Ritual Group in the Middle Ages

Ritual Groups in the Middle Ages


These are the ritual results of some of the people who participated. Click the names to go to their results.

I am with You Always    Frank van der Palen    Krista    Robert Love
ShriBarbie    Barbara S.    Tom Yudai    Roger Kerr    Frank van der Palen    Barbara Casey-Sorrell    Hildur Hakonardottir    Charbern    Dawn/Wunjo   Krista   Todd    Jason Carey   Connie    Nick    Grannyflash   Jim Amidon    Suzanne Sargent   Barbara Casey-Sorrell    Chantyl Wilson    Dan Ogden    Cynthia Moore    Michelle Lewis    Margaret Bradley    ShriBarbie    Deanna Xeia Maureen   Karen Langdon    Austin   Serge Khalatian    Melissa Stratton    Janet Sunderland

Houston, Tx

Just wanted to let you know I did the ritual and I didn't have any particular unusual occurrence during the ritual other than the feeling of a surging of energy and waves of light coming in. I have felt more light energy since the ritual, and somewhat of a "clearing". The cross of light will protect us all so we are cut off from any negative energy and the positive light energy can expand. God Bless you in your service to the light.

New Haven, CT

Prior to March 8th I was experiencing strange visual symptoms, where on the periphery of my field of vision there was a slight distortion. This distortion was similar to what one would see on a cold day looking across an area that had a flow of heated air entering the cold air and seeing the refractive index differences. Up to the 8th I seemed to be happy one day and sad the next, however, since the 8th I have been very up and more energetic. As I had indicated before I am somewhat new to meditating, etc. and most of my experiences with my guides have been through a channeler that has been working with me to teach me. More recently she, my teacher, has been out of town and I haven't had the opportunity to work with anyone else. I enjoy reading everyone else's experiences and discussions, thank you for forwarding the info.


Unfortunately, I did not find your page until after the alignment, but I want to know more about what has happened after the ritual. Also, I can't complain about what is happening but I have noticed a difference in how I feel and relate to others. The effects of what has happened started a full two weeks before the eventful day, I wonder if the ritual would have made a difference? I am sure it would have psycho-spiritually, but would it have changed what was happening ? put an afterglow on it? so to speak. I thoroughly enjoyed your writings, with an emphasis on the astrological interpretation. I immediately was able to put into focus what was happening around me, but I wonder if I am being to hard on myself or my interpretation of the interpretation?

Jim Amidon
Leola, Pennsylvania

I had every intention of going up to my little mountain, here in the Appalachians, about an hour away, and participating with you all... as spirit would have it though, found myself on a 300 mile trip to go meet up in CT with a group from Ashtar instead... 1st time to meet them...

So, Saturday was spent driving on a wing and a prayer, "beyond all reason" and "knowing" what you all/we all were intending for the weekend... took a few breaks along the way, walked by the river... no dedicated moments to any ritual...

Sunday however... after finding this new group of friends I came to see, and being warmly welcomed... again without any words of this portal opening you mention... two separate meditations were led.... one of opening the group to itself... as individuals and as one.... the other was a powerful visualization which likely I couldn't do justice to in describing here.... .... at a minimum can say, I have a memory today, of walking through the Great Pyramid..... I had to leave this group of new friends rather abruptly, so had no time to get reactions from other's experiences....

You mention others describing "...a strong positive energy enfolding me..." <s>... and "...a feeling of being unlimited, of being more successful, of having more energy and of things coming together easier...."

well....(smile).... I dare say the wheels of my van hardly touched ground the first 100 miles or so on my way back to the 3d reality... and the energy moving through me this week is breath-taking at moments....

would be curious to learn how many ways the energy of this weekend were experienced.... as in this group which I visited... not a word was mentioned of the portal opening...... and I noticed some local churches here.. which were calling it a "World Day of Prayer"... hmmmmmmm

Suzanne Sargent

I have not been doing anything, along these lines lately. I am trying to feel where I fit in all this...And, somewhat, to understand. I do read what you send, though. And do 'tune in' a lot during each day. Light and peace to you...

Barbara Casey-Sorrell:

I've been feeling great. A strong connection with the Mother, continuing to feel that I'm walking through the cave, into the heart of the mystery, with only my inner senses as guidance. And in this state, being called upon to do service, to share my "wisdom", in a sense my being comfortable in the not-knowing place.... being called upon to share the healing power of listening, of holding the energy sacredly in love. Feeling drawn more and more to meditation in the middle of increasing outward activity. The trees are flowering, the mallards are visiting our pond, spring is erupting, everything is new!

Chantyl Wilson
Valier, Illinois

I haven't been taking direct part in the rituals but I feel strong energies and lots of things happening to me personally...I don't know if this is what you meant but I know my spiritual path is opening a bit... I'm learning about 'healing' and things of this nature, feeling more connected to the Universe and am wanting to take part in the rituals the more comfortable I am becoming with things of this nature... you've indicated that some of my dreams interconnect with theses rituals so maybe I am and just don't know it? Continue to send me your information..*smile*

Dan Ogden
Middleburg, FL

Thank you for adding me to your mailing list, and for checking on the results. I am sorry that I have not written sooner with the results, but I am still trying to figure the results out. I too have had a feeling of more energy, haven't been to bed for 40 hours, and not really in that bad a shape. The strange occurrence that brought about my questioning the results is the very strong draw that I have had to the Rosicrucian order since the meditation. Maybe there is something that I am to learn from the order from which the Knights Templar originated. I will write more as this mystery unfolds for me. My cross of crystals is still set up with the fifth candle to the north, my meditations have been meaningful, but nothing spectacular yet!

Cynthia Moore
Arlington, Washington

I am still pondering the results of the ritual. Yes, I did perform it exactly as it was written. What I did was tape record a reading of it and then played it back as I was performing the ritual. It was a wonderful peaceful experience and I spent the rest of the evening quietly with no outside stimulation. BTW, I performed the ritual in my bedroom, so as to avoid any interruption or questions as to the articles I had assembled. That bedroom has since become a very special place...I will tell you more when I have the words to describe how things have changed for me. BETTER!! I am at peace and I know things are the way they are supposed to be.

Michelle Lewis
Champaign-Urbana, IL

Since this was my first ritual, I was quite excited and scurried to prepare an altar since I found out about it only a few days before. The day of the ritual I went for a long walk in the woods by the river and collected some mussel shells I found on the banks. That evening I could scarcely eat, and raced to the bedroom immediately after to set up my altar. I had used a pendulum earlier that morning to locate 3 portals - one in the bathroom, one in the closet adjacent to the bathroom, and one next to the east window, just north of the bathroom. I decided to set up the altar in the closet, and cleared everything out in preparation. I laid out a special handkerchief I have which is printed with turtles and thunderbirds, and my hawk feather found several years ago. I placed amethyst and crystal geodes at the entrance to the closet. Around the altar I placed the shells collected earlier that day. My cross was constructed using the Native American Tarot Deck laid out in the Kachina Knife spread. I pulled one card for contemplation, the 3 of Pipes (Joint Effort). I invited my family to participate at that point. I began the ritual by smudging with Cedar, Sage and Sweetgrass. I began reading the ritual and lit the candles, but kept feeling something wasn't right. It wasn't until afterwards, I realized I had begun one half hour early. It took me quite a while to settle down, being in a new place to meditate. Eventually, I remembered to bring Light in through my crown chakra, opening all my chakras, and grounding in the crystalline core of Gaia. I had some difficulty visualizing the Cathedral, in spite of reviewing the pictures on the web. Eventually, I saw the Rose window briefly. I connected with my Higher Self, who held out a hand in invitation to follow. I felt like I was wading through quicksand, trying to lift myself up without much success. After struggling unsuccessfully, I saw numerous guides toss me up in the air right through the portal. I did a few loops in the celestial sky, enjoying my newfound freedom. I remember seeing lots of Light beings around me, observing my form. One pulled my arm away from my body - as if to show me how Light I had become. When I realized where I was, THUD, back to third dimensionality I came.

I continued reflecting for about an hour after. I turned over the tarot cards and read about my journey. The Kachina Knife is a five card spread. Cards 1 and 2, the heart of the matter were One of Pipes (introspection) and Warrior of Pipes (impetuosity and unpredictability). Card 3, representing past influences was Hosteen Coyote (unconscious will). Card 4, signifying the present was The Lovers (for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction). Card 5, showing the future was The Weaver (attunement to the goddess of wisdom). This completed, I blew out the candles and left the closet.

My mind has been on that closet, the altar and the ritual ever since. I look forward to participating in more rituals, especially the Spring Equinox coming soon. I'm thinking of incorporating gifts to bless the elemental kingdom (like tobacco) in an all night prayer vigil, culminating at dawn when I will stand outside, facing the Sun, and ask for alignment and healing of Mother Earth with the Sun.

Margaret Bradley:
Canberra, Australia

You are performing a wonderful planetary service - even to folks like myself who may not have got around to the rituals - you see we also have a loose knit group who meet regularly - sometimes simply being together, talking or meditating or walking around the lake - or in the bush - and working with the 'earth energies' as we go -- and I am convinced that your beautiful communications (having come into our ambit) touch us even in our subtle energy fields. very much love, light and many blessings to you and your good work.


I have been experiencing a much more positive out look, confidence is the word that comes to mind. I also have been doing certain techniques to raise my kundalini. I have been having faint impulses at times that I am communicating with Chief Joseph. I just hate to be left out of the party and it frustrates me when I am not having the bold and the vivid experience, However, I am having the subtle and the fuzzy. Also since the ritual I have had a confidence in the fact that I no longer have to worry and obsess about money (before I would always worry and obsess) I guess patience is the key.

Chicago, Illinois

I was not able to participate in the ritual, as some things interfered with it this time, but I did read all the material connected with it, and yes, I do fell the opening and uplifting you describe. --blessings,

Xeia Maureen
Rodeo, California

Since Charbern and I participated together in the ritual, it has been an amazing week. Several different things have occurred. First, my energy has been up, and I have been catching up and moving faster into business decisions, etc. Additionally, I have made a decision to leave Irc (which is the chat areas of the internet) and find that since making the decision to leave I have been able to accomplish more. Both Charbern and I believe that leaving Irc was a direct link to what he and I both wish to accomplish.

Karen Langdon
Ashburton, New Zealand

l did not get the chance to do the ritual, but was there in thought... But things have been happening, l have been feeling energy more, specially in the lower chakra region, and thought is creating just little things, but still its a start...Also questions are being answered very quickly, via books becoming available or through meditation, this is truly a great time to be alive...

Swarthmore, PA

Regrettably I didn't participate fully. However around the time of the portal I did start to feel that new energy. I thought it might've come from the eclipse but then I read about the Portal and I think it comes from that. Yes, I have felt very, very intense positive energies. I have still have felt my share of darker energies, going through them. But when I break through again, and I hit that positive point it feels even more so...if that makes sense. happy last day of the current Tun

Serge Khalatian

I would like you to know that I did participate in the Cathedral Ritual Los Angeles time. I did follow your instructions on how to proceed. Thank you. Since I am new to your group as of 1/30/97, all this seemed as a new experience even though esoterically I have been exposed to literature and global meditations and organizations in the past. The planet is going through difficult times and this burden is felt by many children of Light who want to establish that special contact with the Divine Mother of our Universe.

During this Ritual, I did send lots of love for the healing of this planet. I felt good; however, I did not experience anything unusual. I hope for the best. If you can share your views as you saw all those participating individuals from the Dimension of Light during or after the Ritual, and the input of The Hierarchy of Light could serve us well to improve in our next step on this path. Thanks again.

Melissa Stratton
Shawnee-on-Delaware, PA

Here are our brief ritual results. (If I wrote all that we experienced, it would take pages!) Four of us had planned to do the ritual together, but unforeseen circumstances caused us to split into two separate locations. We contacted each other by phone afterward, and were amazed at the similarities in our experiences.

My friend and I suddenly had to shift our location for the ritual to her house. As we were traveling there, she intuitively sensed where the portal was located in her house, and since it was 8:25 when we arrived we hurriedly set up our ritual items (quartz crystals, shells, feathers, candles, etc.). During this time both of us felt interesting sensations - my third eye region was pulsating, and we both kept getting numerous energy rushes. Then we settled into the circle, stated our intentions for participating in the ritual (to release fears, and blockages, to create deeper connection with Spirit) and then called in the directions, and began our meditation to hook up. We had been in a rather serious mood, which seemed in keeping with the ritual, but as soon as we hooked up (which we both felt as an intense energetic shift) we began to sense a different tone. Soon we were giggling, then outright laughing with joy - this was not what we had expected! It was as if a HUGE party was going on, with incredible feelings of joy, love and merriment being shared and spread around. As we compared our visions, we realized we were seeing the same thing. Both of us had almost immediately seen the interior of Chartres which then opened up to the vast night sky with its flying buttresses creating a bridge on which countless beings were "sliding" down to connect with the well Portal, and then joining in this party!

We saw scene after scene of this wonderful merriment, and got the feeling that it was to help all of us to recognize the immense joy involved in connecting with Spirit, which certainly dissolves any fears! This went on for a while, then the energy became calmer. At that point I sensed Sophia/Isis as a huge presence above Chartres. She had a vast glow around her and water was pouring from her robes, which became Love energy as it spread out over all below. We basked in this peaceful, warm embrace for a long time, quietly drinking it in. Then we closed out the circle and realized we had been there for almost an hour. We were surprised, because it didn't seem that long.

Our friends called then, and we compared experiences. They had almost the identical sensation of joy and merriment and saw Chartres open to the sky. They also a huge Cross in the heavens as Chartres opened up. They too experienced The Mother Love as Sophia/Isis and saw almost the same image of her as we had - above Chartres extending her Love to all below. One friend, who had not read any of the Ritual information, said she got the idea it was about abundance, so it came through loud and clear!

Since then I've experienced a greater sense of "ease and flow". Meaning it seems to take less effort to actualize and manifest positive flow in my daily life; i.e. bumping into the right person at the right time etc. All in all, it was a wonderful experience for all of us. Thanks Claire for your inspiration. I have some additional stories that are pretty amazing.

As I mentioned we were putting things out for the circle in a hurry, because of having to quickly change our location for the ritual. We had only candle light to see with and our things were in pouches. I put out the items in my friend's pouch also, and there was one little thing I was unsure about. I asked her, and she said it was a small crystal, so I put it in the center of the circle. After the ritual when we were gathering the items, she picked up the little piece and asked if this was what I had asked about, and I said yes. She burst out laughing and in the brighter light, we could see that it was just a little piece of wood - a tiny twig - that must have ended up at the bottom of her pouch somehow. This little twig had been in the center of our ritual circle! We really got the joke and dubbed it "Cosmic Debris".

Astrologically I immediately associated it with Pluto, and how Pluto represents the cosmic debris we carry with us, but sweep under the rug and try our best to ignore. We not only didn't ignore our debris, we placed it in the center of our altar! To me this was a beautiful metaphor for retrograde Pluto located in the 12th house in the Chartres Ritual chart, since the 12th house actually represents that "under the rug" portion of our unconscious minds! And to me, part of the Ritual was about accepting our "debris", putting it on the table along with the rest of our "holiness" and loving it too.

The second thing happened 4 days after the ritual on March 11. I had a very unexpected reunion with a soulmate of mine who came on a surprise visit from Papua New Guinea, where he has lived for the past 6 years. Years ago when we were overseas together we had a couple of bank accounts here in the States, which we divided up upon our return. When we had our reunion just a few days ago he handed me an envelope filled with money! Apparently, in the hectic days when we first returned, we just forgot about this particular bank account. But, when he was settling up his finances recently, he re-discovered it with thousands of dollars in it! So suddenly I have a lot more money than I thought I had! It was in the middle of the night, days after this, as I lay awake in bed that it hit me - Wow, the Ritual- Abundance!!! And what a wonderfully rapid confirmation!

"This is the name of my city, 'Nine Gates,' Let us praise God as we are mindful that the tenth is the head."(The Acts of Peter and the Twelve Apostles, The Nag Hammadi Papyri)

Janet Sunderland

There were three of us that did the ritual: three women. I had wrapped the purple hula hoop in aluminum foil to develop the silver color of the Mother, and we made the altar on the floor again. We set pictures and statues of Mary in the circle along with crystals, a cross from the Holy Land, a bowl of water, a plant with earth, healing wands of light, some rosary beads, one of crystal beads and the other of dark beads, and we made a cross from angel cards. We put 5 candles around as instructed, two at the north. We also made fruit offerings of oranges and apples.

Before the ritual here at the house, the three of us met at Loretto Chapel, a small gothic chapel in town, and meditated. We saw many of the same images during the meditation (meaning all three of us) particularly diamonds and triangles of energy connecting the three of us to the Mary statue. From the tabernacle door came a burst of golden light. Energy was then coming from both the Mary side and the Joseph statue side. High energy, very balanced. We stayed there in meditation for about 20 or 30 minutes. Carol had gotten the information earlier in the week that we needed to anchor the energy there before the ritual at the house.

We came out here to the country. We first did a meditation on the Kabalah Sephiroth, Binah, the mother energy in the Tree of Life. After that, I started reading the incantation you provided, lit the candles, and blessed the cross and objects in the circle with water and earth.

Interestingly, my reading stumbled over the section on El Dorado. At the same time, the candle in the west went out. Carol reached over and took one of the candles from the north and placed it in the west...bringing spirit to the west. (Another group, by the way, out in Calif. had the same experience with the west candle going out and bringing the extra candle from the north to replace it.) Carol began seeing golden droplets of chrism oil flowing down into the portal altar. Toward the end of the meditation, there was a spiral of water like from a sprinkler that showered up and out over us. After reading, we sat in quiet meditation. I felt a strong presence next to me, a mother presence, on my right. Carol felt the presence more in the portal like a tower. Which may have been where it was since I was turned a little to one side by that time with my right side next to the portal. Carol felt that there was a message given out, a decree to the world, although she didn't pick up what the words were. (She has also reported this week that something big is coming, not just for us but for the world.) We then picked up the silver hoop and in turn stepped through the portal. After that, we held the hoop above our heads and let it lower over the three of us standing together. Carol said she wanted to give out a whoop, there was so much love and joy and energy that came with that gathering in the three of us. The hoop dropped to the floor and felt complete and we put it back around the altar.

We each chose an angel card from the rest of the cards. Gail drew Gabriel; I drew Raphael; and Carol drew The Angel of Youth. (We are beginning, aren't we?) With that we ended the ritual. There was a seminary meeting that evening that we all needed to go to, and that ended up being such a wonderful gathering full of love.

It feels as though the energy has shifted in a subtle way. We are more at peace, calmer, taking the time to rest when we need to. My sense is that the energy has anchored in some way and is ready for manifestation. However, each of us has the task of shaping that energy in whatever way is right for us, individually and globally.

All day there were wispy "angel clouds" in a blue, blue sky. And later that night after the meeting, the clouds had a luminescence to them, a whitish glow in the night sky. I send you love and peace.

Claire Grace Watson
Shield Guide
LVX - Light of the Cross



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