Subatomic Particle PrisonerFirst, Realism. Another name for this school is that of Materialism. It teaches that "the presentation which we have in consciousness of an external world is true"; that things are what they seem; that matter and force, as we know them, are the only reality, and that it is not possible for man to get beyond the tangible. He should be satisfied with facts as he knows them, or as science tells him they are. This is a perfectly legitimate method of solution, but for some of us it fails in that it does not go far enough. In refusing to concern itself with anything except that which can be proven and demonstrated it stops short at the very point where the enquirer says, "That is so, but why?" (The Consciousness of the Atom, The Evolution of Consciousness, Alice Bailey, 1922)

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Fizz666 FateRealities - This refers to the realities involved in the testing to make determinations about subatomic particles. The reality is, there is no reality except that which we create, and the reality we are creating for ourselves is a harsh one.

Radon and its causes and effects - Radon is the particle fizz666' equivalent of sodium chloride. In the atmosphere, it becomes breathable but breathing it is like breathing sodium chloride. We have the right to breathe it, too, if we create it, which is what we are doing. This heading also refers to the chemical equivalent of sodium chloride, which is sodium monoxide, another deadly gas loose in our atmosphere.

These chemical-bearing particles are being produced by the activities of particle fizz666. They are not detectable now, but if we wait until they are detectable before halting their production, we will have to breathe them while we do it. We cannot breath sodium monoxide. We will have to wear special breathing suits like moon suits and walk around in them all the time. Maybe the couturiers can make them very stylish with little designs of subatomic particles on them.

Rare leptons - The six leptons that comprise the entire universe, along with six quarks, maybe some electrons and a lot of antimatter antiparticles (Oy!), are electron, electron-neutrino, muon, muon-neutrino, tau, and tau-neutrino. Unlike quarks, leptons are solitary, but fizzassists say they are always loyal to their families. How in the world can they say that and still knock them loose from the families without shame or guilt?

Subatomic Particle People

Ruinous forced decay and annihilation of particles - Fizzassists watch and record carefully the results of their forced decay and annihilation of particles. They brag about the annihilations and actually use the word in bravado on their websites. Quite often, fizzassists create new, massive and undefined particles for further smashing. They create the big dumb particles by annihilating and knocking the sense out of two smart particles.

Radiation - After several years of study, fizzassists identified several distinct types of radiation, alpha, beta and gamma, which are the particles resulting from radioactive processes. But it also took them many years to realize the result of our attacking radioactivity. It fights back. Do we never learn our karmic lessons? (I love you, HRH Diana, Princess of Whales, Nature Divinity.)

There is a very interesting analogy between the evolution of the atom and of man (and I presume therefore of the planetary Deity and the solar Logos) in the two methods of unfoldment that are followed. We have seen that the atom has its own atomic life, and that every atom of substance in the solar system is likewise a little system in itself, having a positive center, or central sun, with the electrons, or the negative aspect, revolving in their orbits around it. Such is the internal life of the atom, its self-centered aspect. We noted, too, that the atom is now being studied along a newer line, that of radioactivity, and it is becoming apparent in many cases there is an active radiation going on. Just where this discovery is going to lead it is impossible to tell, for the study of radioactive substances is as yet in its infancy, and little is actually known. (The Consciousness of the Atom, The Evolution of Consciousness, Alice Bailey, 1922)



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