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These are the ritual results of some of the people who participated. Click the names to go to their results.

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I Am With You Always

This message was given to me by the Madonna, who came in glowing pink light and visited with me, filling me with a deep sense of love, awe and reverence. We also did some yoga body stretching together! Since the ritual on March 8, I have felt a strong positive energy enfolding me, and others have felt it, too. It's a feeling of being unlimited, of being more successful, of having more energy and of things coming together easier. If you have experienced any of this, please Email me and let me know.

Claire Grace Watson
Shield Guide

Ritual Results

Frank van der Palen
Heusden, Holland

It was incredible. I feel so much joy, love and energy inside myself at this moment. I've never felt this so intensely as now. The ritual was beautiful. (Frank performed the Fire Ritual to Invoke the Shield Guides a few days before the Cathedral ritual.) As I was speaking the words, I felt the power in my voice rising. It felt so good, that I said the words again. Both first and second time, when I came to the part of Metatron, I could see an angel with a sword, this must of been Michael, slicing his sword into the ground. Through the slice came fire, which formed a portal in the center of Stonehenge.

After that it first became very quiet. I just felt a lot of energy in my room. Then I saw a vortex of clouds building in the portal. It reached out to me and filled me completely. It went straight into my heart. I was completely overwhelmed with joy, love, light, compassion, understanding, trust and awareness. I just enjoyed this for about half an hour. Then suddenly I saw a hand coming out of the portal. It holded a sword and reached out to me. A voice said; you are the keeper of the frequency of this domain. It is your task to prevent other energies from harming this domain. I was given the sword and told to stand up, hold the sword straight up and to sway the sword as hard as I could. When I did this I could feel a enormous power emanating form it. This reached inside of me, but also went out of it into the sky. It was like there was forming a shield overhead. This encircling the earth. From inside the core of the earth a very intense power came rushing out. This formed a matrix around the planet. My heart was pounding and I just felt intense joy. I knew nothing could go wrong anymore. Everybody would be protected for ever. I felt like the planet was smiling.

I sat down again, still holding the sword. I was told to place it into my heart, which I did. Then my whole body felt like an oven, a very intense heat which burnt away a lot of pain inside of me. I touched my first and fourth chakra and just stayed that way for about half an hour. Then the ritual was over. I felt at ease. Incredible! I'm planning to use the ritual, all of them if that's okay with you, in a workshop that two friends of my and myself are facilitating in the coming months. Thanks. I'm looking forward to the next ritual. By the way, what do you think the sword I received is all about?

Krista Essler
Brooklyn, NY

I will be gone all day today so decided to do the ritual this morning. In my portal, at the four corners, are crystal, a piece of wood, a stone from Egypt and some shells. Above one of the four doorways is 2 peacock feathers. I prepared my space a few days ago for the ritual by adding gold from Brazil, Amethyst and silver ribbon along with my color print out of the Divine Mother disk.

I was very excited to do this ritual as I embark on a career change into the healing arts. As I said the ritual, I felt the air thicken. It was very exciting! I felt spirits around me working on my throat and heart chakras. I asked for the things to come to me in order for me to be able to go back to school to learn acupuncture. I asked for guidance. I then felt myself drawn back to a past life in Germany where I was a monk who studied herbs. I saw myself in that life using alchemic symbols. I felt my vibration raise.

It was a wonderful experience that I will carry with me all day as I go off to my homeopathic certification seminar. Another note: On Wednesday, in meditation, I had seen the Masonic symbol. It made me aware of the coming of the energies for the Templar Knights.

Robert Love:

My ritual time was interrupted by pressing events, but was able to be present. Did anyone notice the odd odor at the sacred alter and from the area behind the alter? It has to do with a recent event there. The Knights Templar were and are out in force and represent to be on a very special mission for our present time. Interesting energies have been experienced at the Cathedral in recent weeks. Did anyone pick up on this? Still looking at the time in the ritual.

The Cathedral at Chartres has been a focal point for the Mystical activities of the Knights Templar for centuries and was built for them by the Free Masons for activities similar to what you call 'Portal'. These activities are generators for energy fields of transmission through radiance and were initially designed to magnify the potential energy of the celebrations of the Mass (in those times the ultimate ritual) out into the surrounding area as a protection or shield for the people. The times of the origination of these Cathedrals were dark times for humanity and the role of the Templars was, as it is today, to be keepers of the Sacred Ritual energies which bring the Mystical energies of Peace Joy and Love (enlightenment) into the lives of the people.

In the past month there was a fire in the chambers of the Bishop, behind the Alter, where certain artifacts and vestments, deemed by the Templars to be directed toward more expanding the power of the Church and the ego of the individual, were purified by a mysterious fire. The odor that came from this purification was not acrid like smoke but very sweet like the scent of the presence of Mary. This is obviously an outward manifestation of the modern activities of the Templars whose existence is for the keeping and perpetuation of the mystical powers, which are the heritage of HU-MAN kind. These new activities have been acknowledged in sacred sights around the world and are believed by many to be a sign of great changes in our Mystical/Spiritual world of understanding. The energies always have signatures in frequency and these are very definitely Templar/Mystical energies which are usually signs of redirection and change in our Human lifestyle and our relationship with Creator (The Eighth Ray).

In my practices, all experiences are time related, like your references to "retrograde time". To me everything out side this dimension has no time, therefore it is time related. It becomes a compressed awareness of experiences. Because this is out of our normal frame of conscious awareness, we use practices which allow us to, for lack of a better description, function as if we always existed there in no time. Our experience of this realm is that all things function beyond this dimension as "Light moving at the speed of Thought", which Mystically described is Creation energy.

Every journey of this type has related physical experiences. In our work we try to practice awareness and attune to the physical surroundings as we move through them into the etheric and dimensional realms. Recognizing that there are truly "Gatekeepers" whose total existence is to keep these gates open so that we can have access at the appropriate times. After a while and after many experiences we learn to stop and visit with them and in this awareness we become familiar with and to the "familiars". They become old friends who support our activities on the path of actions which support that which they are dedicated to support. We are seen as a committed part of the One and not just voyagers "What they call children playing around the gates". All of our journeys have a purpose and are required by the Creative energy to fulfill that purpose.

I truly honor what you are doing. My total function on this plane is as a servant of those who serve the whole, The One. In the other realms it is much more fun because you can see more clearly all things at once in every direction and the beginning and the end are one. Accelerated and retrograding time is merely scanning the reality of no time and looking at the pictures. It takes some getting used to but once you can live with the weird experience it becomes reality.


I am signing back on after having been through the ritual. Wow! Who could've thought it would've been so heavenly. I had a chance to really love up my portal, I made the eastern cross over the place where I sit. The cross was made of pink rose petals from a dozen pink roses I received for Valentines day. My circle was filled with crystals, many from our creek, and angels. Every angel doll, figurine, candle, Christmas ornaments, they all wanted to be in the circle. My five candles were angels and my power web lightworker was at the north node. As I finished the ritual I began to float off, past the earth's blue atmosphere and into outer space. I watched all the stars shooting past me as I headed in the direction of the comet. I then reached a region that had heavenly clouds and suddenly thousands and thousands of angels appeared. I remember thinking, wow, legions of angels. Then as I floated past a ridge and could peer on the other side, I saw several angels erecting a cross of light. Then every thing went to pink and I found myself back at my portal. I had to perform this ritual at 5:30am on March 9. Although I sat in my portal from 8:30 to 8:33PM to "link up for a couple minutes" I could not perform it until almost dawn. The pink light of dawn lit my portal in a gossamer way. It was fun! Wow!

Barbara S.

Nothing unusual to report in tonight's ritual. At least not yet. We may see results for this one come in over a period of time. Before the ritual began, I burned some incense and meditated for about 30 min. in a hot tub of water. Then I dressed in white. I set up my portal in a circular fashion on a white lace tablecloth from Spain. The patterns crocheted in it looked like the shields on one of the portal discs. I used the Latin cross fashioned out of two different sets of rosary beads with the candles at each end of the cross and the 5th at the north end of the cross. Along with several pieces of crystal, I used several sacred items. One was the small picture of the Ark of the Covenant. a small statue of Archangel Michael and a small photo of Archangel Gabriel for either side of the Cross. I also used a small candelabra like the ones on the ark that came from Jerusalem. I set it up pretty much like you did and used both The Divine Mother disk and the Shri Yantra disk, also the water and the earth. I had a large photo of Mother Mary at the head of the cross. I also used a white lace pillow. It made a lovely alter, and was a beautiful ritual. Afterward I meditated. I also checked out the sky, but it's raining and overcast here. Many Blessings and much Love to you.

Tom Yudai:

Thank you for creating and sharing the ritual material and experience. A group invited me to facilitate an event so 20 people joined together to participate in the Chartres Portal Ritual. We started with building the altar with everyone putting in a crystal in a spiral and had other personal power objects in it. We then chanted three times. The second time with each one's perfect vision of the Earth, and the last time to propel each one's perfect vision for themselves.

We divided the ritual prayer into twelve verses, each verse in sequence read from a different direction, starting in the east, then south, west & north. It was powerful and, in the sharing, one mentioned seeing the light connecting in rods to the disk and moving up. Another mentioned the prayer breaks down the old blocked patterns. We ended with giving out tarot cards to each participant. Some used the cards as an aid in sharing. I got the ace of wands.

Dream that night of being on the phone with someone. A lightning bolt goes through the phone line, but I continued talking, the person on the other end is different after the lightning and hung up. The picture window is broken & shattered. A few people in a garage trying to figure out how to open the door that is broken.

Roger Kerr:

Saturday was a strange day. Starting Friday night, I was feeling a lot of negative energy, that I just could not clear. Saturday morning I was still feeling it, a lot of fear and apprehension. I did a clearing meditation in the morning and I felt a lot better, but still not totally clear. All day I felt this uneasy, heavy negative energy. I would try to clear every so often, and I even went up to the Astral plane and allowed any Earthbound spirits to ascend if they chose to. That helped, but the negative energy was still present.

For the Ritual, I used the Divine Mother portal disk, 6 quartz crystals in a Star of David pattern, 4 Medicine Cards: Eagle, Whale, Turtle, and Deer. I placed 4 colored stones: red, yellow, black and white; and 4 candles at the corners of the cross, and a fifth candle in the North. I also used my Amethyst crystals. At 6:30 PM MST, I began the Ritual. I was still feeling the negative energy that I felt all day, so I did a short clearing meditation before I began. I still wasn't really comfortable with the energy, but I began the Ritual anyway. As I read the words, I began to feel surges of positive energy. At the point of 'meditate for a while', I focused on the portal disk for a short while and then went into a meditation. I did a 'clearing flow' meditation to start with, as I was still feeling the negative energy. After a short delay, I wasn't totally clear, but I was calm enough to begin the Astral journey. I stepped into the 'Tunnel' and came out through the portal in the Cathedral floor. Claire greeted me, and we walked through the corridor of arches to the 'Sacred Center' (S4), where a beam of Light was coming through a window above and to the right. I stood in the Light for a while, and then I felt like I was falling. I ended up at a pool of water (below the Cathedral?). There were several people there and we all just sat around the edge of the pool. It was like the 'pool of the quiet deep'. After a while, we all got up and walked through the stone portal into a passage way that led to a cave-like chamber. There was a fire in the center and the smoke swirled upward through an opening in the ceiling. We sat around the fire, then I came back to the room in my house, and I finished the ritual. Each time I read 'Open Sesame', I could feel a burst of energy. Then I just relaxed for a few minutes, and I went back into another meditation.

Immediately, I was back at the fire in the 'cave'. I floated up with the smoke through the opening. There were several small chambers on each side, then it narrowed down again. It's like I was going through the 'World Soul Matrix'. When I got to the sphere at the top I was floating above the clouds. I could see the Cathedral below, and drifted right over it. Then I could see the beam of Light coming down from above and going down into the Cathedral. But instead of going back down, I went up the beam of Light. The beam turned into a 'ladder', and I climbed up. Then I came to the base of another long and wide set of stairs. As I climbed the stairs, I had the impression that it was on the side of a pyramid. At the top I was greeted by a woman with long dark hair, in a white dress. Another woman came out to greet me, and they walked me back into a room of sorts, one on each side of me. Then it was like I was in an elevator and was descending, and I was alone. I went down to one level, and then descended again. When I came out I couldn't see anything and had no idea where I was. I stood there quite a while. It was dark, and I could never really see anything, and no thoughts occurred to me to let me know where I was. It felt uncomfortable, but not really threatening. I didn't understand why I was there, and there was no one there to tell me anything, so after a while I asked Pi if I could be taken back up to the top, and she did. I didn't see anyone at the top, so I walked back down the stairs. Then it got really weird. I felt like someone or something was attacking me, like a psychic attack. My body literally went into convulsions and I instinctively rolled over on to my stomach (I had been lying on my back). I asked Pi to bring me home and she did. Afterwards, I did not have a good feeling, just feelings of caution, apprehension and uncertainty as to what had just happened. I still don't know where I was or what happened. It was almost like I was in the 'Void' or possibly the 'Dark Side', I don't know. I just know that it wasn't a very friendly place. About 3 hours later, after feeling some intense anger and rage, it became obvious that whoever had attacked me was still with me. So I smudged myself several times, they finally left. Then I finally felt at peace again. Maybe it was one of my Reptile 'friends', I'm not sure.

Claire, do you have any idea of what that pyramid and the elevator might have represented? I'm still baffled by the whole thing. I'd never had anything negative like that happen before on any of my Astral journeys. I guess if this was a test, I must have flunked. I'd appreciate any comments you might have.

Frank van der Palen
Heusden, Holland

Now this was a powerful ritual! I'm still shaking. It did cost me some sleep as in Holland it was 02.30 a.m. when it took place. Anyway I'm grateful for everything that happened although I'm puzzled by parts of it, but maybe you can explain to me the part of the ring. Here are the results.

I woke up even before the alarm went of by a voice calling me that it was time and that "they" were waiting for me. A couple of seconds the alarm rang. I started preparing at 02.00 a.m. and immediately felt the intense energy. A very high pitched sound kept ringing in my ears. When saying the words of the ritual I again felt the tremendous power in my voice. Also it felt like there was a constant flow of healing energy coming from the portal. That's also what happened a lot throughout the ritual, it was a very physical experience. My body was being constantly healed, cleansed and fed by the energy. While meditating on the disks, I used both; with the disk of the Divine Mother facing up and the Shri Yantra disk facing downwards, I felt myself being pulled down into the earth. Again it felt like being healed and there was a intense "Sun" shining on me. After the ritual was over and when I started meditating I saw a very intense light coming form the place where the earth and water was put on the disks, it filled me completely and it then formed into a cross of light. Then the virgin Mary appeared, she held the cross into her hands. I knew everything and everybody was being filled with the energy of love. My body was being pulled at and stretched out. For about 20 minutes the energy kept on flowing through my body, and it was like it was focusing on the parts of my body that are troubling me sometimes, and they were being healed. There were a lot of presences in the room and I was sitting in a dome of light all through the rest of the meditation. While writing down everything last Sunday morning, kept on seeing earth with a cross of light.

At a certain moment I saw earth being reborn. It started by seeing a red fiery ball/planet. I started to cool down, because its color went from red to black/brown. There was lightning and water and clouds appeared. I felt life being formed and then heard: "We are the prophets, welcome in our world. We are here to teach you to be one of us". Again there was this intense healing energy, being stretched by exterior forces. This continued for a while. Then clouds were forming in the portal. Slowly they started to clear and through the haze a hand appeared that was in water. It wore a golden ring with a small ball of light on top of it. The ring was handed to me and I was to put it on my right hand ring finger. I can still feel it there. I was to show the ring to the forces present and kept my right arm and hand in the direction of the portal. A voice said: You are here to help us Lord Templar. Stand up". 12 Templar came in and for each one I bowed my head. I am sure I know them, at least that's what it felt like. The room I was in was filled with light and I sat down again and enjoyed the experience. Slowly the energy was returning to normal. I felt peace and a enjoyable fresh energy came in to me, bottom up. I saw signs of the zodiac turning anti-clockwise and I turned with it. Then it was all over.

The next day the weather here in Holland was completely changed. It was about 20 degrees Celsius which is about 10 above average and it was very crowded at the beach were I went to. I'm not into large crowds, so I didn't stay long. But I kept on seeing people that were hurrying along, not enjoying themselves or the weather. There was lots of sorrow with them and all I could feel was this intense love coming out of my heart. It felt great, but also I felt pain because of all this grief in the other people. To be truthful, I was happy to go home again. Now, a day after the ritual I feel peace and trust. There is change in the air. An important step has been taken.

Barbara Casey-Sorrell

March 8 at 4:00, 14 women gathered to honor the new moon. We smudged, called in the directions and performed the sun ray dance, a Tibetan-Cherokee movement honoring the 4 directions and races. We banished all oppression of women by lighting a candle, then each lit a candle, invoking empowerment for the future. We shared some pain regarding the pollution and harming of Mother Gaia, held that pain in our hearts as we envisioned a healed earth. We sang songs celebrating lives of wholeness. Then we began the Portal opening ritual. On a rose colored cloth I had placed a copy of the cross of the Mother and a copper plate with the Sri Yantra on it as focal points. A selection of feminine energy cards from the Crowley tarot and the Hawaiian aumakua deck were interspersed with crystals to make a cross. Water blessed by Sai Baba was used during the ritual. The feeling was very strong and powerful during the ceremony; some of us saw the Mother come in white, and later at night outdoors in the hot tub, she came again. Her presence was strongly felt. Afterwards we played drums, sang songs, feasted and hot tubbed.

This ceremony took place after a day of ceremony by a small group of crones -- 4 of us -- who meditated, shared our deepest truths and performed group massage. Thanks for the wonderful ceremony -- I'm looking forward to the next one!

Hildur Hakonardottir:

Friday I found myself in a splendid English Tudor home (in England), with coloured glass windows in the hall and magnificent oak carvings designed by the same architect as built the Catholic Westminster Cathedral in London !! (not Abbey, which is older). That night I sat down in the prayer room (the house had been run by nuns). My preparation was scant as I was traveling but I read the prayer slowly with much attention.

First there were very strong blue and violet colours in each side of the body - after praying to Sophia for wisdom I myself became the form of a cathedral - the feeling was so beautiful that tears came to my eyes. The church surely was foreshortened - but my body shell was that sacred form. I asked to see what beings were about and realised a huge angel on one side. I sensed the spirit of Jesus but when thinking: No, he is in Glastonbury to-night as I knew they were meditating there, and when I caught on to how silly this was, of course his spirit was everywhere - then something wondrous happened; I - the cathedral form - somehow got mingled with the form of the house - and I sensed all the beings of the night - the countryside was alive with countless spirits of spring - the night itself became so big somehow, so alive and we were all totally present ---- some people talking and laughing outside were like small unknowing children in the huge, alert, knowing night full of unseen beings.

Saturday night I got up at one o'clock but I was quite sleepy. I went again to the prayer room. The Goddess first appeared as all the "sculptured" gentle ladies be it Mary or Kin Yin - it did not matter. I first hesitated to accept a big silver cross pendant because I thought it was in the shape of the German Nazi cross - but the Goddess blessed me, handed it over and told me to guard her realm in all its " many foldedness". (To wash the hem of her soiled petticoats was needed and I took it to mean the pollutions and overturning and tampering with the surface of the earth).

I saw her holding all the men of the world under one arm and she was quickly plucking out one and one and setting them " free" into the feminine energy sphere - but the women I somehow knew were divided into three groups:

1. those that were slovenly or not awake
2. those that seeking to get under her arm with the men
3. those that dwelt in their own feminine (rightful) energy.

The Goddess assumed the form of a young girl, thin and agile with this light gait, benevolent in all aspects but sometimes I sensed her bigger than ever before.

I sat at the roots of the world tree. I saw the Knights Templar come forth saying they delegated their wisdom to the monks and then later to laymen and scientists and those were natural and necessary routes. I was given a silvery shawl and a crown which I resisted - but realising it was a golden ring I accepted. I was in a bubble of peach pink life force. The crystal world opened up as vibrational pattern from a centre and at a certain points where lines met and planes opened up angels sprang forth from the crystalline outgoing vibration. It was truly beautiful.


Have been feeling a lot of that energy. Archangel Michael has been my primary guide for the last week or two. Xeia/Maureen and I did the ritual together on the phone. Received messages from Michael, and also from Annuk, another guide who came onto the scene several weeks ago as our Teacher during this phase. Annuk was our teacher in the Mystery Schools in Egypt.

Momentums of increased efficiency seem to be part of these newer energies. I continue to get shaken. It's progressed... different kind of shaking. It's now a finer, higher frequency vibration, but still comes on like gangbusters. They are trying to expedite the opening of my eyes and ears with this shaking.

Also met my guardian angel a couple days ago. She appeared to Maureen, spoke to us briefly, then returned to me. Her name is Phylestria. Very sweet, and extremely powerful. She told me right out that she'd be shaking me hard. She was telling the truth. But I'm inviting them to shake me as much and as hard as is needed, to both facilitate and expedite this process. Thought I was gonna pop some blood vessels yesterday, and when she was done with me for the day, I felt like I'd gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson. Phylestria is a geometry angel, among whatever other attributes and history she no doubt has. She's triangle, or pyramid, though when she appeared to Maureen, it was as a beautiful female, preceded by a deep lavender light.

Aspen, Colorado

I did not do the ritual I really did not know what to so I didn't. But I have been feeling more energy and positive and I just got a raise at work so maybe I am experiencing some of what you are talking about WOW how exciting. Thank you for bring it to my attention, and I plan on doing the next ritual so keep in touch.

Krista Essler
Brooklyn, NY

What I have been experiencing is the ability to apply my knowledge of healing that I have learned thus far. I have since the ritual, successfully prescribed homeopathic remedies to 3 people. I am teaching a Reiki student this evening.


Things are changing here in Houston but, can't pin point it yet.

Jason Carey

I have been most well over these past weeks. I can say that time has been like a roller coaster for me and others around me. Times of doubt, sadness and hope have turned into joy and an unbelievable renewal. I personally have a hard time with rituals in general. It seems like a complicated procedure. My personality seems to only allow for doing things "right." Which is to say that I get concentrated on structuring every step of the way and not "letting go." It's almost as if there is some other way I need to express what your rituals are accomplishing. Perhaps it is a blockage of some sort, I'm not quite sure.

Dreams have been my main source of learning and experience lately. Last night I had a dream that put me and a co­worker into one of the rooms we work in. I was asleep within the dream, then woke up to find my co­worker staring at me like a zombie. I felt this incredible surge of energy. Tingle is not the word. The room was inundated with light as energy surged through my body. I levitated and suddenly flew backward still facing forward about ten feet. The words of the music I heard while this was happening were..."I was born in the desert-so I know how it feels there...Well look up...it's a shooting star..." Just as that phrase ended I looked up and to my right, outside of the window, was an incredible saucer that hovered while energy still poured through me. I awoke from the dream still experiencing the energy and light. Slowly I was back in 3D at 2:30 in the morning.

That is one example of the preparations. An incredible urgency to run over to Egypt and crack open a bunch of hidden chambers also is very high on my list. It is very apparent this is happening across the world. Every day that comes into my experience is filled with new life, and energy. Very soon something staggering is going to take place, and we are the very ones who have come to do that part. That is very much how I feel, and I always look forward very much toward receiving more messages about the rituals and associated knowledge.



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