired addition for which I was grateful later), Egy. paraphernalia and jewelry. As I live in an apartment, I used dirt from my pot-plants!

After setting up and about 20 minutes before the ceremony, I lit a candle and sat before it to prepare myself. I took your point about there being no need for candles this time but try as I might, I couldn't extinguish it. So I left it burning throughout the Ritual.

At the appointed time, I began the Ritual in the company of all my unseen friends, my Egy. companion and a host of observers and participants. Although I was alone in the physical, my apartment was crowded. My sense of participation and excitement was at a peak as I commenced. As I read the words, it was if it was another voice speaking, full of power, authority and controlled emotion as a huge vortex of power and light came down (or rose up) from the sacred space I had created. It was so powerful I actually thought I would be lifted up into it and I'm reminded now of the movie "Twister". Majesty filled the room.

When I finished speaking the words of the Ritual, my Egy. companion arrived and spoke to me about the experience and future action in which I would be engaged. After that (or before, I can't remember), an enormous gold disk appeared above me and poured out a stream of brilliant, golden light. This seemed to last for ages. Then I became aware of my surroundings and the Ritual ended. The candle extinguished effortlessly.

I am not the sort of person who is given to having "experiences" for the sake of them. In fact, I tend to "test the spirits" quite severely before I'm convinced of the authenticity of an experience. I know this was real. My heightened sense of anticipation, my pre-ritual experiences and the Ritual itself convinced me that this was a momentous occasion full of light and power.

Thank you, Claire, for giving me the opportunity to participate. While I am somewhat aware of the importance of the Ritual for the Planet, I also have a glimmer of understanding of it's importance for me on a personal level. I feel the opening of the Portal and the resulting release of energy and light has begun a process that will create shifts in many areas of my life.

This wasn't just another ritual and I look forward to being involved in those planned for the future. In the meantime, all blessings to you, the Shield Guides and all who participated.

From Pam Bown:

I made a layout of pyramids. One large solid brass pyramid, one crystal pyramid and one lapis pyramid. I placed these where I felt the portal was. I burned frankincense incense and 2 yellow candles. Then I took my special crystal and intuitively made a ring around it with some small amethysts. I also had a piece of azurite and gem silica.

I started out as I always do with a warm up of Kundalini breathing exercises. I was listening to some hemi-sync music called "transformation." I felt it was appropriate. While I was meditating each time I would hum I could feel a resonance like I have never felt before. When I was done with all the exercises, I got up and kneeled so that I could look in the mirror. This usually brings me into an altered state of mind to where I can see parts of my aura. I saw a purple tube of light (which I have seen before) above my head and up to the ceiling. Then the usual purple and green colored lights on the wall came within my vision. First from above and seemed to disappear into the top of my head. I felt nothing. Then the colored light, predominantly a luminous green began to fill my vision from all around me. It still was disappearing as it came close to me. Either into the top of my head or into my energy field, I guess. At one point I saw some diagonal lines jutting out to my right and my eyes felt all glassy-eyed as the green light filled my vision. In my peripheral vision I could see movement all around me. As I am writing this I see luminous flashes of tiny star-shaped sparkles of light as if they were going bing, bing, bing, and then gone.

In the early morning following the ritual, around 6:00, my son Kevin came into the bedroom nonchalantly and says, "MOM, I JUST RAN THROUGH A WHITE GLOW IN THE HALL. IT HAD A FACE TO IT!" No kidding word for word. He thinks he saw a ghost and he WAS NOT AFRAID. I must be doing something right!

From Hildur Hakonardottir

For quite a while not much was happening and I gently pushed away thoughts that liked to arise - I had not prepared the portal well enough - had to scold the dog - that I definitely was not in Egypt - I was in Mesoamerica and sometimes I was one of those steep pyramids and I wondered what was inside them comparable to my own body centers and systems - then I relaxed into these somewhat negative thoughts and accepted them as such and mentioned the password Chasmodai and Gabriel just in case......shortly after that I found myself seriously contemplating how it felt to meet a being so pure and Godlike that I would give all I had to serve and love one such and it was very clear that no God-king nor hero would do - only a pure avatar. It was a new and unknown feeling.

Light started slowly to come through the portal - it was yellow but had a sluggish and not pure radiance / vibration. I shifted from being cold and hot and tingling for the rest of the sitting.....Suddenly there was a flash of brilliant crystal clarity near my field of inner vision and I followed it and for a while I was trying to erect the clearest crystal I have ever witnessed in some square and planning to attract the people from all around....Then the five-sided crystal (do not know the name for it) was inside me or I was it and the light - now bright and clear and really flowing - kept streaming in through my right eye and I watched with wonder how the light turned into crystal form in the third dimension and then with still more wonder how the light kept on streaming in and charging the crystal and how endlessly a crystal could receive and hold such high and intense frequency / energy..... until I could no more and closed the sitting sprinkling a little earth with the fingers and the touch of the earth brought me instantly back....

My husband joined me during the sitting ...his story was that he immediately went up somewhere and there he came across an (air) tunnel and flew along it for a while or he himself became the CONCEPT of the tunnel and he oscillated between these the whole time except for a short while sensing himself as a tall man with narrow waist and broad shoulders.

From Mustafa Sinan Gonul:

I tried to do the portal activation ritual at home on 7th December 2.00am (according to your clock I think), although I was lack of some materials I completed the soul saith. After then I began to meditate and when I closed my eyes I saw spiral energies bursting from the portal disk on my table. I don't know maybe I just imagined them, or I saw what I want to.

From Karen Langdon:

Have just completed my ritual and set up much like yours, I did mine in the lounge, on a large wooden coffee table, with all my crystals and pottery bowls and flowers and petals, and disks of course.

After the ritual I meditated and was floating above the ground watching myself dressed in gold carrying a bowl of fruit to the opening in the pyramid I went in and placed the bowl at the feet of the statue of god...and then left and passed another women carrying something in, there were four of us, then we went and sat at the four corners of the pyramid outside and meditated after a while we levitated up to the point of the pyramid and energized some more and then scattered to the four winds where we were then beamed up to the mother ship.........

From Holly Grapes:

Thank you for providing me with the info regarding the meditation for the portal ritual (Cheops). I would like to tell you my results. This is the first one I have done, though I have added my mental/psychic energy to the others that you have done (at the specific times).

My husband and I did this one, in my new meditation room. It had been a very chaotic storage room calling out for more purpose. I worked hard to change it over, and in doing so had several surprises. One "surprise" was the (West) corner of the room that is now the "Altar". The first night my friend and I (who channel once a week) began to channel, we realized that this was also a "portal" for a group of beings directly connected to the ley-lines of the earth (magnetic grid). They were very disturbed by what had transpired (the mad rush to haul all the storables out of the room) and were trying to make order again. (Basically my chaos WAS their order...and when I ordered things (cleaned up) it created chaos (in the energy fields). There was much to exchange about each of us as they did not interact with humans, and could not understand the discrepancies with us (that we see as normal, such as why do we have Light (candles) when we are in the dark (room) For a short while I need to inform them of my goings-on in that space, (as they aren't going to vacate- as the land changes right there and they need to stay to fulfill their purpose and lessons).

I set up my portal space as a circle of crystals (pointing inward) with some stone pyramids and circular fossils (such as trilobites and nautilus) East, West, North and South had brass plates of Soil. We were seated inside circle. When we finished ritual and closed eyes for the meditation, I was immediately impressed with a very strong circular energy pattern that kept moving faster and faster as it finally was a disk hurled quickly into space past Venus. At that point I knew I could be both in space and Earth at the same time. In the west corner (altar), a portal door appeared, and 4 Lightbeings stepped thru. There were 2 adults and 2 children (same as my family) and they explained that they, too, were doing lessons like we were, only not in a physical way. They imbued us with light from their heart centers and told me it would now be easier for us to be here (earth) as humans have so many distractions to keep us from what our Real Purpose is. I asked to hold their children (and did) and they held ours (and told me it wasn't the first time they have held ours, either!)

At that point I decided to go into space with the voice that was speaking to me (not the lightbeing) a kindly, elderly gentlemen's voice (tho sometimes it changed to female) I could not see him/her but trusted (from my channeling experiences) his/her energy pattern as "safe". He took me to a planstar that was where several "junior" creators were working. They had what appeared to be humanoid torsos on tables trying to create the energy needed to make appendages (arms, legs) There were already adept in creating other forms....This was like a school or university. (I was even shown one creating magnificent flowers, something I love on Earth)

Then I was taken to a planstar of Learning, and was told that this is where ALL go to learn. (Even as earth children in schools when we learn, a part of us goes here to do it) I asked if this was the akashic records..He answered "No", but that they existed here too.. but one didn't need to go to the akashic records to get here, one needed only to LEARN.

Next he asked me what would I like to see. I asked if there were a place like this for Healing. He said "yes" and took me to a planstar that was involved in that. It was a very serene and quiet place with (what appeared) all female spirit energies. They were all in flowing robes with hoods (Very Mother Mary-ish). We had to be very quiet and gentle here as he told me that Healing is a very Balanced thing,, and even us being here could upset that balance. I asked if I could have a healing.

I was sitting then and one came over and proceeded to imbue a very misty green white "light" over me (sorta blob-style) I could not feel it but it started to spiral and send off a pink hue as it rounded my body. I asked if my husband could have it, and He replied "He must ask for it" (of course, how silly) but he told me that while I was here I could send my husband the same energy (which I did).

I began to understand how there are parallel universes with beings that are involved in many of the things we are, some directed at helping earth, some busying themselves with their own tasks, and that these beings are both here (Earth) and where they reside,,, just as we are also, (Because of our Spiritual and Soul bodies being Everywhere, not just on Earth). The voice asked if I wanted to see anything else.. I asked him if there was an equivalent to our money system. He said yes and took me to a planet of nothing but small plutonium balls mimicking our landscape. He told me that we have to stop seeing it as a form of "exchange" and instead see it as "A Flow". (The planet had many "waterfalls" which represented the flow of money on Earth, but many stagnant non-moving areas of balls...that represented our convoluted ideas of saving, hoarding and restricting flow of money. These areas started to meld together and become solid masses, not circular balls as before. I instantly understood many concepts of BEING..tho I thought I understood much before this. I asked for messages for myself and husband and it was Osiris that delivered them to me. They were very relevant to us both. (I will not print them)... We were told that ANYTIME one can access this Energy/Portal/Communion, and that we must stop seeing ourselves as separate. Soon, more will know of our star-seeded space heritage and Humanity shall prosper as never before. The next day I was directed to study up on the Photon Belt, and its effects and changes to Earth in the coming times. My husband had many similar space orientations in his meditation, too. I hope to hear more from the others who have participated in this meditation and ritual.

From Pam Brown:

I went to my journey class tonight (Tuesday night after the ritual) and the following is what happened. I kid you not! I could not wait to get home and write to you. See I told you I feel connected in some way to you and your work.


Journey to the upperworld and explore

My way up there was through a tube of white light. I stood in my bathroom and was partially there when a hawk appeared. I rode the hawk up to a cloud and he disappeared. I saw pinpoints of flashing white light in each eye and the usual purple color I see during meditation. Eve, says that she thinks I stayed in the middle world. Also my ears were ringing. I had window crystal on forehead, and a double terminated crystal in each hand.


Journey to the upperworld to meet a teacher. Ask for information that might be helpful and what I can do to help them.

My way up was to try and use a star and then as in my dream, I am standing in the yard and see the hawk come spiraling towards me. I climb on the hawk and we start swirling or zig-zagging up higher and higher. I can feel my body getting lighter and lighter. My ears start ringing. The hawk pierces through a cloud and keeps swirling higher and higher. My body feels like it is floating. It is tingly and spinning. Suddenly, I hear, "I am here." I ask, "Do you have any information for me and is there anything I can do for you or for humanity?" I hear, "Yes. Read This Book Sirius Mystery. It is time for your Spiritual Ascension. You must leave your physical body so I can show you." I felt myself leaving my body. It was as if my physical body was still and my spirit was spinning out of my body. We had a conversation about my personal ascension. (I don't recall) I ask, "What is your name?" I hear, "Alavar." I feel a smile peel across my face. I recognize Alavar's name. He has spoken to me before. I have no visual of any of this. He said, "Someone wants to meet you." Then he was gone. Then I hear, "I am Christ the Lord." I say to myself, "No, I must be making this up." Then I hear it again in a deep voice, "I am Christ the Lord!" I feel a surge of energy run through my body. Not unlike anything I have felt before, but different. Then Eve, our teacher, started bring us back and I said, "No No No No!" I wanted so badly to stay. As I was coming back I heard a swirling noise in my right ear. When it was over I was back!

Ho Claire,

I just wanted to share my beautiful journey with you.

From Chantyl Wilson:

I know you are not a dream interpreter but because of the association with dreams in your past article I thought it might not hurt to just ask..Is there anything relative about a dream with a HUGE tower building or HUGE slender building that stands next to a school on a hill? I was absolutely at a standstill at it. The building had been built very quickly and was overwhelming. I know it means SOMETHING! Seems I was looking at it from another view too this time from midway like I was in a city like building looking out of a window straight at it..I was also afraid of its height. At a ground level it became made of bricks like on a well, and the foundation looked dangerous, leaning. On the other side there was a holding tank filled with water, it was rectangular with a bend and contained two whales or part dolphin mammals, one was dead the other was not...It was one of those dreams that seemed more real with high intense emotions.. About Chantyl's dream: Obelisks of Ra at Heliopolis

Ra or Re is the sun god depicted with a human body and the head of a hawk. Ra's chief symbols were the sun disk and the obelisk, a tall, four-sided tapering shaft or tower terminating in a pyramid. In ancient Egypt, pairs of these huge towers, each cut from a single piece of red granite and set on a cubical base, often flanked temple entrances. The chief temple of Ra was at the city of Heliopolis, an important learning center.

Heliopolis ("city of the sun") is about 10 km (about 6 mi) northeast of Cairo. Known as Per-Ra ("City of Ra"), it is referred to in the Bible as On, Aven, and Beth-Shemesh. 13,00 priests and slaves were there. Most of the religious literature of ancient Egypt was written by those priests, who were renowned for their learning. When Rome occupied Egypt, the obelisks of Heliopolis were removed.

Not sure about the whales/dolphins, but they are depicted in Bronze Age art throughout the Mediterranean civilizations. Maybe those dolphins were caught in the Mediterranean and put in the pool next to the obelisk. One of them died.

From Linda:

We had a group of 5 people and after some preparatory raising of the vibration thru chant, song, and prayer/invocations, we proceeded to do the 21 breath merkaba meditation immediately followed by the portal ritual you supplied. We did set up the ankh, used the 4 bowls of earth, and also the Orion configuration as you suggested. The energy was incredible and several times we had flashes of light from above. Everyone felt literally transported away; however, we all seemed to have some memory lapse as to what happened during that part.

For myself, I saw and experienced the Divine Mother energy along with several other Divine Hierarchical beings. Then suddenly a door opened and an Egyptian priest (he had that strange kilt looking thing on and a headpiece of some kind) appeared and held out his hand to me. It is hard to remember ever having felt such love flowing forth from a being before. I received a telepathic message as he beamed great love (agape type)at me that we had not been together for several centuries and that it was almost time to "come home." Although I am not a twin soul devotee, this is almost the feeling I had from him but more so like a missing part. We sat in silence for quite some time after the ritual not wanting to dilute the feeling.

From Dan Furst:

First, to tell you about my experience of the Portal Opening Ritual, which I did synchronously with you at 3:30pm Hawaii time. I arranged my portal with the Phaistos disk and Enoch disk, and crystals arranged to form the shape of Orion and Canis Major. For Sirius I used a clear quartz carved in the shape of a dolphin, and a blue tachyon stone.

My experience was mainly one of SOUND. Though I live on a narrow, tree-lined lane that's ideal for meditation, I experienced an amazing surge of noise when I started my ritual with a unified chakra meditation. As soon as I expanded my heart chakra to encompass the throat and solar plexus, there was a sudden burst of car sounds, party sounds and voices from the frat house nearby, dogs barking and different kinds of music coming simultaneously from several directions. All of this noise at once just never happens here. I concentrated on surrounding my personal portal, and the all-embracing portal, with a mesh of golden light, and the noise receded.

I felt a special connection with Ptah during the ritual prayer, perhaps in part because I'm working on the opening creation sequence (including the birth of Osiris, Isis, Nepthys, Seth and Horus) from the theatre piece I told you about, and Ptah is much on my mind and in my heart. I felt that I was not petitioning Ptah as using my voice to assist our communications with him. I read the prayer aloud, and voice during this invocation to Ptah took on a particular tone, melody and cadence that did not happen during any of the other stanzas.

In the next stanza, I felt that a very rapid chakra realignment was happening. I felt a sensation of heat in my solar plexus on the words "Osiris, shield us, guide us" and then felt the heat move into my heart on the invocation to Isis, and into my throat as I invoked Thoth.

Another very unusual sound came on the line "Thoth, shield us, guide us." I heard, as I've never heard before here, the voices of hundreds of birds singing loudly in the trees that surround my house. Unlike the first sounds that I described above, however, these bird sounds were not a distraction or an obstacle to meditation. Rather, the birds seemed to be greeting and acknowledging Thoth. I felt his energy in my throat as I toned along with the birds.

As I invoked Horus, the heat sensation moved into my third eye and became much stronger. I felt that I'd BECOME the Horus hawk, looking on the earth from the sky. And when I invoked the Great Creator God, the heat in my chakra column moved up through the crown, and out.

As I visualized the Merkaba and spoke the words about it, I felt a spiral energy vortex enclosing my body, and rotating counterclockwise around it. I had no sense that I was being lifted physically or otherwise, but I did feel that the merkaba energy field was creating an energy flow that somehow completed the chakra activation sequence I've told you about.

In retrospect, I wish I'd remained focused on this sensation of movement within the merkaba field. Instead, I broke my own concentration by recalling that there were more stanzas to the prayer, and feeling that I had to complete them. After I finished the prayer, I tried to invoke and visualize the Merkaba again, but I could not create it as immediately and powerfully as I had before. Next time I'll remember that when I'm doing a ritual alone, I can afford to take my time, and go where the flow of energy and meditation want to move. Live and learn.

The Portal Opening Ritual has been a marvelous revelation. I now begin my days with an invocation to Thoth and a prayer for inspiration, to help me with what I want to write and otherwise create each day.

From Heather McGregor:
(the word pyramid means "fire in the middle")

I've been involved in organizing "Earth Power Festival" here in Hong Kong ... the first of it's kind here in Asia and it was a long 5 days. The festival took place on Sunday, 8th December which is why I was not in contact regarding the Ritual of the Pyramid Portal and there were about 1,000 people that attended. It was a great success and we generated a lot of good vibrations and awareness here in Hong Kong.

Our collective group set up camp on the beach on Friday night and have been living in our tipi ever since. It has been the most incredible week for me and well, even though I wasn't participating in the pyramid portal I have never had such a pyramid experience. People were building sand pyramids all over the beach, we all sat one evening having dinner in the tipi and everyone notice pyramids in the fire, in the structure of the tipi in the doorway ... they were absolutely everywhere and people just seemed to pick up on it! It was truly amazing. I didn't mention about the pyramid portal until afterwards and it took everyone by complete surprise (jaws dropped to the ground!).

The Source of consciousness is transcendent of all our concepts,
including our concept of Source. (Claire Grace Watson)



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Page 10 - Chartres Cathedral Portal | Concourse of the Forces

     Toward the Divine | Celestial Orders of the Prophets

     Retrograde Energy | Light-Matrix in Stone

Page 11 - Knights Templar | Sophia, Queen of Heaven

     Setting Up Your Portal

     Aether Ritual to Install the Great Cross of Light

Page 12 - Aether Ritual Results

Page 13 - Aether Ritual Results 2

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