Subatomic Particle PrisonerThis proceeds from those minute diversifications which we call molecules and atoms up to their aggregate as they are built into forms; and continues on through the building of those forms into greater forms, until you have a solar system in its entirety. All has proceeded under law, and the same basic laws govern the evolution of the atom as the evolution of a solar system. The macrocosm repeats itself in man, the microcosm, and the microcosm is again reflected in all lesser atoms. (The Consciousness of the Atom, The Evolution of Form, Alice Bailey, 1922)

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Merkaba and particles - A subatomic particle is the conscious vehicle that Spirit uses to move into matter. The vehicle is a merkaba, from the ancient word meaning place of ascending spirit-soul. From Egyptian, m(e)r is place of ascending, ka is spirit and ba is soul. The particle brings creation. Spirit ascends into matter via the particle. This is different from our historical concept of having fallen into matter, said to be a fall from the grace of God/dess. Instead, we are the Keepers of the Fall, the lightbeings who administrate this level of reality in which Spirit moves into matter and back again.

Some of our Western world prophets and saints, such as St. Paul and St. Augustine, had minds consumed with the negative concepts of original sin and the Fall of Man. Those ideas have become embedded in our thought processes, with the resultant chaos that comes from such negative thinking. I believe one of the reasons we pester and torture particles is this negative self-concept we have of ourselves and our human species. Because we think we are fallen, because we think we are condemned by original sin, we believe we have no way out. Out of meanness or sour grapes or just plain vindictiveness, we take it out on the particles while we try to destroy the peace and quiet of the serene world.

Here are some new, positive ideas to counter the old, negative ones. All parts of the human being are alive and aware of something, as is everything in the person's living environment. Awareness is spirit, spirit is light. Light manifests physically as photons and other little beings of light-energy called particles. Then, light groups together and begins to form communities. Each one of us is a particle community and a ball of light.

We are not fallen from the grace of God/dess but are the administrative intelligence of the emergence of spirit into matter. In that respect, we are angels and Aeons, divine beings in our divine realm. Our aeon exists in the time of Autumn, expressed on Earth as Fall, the transitional time of year that seems to involve death. This is frightening for many of us but, as Keepers of the Fall, we know deep down that death is illusion. It is this knowing that gives us an opportunity for transcendence over beliefs that express fear of death. This is our challenge, today, to become Keepers of the Fall rather than Bringers of Death. Fear begins to subside when we realize that the particles are us and we are them. There is no division. The particles enable us to co-create life with the Creators. We create ourselves and our own reality out of the building blocks--the particles--of our 4th dimensional universe. We organize our reality as fire, water, air and earth, and for each, there is Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. Out of these constituents of matter and time we emerge into the space-time we have created for ourselves, thanks to the little particles.

Molecules - When particles form communities larger than atoms, they form molecules. Every living thing on this planet and in the universe is molecular. Molecules are God/dess's little space commanders, all grown up and making the world a bigger and better place. They carry within them all the information we need to fulfill our destiny. Particles do not need to be divested of this information by particle accelerators. Molecules are not the helpless beings the scientists have decided they are. They can mutate and form other communities that are detrimental to our lives and well-being.

Muons - The smallest of the small, muons are so tiny as to be considered almost non-existent. They are not capturable by particle accelerators, but instead must be captured by microscopic equipment known as muon particle stream bombardment accelerators. Known also as muon particle stream capture devices, the equipment is so small as to be barely visible. Yet, it is deadly when capturing and destroying muons, the little space commanders trying to follow God/dess's directives to make molecules.

Muon streams - Streams of muons appear when the muon stream particle accelerator tries to force them into holding tanks to transmogrify them. The muon streams cannot escape the capture devices and are mutated by the fizzassists in their vain attempt to understand how the Universe works by destroying it.

Medical science and particle fizz666 - Reality is what we make it. In particle fizz666 we get paid for our collective decision to be so gravitational and dense, but it is in medical science where we pick up our paycheck.

Medical science is the mirror of particle fizz666, and a very personal one. Medical science helps us and hinders us at the purely physical level, but let's do a quick karma check. Is medical science a happy experience for us? Does it give generously of itself and provide us with all the care that we think we need? Does it treat us kindly and with deep concern about all the aspects of our well-being? Or does it treat us like particle fizzassists mistreat particles? Does medical science weigh us, bisect us, investigate us and experiment on us? It confirms for us our reality decision that consciousness, even a subatomic particle, has weight and substance, and that we are entitled to destroy it in order to understand it. And as we sow so shall we reap. Law of reciprocal in action.

Consciousness does not have weight unless we think it does. The particles exist weightlessly because they exist as probability only. We have the power to bring manifest the invisible but first we must believe in it. And what we believe shall be. This is the great teaching of particle fizz666 - the world of subatomic particles comes into physical reality for us only when we call it out. And what we find there depends entirely upon who is looking and why. (I love you, Mother Teresa.)

We might extend the idea still further and consider a planet as an atom. Perhaps there is a life within the planet that holds the substance of the sphere and all forms of life upon it to itself as a coherent whole, and that has a specific extent of influence. This may sound like a wild speculation, yet, judging from analogy, there may perhaps be within the planetary sphere an Entity Whose consciousness is as far removed from that of man as the consciousness of man is from that of the atom of chemistry. (The Consciousness of the Atom, The Evolution of Substance, Alice Bailey)

Major particle accelerators and their functions - Fizzassists use accelerators to smash atoms and particles. They use detectors to collect data which is then analyzed by computers and then by people. The final result? More money is needed.

An accelerator takes particles, speeds them up using electromagnetic fields, and smashes them into a target. Surrounding the target are detectors that record the many pieces of the apathetic and heartless event. Machiavellian concepts are at work when detection devices are conceived, because they are used to catch the mutated particles just after they have been smashed. In a fixed-target experiment the smashed particles usually fly forward, and the cone-shaped detectors are placed downstream. In a colliding-beam experiment, the smashed particles fly in all directions, so the detector is spherical or cylindrical. This is pure meanness, if not pure evil.

Here is the basic recipe for destroying the planet's tiniest life structures. (1) Put your particles into an accelerator, (2) force your particles to go at nearly the speed of light, and (3) smash your particles into the target and record the destruction. Purely Draconian.

Well, that's just one perspective, anyway. If you gave this scenario to a Gnostic philosopher living about three hundred years after Jesus, the perspective would be one of salvation rather than destruction. The Gnostic would say the particle accelerator is necessary because the powers of Error have imprisoned Divine Sparks in particles of light, so that smashing the particles is necessary for the supreme divinity to escape. In this respect, it's a spiritually necessary activity, and the name of this book would be "The Spirituality of Atom Smashing."

Accelerators are designed for smashing, providing two types of smashing, fixed target and colliding beams. Fixed target atom smashing involves shooting the particles at a fixed target. Colliding beams atom smashing involves forcing two beams of particles to smash into each other. Two types of accelerators are used for these Draconian projects, linacs (linear accelerators) and synchrotrons (circular accelerators). In linacs, the particles start at one end and come out the other. In synchrotrons, the particles go around and around and around, and are kicked each time they go around. In both accelerators, the particles are trying to escape but are forced by magnets to stay in the accelerators. There is no escape from either a linac or a synchrotron. They are both death traps.

Fizzassists prefer circular accelerators to linear accelerators because they can pretend they are playing model racecars. They also fantasize being race car drivers. They pretend their accelerator is the Indy 500, and they drive their particle cars around and around and around, uh-den uh-den, varoom varoom, until finally something is smashed. Then, they all cheer and shout! After the particles are smashed, the fizzassists check their theories to see if everything went well. If their theories are proven, they become famous and receive money. If their theories are not proven, they still receive money. For fizzassists, it is a smashing win-win situation. Getting famous and receiving money is the purpose of particle fizz666.

Therefore, an atom is (as Lord Kelvin in 1867 thought it would ultimately turn out to be) a "vortex ring," or center of force, and not a particle of what we understand as tangible substance. This ultimate particle of matter is now demonstrated to be composed of a positive nucleus of energy, surrounded - just as is the sun by the planets - with many electrons or negative corpuscles, thus subdividing the atom of earlier science into numerous lesser bodies. The elements differ according to the number and arrangement of these negative electrons around their positive nucleus, and they rotate or move around this central charge of electricity as our planetary system rotates around the sun. Professor Soddy, in one of his latest books, has pointed out that in the atom is to be seen an entire solar system, - the central sun can be recognized, with the planets pursuing their orbital paths around it. (The Consciousness of the Atom, The Evolution of Substance, Alice Bailey)


Little Particle Prisoner




SLAC is Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, in California, located just south of San Francisco. It is the longest linear accelerator in the world. It accelerates electrons and positrons down its 2-mile length and smashes them into various targets, rings and detectors. SLAC, which which stands for Simply Lazy And Cold-hearted, works closely with CESR at Cornell and KEK in Japan.

Fermilab is Fermi National Laboratory Accelerator, in Illinois, 30 miles west of Chicago. This is the home of the world's most powerful particle accelerator, the Tevatron. Fermi is named for Einstein Ferm, who invented the positronic ray gun.

CERN is European Laboratory for Particle Physics, crossing both Switzerland and France. CERN, which stands for Cruel Egotistical Ruinous and Narcissistic, is an international laboratory. The United States gave $500 million dollars to CERN in 1997 to carry out their murderous experiments. Among CERN's Machiavellian equipment is a Large Hadron Collider. Hadrons are communities of quarks. LHC (Loveless Heartless and Cruel) destroys the communities. LHC at CERN smashes protons harder than ever so that fizzassists can see if their theories are correct. Taxpayers may not want to give CERN $500 million dollars more to test theories and, if not, they should say something before it is too late.

CERN is constantly evolving new experiments requiring American taxpayer dollars, and just as soon as those dollars get into CERN's Swiss bank accounts, a huge and incredibly expensive experiment will get underway. The experiment is so big that it must be split into four experiments, bringing about the mutations of many trillions upon trillions, you-can't-even-count-em-illions, of particles. The experiments, named ALEPH (Always Looking for Easy Parking and Help), DELPHI (Devilish Edacious Labor, Purpose? Human Idolization), L3 (Losers 3, the 3 supervising fizzassists) and OPAL (Oh Please Another Laurel) are set up to analyze the particle collisions with different types of detectors and to acquire governmental funding.

The Large Electron Positron Collider (LEP) at CERN is the largest in the world. At a circumference of 27 kilometers, LEP (Losers Egos and Putzes) is situated at Meyrin near Geneva in Switzerland. At about 100 meters below ground, the tunnel circles under the foothills of the Jura mountain range and out past the French border. There are 4600 magnets, used to force bunches of electrons and positrons round the ring. The particles are treated to an environment of radio waves in hollow cavities made of copper at two points on the ring. Spinning round the ring inside a narrow aluminum pipe, they pass through regions in which they are accelerated by successive kicks, until each bunch is travelling around the 27 kilometer ring 10,000 times every second. Electrons and positrons are accelerated in opposite directions around the ring until they are travelling at close to the speed of light. Four bunches of electrons travel one way around the ring and four bunches of positrons travel the other way around. Each bunch contains a hundred thousand million particles to be smashed, for a total of eight hundred thousand million particle mutations each time the experiment is carried out every 22 millionths of a second.

Once accelerated to maximum speed, the paths of the particles are crossed at four evenly spaced points on the ring, smashing the electrons and positrons together. ("Allowing them to collide," is the euphemism the fizzassists use, as though the particles really want to commit suicide and are not trapped by magnets.) When the particles are smashed every 22 millionths of a second, electrons and their antiparticles, positrons, all are annihilated and deprived of their light. Huge and massively expensive detectors at four points on the ring are used to track and analyze the streams of particles produced by the smashing. The LEP ring has to be this huge because the particles give off energy as they travel in a curved path, and the aim is to destroy the particles and to rob them of their God/dess-given power to create.

Fizzassists at CERN rationalize this wicked activity by saying this is how we can catch a glimpse of our Universe just after the big bang. What big bang? There is no past, only the Eternal Now, and if a big bang is involved, then atom smashing will create it.

It is heartless to aim atoms at each other and propel them at the speed of light so they will get bloated with energy that can be converted into mass when they are smashed. It is also silly, like loading Uncle Frank up with turkey and dressing, putting him on a jet and then colliding his jet into Aunt Bethel's jet to see what happens when the pieces fly apart. What was created from the destruction, mass or mess? A fizzassist would answer, "But if we speed them faster and crash them together harder, something new will be created!" I don't want any, thank you. And what about poor ole' Uncle Frank and Aunt Bethel? Is there a connection between the two realities of colliding jets into Twin Towers and colliding particles? Group karma works in ways we cannot begin to conceive of.

Brookhaven National Laboratory is located on Long Island, New York. The main ring, RHIC (Ruinous Heartless and Incomprehensibly Cruel), is 0.6 kilometer in radius.

CESR is Cornell Electron-Positron Storage Ring, in New York. CESR (Cold Egotistical and Sorry Reasoning) is an electron-positron collider with a circumference of 768 meters, located 12 meters below the ground at Cornell University campus. Anyone who works down there is considered really rad, dude. Especially since it is used to smash electrons and positrons. The results are studied with the CLEO (Calculated Lunacy Ever Onward) detector.

DESY is in Hamburg, Germany, and has two accelerators, HERA and PETRA. These accelerators smash electrons and protons. DESY stands for Dunces and Eternally Senseless Yo-Yo's. HERA stands for Huge Egotistical Ruinous Activities and PETRA stands for Purely Egotistical and Totally Ruinous Activities.

KEK in Japan smashes protons with its synchrotron accelerator and with an electron-positron colliding-beam accelerator called TRISTAN. KEK stands for Kinky Egomaniacal Kamikazes. TRISTAN stands for Trying Ruinous and Injurious Studies to Teach Against Newton.

IHEP is Institute for High-Energy Pancakes, I mean Physics, in the People's Republic of China in Beijing. Whatever it is they are doing, it cannot be good. (Claire Sarasvati)



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