The Sarcophagus of Lord Pacal


Portal Rituals for Planetary Ascension 2012

We live in a bipolar physical world in which opposites attract. Our magnets are proof of it. But in the transcendent world of Spirit known as Otherworld to the Maya, a different law of physics exists in which like attracts like. When accessing this world, we want to remember and honor this law of physics. We have a certain responsibility as guardians and custodians of our interdimensional portals and personal planetary stargates. We are responsible to center ourselves in love. Love is more than emotion, it is a high vibrational field of energy, attractive to other "like" fields of energy.

We are trying to accomplish several objectives when we are activating and using interdimensional portals and personal stargates. One of these objectives involves channeling earth energy to our chakra systems and then using this psychic electromagnetic energy/light to build our light-body/Merkaba. When we center in love, the highest vibrational energy available, as we build our vehicle of light, we build at the same time the path of our journey because like attracts like in Otherworld. Our light-body/vehicle when built of love will take us to love.

Our metaphysical portal is part of our subjective-nonordinary reality. It is part of our biofield and we are potential portals awaiting activation with love's vibration. In our outer world is our personal planetary stargate, part of our objective-ordinary reality. Our outer stargate corresponds to, and is included within, our inner portal. This is because the formula for reality as we know it involves an inner-outer relationship and a space-time shaped like a doughnut in which the inner is enveloped by the outer is enveloped by the inner, and in which the outer is a projection of the inner. Alchemy calls this simply As Above/So Below. In order to make this formula of inner/outer reality work for us successfully, we learn to both ground and transcend.

What about unconditional love? Do you love yourself unconditionally? By filling ourselves with our unconditional love, by forgiving ourselves and then giving ourselves our own love, we will become a vehicle of love. If we love ourselves unconditionally we will not need the unconditional love of others. We will like to have it but we will not need to have it. When we are filled with our own love we are fulfilled. Then, we impart this unconditional love to our friends and relatives by doing nothing at all, because unconditional love of self flows out of us and spreads around us, touching those close to us.

What about giving unconditional love to the world at large? This is a lovely idea when our unconditional love flows that far abroad. If it does not flow that far, then we have to borrow from ourselves the love we give ourselves in order to give it to the big world. Instead of doing this, we can give the world at large another gift. We can give it our compassion, the natural by-product of unconditional self-love that requires no taking from ourselves to give. When we love ourselves unconditionally, we gain more and more the transpersonal experience and transcendent sense of being part of the World Soul, the spiritual family of All That Is. When we love ourselves, we can freely feel and give compassion - the energy of love filled with emotion - a self-generating emotional energy that rides the waves of our consciousness as content, and touches every part of the Great Family, everything we see, everything we know, everything we feel.

In this doughnut shaped, inner/outer reality in which we live, all the love we give ourselves flows outward to others as love and compassion and then returns to us, and we experience it as love that comes from outside of ourselves. In alchemy this within/without experience is stated in the palindrome V.W.I.W.V. In the Grail legend the palindrome used is Sarras. By this is meant that while the physical journey takes place "without," the Grail itself lies "within," all in the realm of Sarras.

When building our light-body/Merkaba of love energy, we focus on self and on love. The path of our journey, the path of love and compassion, becomes established and we travel in our Merkaba vehicle in Otherworld, a world wherein like attracts like, and our love goes to love. The light-body/Merkaba we build at the individual level is a love energy pattern and field of functional reality. It is our Holy Grail, holy because it is built of love. In the Grail legend the question is asked, "Who does the Grail serve?" The answer is, "The Grail serves me and I serve the Grail." This is the love formula we are applying in building our light-body by using our portal and personal stargate energy. We use quartz to attract powerful, crystalline earth energy through ley lines to a convergence point - our portal and personal stargate - and then we alchemically transmute it to love by focusing this energy on ourselves with love in mind. Thus, we serve the light-body by building it of love and empowering it with love. We use the light-body as vehicle to take us to love, thus the light-body serves us.

In dreamtime, when we are occupied only by sleeping and resting, we learn to control our vibrational rates as we re-experience ourselves as pre-emergent consciousness and as beings of light. We practice functioning in our light-bodies. We learn how to use the light-body like we learn to use our physical body. It is during dreamtime that we can join our individual light-body to larger light-bodies or group Merkabas which we experience as interdimensional UFO's. When we can alter our vibrational rates to travel interdimensionally, we can travel on these ships because when the interdimensional travel begins, our light-bodies will not fly apart. By building our light-body/vehicle out of love we have an assurance we can vibrate at a proper high level. In my own subjective experiences, I have many times been on these interdimensional traveling ships.

These interdimensional UFO's I have experienced are group Merkaba's, vast self-contained light-bodies replete with all kinds of fantastic spiritual-based technology. Planet Earth contains something these interdimensional beings are interested in; people who bring with them light-bodies built of love. This is the power source for these huge Merkaba ships. And the people on these ships recognize that wherever beings exist who have this potential to build love-Merkabas, then all that is required is learning how.

The people/beings within these ships practice solve et coagula. In alchemy is the study and practice of solve et coagula - dissolve and combine. We can learn to move into light-body, travel to our destination and then bring our physical body to our present location. Some light-body travel involves physical body relocation. Through the alchemical process of solve et coagula and by virtue of doughnut-shaped space-time, our co-creative reality possibilities include time travel and making the history of the past. These advanced light-body travel techniques can be learned, keeping in mind the saying from alchemy, "Natura non facit saltus." Nature does not proceed by a leap, but by many intermediate stages. We're just learning.

In summary, upon opening your interdimensional portal and your personal planetary stargate, your responsibility as custodian and guardian is to center yourself in love. One way to help do this is to perform Fire Water Ritual to Call Forth the Wings of Love, a love ritual designed to help you center in love and designed to fill you with love. This is the Rock Eagle ritual.


I hope we can all start on time and do the ritual together. If not, perform this ritual when you can. On the same day or the 17th or the 19th would be great. I plan to perform this ritual twice; on the 18th and then on the 23rd during the planetary conjunction. About 300 of us will be participating all over the planet, some actively and others in mind and idea. In the Pyramid Ritual we empowered our spirit-souls through the etheric planetary portals. In this ritual we will call upon the Universal Mother energy to guide our spirit-souls to the interdimensional realms of the Maya.

Set up your portal anyway you like, as a circle, as an altar, as a specific design. I plan to construct mine in the following way. Lord Pacal and I co-creatively made a blue violet ritual cloth into the shape and design of the sarcophagus and decorated it with fabric paint. He picked out the cloth at the fabric store by tapping on the wall when he found one he liked, and he taps to say what colors of fabric paint he likes. And then I put the colors I like. Along the edges of the cloth/sarcophagus, I will place my milky quartz. Using Mayan Oracle and Xultan Mayan tarot cards, I will make the shape of the World Tree seen on the sarcophagus. This will be a Latin cross (high horizontal bar). Use anything magical you like, runes, quartz, whatever you have that is special for you to design this cross.

At the center of the sarcophagus near Lord Pacal's position, I will place pieces of pounamu (nephrite jade) sent from New Zealand by Glenys Lowery. Thank you, Glenys. Jade is the sacred stone of the Maya. I also will be using lapis lazuli, a blue stone to symbolize Maya Blue, their special color. I will be using obsidian, a stone used by the Maya in portal rituals. I also will use a wand healing crystal, Brazilian amethyst, Tiger-Eye quartz, red phantom quartz, rose quartz, rock sapphire, hematite, amethyst pieces, quartz points and the Dwendi healing stone from the Philippines. In the ritual we will be asking the Shield Guide Lord Pacal, whose name means Hand-Shield, to raise his Crystal Shield for Crystal Family.

I have a number of other symbolic objects I will use as well. Before I begin the ritual I plan to take a bath and then light candles and leave them burning so the invisible air can be demonstrated by the flame of the candles. I am hoping Spirit will work with the candle flames during this ritual. We will be using several Mayan words, defined within the ritual. Let us begin.


First Mother, Divine Matawil! Ahau zac uinic!
Pure and resplendent person, Matawil! Ahau!
Your husband, Father God, created time and space
Before the 4th universe was born on 4 Ahau 8 Cumku.

After the end of the 13th katun it came to pass,
All your children, the precious ones, the planets,
They came into conjunction, the cherished ones.
Child of Lord Pacal held a ritual at his Waterlily Place.

Now is the time come again, First Mother, Ahau, Lord.
When your children, the planets, come into conjunction.
The father-mother and the divine children are gathering.
We hold a ritual for you and for your precious children.

First Mother, Divine Matawil, Sacred Blood! Ahau, Lord!
This is the day your bright white Light will touch the earth.
I await you at my portal, my sanctuary. It is a holy thing.
It is my place of entering. You see, it is my Waterlily Place.

Matawil! There was love when the 8th Lord of the Night ruled,
You touched the earth with your blood. It was 6,000 years ago.
It was 5 days after the Moon was born, and there was love.
It was 20 days after setting the south sky place.

Ahau zac uinic! Now again is the time of the 8th.
My spirit tunnel is ready and I am looking to Otherworld.
I have built this pib na for you. This is our house together.
I dedicate my house to you. It is here at my Waterlily Place.

Divine Matawil! Write my name in the Book of the Highest Heaven.
Here is your Na-Te-Kan, divine-cross. I am in conjunction with you.
Touch the earth. Teach me to walk the sky. I am sky walking!
Och Chan! I become the sky! Vision Serpent will take me there.

Pacala, Mah Kina Pacal. 8 Ahau, raise your Hand-Shield.
Shield us, Guide us. Crystal Shield for Crystal Family.
As I walk Hurukan to wacah chan xaman waxac na, shield me.
As I walk the sky to the world tree house of the north, guide me.

Wacah chan! 6 sky! It is the Highest Heaven.
It is the name of the House created by the great god.
And beside the house is the World Tree. I can see it!
My spirit-soul goes to 6 sky and becomes invisible there.

First Mother, see this divine cross I have made for you.
This is the day I am in conjunction with you, Matawil!
This is the day you write my name in Heaven's Book.
Father-Mother God and all the Children. We are Divine Family!

The ritual is over. If you would like to add your own personal ritual and requests, now is when to do it. Now just relax and enjoy the experience. Please send me your ritual results as soon as you can.


In Ritual of the Sarcophagus Portal we are performing Air Ritual for Spirit-Soul to Walk the Sky. A week prior to the first ritual I began to sky walk with some of the people who do the rituals. Here is what we discovered.

The Hale-Bopp companion is a space station of such immense size it qualifies as a Free World, a bountiful and colorful manufactured, self-contained planetary system bound to no star and free to move about in the universe. The Free World is a beautiful, shining city, blessed by the universe and teeming with people of all kinds living in harmony, peace and scientific interest. It is a world whose doors are open to anyone with the will and the heart to get there. The Free World long ago established an As Above/So Below relationship with us.

The bright red, blue and silver Free World is built upon the principles of Sacred Geometry. The spherical Free World consists of 13 planetary ecosystems held together by 4 horizontal planes of electromagnetic attraction-repulsion, with the structural integrity provided by 42 vertical and diagonal planes. Some of these planes have enclosed, brightly lighted highways with conveyances that move passengers along at rates of speed sufficient to produce G force effects.

Inside the Free World is advanced spiritual-based portal technology. Many of the beings there are human and humanoid - friendly, smiling people accustomed to extraterrestrial travelers such as Roger and me. Usually hidden and floating far above and away, the Free World tours the universe, establishing life on planets capable of supporting life and monitoring the progress of that life. At some point in a planet's evolution, the Free World appears and makes itself known to the people on the planet. Photographs showing the comet without its companion do not prove the companion does not exist. The Free World moves in and out of that photographic range and travels where it will.

I have been a visitor on the Free World many times and have recounted in books my experiences there. But this was before it appeared to us recently. Most of my experiences right now relating to the Free World involve the various types of ships that are connected with it, both interdimensional Merkaba-ships and city-ships at the bottoms of the oceans. The Free World exemplifies a planetary ascension with which we are not familiar. I think it is safe to speculate the entirety of our techno-civilization might not ascend, but clearly there are many of us who will ascend despite the times and situations in which we live. The Free World offers an ascension opportunity, and to this end there is portal work to be done.

At the beginning of the material for Ritual of the Sarcophagus Portal I asked the question, how can a civilization experience a planetary ascension but the planet is still here in 3rd dimension? When I speak of the Maya, I say they exist still in their own dimension. They had a planetary ascension and yet are still working toward planetary ascension. The planet did ascend with them. How can this be? This is a good question to research. From about the 15th century on is a considerable amount of hermetic and alchemical literature regarding "Divine Offspring." By this is meant several ethereal planetary spheres enwrapping the planet in layers, and these Divine Offspring of the planet are interconnected.

These planetary astral bodies vary in density, with some layers much finer than others. Each sphere functions as a real dimension for the people who inhabit it and who also created it at the same time they were creating their planetary ascension. This is why I say create the light-body in love because the path of the journey and also the destination are created at the same time. This is an operation of the transcendent law of physics called the Eternal Now.

Ascension is a spiritual path, an ongoing process. The horizontal number 8, the lemniscate, symbolizes this path and means the eternity of process. This is why long "dead" people are trying to help us with our ascension. On this path, we don't/can't go off and leave the others on this path behind. It doesn't work that way. And it could be some formula is in operation regarding the number of spheres required for aether to completely take over and the 3rd dimension to be truly left behind, no longer existing. More likely it will seem to exist as an underworld dimension, like the Maya believed, and like we think of 1st and 2nd dimensions. From the perspective of the Maya in ascension, 3rd is an underworld dimension.

When we use linear thought, part of our laws of physics, to think about ascension we naturally think of it as a linear process. In this respect, ascension is like a ladder. We get to a high rung on the ladder and then we reach down and help the next person up the ladder. The Kabala Tree of Life is useful as a symbol of this. We start at the bottom of the tree, the Shekinah sphere, and we ascend the spheres of the tree. Kabalists will clarify, the spheres descend and we ground the light. This is what we are doing in Ritual of the Portal, with the Celts, the Egyptians, the Mound Builders, the Mayas, etc. They descend, we ground, they re-ascend, we ascend. We are links in a great chain of being strengthening our connections.

The "higher" we go, the more form becomes force, matter becomes spirit, all happening by alchemical stages, not by any giant leaps. The whole thing seems linear but is spherical in concept. It seems linear when we are talking ascension because our language casts it that way, but it is spherical when we are doing ascension because we "come around" and meet the archetypes at the next level, or dimension. This is both beautiful and complex, and as usual with the universe, beauty and complexity are partners.

"Each of the Planetary Spheres [planets] is a complete World containing a number of divine offspring, which are invisible to us, and over all of these Spheres the Star [Sirius] we see is the ruler." (Proclus, commentary on the Timaeus of Plato)



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