Subatomic Particle PrisonerIf we are right in our fundamental concept, if there is a grain of reality in our hypothesis, and if there is a substratum of truth in our idea of the atom from which the elements are compounded, it is to be recognized as a life working intelligently through the medium of a form. (The Consciousness of the Atom, The Evolution of the Thinker, Alice Bailey, 1922)

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Ozone - In the atmosphere, ozone keeps our environment clean and healthy. Ozone is beneficial to our species. It enhances our ability to breathe and it gives shielding from the sun. Ozone is significantly damaged by particle fizz666 when the fizzassists release so many negatively charged particles into the atmosphere. The particles are depleted of their affirmative purposes and are sent back into the atmosphere as destroyed and rejected beings. Can this be right? Can it be the purpose of humanity to do this to the Universe's smallest children, subatomic particles?

What if you had your life stopped short by a being who wants to know what's on your mind and what you think about but who has to destroy you to find out? Would you give a negative response? This is what is happening in particle fizz666, today. (I love you, Shaykh Ash-herla.)

One little particle said to another - "Knock, knock." The other particle said, "Who's there?" The first particle said, "It's me who." The second particle said, "It's me who who?" The first particle said, "It's me who, too." Get it? (Lord Sananda)

Ode to the particles, a poem - This poem is titled "Little Bitty Particles."

Little bitty particles swimming in a stew,
Little bitty particles, "What are we to do?
Everywhere we see, everywhere we turn,
There is always something new to learn!"

"Ahoy there, particles, my name is Master.
I especially came today to take you to a tasker.
I wonder if you realize just how silly we can be.
And if you didn't know it, my name for you is 'Me.'"

Little bitty particles screaming, "Help me, help me!
There's a big being here claiming to be me.
I know I am myself, so there's nothing left to say,
But one more thing occurs, 'Let's play, play, play!'"

"No, no, you scroungy mudders, you been bad, bad, bad.
Now, you must pay and you better be sad, sad, sad.
I am a mean ol' master, I sling you all around.
I am a mean ol' master, I take you not to town."

Where we could play, play, play if only I'd agree.
And we could sing, sing, sing, if only I'd be Me.
But I am sorry, now, to say, you must be slung around.
Ride this big old slingshot, whoosh, whoosh, ka-bam."

"Oh, no, help us, help us, Master is so mean.
Master could be happy, master could be queen.
But instead we all must sling and smash and split.
When all we really want is fun, and play, and flip."

"OK, little particles, my name is God/dess,
And I proclaim you free, for we are so blest
To have you, for without you where would we be?
Nowhere, nada, nil, that's where. The party's on me!"
(Lord Sananda)

Odd naming system for quarks - According to fizzassists, who ought to know, six quarks comprise the entire Universe, along with six leptons, and maybe an electron or two and not to mention all the antimatter antiparticles (G_d forbid!) being created by particle fizz666. The six quarks are idiotically named Up, Down, Strange, Charm, Bottom and Top. This naming system is highly unimaginative by a group of people who claim to be the most imaginative in the world and who claim to have created something from nothing. Hey, what gives?

The six quarks are sociable and are never found alone but are community oriented. Fizzassists call the quark communities hadrons, which is similar to Hades, the possible ultimate community of most particle fizzassists.

On color charges, flavors and family numbers - Quarks carry one-of-three color charges and a gluon carries one-of-eight color-complimentary color charges. All other particles are color neutral. Flavor distinguishes quarks from one another, and lepton family number distinguishes leptons from one another. The particles also are identified by spin, but fizzassists say that particles do not really spin, nor do they have color, flavor or family number. Huh?

Subatomic Particle People
Particle World

On color charges and force carriers - All interactions affecting matter particles are due to an exchange of force carrier particles. When two quarks are close to one another, they exchange gluons (force carrier particles) and create a strong color force field that binds the quarks together. The force field gets stronger as the quarks get further apart. Quarks constantly change their color charge as they exchange gluons with other quarks.

Particle WaveColor-charged particles cannot be found individually. They are found in families called hadrons, which are color neutral. The quarks in a hadron madly exchange gluons or color-charged force carriers to keep a constant supply of light and energy flowing. The field holding the quarks together is a color-force field. The particle field is called gluons because they glue the quarks together. The force field, of course, can never be identified by fizzassists, who admit they are only guessing about it. The force field is the spiritual level of the particles rather than anything material. But fizzassists simply will not give up in their sheer determination to be atheists. It would mean acknowledging some intelligences greater than theirs.

When fizzassists pull one of the quarks in a hadron away from its brother and sister quarks, the color-force field stretches between the quarks and tries vainly to keep them together and in community. When fizzassists insist on pulling them apart, more and more energy is added to the color-force field as the quarks and the gluons try to keep the divine alignment. Finally, the color-force field just plain gives up and becomes a new quark/anti-quark pair, in an attempt to replace the paired relationship that was destroyed. This solves the dilemma for the force field but puts the rest of us up the creek with God/dess, who now has a newly created antimatter antiparticle to deal with, and one not of Her own making. "Who caused this?" She will ask. I predict the finger pointing will be profound. (Claire Grace Watson)



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