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There is a future for every atom in the solar system. (The Consciousness of the Atom, The Evolution of Form, Alice Bailey, 1922)

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Subatomic Particle PrisonerLaw of Reciprocal - All action creates a reaction, unless we can transcend law of reciprocal. Law of reciprocal states that an individual may make any action in any given situation and the result of that action will be a reaction mirroring the action. This is a mathematical certainty, thanks to limiting forces in the Universe.

Consider for a moment that subatomic particles may be expressions of forces that serve to limit. Their limiting power means they are divine beings of light, just like the fizzassists. But the fizzassists are being robbed of their light by the Draconians. In turn, they are robbing the photons of their light. See how it circles around? This is karma - whatever goes around, comes around. What about those of us who are not particle fizzassists? Are we prepared to go in that circle? Not me. (I love you, Atlanteans, Hathor, Bar Mitzvah Praetorius.)

An idea is a being incorporeal, which has no subsistence by itself, but gives figure and form unto shapeless matter, and becomes the cause of the manifestation. (Plutarch)

Law of Reciprocal is the law of the Universe when the Universe is God/dess - When law of reciprocal operates in the Universe, and when the Universe is God/dess, what happens? We will always be guaranteed the results of our actions because, though the Universe is infinite, it functions as though it were finite. With a functionally finite Universe, law of reciprocal produces mathematical certainty. Therefore, when you take an action within the finite Universe, and your action is based upon mathematical certainty, your result or reaction is guaranteed. And this works even when the Universe is not God/dess.

Law of Reciprocal relating to the laws of God/dess and the Universe, when the Universe is God/dess and God/dess is the Universe - Law of reciprocal still applies to God/dess when S/he is the Universe. If you take an action against the Universe, and God/dess is also the Universe, then you take an action against God/dess. You can still expect a reaction, even from a divine being, and that reaction is guaranteed. So be careful what you do when there is a God/dess, and even when there is not one.

When you take action in such a world, your action and the purpose of your action should be the same because the result or reaction is guaranteed when the purpose and the action are in alignment. If you decide to become a particle fizzassist, the results of your action are guaranteed when your action and purpose agree. When you decide to become a particle fizzassist, which is deciding to destroy little parts of the Universe - the parts with all the power in them - then you are deciding to wage war on the Universe. You will destroy those particles that make the Universe work, and your ultimate, mirrored result, according to law of reciprocal, will be your destruction. Good grief! Get a life, already!

Law of Reciprocal relating to God/dess and the Universe, when God/dess and the Universe are One and the same being - When God/dess and the Universe are One and the same being, envisioning the demise of the people who work in the field of particle fizz666 becomes simple. They will go the way of law of reciprocal. Nothing personal, it's only mathematical certainty. The Universe is indeed a living machine, just as fizzassists suspect, and it guarantees its own survival when the Universe and God/dess are the same, and also when they are not.

Law of Reciprocal relating to the nature of God/dess and to the nature of reality, when God/dess and reality are one and the same entity - Though philosophical, the meaning of existence can still be derived via math because law of reciprocal is based upon mathematical certainty. Meaning of existence can be said to be the same as law of reciprocal, because everything you do is an action based upon a purpose that is intended to get a result, and is therefore guaranteed a reaction. The action you are trying for relates directly to your concept of the meaning of your existence.

When God/dess is the Universe and when your actions are designed to produce a result that goes against God/dess's Universe, then law of reciprocal applies to the meaning of your existence and your values. You will be destroyed, thanks to law of reciprocal. This does not mean that the Universe is picking on you, it just means the laws of God/dess and the Universe apply to everyone across the board. What happens in the moment of your destruction is up to God/dess. Prayer may help.

Law of Reciprocal relating to the laws of the Universe, when the Universe and God/dess are not the same being - This refers to the instance in which God/dess and the Universe are not the same. In this instance, there can be no God/dess or no Universe, because when God/dess and the Universe are not the same, then both God/dess and the Universe exist in opposition to each other, creating a reality in which they are at odds or they are in agreement. No? Well, there are two of them, according to this material, and either they agree or they do not agree. We are speculating on what happens in either of these events. When they disagree they cancel each other out. Therefore, God/dess and the Universe are one and the same because the Universe exists and we are it. Since we are not yet canceled out, we can safely say God/dess and the Universe are One and the same being. They are in agreement, at least, and that makes them of the same mind and thus the same in Oneness.

Law of Reciprocal and God/dess - In reference to fizzassists who self-declare to be God/dess, they are not entitled to deplete the Universe in an attempt to understand it. In reference to the abilities of people to effect global changes by their actions as self-declared God/dess, we can metamorphose into God/dess to make changes we perceive to be critical to our survival. We can project our consciousness into the direction of God/dess, and follow it like the light that it is. We can become One with all life and protect it, even at the smallest level of existence - the particle level.

Law of Reciprocal and the Universe - On the universal scale, law of reciprocal works best because it works at a level affecting the entire Universe. The law is action taken with purpose to guarantee a result/reaction. Law of reciprocal cannot be defeated. It is mathematical certainty and therefore is law of the Universe-God/dess.

Law of reciprocal and Goddess's children - We are God/dess's children, just like everything in the Universe is God/dess's child. We need to take into consideration what we are doing to ourselves and to our brothers and sisters of the Universe. Now, we can change the direction of particle fizz666 in the US, and thus the world, and at the same time ensure that all children receive an education. This frees up money for jobs and frees up time for creativity in more ways than can be imagined. If all the children are educated, then God/dess is educated. The education we are currently giving God/dess is that we do not care enough about Her to educate Her children. Not only that, but we are giving her particles a hard time.

Law of Reciprocal and particle physics by-product industries - By-product industries are involved in particle fizz666. They make direct contributions to these fizz666 in the form of personal power, money, energy, time and focused attention. Law of reciprocal guarantees us they will not be permanent in any sense of the word.

Law of Reciprocal and group consciousness - Law of reciprocal works in the field of personal dynamics and relationships, wherein the law is still deadly accurate. We can establish beingness on a personal, individual level as well as on a group level by forming group consciousness and taking actions together that will bring about specific results. This is the collective unconscious and people power at work in the field of space-time and energy-matter. When conscious people work on a conscious project, we establish a group consciousness in Oneness. Right now our consciousness understands very little and agrees to support these fizz666 and these fizzassists in their destructive work.

Law of reciprocal and universal math - Relating to the Universe's mathematical equations and the concept of the Universe as a giant particle, the law of reciprocal states this. People will appear whose desire it is to smash the Universe. Those people are with us now, the particle fizzassists. Therefore, we need to get on the first shuttle out of town. We can fully fund NASA just in case we need to get off the planet before law of reciprocal kicks in.

Law of Reciprocal and the atomic suppliers - In reference to the businesses involved in the destructive program of particle fizz666, law of reciprocal probably still applies. The people involved in the businesses that supply the necessary destructive equipment are liable for their actions because they are participating in the destruction of the Universe's smallest representatives, subatomic particles. These particles have a right to exist and are protected.

Law of Reciprocal and a hostile universe - Most particle fizzassists believe that the universe is hostile. What if it is? If the Universe is a hostile being who is throwing subatomic particles at us for the purpose of killing us, it is still inappropriate to fire back. The Universe is much bigger than we are and it will win any war we wage against it.

Law of Reciprocal, a hostile Universe and the people who fire back at it - In reference to the people who fire back at it when it is only trying to supply us with enough particles to keep us alive, the Universe may interpret particle bombardment as a hostile action. The Universe is simply trying to supply us with enough particles to create an ionosphere to protect us against the sun's rays and against radioactivity from distant regions of space. In this case, the Universe is trying to help us and shelter us, while we are systematically destroying small parts of the Universe in a vain attempt to understand it. We do this a good bit in our Frankenstein labs.

Law of Reciprocal and the big flood - As for the Universe's putting up with constant attacks against it from a tiny planet, it has shown a good deal of patience so far, what with particle fizz666 going on now for the last 50 years. The Universe can wage war against us with a very big flood, as we are beginning to see happen. This is just the Universe trying to protect the planet against the ravages of the people on it. When the Universe wages war against people, it causes torrential water to spread over a planet. This wipes out all the offending people and all of their friends and family, and all the rest of us non-offending people, except that we offended by not doing anything to stop the ravaging of the planet.

Law of Reciprocal and the ripple effect - Law of reciprocal relates to the people on the planet and their ability to stop the resource depletion of the planet. When enough people come together to stop the destruction of the planet, then the destruction will end. First we must stop the destruction of subatomic particles because this is the front line.

The destruction of particles has a ripple effect throughout society and business all over the planet. The ripple effect is just as certain as law of reciprocal. When the ripple effect begins, the energy comes into alignment, and symmetry of action is formed. Everything that follows is in the archetypal format for change, one in which the highest value is placed on creation rather than destruction. This, too, is mathematical certainty and is called the Law of Immediate Returns. It states that when we set in motion an action that will cause a ripple effect, the return is guaranteed to begin as soon as the first ripple is felt. In Law of Diminished Returns, which states the strongest effects are felt at the beginning of the ripple rather than at the end of it, the returns for ending the field of particle fizz666 on this planet will be felt immediately.

Lost jobs and lost careers - Jobs will be lost but new positions will be found. As a result of the responsoring by the federal government of the Junior Achievement Awards program, job loss will not occur because a government program will be established to assist the fizzassists in going into careers in other areas of physics and math. An all-out attempt will be made to ensure that everyone receives a continuation of their living, although exorbitant salaries may not be possible.

NASA could be funded, and particle fizzassists could find work at NASA as engineers, but this is a little scary. Employment by the federal government in the Field of Astrophysics and Aerospace Engineering may be possible. The Agency for the Prevention of Lost Revenues and Pensions for Federal Employees may be able to help.

The federal government recognizes its obligations to its employees, but it will not be responsible for personal decisions that employees make regarding their own futures. The government can establish certain programs to assist in these changes, but the government does not function to support people just because they need a job. This way of doing government business will cease to exist, while at the same time the government will find ways to create a thriving job climate in the private and personal sectors of the country. Government works to serve the people, not to be served by them, and this way of running the government will end, hopefully. (Atlanteans, Hathor, Bar Mitzvah Praetorius)

Love - Is it possible we are locked out of our own reality, disempowered by our denial of the part we play in creating it? Could we not somehow find the key to let ourselves back into the Kingdom so we can establish a Oneness relationship with all life? What is the key if not love? Love can take us from division and mortality to Oneness and immortality. When we are complete individuals but still acting as One Divine Being, we have a condition of Good or Goodness, which is personalized as God or Goddess. Who is God/dess? We are that Being who loves us, guides us and cares for us, yet we are not exactly Her, for S/he exists as Other, in realms of Light and under agreements of noninterference. Let us pray we have not brought Her to a personal conflict by our activities of atom smashing.

Our investigative relationship with the beautiful subatomic world of color and light is tragic and sad, beginning with atom smashing and ending with nuclear Holycost. This is particle fizz666. And what of the physical matter itself, the particles? Are they not holistically One with us? Do we not owe them reverence and respect? A subatomic particle came here by the only route we know - creation. How is it, then, we are entitled to smash it to discover what happens when we do? This is the dark field of particle fizz666 today, with its supremacist attitude about life. This is US and the question becomes, how did we come to this?

Let us overlight the darkness in particle fizz666 with love. These little particles are light, pure and simple, and light is energy. Energy is life and life is awareness. Can something exist without awareness of its own existence? Not here, not in our domain for living. In our dimension, life is aware and loving life. Every living being performs a divine function here. We may not always know the nature of the function, but this does not mean it is not being performed. Where it concerns particles, we understand it perfectly. The particles are the basic building blocks of the physical world. This is their divine function. They are blessed by the light and love of God/dess. (Claire Sarasvati)



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