Virgin Mary
Cosmic Mother appearing in our visible light spectrum


On July 30th, 2001, I was sitting at my computer working on a CD when an apparition happened. The door to my bedroom was open, and on the front of the door, the part facing the hallway, is a full-length mirror. As I typed, I glimpsed out of the corner of my left eye something white in the mirror and I turned my head slightly to look in that direction. There in my mirror was a white light, but it was not a reflection of anything in the room. It was thick white light, long and thin, almost the length of the mirror. As I watched it I realized it was a Being of Light. I hoped it would stay longer but it disappeared as suddenly as it had appeared. I continued to watch the mirror in hopes of seeing it again.

As I watched and hoped, I heard an inner voice say, "Someone wishes to speak with you." I am used to hearing inner voices. Since that bright, white light went bang in my biofield in 1993, I have seen visions and heard plenty of voices. This voice I recognized as my spirit guide Sarasvati, Hindu Goddess of Art and Music. By the way, I wonder if you notice that the first part of her name is a palindrome (word spelled the same front to back and back to front)? The ancient alchemists used palindromes in their writings as a secret code to indicate that they understood and participated in the sacred "within-without" reality. Within-without is another expression, and a slightly different meaning, of the alchemical maxim, "as above, so below." When you see a palindrome in mystical writing and you know what it means, the idea is that you have a secret communication with that writer.

The word Vati means "water" in many languages. You can put the two parts of her name together and get where she's coming from. A variation of the spelling of her name, Sarras, is the sacred land to which the Knights of the Round Table sailed on a river in search of the Holy Grail. I sail around in that sacred land all the time and I found the Holy Grail, also. Or rather, it found me. Sarasvati tells me her name means "the river within." Carl Jung would reply, "Of course, the collective unconscious, the stream of consciousness." He might also add that I am standing with both feet in that river. And he would be right.

I asked Sarasvati who wanted to speak with me, and she replied, "Mother Mary." I sat up a little straighter, intuitively straightening my spinal column so that Ida and Pingala, the braided nervous system of my chakra system, might be more in alignment. I heard Mary say. "Dear One, will you work with me?" "Of course," I replied. "What do you want me to do?" She answered, "Prepare for me a CD and I will visit you on my birthday." "When is your birthday?" I asked. "August 13th," she replied. Then, she gave me a new spiritual name, the 6th spiritual name I have received since 1993. Virgin Mary continues to work with me. She is the inspiration for the book I wrote in 2004, The Shadow Breakers.

I am learning that part of the alchemical marriage to spirit includes taking the name of the spiritual being whom you "marry." It made me happy that she gave me her name because it meant she was going to merge with me. Some people call this a "walk-in" experience. Others call it a "braid" experience, in which spirit and human are braided. In the braid experience, the strands of human DNA are "re-combined," as alchemists would say. It crossed my mind that my DNA was going to be encoded or imprinted by and with her. Or "sealed" by her, as the ancient Gnostics and Revelationists would say. In fact, the Gnostics of the 1st to the 4th century did say that when Mary acts in this capacity, she is called Sophia, Queen of Heaven, her name being the Greek word for Wisdom.

In a mystical process, Sophia seals the soul against the "powers of Matter," and she does it with the virtue of Wisdom. Virtue more or less trumps power, and Wisdom therefore trumps any powers that Matter might produce, since Matter has no wisdom but must seek within for enlightenment and wisdom. The powers of Matter are the temptations of matter, usually money or power or other strong desires and longings for the things of Matter. With this gnosis in hand, with this basic understanding of what was happening, I was happy to be merged with, walked-in on, braided, re-combined or sealed, whatever the case may be.

While she was speaking with me, Mary sealed me. She gave me the name Maria Saint Claire. My first thought was that the standards for sainthood must have been lowered lately, but I accepted her new name. It seals me, and somewhere on down or on up the road in this lifetime or other realities, I will be able to trump some base power with this virtuous name. I don't know when or how it will happen, but I will be able to pull it from my deck of powers and virtues and I will trump some force of lust or greed or longing that is tempting me. "Get back, you force of Matter, for I AM Maria Saint Claire!" Yes, I actually believe in this. In the meantime, I began work on her CD.

As I researched and wrote the booklet on the CD, The Beautiful Appearances for Prophecy of the Virgin Mary (the title she asked me to use), I was amazed to discover some interesting similarities of her numerous appearances throughout the last century and her appearances to me. She is often seen as a reflection in glass. This is mostly in Florida and in Illinois. I live in Florida. Millions of people have traveled to Illinois and to Florida to see her as a reflection in glass. She is also known to appear as a reflection in a mirror.

Her favorite date for appearances is the 13th of the month. She so often appears on that date, and she mentions it so much in her prophecies, that the Pope observes the date, making all his public prayers to her and his announcements about her on the 13th of the month. Further, she has made a remarkable appearance as an oval of thick, white light when she appeared publicly in front of a crowd as a white-light paten on the tongue of a young girl. It reminds me of that ancient Hindu saying, "Lucky is the man on whose tongue Sarasvati sits."

I also learned that the groups who form to honor and mark her appearances and prophecies are called Marian groups, giving me an understanding about the name "Maria." Discovering this really tied together some loose ends for me. For years I have been hearing the inner voices of a group of archangels who tell me they are the "Mariano Archangels," but I never knew what that meant. I always thought it meant "Year of Mary." But the most amazing thing I learned in my research was the discovery that, in Rwanda where Mary was appearing to seven visionaries, one of the visionaries was named Marie-Claire. It convinces me to adopt the name she gave me and to use it when writing about her.

During one of Mary's appearances on the planet, she left behind an artifact that has become a religious icon. This is the cape of Juan Diego, on which she left an imprint of herself in 1531. This famous cloth artifact, called the Virgin of Guadalupe, is at Mexico City in the Basilica of Guadalupe. This is the thing that the Catholic pilgrims approach on hands and knees, to get their miracle healings. When I first read about it, I was reminded of the Shroud of Turin. The Virgin of Guadalupe and the Shroud of Turin are similar in that both show images of deities on cloth, and in both cases no explanation can be given as to how the images got there, even though a lot of scientific testing has taken place.

The Shroud of Turin shows the image of man, apparently crucified. His skin all over his body was sliced to ribbons by a Roman flagrum, a kind of whip the Romans used on their criminals, and in every place he was struck, white light can been seen pouring through his skin. Scientists actually concluded, believe it or not that scientists would say this, that this light coming through his skin is the inexplicable result of "resurrection radiance" caused by a "burst of radiant heat." I remember when I first read this that I thought I had found an explanation for that bright, white light that went bang in my biofield.

Last Tuesday the 8th, in a dream, Mary appeared to me as a 12 year-old girl. This is consistent with her appearances or apparitions I have been researching, in which she is usually described as a young girl of age 12 to 17. In my dream, she made "friends" with me and she told me I could ride her horse whenever I wanted to. I said, "Great! I want to ride your horse." She said, "OK, next time we're together you can." I woke up feeling so happy about having this young girl as a new friend. I have to admit, though, I was a little disappointed that I was working night and day, trying to create a CD for a young girl. In my mind, I was working with the older woman, the mother of Jesus, the one with the shrouded head and the imploring eyes. I didn't like to think I was knocking myself out on behalf of a kid. Just as I was thinking that, a friend of mine called, and I told her about the dream.

I said it reminded of a dream I had several years earlier, in which I dreamed I was in Heaven and that I knew it had to be Heaven, because no place could look like that and not be Heaven. In the dream I took a tour of the place and then I was invited into a vast mansion by an 8-year old kid whose name was "God," and who gave me a silver and gold sword and wanted me to "play pirates," with him. So, I did. Never having had children, I loved it! My own little boy named God to play with. What a joy! We sword-fought for a while, jumping around on the furniture and leaping in the air and running and playing from room to room.

Then I woke up, just amazed that I had been to Heaven and talked with God and that he was only 8 years old. I told my friend, "I'm beginning to get the impression that children are running the Universe." My friend said, "Well, if you think about it, in an odd way it all makes sense. Remember in the Bible, Jesus says we can't get into the kingdom of Heaven unless we become as 'little children.'"

Then, last Thursday, the 10th, just as I closed my eyes to sleep, Mary appeared to me in my 3rd eye chakra as a beautiful young woman of about age 17, and she was tinted powder blue all over, her hair, her dress, her face. She looked like a light blue Alice in Wonderland. Just as I saw her I experienced a jerk sensation all over my body and I was physically jerked once. I had never had that experience before with an inner vision, so I knew that something had taken place in my body, maybe via the chakra system since the vision occurred in the 3rd eye chakra. It could mean I had experienced something deeply cellular. If you consider that the chakra system is the subatomic particle operating system of the body, then anything that happens via the chakra system also effects the braided nerve strands and DNA spirals of the body. This touches on some of the Atlantean material in my book on CD, Lampoon Dictionary of Partycall Fizz666.

Then, last night on August 13th, as I surfed the channels on TV, I watched the first part of a silent film from 1912, called Cleopatra. It was tinted green. I noticed that the woman who played Cleopatra looked familiar and I watched a while. Then I surfed on. Just before I turned off the TV, I had the inclination to go back and look at that movie again. I surfed back to that channel and saw that the movie was now tinted powder blue, and that Cleopatra was tinted blue just like Mary was in my vision of her.

Then, the scene in the movie shifted to a scene of a man tied to a wall. His shirt was off, his back was bare and he was being whipped with a Roman flagrum. I watched for a few more seconds and then I turned off the TV to give it some thought. It seemed to me I had time traveled, which is not new to me. I time travel frequently. But this was a minutely precise time travel experience, I thought. To travel forward just to that moment in time and to see less than one minute of a blue woman and a man being whipped with a flagrum…well, it was a very precise thing. Then I fell asleep, forgetting about Mary's promised visit.

I dreamed I saw the Infant, a beautiful child just waiting for me, her mother, to come and breast feed her. I kissed her head so softly and tenderly, what a beautiful, sweet baby, and I knew for the first time in my life how it feels to be the mother of a soft, cuddly baby. And not just any baby, but the Divine Child, the Holy Infant! Joyously, I took to that baby and circled it with my body. I WAS the baby's mother, no doubt I was the baby's mother, and I knew the deeply cellular satisfaction of being that baby's mother. I fed the infant frothy white milk and we both drank it, both feasting on this milk that comes from Mother Mary, and I thought I could taste the baby.

In the dream, the baby was in a bed and I WAS Mary and the baby was Mary, just born, a newborn infant on her birthday, and I experienced being the mother of Mother Mary, the whole experience being that of spiraling embeddedness. Does conception get any more immaculate than that? And can you tell me, please, what is the difference in being the mother of a baby and in having the cellular memory and experience of being the mother of a baby? My analytical mind may know the difference, but my physical body does not, and that may be the key to many things yet to come, to many realities yet to be experienced.

But, I think no more about that and just keep on working. I give thanks to the God/dess who tends to me so well that she sees my needs, she feels my longings, and she sees to it that my Soul shall not go hungering. Wisdom is in your knowing that, no matter what the temptations and glories the powers of Matter may offer, nothing is ever so divinely beautiful and peaceful as the realm of Heaven, where a little boy named God awaits you, where a baby becomes yours and where you become the mother you never experienced being in your lifetime. That is Wisdom; Virtue is in understanding why. Nothing is ever so sublime than a God who fulfills your every need, including that of being the God you need for him to be: the little boy you never had, the one you wanted to play pirates with. Thank you, God, for being there for me. And thank you, Goddess, for mothering me like the child that I AM.

Peace and Love on the Feast Day of St. Mary the Virgin,
Maria Saint Claire


(This section is collected from various sources on the Internet and in many cases rewritten by me.)

Mary (Virgin Mary), mother of Jesus Christ, is revered by Christians since apostolic times (1st century). Shrines and places of pilgrimage devoted to Mary are found throughout the world. The Gospels give only a fragmentary account of Mary's life, mentioning her chiefly in connection with the beginning and the end of Jesus' life. As early as the 2nd century, Christians venerated Mary by calling her Mother of God, a title that primarily stresses the divinity of Jesus. In 431 the Council of Ephesus solemnly affirmed that Mary is to be called theotókos (Mother of God); the title has been used since that time in the Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches.

Closely related to the title Mother of God is the title Virgin Mary, which stresses the belief that God, not Mary's husband Saint Joseph, was the true father of Jesus. Mary was also referred to as the aieiparthenos (ever-virgin), and by the middle of the 7th century the understanding of that title included the conviction that Mary remained a virgin for the whole of her life. The passages in the New Testament referring to the brothers and sisters of Jesus have been explained accordingly as references to relatives of Jesus or to children of Joseph by a previous marriage.

In the 2nd and 3rd centuries, various Christian writers began to express the belief that, because of her intimate union with God through the Holy Spirit in the conception of Jesus (Luke 1:35), Mary was completely free from any taint of sin. During the late Middle Ages (13th century to 15th century), devotion to Mary grew dramatically. Preaching and the arts of this period particularly stressed Christ's divinity; and as Christ became a more awe-inspiring, judgmental figure, Mary came to be depicted as the one who interceded for sinners. Her prayers and pleas were seen as the agency that tempered the stern justice of Christ.

Virgin Mary, Fatima, Prophecies The principal theological development concerning Mary in the Middle Ages was the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception. This doctrine maintains that Mary was conceived without original sin. In 1854 Pope Pius IX issued a solemn decree defining the Immaculate Conception for all Roman Catholics, but the doctrine has not been accepted by Protestants or by the Orthodox churches.

According to the Roman Catholic dogma of Immaculate Conception, from the first instant of its creation, the soul of the Virgin Mary was free from original sin; this doctrine is not to be confused with that of the Virgin Birth, which holds that Jesus Christ was born of a virgin mother. Despite divergent scholarly opinions, the Roman Catholic church has consistently favored belief in the Immaculate Conception; a festival of that name, the significance of which is now indefinite, was celebrated in the Eastern church as early as the 5th century and in the Western church from the 7th century.

Opposition to the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception was conducted in the 12th century by the French monastic St. Bernard of Clairvaux and in the 13th century by the famous Italian philosopher St. Thomas Aquinas. Among those who supported the doctrine was the 13th-century Scottish theologian John Duns Scotus. The theological controversy over the Immaculate Conception gained momentum in the 19th century. Finally in 1854, Pope Pius IX issued a solemn decree declaring the Immaculate Conception to be a dogma essential for the belief of the universal church. Under the title Immaculate Conception, the Virgin Mary is invoked as the patron of the United States, Brazil, Portugal, and Corsica. The feast of the Immaculate Conception is December 8.


Throughout the fall of 1999, a digitally recreated image of the Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe toured southern California. The exhibition traveled around the Southland and was shown in nearly 60 churches. The image, which is an exact duplication of the image in the Basilica in Guadalupe, was received in Los Angeles with a large celebration at Olvera Street Plaza. The final showing was December 11, 1999, with a rally and festival at the Los Angeles Sports Arena. What is this image and why do so many people want to view it? The story behind it is an amazing one.

Virgin Mary, Fatima, Prophecies

In 1531 when the Spanish conquistadors were imposing their rule and their Roman Catholic religion on the remaining population of the Aztec Indians, the Virgin Mary appeared for the first time in Guadalupe, Mexico. She chose to leave an imprint of herself on the cloth cape of a Mexican peasant rather than on the shining metal of the uniform of a general. Perhaps she did so to combat the harsh actions of the Spanish Catholic Conquistadors against the Indians and the subsequent destruction of faith in the Divine. 469 years later, the imprint is still there and like the Shroud of Turin, in which the body of Jesus is said to be imprinted, the image is perfectly preserved and has become a religious icon on display for all to see. The image was digitally recreated and put on tour in southern California.

From all parts of the world pilgrims come to view the image of Mary on the Cape of Juan Diego. As brilliant as it ever was, the image on the cape marks the shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe. Unlike the Shroud, which is usually locked away, the cape is always on display, perhaps to give us hope that all is not lost despite the inhumanity of our species and despite the brutal actions of conquering armies. The message of the image seems to be that the Virgin Mary appears wherever she likes and without the assistance of an army. The image may also prophesy the numerous appearances of the Virgin that would follow. But as the centuries rolled by, bringing more war and destruction, it was not Mary, pure of heart, who became the darling of the media, but it was war that captured the interest and imagination of the world's population, and thus the media's heart. And although millions continue to see these beautiful appearances of Mary, the media still denies an interest in them. How the image got onto the cape is the story of a miracle and well worth the telling.

In 1531 Juan Diego lived in a small village that would become Mexico City as a result of the appearance of the Virgin. Today, Mexico City has the largest population of any city in the world and also the poorest population. In many respects, it is a den of thieves but it also holds one of the most beautiful shrines on the planet. This shrine has become the center of miraculous healings and cures. In popularity, it rivals the Vatican as a sacred place of the heart of Mary. And to this day, pilgrims approach the shrine on their knees, crawling in humility for miles to reach the place and to view the image on the cape.

Virgin Mary, Fatima, PropheciesOn December 9, Juan Diego had his first private revelation as he was out walking in the hills on a chilly afternoon. As defined by the Cardinals of the Vatican, a private revelation is one in which the Virgin appears to a person in a private way and is not seen by anyone else. A public revelation is one in which she appears to more than one person or to a group, in which most or all of the group sees her. Just before Juan Diego saw Mary, he heard the singing of the heavenly choir. Centuries later, when Mary began making appearances in 1984 to crowds gathered near a grotto in the hills in Betania, Venezuela, there were many reports of invisible choirs singing just before her appearances. She also has appeared in the open woods to crowds at Fatima, Portugal and at Medjugorje, Bosnia, where she first appeared on a mountain. That day in 1531, Juan Diego saw her appear on a hill.

The voices of the heavenly choir heard by Juan Diego seemed to be coming out of the sky above the hill. Just as he finished his climb to the top of the hill in search of the voices, the choir stopped singing and instead of his seeing a heavenly choir, he saw a golden cloud of light. A similar golden cloud of light would appear out of a grotto opening in the mountain village of Lourdes, France centuries later in 1858, but Juan Diego was not thinking about that. In fact, he was not thinking about anything at all but was standing as an amazed witness to a heavenly event.

In Lourdes, on February 11, 1858, the 14-year-old girl named Bernadette was out in the woods like Juan Diego on a chilly afternoon. She was gathering firewood near the banks of a river. As she watched in amazement, from out of a grotto opening appeared a golden cloud and from out of the cloud appeared a beautiful young lady of 16 or 17 dressed in a white gown with a blue ribbon and with roses on her feet. The lady wore a veil and held a rosary of white beads on a golden chain. Bernadette had the realization that she was seeing the Virgin Mary. But as Juan Diego watched in amazement 327 years before Bernadette, out of his golden cloud emerged a beautiful Mexican girl who actually spoke to him in living voice and told him her name - the Virgin Mary. She told Juan Diego of "the true God who gives life and maintains it in existence." Then, she instructed him to tell the priests of the village to build a chapel on the very site where she appeared.

Juan Diego, following the instructions of the Virgin Mary, told the priests of the village about her request that a chapel be built on the place of her appearance to him. But he met with disappointment, and it was with great sadness that he returned to the place to tell Mary of their refusal to follow her wishes. He suggested that she oblige him with some kind of sign so that they would believe him. She agreed to do it if he would promise to return with the local priest and a bishop. Juan Diego made her the promise. It was early December and the trees were barren and cold, but as the Virgin Mary turned toward the hillside, a miracle occurred. Suddenly, hundreds of beautiful red roses began to blossom on the barren hill. Mary instructed Juan to pick them and place them in his cape and to carry them to the priest and the bishop as a sign. Juan followed her directions explicitly and took them the flowers in his cape.

The priest and the bishop were waiting for Juan Diego as he was ushered into the room. Ceremoniously and with much anticipation, Juan Diego unwrapped the roses and presented them to the two clerics. But no one looked at the flowers. All eyes were on the cape. The priest and bishop fell on their knees and began to pray. Then, Juan Diego saw what they were looking at. On his cape where the roses had been was a beautiful image of the Virgin Mary. 13 days later a simple chapel was built on the site as requested by Mary, and the miracles of Guadalupe began with the healing of Juan Diego's uncle, who was suddenly and miraculously saved from his deathbed. The cape resides in the Basilica Guadalupe and the Virgin was coronated in 1945 as Queen of Wisdom of the Americas.

The images on the cape are astonishing. Among the images are the stars that surround the Virgin Mary, representing the known constellations. In Cairo, Egypt in 1967, the Virgin appeared surrounded by stars. Millions saw it on television. In Menufiya, Egypt on August 13, 1997, she appeared to the faithful amidst falling stars. Even more astonishing than the stars on the cape are her eyes, whose corneas are a mirror reflecting a detailed image of everyone who was in the room that day in 1531 when the cape was first seen. In this respect the cape is like the Shroud of Turin, which shows a double image, one the negative mirror image reversal of the other positive image and both the imprint of a man who apparently was crucified. Also like the Shroud, which was miraculously saved from fire when the church in which it was housed burned down, the cape escaped destruction by fire when the church in which it was housed was nearly destroyed by a dynamite blast. And like the Shroud, the cape has undergone scientific tests to determine how the image could have been imprinted on it. The only determination that can be made is that it definitely was not painted on the cape. But these scientific studies are of no interest to the faithful, who come to receive healings and cures that are said to be an everyday occurrence at Guadalupe.

Where do the healings originate, from within the faithful who seek them or from the cape and image left behind by the beautiful Virgin Mary and Juan Diego? Could the healings possibly be the result of the heavenly partnership of both - the interior faith of the person and the exterior symbol of it as displayed by the cape? As humans, will we ever be able to understand it? And what difference does it really make, as long the miracle is there and the person is healed? These are questions we need to ask ourselves, whether we can produce the answers or not. This writer believes we build our faith and thus ourselves from the inside out and from the outside in. On the inside we build a strong sense of self-worth and confidence in our own future and, on the outside, we discover clues and encouragements of the sacredness of our inner-outer relationship with reality and of our relationship with ourselves and with each other. Is this is the recipe for a miracle? Take some faith and hope and add to that just a touch of God, and we create for ourselves the salvations we seek.


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