Subatomic Particle PrisonerThere has probably never been a period in the history of thought entirely resembling the present. Thinkers everywhere are conscious of two things, first, that the region of mystery has never before been so clearly defined, and secondly, that that region can be entered more easily than has hitherto been the case; it may, therefore, perhaps be induced to render up some of its secrets if investigators of all schools pursue their search with determination. (The Consciousness of the Atom, The Field of Evolution, Alice Bailey, 1922)

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Subatomic ParticlesNuclear facilities and locations - Most nuclear facilities in this country have concealed operations, in that they refuse to give out any of their information, no matter what. This is part of the Draconian directive, that the workings of these facilities will be kept secret until the people involved are given the go-ahead to release data. Those people are rewarded with sums of money or the glare of recognition. After that, they are consigned to a life sentence on an etheric rock pile somewhere for the crimes committed against God/dess's directive that the atoms should produce molecules. As we split atoms, so are we split.

Nuclear following - This does not refer to the people who are following the results of the nuclear testing. This refers to those of us producing the results, for we are the ones who will, in the end, gain from our activities a nuclear following, in that we will experience the fall from grace talked about in the Bible.

Nuclear foundries - Nuclear activities involve the formulation of results into data that is usable by someone somewhere. This is immoral as well as illegal, for it creates the opportunity for those with more money to do with the results what they will, regardless of how the results were gotten or who was harmed by it. This is Draconian.

Nuclear fusion - This is a marginally better form of atom smashing because, rather than the atoms being split, they are merged. Better to merge than divide. But, this is against what is intended by God/dess, because the atoms are divinely the way they are. Let's stop splitting the atoms and stop fusing the atoms right now!

Nuclear housing - This form of housing gives the atoms shelter against attacks on the nucleus of the atom, but it does not afford shelter against the fizzassists who want to destroy the nucleus and its outer rings. Nuclear housing is the atom's way of shielding itself against assault but, as fizzassists, we care little about this. We are too self-involved in earning money and gaining glory. Our business is finished, our paychecks are picked up, and we are off for an evening on the town. Hooray!

Nuclear particles - Some nuclear particles cannot withstand bombardment and are immediately extinguished. Their lives are cut short and they are obliterated, with only the hope of resurrection remaining. On the other hand, the fizzassists who are bombarding the particles are not participating on behalf of God/dess but instead are participating on behalf of themselves and their masters, the Dracos.

Nuclear refractors - The nucleus has the ability to set up housekeeping in the same environment as the bombardment is taking place. The nucleus is designed to withstand a certain amount of stress, but not for a long time. The nucleus caves in at an alarming rate, and the fizzassists carry on without concern about the death they wrought. (Solon Centurion)

Nuclear repair - The nucleus can repair itself if it has the opportunity, but what we like to do, as fizzassists, is tempt the nucleus with opportunity and then withdraw the promised chance for repair. This is torture, plain and simple. (Sir John Warren)

Nuclear responses - The nucleus can respond to exterior stimulus, so that its contents can be determined. The nucleus is just trying to help out, but we are not yet capable of relating to the nucleus in a friendly way. Particle fizzassists will not accept this, however. They insist on a relationship, one having to do with murder, funding and grant money. They poison the nucleus to force out its secrets. If one poison does not work, we try another. This is the equivalent of being poisoned by someone who only wants to see the effects of the poison. Yikes! (Solon Centurion)

Nuclear treatments - The nucleus can give a response that alerts the fizzassists to its being harmed or damaged. Testing for this response is particularly apathetic because it leaves the nucleus without recourse regarding what response to make to avert the abusive fizzassists. The nucleus responds by dying, and this is exactly what fizzassists hope for, so that their results can be validated and then sold to the highest bidder. (Sir John Warren)

Neutrinos and neutron band spectrum - Subatomic particles known as neutrinos come from outside our solar array and enter our system through the electromagnetic field fabric or curtain of space-time and energy-matter. The neutrinos are part of a particle wave called a neutron band spectrum. The neutrinos are approaching us and infiltrating us as a result of our activities in the fields of particle fizz666. (I love you, Yang Tsu.)

Neutrinos and their causes and effects - The solar system can withstand bombardment by radiation from outside the solar array, but the neutrinos are causing damage as they infiltrate our interior solar array. The neutrinos are responding to our activities in particle fizz666, activities that are causing bombardment from outside the solar array by the neutrinos.

The neutrinos can cause severe damage to our solar array. They prompt the solar array to take up natural defenses against them to ward them off. The neutrinos are only responding to what is happening within the interior solar array, which has to do with negatively charged particles coming from Earth and destroying the star system grid lines and core currents. The neutrinos are infiltrating our system as a result of the fizzassists' activities over the years. There is hope, of course, but only if all this atom smashing activity is stopped right away.

A type of lepton, neutrinos have no electrical or strong charge. They almost never interact with any other particles. Fizzassists say they just pass right through us and through everything else without ever interacting with a single atom. We hope so because neutrinos are produced in particle decays. (Their existence was hypothesized after fizzassists studied radioactive decays.) Fizzassists believe neutrinos may contribute to total mass of the universe and affect its expansion. But what do they know?

Neutrons - These particles hold a neutral charge, meaning that when they come in contact with particles that hold a positive charge or a negative charge, they neutralize that particle. This is transcendence on the subatomic level, the ability to neutralize the field of tension created by the interaction of the positive with the negative. It is a divine function. (Yang Tsu)



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