Subatomic Particles
Protons and Ions

Subatomic Particle PrisonerLet us endeavor to realize that there is no such thing as inorganic matter, but that every atom is a life. Let us realize that all forms are living forms, and that each is but the vehicle of expression for some indwelling entity. Let us seek to comprehend that this is likewise true of the aggregate of all forms. Thus we have the clue to ourselves, and perhaps the clue to the mystery of the solar system. (The Consciousness of the Atom, The Evolution of Form, Alice Bailey, 1922)

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Earth HomeParticles - Deserving of our respect, particles are clever beings of light. They know how to form communities of atoms, which form communities of molecules, which form communities of human beings. But we do not give them our respect. Why? Because humanity is using up the planet, and we know that if the particles ever find out about it, we're in trouble!

The planet is a divine being and One with us. Earth provides us with shelter and space. In return, we provide Earth with a load of trash, a pile of garbage, a mess of junk and a world of poison. Why do we treat Earth this way? Who will acquit the planet of the crime of sheltering humanity? We sin against ourselves.

Particle fizz666 terminology - The terminology encountered in particle fizz666 is designed to be misleading and baffling. It ensures that no one can debate the fizzassists about whether they deserve the money they want. The purpose of this book is to define particle fizz666 terminology that otherwise goes undefined and becomes an energy virus in the energy basin of the planetary population. We want to define for the interested reader the mysterious terminology of particle fizz666 today, to prevent further confusion within the population about this terminology and these so-called fizzassists who think it up.

Particle files and locations - Particle files are used to transfer particles to their locations in the labs. This indicates where the particles are grouped, under what conditions and where they are located within the labs. The file is highly sensitive material and available for perusal only to fizzassists and their fellows, whose work on these particles renders them to be without purpose of existence. The particles are not experiencing love and joy in life. The people responsible for this are not working within the realm of divine law but are working within the realm of financial return. As particle fizzassists, we are drones working for the Draconian Empire in the department of determinative results and financial bottom lines.

Particle fusion and causation of same - The particles are assembled for personal use by the fizzassists and are not given any choice about it. First, the fizzassists remove the particles from their dormitories and then they prevent them from resuming their functions as subatomic living things. Next, they take the particles into the suspension chamber where they induce them with certain solutions to render them visible to the human eye using special expensive equipment. Finally, they return them to their dormitories, where the particles await being driven helplessly into the particle acceleration chambers. There, they are spun around and around until they are drunk, as the fizzassists observe the results of their Holycost. The particles are given a breather and allowed to rest for a while before more torture.

Then, the fizzassists place the particles into the accelerators and spin them again and again until they are so wrung out that they have no hope of completing their God/dess-given directive to make molecules. At this point, they are smashed. This is our relationship with subatomic particles at the level of fizz666.

Particles and beams - Beams align the particles before they are taken into the accelerators to be spun and smashed. Beams push the particles into little rows so that they can be studied better, and then they push them into sets and couplets for further observation. The particles themselves have no say in this matter and they do not wish to be pushed around this way. Is this the definition of life we teach other beings who co-exist with us on the planet? First, you are born, then you die, and in between you are pushed around. (Solon Centurion)

Particles and structures - Structures control the positioning of particles before they are put into the accelerators. The structures align the particles into formations, and the particles are given the choice of putting themselves into certain areas of the structures. They must decide where they want to live within structures in which they do not want to live. They decide what they want to do while trapped within the structures, and they decide where they want to go while trapped in the structures. This is the kind of thing that will cause us all to give up our souls on account of particle fizz666. Where are we going, where will we live, and what will we be doing for the rest of eternity? Nowhere, nowhere and nothing. (Sir John Warren)

Periodicities and similarities - Used to determine particle commonality, periodicities means atomic weight, and similarities means atomic structure. This determinative trial is used to decide whether particles should be placed together or separated. The particles are just dead things with no purpose or function, therefore no one cares what the particles what.

Positronic trials and misses - Positronic equipment is used to make determinations about the behavior of atoms. The equipment releases the atoms from their structures, then harasses and distracts them until they become so confused they don't know where they are, who they are or what is happening. How unbelievably apathetic and insensitive to human life!

What is a Holycost and why do we keep having them? Our Holycost, particle fizz666, has been elevated to mystification and paying honorarium to fizzassists. It is still a Holycost. How many Holycosts have we had now?

Do we believe in Holycost? Is that our concept of how life works, on a basis of extreme reward and punishment, a kind of binge-purge concept of reality? I surely hope not because I do not want to cost lives, whether at the individual level of human being or the individual level of subatomic being, and I surely do not want to think myself holy as I cost those lives. All the historical religions have done it, the fascists have done it, various demented countries have done it, and now the particle fizzassists are doing it. The Holycosts are our manifestations of our inability to start living and to stop giving others hell. (Solon Centurion)

Positrons - Positronic equipment is used to make determinations about subatomic particles. It is designed to disturb, harass and monitor the particles until they give some indication of giving up and quitting. Designed only for this, the equipment is a hellish invention from the Draconian Empire. (Sir John Warren)

Problems and solutions - Problem-solving apparatus is used to make conclusions about subatomic particles. Solutions are the determinative results gained from the use of the apparatus, namely how much the particles weigh, what their atomic structures are, what their atomic numbers are and where they belong on the particle charts. This is a bad joke perpetrated on humanity, because the problem solving apparatus and the solutions do not make a hill of beans. All of it is done to convince major funders of the real big importance of stuff like this.

Particle fizz666 and nuclear fizz666 - Mirroring Albert Einstein in particle fizz666 is Frankenstein in nuclear fizz666. One doctor worked in the bi-polar world of performance particles and the other in the creation of a human freak. Which doctor did which? Both their activities birthed and nurtured the concept of our world as being an evil and brilliant freak. This freak concept is walking all around us today as our corrupted belief systems. How corrupted? In our world, good and power are inconceivable bedfellows and neither do evil and weak sleep together.

What lack of magic is this, where good and evil are two faces of the coin? Magically stated, the world is a continuous creation, but we seem to have lost the power of magic. If our world is created in the image of a freak, then dualism reigns and the Draconians can step easily into the gap and take over with usury, consumption and greed. What can we do about this? We can come together in Oneness and give peace a chance.

Nowhere in the Universe is work being done that can match the importance of our work in particle fizz666. Who said that? The fizzassists said that. What is the significant work being done in particle fizz666? Is it the systematic and expensive transmogrification of particles to get funding? Proclaiming ourselves God/desses ("We have created something from nothing!"), fizzassists require funding to play around with our tinker toy Universe. If we smash it with our fist, can we take all the pieces apart and see how the thing works? Can we get paid to do it? Yes, and in two fields: particle fizz666 and nuclear fizz666, where one smashes the smallest and the other smashes the largest. This is not the work of the divine, because whenever did God/dess need funding? Perhaps there is hope for us. We can seek for mercy on account of being human.

Fizzassists have a concept of God/dess that is different from everyone else's. Yet, they tell us what is reality, and our collective adopts it as fact. Fizzassists are our gods and we adore them. Our gods say the world is a random explosion in a meaningless void. Did we adopt their theory of reality? I think we did. (I love you, Lord Ganesha, ShivaBalaYogi, Babaji.)

Particle fizz666 and the meaning of the work being done in this field - The work being done in this field is meaningless. The field is not based on any known scientific certitude like biology or astronomy or ecology. Particle fizz666 is based on quantum mechanics theory and air. As to the theories, whatever value they hold for humanity or the planet can never be discovered, except in a usury or exploitative way. The same is true for nuclear fizz666, only worse. Nuclear fizz666 plays with theory of mechanical reactor relationships and radiation points-of-no-return. It doesn't get any more dangerous than nuclear fizz666 nor more massive, in terms of financial windfall, huge salaries, incredibly expense, disastrous equipment and monstrous amounts of government funding. It is also funded at the college and university level by research grants that have nothing to do with nuclear fizz666 but have been appropriated for that use.

Nuclear fizz666 causes havoc in the environment. For example, fizzassists control the money we give them, so that when tritium is discovered to be temporarily useful in radiation therapy (eventually, it kills the patient), it also must be useful in making advances in nuclear fizz666, otherwise we cannot get the benefit. This is the bi-polar world Albert Frankenstein played his wisdom and wit into.

Particle fizz666 and the sensitivity of the work being done in these fields - Tritium has some temporary medical benefits but nuclear weapons must be created if we are to have the nuclear medicine. Particle-nuclear fizz666 are highly sensitive fields where just a small effort produces a huge result in altering our environment. Particle-nuclear fizz666 can change reality instantly. Nuclear fizz666 holds power in planetary affairs and particle fizz666 in colleges and universities. Both fields are useless and immensely powerful. Meditate on it. Atomic sciences are all about the money and the power. Existing as power poles around which people gather and energize, they encourage an insane belief that we can control, exploit and market nuclear power. This is usury, consumption and greed at work in the realm of human existence.

Particle fizz666 and the special case of Frankenstein - When particle fizz666 is in operation, part of the Universe is systematically destroyed. God/dess may interpret this as an act of war. God/dess, the Universe and the Self are the same Being. Fizzassists do not take this into consideration when they crank up their particle torture machines and fraudulent funding activities. They do not realize they are defrauding themselves, God/dess, the Universe and the citizens. Or do they? Perhaps they do, at some level, but they repress it. They want to believe we are a random event occurring in a hostile universe, which is itself an abortion occurring in a spaceless void. Solidly based in this belief, they can torture and defraud to their heartless content. In this belief, both the Universe and the Frankenstein monster are the same being if you are a particle physicist rather than a human being who believes in the wisdom of God/dess. (I love you, Mohammed, Angel Bernadette, Archangel Belldirot/Jane Austen.)

Particle fizz666, Albert Einstein and Frankenstein - This supposes that Albert Einstein and Frankenstein were related at the level of causative forces in the Universe, in that they both worked to bring up-heaval to established modes of critical thinking. Albert worked in the field of particle fizz666 and Frank in the field of medical science. Albert operated in the arena of the absurd and Frank in the arena of medical absurdity. Thank goodness we have Newtonian physics, which is logical and beautiful and allows for our transcendence of ghastly Holycosts like particle fizz666 and modern medical science. (Solon Centurion.)

Photons - Light is comprised of billions and trillions of particles called photons. A photon carries information about the physical world because it interacts with whatever it bumps into. Oh, great. That's some real wonderful information we are giving photons to spread around.

We pass through a long period or cycle of many lives, wherein we identify ourselves with the form, and are so one with the not-self that we recognize no difference, being entirely occupied with the things which are transient and impermanent. It is this identification with the not-self which leads to all the pain, dissatisfaction, and sorrow in the world, and yet we must remember that through this reaction of the self to the not-self we inevitably learn, and finally break loose from the impermanent and the unreal. This cycle of identification with the unreal parallels the stage of individual consciousness. As the atom of substance has to find its way into some form, and add its quota of vitality to a greater unit, so through the evolutionary development of consciousness the human atom has likewise to reach a point where it recognizes its place in a greater Whole, and shoulders its responsibility in group activity. (The Consciousness of the Atom, The Evolution of Consciousness, Alice Bailey)

Patriotic Duty, Civic Responsibility and Actions Taken as Citizens of This Planet - Patriotic duty to kin and country is key to the survival of our species. A citizen has a patriotic duty to friends, family, country and planet. What is meant by patriotic duty? In some countries, it is a meaningless phrase. Patriotic duty is service to the country on behalf of self and community. When some of us hear the phrase "patriotic duty," we think it is nationalistic and means going to war. We are confused about the meaning of the phrase because governments abuse patriotic duty to get support for their war projects. Governments collude with governments in war projects and use patriotic duty to enlist soldiers.

This may not be evil in intent but may be a main chakra dysfunction in the collective human, who was called Adam (Atom) or Adamanous (Adam as all of us) by the early Common Era Gnostics. Adam is a vast, aeonic being, a divine being in a divine realm. Adam represents us as a species and is a divine collective expressed as individual. Perhaps Adamanous has a blocked chakra, causing us species' dysfunction that manifests as a spatial disorder. If this is true, our consciousness and our pool of mental and spiritual activity may be overriding a larger, loving consciousness by blocked chi energy.

Chi energy is created by personal and group enlightenment and by putting into practice our dearly held, virtuous concepts. If we remove one of the blocks, our activity in the field of particle fizz666, we may survive as a species. When we deny our true relationship with the particle world, we block ourselves from loving relationships with particles, but with their response and cooperation, we can manifest a heavenly reality.

Subatomic ParticlesPatriotic duty and self - Patriotic duty means standing for self and for humanity. The power of a single citizen is immense. A citizen can make changes within a country's government. A government of individuals is like a particle wave of individual particles. A citizen can stand up in the government and change the flow. The standing citizen can cause a ripple effect if standing in virtue. This is how one citizen changes the direction of the citizen wave, by being a reference point of enlightened perspective and by standing up to be counted. This is how overlighting works at the individual level.

A citizen can stand for self and for community and can bring about a nondestructive change just by thinking differently and by expressing those thoughts to others in the community. Citizens can bring change by standing for something that other citizens deem important but that remains unexpressed. A citizen can stand for ensuring all the children in the country go to college. A citizen can stand for ensuring all the particle fizzassists in the country cannot go to work in their labs. When the fizzassists cannot go to work in their labs, the money is left over. It can be used to re-sponsor the Junior Achievement Awards program so children can go to college.

In a re-sponsoring project, one part of the government will be smaller while another part will be larger, but the government remains the same. We shape the existing government, not downsize it or oppose it. We bring about a shift in government funding from particle fizz666 to education. This harms no one and is done on behalf of the welfare of the country and the people. These changes are sought on behalf of the welfare of the country and not against it in any way.

Governments respond negatively to opposition, so it is important not to oppose but to accommodate. Governments campaign to stamp out the opposing parties like in the US government and the two-party system, where the two parties spend all their time and all of our resources trying to disempower each other. Opposing them is purely a waste of time and indicates a lack of understanding of how and why government works. Government is a force of nature and has an important part to play in our collective spiritual development. A force can be shaped by the people who create it. We can make it truly an US government and not a THEM government.

Patriotic duty and wealth - When the government expunges from the people their rightful wealth by sponging off of them the money made from the sweat of their hands, this is larceny. But governments do this in order to survive and we allow it.

People usually work to "get ahead in life," and "give the kids a better chance." In this instance, patriotic duty must be accomplished because governing bodies involve us in lifestyles detrimental to our happiness but supportive of their larceny. We are the judges of what makes us happy and what does not, so we must decide whether to allow a government to tell us how to live.

Suppose the government taxes our income and applies our taxes in a detrimental way or in a way opposed to our stated desires for working. Our purpose for working has to do with maintenance of ourselves and our families, and with our desire to have more. It has to do with our need to be responsible as individuals and family members. The idea is to make money to take care of ourself and our family. When the government intercedes with taxes between our money earned and our receiving of it, then the government is obliged to spend the money in a way that benefits us. We are not seeing this happening in our US government.

We can inform the government of our desires, and if it does not respond to our satisfaction, we can organize a political party to help the government fulfill our stated desires. All the government needs is guidance from the people and it will represent us, happily or not, but first we all need to understand what our desires are. Let us state our desires, and let the government enact those projects that we support. Let us engage the government in an operation to fulfill our desires and needs.

Suppose we decide we want all the children in the country to get a college education if they want one. We can let the government know our feelings about the importance of this. The government will respond in one of three ways. It will respond "no." It will respond "yes," and ask us what we want done. Or it will respond "yes," and tell us what it is going to do. This is where we have to be strong, because if we allow the government to take over our project, it will become the government's project. And we know what happens next. The project will be used to enlarge the taxpayer-sustained bureaucracy. Governmental abuses can be downsized from within the government, but the jobs of many people are on the line, and no one wants to be downsized out of a job. But what happens when nothing is done from within the government to amend the abuses? Karma kicks in. When these people continue to duck their heads regarding government abuse of citizens, they become one with the abusers and partake in the benefits of the abuse.

What happens when a government employee is afraid to intercede in the abuse machine? Karma results and the person lives a life of dishonor. No one employee is lower in the minds of the Americans than the federal employee. This is instant karma.

Patriotic duty and change - We can achieve our goals by working through the Establishment. It is established, let's use it! We can be ingenuous in changing flow in the government and in the country. We can come up with ways to surprise the government into cooperation.

Governments prize businesses and people who pay the most taxes, and they devaluate those who can pay low taxes. In America, the political party of the Republicans shows everyone how we behave when we are unenlightened. We openly and high-handedly collect from the people their money like the King's men and keep it for ourselves. The Democrats, on the other hand, are Robbing Hood. Disguised as saviors and hooded, they want to give the King's money to the people who first had it, but for this plan to work they must rob the people of more money by enacting more taxes. (I love you, Sir John Warren.)

Patriotic duty and oneness - A direct relationship exists between desire, action and result. This relationship is called Oneness. When Oneness is established, we can change the world. We can take action and we can achieve a desired result. We just have to want to. If our desire for change is directly proportional to our ability to create change, then change is inevitable. Law of reciprocal serves us when we want to make changes.

Desire drives change into existence, but governments tend to stand dead in the way of change, especially when it involves money paid out. However, a government can be convinced to act on behalf of its people if it can be shown why it should. With the desired government program, the Junior Achievement Awards program, already in existence and operating, change can occur in our lifetime.

Subatomic ParticlesPatriot duty and rights - We have the right to decide for ourselves what we like and what we do not like, and no government should try to impose an opinion. Media assists some governments in Robbing Hood. Media is funded by organizations that profit from its content. Therefore, media is a force that can be and often is biased. This is abuse of opportunity.

Opportunistic forces are at work in the universe and some of these forces are of a blocking nature. These are mysterious forces. They speak through the people around us and through people who might have some influence on us.

These forces are mysterious, indeed, in that they encourage rather than block. They come from another level of existence that we are in contact with, and they work to urge us on by laying challenges at our feet. We are thankful for them.

These forces enlighten us about our ability to make changes on behalf of others in our population, those who are disempowered and cannot act on their own behalf. We can act on behalf of the young people who are blocked from voting and who cannot make these changes on behalf of themselves. We can act on behalf of this group who cannot serve themselves, thanks to the barbaric laws of the land. Children are shut out of the voting block. How can they vote for their own education? Are we saying, because they do not pay taxes they are not entitled to higher education? If allowed to vote they will support projects like their own education.

If we fully fund the Junior Achievement Awards program, two things will happen. We will create citizens who are educated and motivated in the world, and we will create citizens who are versed in how to create more educated citizens because education is self-fulfilling and self-perpetuating. Children can help themselves, too. They can go out into the world and say what they want to anyone who will listen. Here is what we are asking them to do. Get on the Internet, go to the school PTA meetings and tell the adults what they want. Say, "We want education!" They should have a guaranteed right to a higher education. (Solon Centurion)



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