These are the ritual results of some of the people who participated.

Tom Yudai    Sharon Bibb    Roger Kerr    Dawn/Wunjo
Chris Hamilton    Anonymous    Claire Grace Watson    Eduardo Terrero
Charbern    Krista    Janet Sunderland    Charbern    M.Z.A.    Krista
Roger Kerr   Janet Sunderland    Roger Kerr    Jon Locke
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In this ritual we performed Air Ritual for Spirit-Soul to walk the sky. I have been walking the sky at night to the Free World space station, touring it and taking classes. I am learning many new things, including how to command my vibrational rate, how to operate some of the spiritual-based technology on the space station, and how to use psycho- and telekinesis as skills.

In the form of psychokinesis I am learning, I use my mental powers to control the movement and positioning of marble-sized white balls of light containing information in the form of light. With my mind and my eyes, I move them like cursors, making a ball of light touch a red square similar to a computer radio button, and then I cause the light to press the square. This takes me to the next level in the exercise, and I have a choice of putting the light ball above on a smiling face button or below on a smiling face button, but the sequence is important. If I put it above first, my progress is deleted and I will have to start over. Once, when I put it above first, I realized quickly it was incorrect but was able to recover by mentally undoing it. Then I put it below and this was correct.

A lady instructor gives me lessons in uses of electromagnetism in telekinesis, and I am learning how to use magnetism to extend my mental powers so I can control objects at a distance. I hold in my hand a magnetized hollow tube and mentally cause to be pulled into the tube various objects at different distances. I have a choice of selecting an object close to me, an easy skill to accomplish, or selecting one farther away, a more difficult skill, and then I use the magnetic tube and my mind together to retrieve the objects. I have a very nice instructor who tells me if I am working below my skill level and reminds me to try the more difficult tasks.

I am being tested for various desirable qualities, such as honesty, loyalty, compassion, forgiveness, gentleness, courage, teamwork, organizational skills, ability to command and use astral body like physical body, willingness to sacrifice self for others, etc. The tests involve being placed in lifelike situations that evoke these qualities if I have them, and then I use these qualities to deal with circumstances as they occur, where only certain qualities will resolve certain situations. For example, if a lot of small animals are lying wounded, only compassion resolves it. If there is danger of my associates being harmed but I can flee injury by leaving them behind, only loyalty resolves it. If rapid escape by running down a narrow spiral staircase with tiny steps is the only way out of a threatening place, then only agile astral body capabilities resolve it.

On the Free World I visited a huge dining hall, where there were hundreds of people eating buffet style. I had difficulty maintaining continuous conscious awareness and kept falling asleep and waking up, so they gave me a couch against the wall to lie on so I could stay with them, and one of my guides sat there with me as I slept off and on, and woke me up occasionally to keep me focused on my location. After the meal was over and everyone left, I went to a market area where I was given to hold and study an amazing selection of what I thought were ceramic tiles in a large square box. I studied them closely and I never saw anything like that before. They were various sizes and made of materials not of this planet, and most of them were black and white, or brown, black and white. There were other colors as well. Some looked like milky quartz rocks and some looked like regular terra cotta tiles with painted designs. They were held in place in precise rows by some kind of white putty material and I'm not sure what they are really, or what they are used for.

On one skywalking trip, I traveled with a guide I had not traveled with for a long time. When he appeared, wearing only a royal blue terry cloth bath robe, I said to him, "I haven't seen you in a long time." He replied, "You haven't called me." I asked him, "What is your name?" He said, "You know my name." He was wearing a stick-on label on his shirt and I looked at it to see his name. The tag said, "Mars '58." I looked at him in question, and he said, "That's when we hope to get there."

Then the experiences began, graphic and beautiful, filled with brilliant white light and so many colors. Holding on to this guide, our arms wrapped around each other, we flew through the air, spinning around and around, and as we spun I had visions of city neighborhoods, quaint houses all the same stuck together like maybe in New York. Nothing around here like that. I saw trees with no leaves, just bare branches with white ice. Everything white and black. I told him, "It's Atlanta!" He laughed. But it seems now it was not Atlanta. Then I saw water, it was a river in a city, and over the water, big silver steel bridges. I said to him, "It's Jacksonville!" And he laughed. Then we dove down into the water, it was a dark gray color, and I was afraid, but I told myself, "You can breathe under water." So under we went and I could feel the river water swirling on my body and we went down, down, down. I opened my mouth and took a deep breath, and I could breathe the water.

Way down under the water was an entire city. The guide took me all inside it. We walked down long, wide hallways made of beautiful, grained wood, shades of brown, from light to dark. I commented on the arches over the hallway, how they were "V" shaped and lovely. He was surprised, he hadn't really noticed or either he had seen it so much he was used to it. He took me to a room with all kinds of electronic games in it, like pinball, metallic and lighted with neon lights and making noises, like in a game room. Brilliant neon colors of green and yellow, blue and silver. Then he said he would take me to the kitchen, so we walked along the hallway and he took me up some stairs. People were walking around everywhere in this place. I wondered if it was a UFO, and these people, I looked at them carefully to see if they were human and they were. I thought, "Why don't they let us know about them? Why don't they take us into this world of theirs and share it with us?" I thought, "We must be related to them because they look just like us."

As we walked up the carpeted stairs to a room, my guide said to me, "I would take you up top and show you the sights from there, but it would scare the hell out of you." I said, "Then don't do it, because you know what happens to me when I get the hell scared out of me?" He looked at me and smiled. I said, "What happens is, I wake up! And then I won't be here any longer with you." A woman behind me, who was coming up the stairs with us, she laughed and said, "I like her. She's honest." Then we went into the room and it was not the kitchen but a room filled with Christmas gifts and Christmas music, like a gift shop. I touched many of the things I saw, the Christmas ornaments, a lot of red ornaments and gifts, red and silver and gold. It was a party and the music was loud and I woke up.

People ask me how I get to the Free World and get on board. I have guides who help me. Without them, I couldn't do any of it. Ritual of the Portal is designed to help people get guides who can teach these different, spiritually advanced things, like how to modify your vibrational level accurately, how to do psychokinesis, how to work with electromagnetism, how to shape shift, how to operate spiritual-based technology, how to travel through portals, how to "bend" time, etc. You cannot teach this to yourself nor can other human beings teach you. Guides are required.

Several people who do the rituals have seen me skywalking. My ability to skywalk and remain conscious and aware has increased significantly since we called upon Matawil, the Universal Mother energy. I refer to this feminine collective consciousness energy-intelligence as "the Matawil" because my continuing experience of it is that of being in the company of a group of very powerful, middle-aged women. They are with me now as I write this. Their primary colors are pink, gold and silver, and in my first waking vision of a Matawil, I saw a beautiful, vibrant woman wearing a big round, gold hat, like a gold sun disk flat on top of her head, and wearing a floor length pink evening gown. Then she became the golden face of the sun. As the face of the sun she said to me, "Traveling through the universe, spiraling through the universe is First Mother energy." This energy is powerful god-energy, and I have asked of it several favors, from making my computer go faster to healing me of an persistent infection. The Matawil energy-magic works instantly.

In the company of the Matawil is the awesomely powerful Hurukan, whom we called upon in the ritual. Not as powerful as the Matawil, Hurukan is the ancient Mayan sky god of hurricanes, tornadoes, lightning, stormy weather, wind and rain. The Hurukan is masculine collective consciousness energy-intelligence expressing as beautiful and turbulent weather. While skywalking I have experienced the Hurukan as a massive storm with three huge, dark tornado funnels that I was pointing to and watching. The tornado funnels were made of thick, dark clouds and two of the funnels danced around and around each other, moving in and out, changing sides, coming together, pulling apart. Out of the other funnel shot all at once about 30 bolts of white lightning in a blast of white light, and I ran for shelter. I usually visit the Matawil and the Hurukan every night.

Last night the Hurukan appeared to me both as a man and as a very powerful tornado that I was watching and running from at the same time. He was demonstrating his power and assuring me I was in no danger whatever. I took cover, anyway. I am aware also of the Hurukan during my waking hours when he makes beautiful bad weather. He made beautiful bad weather the day before the ritual on the 18th. The clouds were black, gray and fluffy with patches of pink and blue light streaking through. I stopped the car to look at them, they were so unusual. The wind was whipping the tops of the pine trees around in a stylized, controlled manner, and this also caught my attention. This wind was very artistic. Even the rain seemed different and wonderful. Last evening, the sunset here created a big, beautiful pink sky. In the ritual results you will read of beautiful stormy weather, the signature of the Hurukan. The pairing of Matawil and Hurukan expresses the Mother-Father god energy we called for in the Air ritual.

Tom Yudai:

Come to think of it we had a couple of storms around that time [of the ritual]. Didn't notice anything out of the ordinary during the rituals, or anything related to the Maya, but I had a dream that I don't understand and is odd for me and have some elements that you are familiar with so here it is. Dream Jan. 24: On a bus with other people the thought came to mind of going to Montreal. The bus seem different, airy and small, the street narrow the buildings look old Spanish colonial style. Went to an art exhibit and look at a picture. There's water, and someone waded into it and played with two gigantic crabs. I got in a small sailboat with two others and realised no one is steering, so I steered the boat. Noticed a reversed C shaped shallow rock formation underwater that comes close to shore on my right, so I steered left to avoid it. There is another rock underwater that I also avoided. Then noticed a few people going into the water from where I was previously headed. They were going in the middle to see what is there.

Sharon Bibb:

On the 22nd of January, at the healing group that I facilitate, one of the participants kept seeing the Star of David, as well as other symbols. A friend who is just beginning to open up and explore had the Star of David come to her in a dream. This is also a symbol that I work with and feel it is a key. I do believe that the Star of David is a trigger. When I was looking through Leadbeater's book on the chakras I came across a diagram that said the star was attributed to the heart chakra in that system, and the element was AIR. Interesting illustration on how a time capsule could begin to release information at the right time. I already knew this, however, I felt I was being shown by this illustration how I might teach others to be more aware of information (light) coming their way.

Roger Kerr:

This was my first Ritual, and I found it to be quite extraordinary. Prior to the start of the ritual, I performed the Fire Water Ritual in order to clear myself and to center myself in Love. Back in September I began to feel the need to build a small pyramid near the entrance to our house. I built it out of red patio bricks, and made it 5 tiers high. Inside of it I placed 4 quartz crystals, 2 clear, masculine, and 2 milky, feminine. They were placed in each of the 4 directions. I believe that this pyramid has greatly enhanced the energy flowing into my home, and through my portal. I often times stand on top of the pyramid to ground myself and to connect to the 7 directions (E,S,W,N, Up, Down and Within). Anyway, I also did this before the ritual began. During the ritual, I sat or laid in front of my altar, which is situated in the portal area. It consists 6 quartz crystals, 3 each masculine and feminine, 1 small amethyst crystal cluster, 1 amethyst point, a small cloth medicine wheel patterned in the Lakota tradition, with 4 colored stones, red, yellow, black, and white, for each of the 4 directions. The cloth has a small green circle in the center to represent the Earth, upon which I placed a pine cone and a sage and sweetgrass smudge stick. I smudged myself and the portal area just before we started. During the ritual I placed a small blue stone (Sodalite) and a jade pendant in front of me.

I began reading the ritual words, and when I got to the part "Vision Serpent will take me there!" I felt the presence of Quetzalcoatl. Then after the words "walk the sky to the world tree house of the north, guide me," my spirit guide, Pi, told me she would take me to the tree house of the north. I turned out all the lights, and prepared myself for the journey. We entered a tunnel, but it was more like a cave, not a light tunnel. When we came to the tree house, I saw a fire with a circle of people around it. I knew that they were the Elders, the Ancestors. I was asked to sit in the circle, which I did. Then Lord Pacal stepped into the center of the circle and began a ceremony. After a while he came over to me and asked me, as Huitzilopochtli, to join him in the center of the circle. Then Quetzalcoatl joined us. I agreed to join Quetzalcoatl to help restore this Balance. Then Claire joined us in the center. Also, one of the Mayan women joined us and told me that she would be my guide. During most of this, I had the sensation of spinning in circles, faster and faster. I wasn't dizzy, it was more like my energy field was spinning around me. I rejoined the circle and sat next to Claire, still spinning. It eventually stopped, as the ceremony concluded.

When we left the tree house, Pi led me back though the tunnel, to a hub of sorts, and then through another tunnel to a small chamber. It was completely dark, but I felt no fear. She handed me a torch that I lit, and I could see other torches on the walls of the chamber. I had the feeling that I had been here before. I lit them one at a time in a clockwise manner, there were 12 in all. Once they were all lit, other people began to enter the chamber. I noticed something on the floor in the center of the chamber. It was the Sarcophagus of Lord Pacal. We formed a circle around it, and Pacal and Claire stepped into the center. Quetzalcoatl was here as well. As this was going on the song "The Phantom of the Opera" began playing in my head (we had just seen the musical 2 nights before). It was if I was the Phantom, and he represented the Dark Side. A short ceremony took place. Pacal and Claire activated the Sarcophagus Portal. As people left the chamber, I extinguished the torches, in reverse order. We then returned through the tunnel, back to this reality. I then completed reading the rest of the ritual, and ended the session.


Hi there well I did the ritual. It was cloudy and snowy, light snow. I took a bath first like you. I put lithiophilite Crystal powder in the bath water which was a first. Then I made a circle with a cross in the middle with all my stones and crystals and a candle, used my rattles and drum to call on the spirits and then read the ritual at 6:30 my time mountain. And then sat with it for 30 more minutes. I did not feel anything out of the ordinary happening. I wonder if I connected with the spirits and I am just not aware that I did ??? I left rituals stones and crystals out. I want to leave it out until the 23rd. I was really hoping for some sign that I was making a difference. Well I will keep trying, the absence of conformation has not stopped me yet, but it would be nice!!

Chris Hamilton:

I tried to do the ritual for Planetary Ascension. I must admit I had a bit of trouble with the pronunciation of the words. But I made my cross with the gemstones I had and hoped they were ok. I didn't really understand what I was doing at first but I felt better afterwards. I must admit, these ceremonies are not really my 'cup of tea' but I will try them anyway.

Name Withheld by Request:

I think the next part of the ritual (the 23rd) is going to be important, too, but I think the Mayans have already done something big. The energy is definitely different. It's just not what we expected but then, isn't that typical of Spirit? I'm very happy with things so far. I think it's been magical. Everyone reckons that it's the feminine energy that's coming in these days. It's certainly been the case for me over the past few years - hence my interest in goddesses. I think that was what the ritual was all about. The reason it was so surprising for me is that I would never have thought of the Mayans as doing it. It was very profound.

Claire Grace Watson:

I saw a bright white cross of light that stayed in my vision for about a minute. I heard Pacal say the name, Eduardo. In his deep, Mayan voice he said "Eduardo" with an accent I have never heard. It sounded so authentic, like how a Mayan man would pronounce this name the way it should be pronounced. It was exciting to hear! I think he took you (Eduardo) traveling last night (he just tapped for yes) and you can't remember. That often happens when traveling with him because he time travels, not just astral travels, and often you can't remember a time travel experience.

Eduardo Terrero:

I know that we (Lord Pacal) get together and talk about the teaching and our mission.


The meditation continues... Sometimes the quickening vibes are coming in so strong I can hardly stand up.... I lie there under the pyramids and vibrate... these are big energies...Didn't get a lot of visuals, but did get a lot of energy, and could really feel the connectedness, not only with Spirit and with Mother Earth, but also with all the others meditating. I was really grabbed with the realization that the energies of the meditation did continue, right on through the night, and right on through yesterday (Sunday)... and now...

...and a sense of anticipation... a sense of knowing, deep inside, that this current series of momentums is significant... really significant... in a variety of ways. Pacal has been with me quite a bit. Told me as I was sitting on the mountain that he and I are deeply connected, though wouldn't specify exactly how, and I didn't try to press the issue. In terms of others.... my friend with the calendar shield had a wonderful meditation... leaving her with great peace... and a sense of another shift to a higher level. She and I have been working for months on clearing our 'stuff' to make room for greater telepathic connecting. The locating and activation of portals will no doubt enhance that. Wondering if you and/or your friends sensed my presence at all during the meditation Saturday. There was one point where I felt shimmery-blue... or cobalt blue... like the sword... and in that form I was able to visit and join you and your gathering for a few minutes... couldn't see, but could feel that I was there. No idea what's in store today. The energies do continue to pour in... and the meditation does continue...

Brooklyn, NY:

Thank you for including me in this ritual. This was my first time participating in such an event. I found my portal. It is at a conjunction of (4) doorways. (bathroom, bedroom, closet and living room) I placed crystals and stones in it (2) days prior. I found it with my crystal pendulum. I meditated and relaxed in front of my portal and recited the ritual. I felt as if someone were touching me on my back along the spine. I was very sleepy and went to bed. The next morning I could recall my dreams, which is something that I haven't been able to do for the past 6 weeks or so. I feel this, for me, was a successful result.

Janet Sunderland:

Four of us gather for the ritual on Saturday night. Carol, David, Donna, Janet. Carol had seen that we needed a round portal and had seen a hula-hoop. A hula-hoop? So I got one. A purple "fruit loop" that smelled of grapes. We set that up in the middle of a big white cotton rug I have from Mexico. Inside the hoop, we placed all sorts of sacred objects: crystals, wands, stones, Runes, Jade beads, a photo of a Mexican hibiscus. There were stones of all colors and textures, representing all of the earth. The crystals, we found, helped to anchor the energy and acted as light conductors. Carol also brought a conch shell from Hawaii. We live in the desert, not much water around here, so the conch called in the spirit of water, and the old ones from Mu. We also set up a folk art wooden cross made from burnt match sticks at the east end of the circle. An onyx stone of a bear was in the south, a stone from Palenque in the west, and another crystal in the north. We also set lighted candles all around the room. We also made offerings of fruit that sat on the table in front of the east window. There was a fire going in the fireplace. It's cold out here in the high desert, but the fire was also a part of the calling in we discovered. fire and air.

Before the ritual started, we each drew a card from the Mayan Oracle to focus our intent. David received Etznab, the Hall of Mirrors, Carol the 4, Donna the 6 (6 Heaven), and I drew Akbal, the Abyss. Of course each card was appropriate for each of us. At 6:30 Carol blew on the conch and the ritual began.

I read the incantation and we could feel the energy building. Carol then followed with a guided meditation. She is the clearest seer among us and what she saw she guided the rest of us in. I don't remember all of it, but what I do remember was the pyramid that formed in the middle of the circle. Lord Pacal was standing in the middle of the pyramid and bowed to each of us in turn. He was like a hologram and later Carol said that she understood that the hologram was to remind us that we can also project ourselves to wherever we wish to go. And since Lord Pacal was in many places at the same time, it seems to indicate that we also could do that. There was also a part about each of us becoming a hologram, by seeing our faces in the pyramid and this reformed our understanding of what "reality" was. We became a ring of fire, moving together, hands interlocking, and joined other rings until we were coils of fire light all across the world. There were figures dancing in the flames, dancing in joy. When the guided meditation was over, we were each to pick up the hoop as a portal and step through it and lift it up and over our heads.

David saw the energy swirling around him like a vortex when he stepped through. Donna picked up the hoop and felt the energy tingling in her hands. she was filled with joy. Carol saw a gossamer web held in the hoop and when she stepped through, and lifted the hoop over her head, she saw herself reflected in the center like a mirror, a reflection or hologram, an empty projection. I saw a net spread out over the world, lines of light from all of us meditating, but the net was covering those who were not involved also. A crystalline net of love and energy. The world was a portal as each of us were portals.

After stepping through the hoop we sat quietly in meditation. I saw a volcano building in my first two chakras. A chant welled out of me, words that had no meaning. Carol said the sound was energy in motion, encompassing us in a spiral. She saw the Mother and Jesus standing on the earth, holding hands. At some point, we were blowing bubbles from a pocket sized bottle of bubbles that Carol carries.

After an hour or so we came out of meditation at about the same time. I went to the table and peeled one of the beautiful oranges and gave slices to everyone. The orange was refreshing and seemed to anchor us all back in the room - the taste was sweet and juicy and blessed. We sat for awhile and told about our experiences.

When we finally packed up and put away the stones, we each drew a Rune when they were back in the bag. Three of us got Raido, Journey of the soul, self change and union. An interesting lesson since we were doing a Sarcophagus Portal ritual. Donna pulled Solwelu, wholeness. Which seemed to fit with the 6 card she'd pulled earlier. Odd for three of us to pull the same rune. About nine o'clock, we went outside to look at Orion, shining clear above us. The Mayan called Orion the hearthstones. As we were standing outside the house, looking at the sky, we noticed a sheen of energy, an aura coming off the house. I live in the country in a little two room adobe house so the roof is flat and the energy coming off had the same flat square-like configuration.

The next morning at church, each of us had such shining eyes. That's what I particularly noticed. And the joy we'd raised, or participated in all over the world was tangible to others and lifted their spirits also. Carol said that Sat night she dreamed that she and I were on a ship, a mother ship, with many rooms. My sleep was so deep I don't think I even turned over in the night. The energy has stayed in the house. Not as intense as it was Sat. night but last night while I was meditating, I felt it all around me again, radiating into and out of my body. I am deep and quiet these days. Not exactly a holding pattern but sort of like. Deep and quiet. Many of us are staying in a meditative place most of this week. And the Star of David, a six sided star from conjunctions of planets, will form in Jerusalem at almost the same second that it forms in New York city. The timing is amazing. And that day, according to the Hebrew calendar, is Tu b'shavat, the festival of the Trees, of Nature. And the great tree of the Maya, the one on Lord Pacal's sarcophagus, is the Milky Way. It is the great tree that holds up the sky. We travel in time and space. We travel into a new dimension of freedom. I send love and peace and joy.


The energies yesterday were unbelievable.... had me shakin' several times.... had to lie down I was vibrating so much.... your energy arrived in my chest a couple times yesterday and the day before, it was very noticeable. Had to query inside to identify for sure that it was you, but am getting more familiar with the vibration. The magnitude and frequencies of the energies that shook me like a can in a paint mixer so much yesterday are very heavy indeed. We are really crossing into a new phase. I get it all vibrationally, and emotionally.... and it's really good for me to have the tangible information you receive and provide, to add perspective and context to experiencing these energies that are whipping this bundle of circuitries into whatever I am becoming.

Pacal has taken over as my temporary primary guide. So serious and mysterious sometimes, and so subtly funny other times. And his power is always apparent. Not giving me much information. More that he's guiding my steps through this tidal wave of universal energies. Thank you for sharing him.


A few nights ago I had a dream which I could not forget and didn't had a like of it ever. I said the words of Maya ritual went to bed and tried to keep my mind free of all thoughts I slept in this manner. I dreamt that I am somewhere and the sky is dark there was someone with me who showed me a very small space ship. I got into that space ship in bursted into space and this was the best experience I ever had. I saw stars moving back very rapidly and these words came in my mind that, "forget everything and enjoy the experience." Then my space ship landed somewhere and I saw the dark sky again but this time it was a very advanced civilization with strange buildings. I also saw some people. I also saw some animal size of a human but looked like feather-less chicken standing beside a shore, the animal or whatever that was had bright eyes. That's all I could remember. I never had any such dream. I enjoyed this dream very much and would like to have more such dreams. What was all that I saw who was that person who showed me that ship and I went where from where what was that animal who were those people?

Brooklyn, NY:

Since I found my portal, I've been "testing" it with my pendulum. WOW, full-circle swing and quite strong. Also, one of my prayers during the ritual was to have some extra income since I am saving to re-train as a healer (massage for license and polarity) so that I can then move to Hawaii and with my Chiropractor/Acupuncturist friend, open a clinic. Since Sunday, I got (3) offers to make money on separate occasions. Quite interesting.

Roger Kerr:

I had a wonderful experience this morning that I have to share with you. As I was just waking up, around 6:30 am, our time, my thoughts were drawn to the Sarcophagus Chamber, and then I was there. No tunnels this time, the thought occurred and I was there. There was a group of us there, I'm sure you were one of them. We had formed a circle around the portal, we were all holding hands and dancing round and round. The feeling of Love that I felt was tremendous. It was really flowing. It was a wonderful feeling. Thank you for making it possible for me to experience that! Shortly after I came back home, I was reflecting on all the Love I felt, and I heard [my guide] Pi say, "It's only just begun, Roger. It's only just begun!"



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