Our Atomic Reality
Planting our Nuclear Flower so we can Reap what we Sow

Subatomic Particle PrisonerWe are all of us entities, ensouling a form, and through the intelligence endeavoring to utilize that form for a specific purpose which exists within the conscious will of the true self. (The Consciousness of the Atom, The Evolution of Form, Alice Bailey, 1922)

Page 19 - SECTION Q

Qualities and causes - Certain chemicals are used to derive substantive results when fizzassists attempt to understand subatomic particles and their weights, structures and numbers. This terminology, qualities and causes, is baloney because the qualities referred to in the heading are nonexistent. Nothing about this involves any kind of qualities, and the causes referred to are nonsubstantive. Nothing about this is justified in any way. This phrase is a pile of hokum dreamed up by research assistants to ensure the continuation of their jobs and their paychecks. What is it about a paycheck that causes us to cut ourselves off from our own divinity?

Qualities and determinants - Certain kinds of applications are used to make determinations about the intellectual level of subatomic particles. The qualities referred to here do not exist and neither do the determinants. Only a causal relationship between God/dess and the particles exists. And God/dess may be displeased about what is happening to her particles.

Quantities and ranges - In fizz666, a relationship exists between the particles and their locations when they are being tested. The particles of course have no idea where they are. They are only trying to make molecules and, for some reason unknown to them, they cannot. They haven't the ability to determine why they can't make molecules, so they just keep on trying and trying and trying until they are mutants. The fizzassists continue to pester the particles into giving an indication of their knowing their location in space-time. What is the purpose for running this test? None whatsoever, except to extract money from organizations that have been sold on the idea of there being some reason for running this test.

Quarks - The tiniest of particles, quarks are etheric beings of nearly pure consciousness. They exist in potentiality like God/dess. As His tiny little representatives, they are closely related to God/dess, who is a being who can exist and then Exist Not. God/dess is like a pulse frequency. S/He exists then S/He Exists Not. S/He exists then S/He Exists Not. It is the "Exist Not" part of this formula that makes God/dess who S/He is, because no other being has the ability to blink on and off, to die and come back, die and come back like God/dess. Because of His willingness to Exist Not, we are all empowered to co-create and display free will.

Particle People
Particle World

Everything in the Universe is God/dess. As S/He exists and Exists Not, exists and Exists Not, things come and go in the Universe, living, dying, living, dying, on and on forever, but the Universe persists. Every individual dies, but the species persists. Rivers disappear, volcanoes erupt, continents shift, but the planet persists. What does this tell us? Each individual is an eternally existing part of the Universe if we choose to be. The Universe allows every being the right to free choice, and that includes the right to live eternally. When God/dess exists, we are all united in Oneness. When God/dess Exists Not, we exist individually. This is our parallel reality of being simultaneously bonded and separate.

Our own empowerment does not suggest the Universe is a godless place. It suggests we co-exist with God/dess in all Power and Virtue. Thanks to God/dess's willingness to Exist Not, space-time is there for us as we learn to be true gods and goddesses. (Sri Krishna)



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