Veiled Ancient World
A habitable planet billions of years old has hosted many ancient civilizations

There has probably never been a period in the history of thought entirely resembling the present. Thinkers everywhere are conscious of two things, first, that the region of mystery has never before been so clearly defined, and secondly, that that region can be entered more easily than has hitherto been the case; it may, therefore, perhaps be induced to render up some of its secrets if investigators of all schools pursue their search with determination. (The Consciousness of the Atom, The Field of Evolution, Alice Bailey, 1922)


Location of Atlantis
Vol. 1, Issue 1, Part I

Dear Cosmic One:

Here’s hoping you are happy and well! Welcome to this new newsletter. It contains:

1. Report on the Atlantis Reunion of October 5, 2000
2. Reunion Results
3. Invitation to Join

Report on the Atlantis Reunion

Such a lovely time we had! We gathered at 9:00pm EST. Some Atlanteans were encountering problems logging into this chat room. As a result, this chat room will close and the members are invited to join the other chat room where we have seldom had problems. It is located at If you are not a member and want to join, just follow the link and click on “Join” at the top right of the page.

Those of us who could get into the room prepared for the journey to the city of Atlantis via group merkaba. In our group was Andrew, Shirley, Priscilla, Barry, and Aoriel. A dolphin appeared to lead us to Atlantis.

Shirley's BookShirley has written a book about Atlantis (Atlantis – Insights from a Lost Civilization, at bookstores). She says dolphins would naturally want to take us to Atlantis. Shirley writes, "Dolphins were bred as special pets in Atlantis. Atlanteans built pools near their homes for the fun-loving creatures and treated them as equals. They learned to understand their rapid conversation and came to respect the animals’ mental ability and intelligence. Dolphins along the coast proved an excellent source of knowledge about the sea. Perhaps we will learn to communicate with dolphins and whales as the Atlanteans did so they may direct us to containers of nuclear waste and other hazardous materials dumped into the oceans.” (p.69-70)

It is a quality of Atlanteans to be concerned about nuclear waste and hazardous materials. Atlanteans put a book through me called "The Spirituality of Atom Smashing," re-titled Lampoon Dictionary of Partycall Fizz666. This book is revolutionary and is designed to help us have a deeper understanding of our relationship with subatomic particles. It also helps us lose our social programming about particle physics. We have lost our social programming about nuclear physics, but still we idolize the particle physicists. This is a duality of thought that is hurting us. What we don’t realize is that one field cannot exist without the other. It has proven to be impossible to stop the industry of nuclear physics, but it is possible to dismantle particle physics, the little brother of nuclear physics. This will disable nuclear physics because it relies on the particle accelerator testing results of particle physics.

The dolphin that came to take us to Atlantis swam in place like dolphins do and also swam in fast circles. It went to Shirley and pushed her, then it pushed me. It connected with everyone in the group. We were preparing to go with the dolphin when Priscilla and Barry’s computer crashed. We waited until they came back online, and as we waited and as the dolphin swam we began to see Atlantis coming toward us. This was totally unexpected. It reminded me of the book and movie “Dune,” where they traveled through space but didn't physically go anywhere, and neither did we. Instead, a creature that was shaped sort of like a dolphin used movement and sound to bring their destination to them. We could see the towers and pyramids and all the lights of Atlantis coming toward us!

Kabala Tree of Life
For me, this really validated what I had read about the Kabala Tree of Life and the ancient wisdom and secret teachings of how the spheres/dimensions descend to the individual consciousness and not the other way around. It also is in line with what happened to us in the Ritual of the Sarcophagus Portal when the entire Mayan dimension descended to us.

We went through the portal effortlessly and into the city of Atlantis, with the exception of Aoriel who felt waterlogged after all the rebirthing she went through at The Gathering of Eagles in Sedona over the weekend. So she left and we continued. We entered a pyramid, the same one we usually enter when we go to Atlantis. This pyramid has an intensive white light or sometimes blue light that causes my eyes to water and squint. I also tasted salt water the entire trip and I wondered if I had sprung a leak in my merkaba. In ancient Egypt the Isis-Osiris sect studied sacred geometry and astronomy, held initiations and worked together as a group inside the Great Pyramid to create a living light-body or Merkaba soul vehicle. The word is ancient Egyptian and means M(e)r - place of ascending; Ka = Spirit; Ba = Soul. At this point, we had been on our journey for an hour. Shirley had to leave.

Atlantis Pyramid
(Active Content Collage)

In Atlantis, we saw bright lights and groups of people who were “not us.” The first group used a blue light and some strange arm movements to initiate us as citizens of Atlantis. (Anytime strange arm movements are involved, they most likely are the beings we know as the Hindu gods and goddesses.) The Atlanteans love fun and we had a laugh fest at this point in our journey when Barry was initiated as Mayor of Atlantis for the evening, and Andy commented, “Way to go, Barry.” I commented that Barry must have politician DNA. Priscilla remarked about Barry Goldwater, and we all got it that the Atlanteans had made a pun of some kind about Barry’s name and “gold water.” So I guess Barry’s merkaba was gold, or something.

As the second group of Atlanteans approached, Priscilla and I experienced mild headaches. We adjusted our merkabas by relaxing and loosening, and the headaches disappeared. The second group was thickly populated and they seemed to me to be priests and priestesses. They were chanting, “Charon.” Then, we saw a boat on a river, and I saw a vision of a gold disk like a big gold coin. We were invited to get into the boat, but I realized something at that moment about the name Charon and the boat and the coin, and just as I had my realization, Andy jumped into the boat. I asked Andy to get back out of the boat and let's go back into the pyramid and talk about it first. At this point, we had been on our journey for an hour and a half. We went back into the pyramid. (Interesting how that pyramid is always available for us. Priscilla said the pyramid was following us.)

CharonOnce inside the pyramid we had a little powwow about that boat. I told them that we had connected with something from Greek mythology about Charon, the ferryman on the river Styx. In the myth, only two kinds of people can ride in that boat, one, the dead and two, the annointed or initated. The river Styx, according to myth, flows into Hades. Charon is the ferryman who ferries the dead to their new home. He requires a coin before he will take the passenger, and he is often pictured holding out his skeleton hand, reaching for that coin. Because of the enduring nature of that myth, people have been buried with coins for thousands of years, often on their eyelids, so they will have a fare for the ferryman. Otherwise, they’ll wind up hopelessly wandering around in purgatory or the astral planes, with no real destination but just a lost feeling. When they give the coin to Charon, he ferries the boat along that river without ever looking back.

Odysseus rode in the boat in Homer's The Odyssey, where he sought the services of the great, hermaphrodite seer Tireseus, who had much wisdom because he/she had lived life both as a man and as a woman. Odysseus wanted to question the seer about his future, but to do so he had to take two buckets of blood so he could revive the seer long enough to get his oracle. Things got complicated when Odysseus’ dead mother met him and wanted one of the buckets so she could feel alive again, and the dutiful son had to refuse his own mother. Isn’t Homer a great storyteller? I just love Homer.

It was the Greek poet Homer who first wrote about Atlantis, based on stories told by Solon, who had been to Egypt and gotten the scoop on the watery world from the initiates of Thoth. Anyway, knowing all this mythology, I felt we should talk about it before we “went to hell,” as Priscilla liked to joke. She said, “Claire just didn’t feel like going to hell right then, hehehe.”

It was 10:30 and so we decided not to go to hell just yet. Priscilla’s brow chakra was really open and she wanted to go sightseeing. We went out the other side of the pyramid and directly into a party of some kind, where there was gaiety, talking and celebration. Then, we floated back up and out of Atlantis. It was a wonderful journey and we are planning to return. If you would like to join us, click on “Join” in the top right corner.

Andy, Priscilla, Barry and I are going on the boat ride with Charon. I have the gold coin to give the ferryman, and we will see where he takes us. If you are brave and want to go with us, you need to first experience the watery world of Atlantis before you try the world of fire. The water cools us so we can take the heat of the fire. Those of you who have seen the gold disk/coin in channeling sessions, I think it’s your ticket to ride. After you get your initiation, as we did, we will travel deep within the underworld of the subcontinent of Atlantis to the Halls of Amenti!


Deep in Earth's heart lie the Halls of Amenti,
far 'neath the islands of sunken Atlantis,
Halls of the Dead and halls of the living,
bathed in the fire of the infinite ALL.

Far in a past time, lost in the space time,
the Children of Light looked down on the world.
Seeing the children of men in their bondage,
bound by the force that came from beyond.
Knew they that only by freedom from bondage
could man ever rise from the Earth to the Sun.

Down they descended and created bodies,
taking the semblance of men as their own.
The Masters of everything said after their forming:

"We are they who were formed from the space-dust,
partaking of life from the infinite ALL;
living in the world as children of men,
like and yet unlike the children of men."

Then for a dwelling place, far 'neath the earth crust,
blasted great spaces they by their power,
spaces apart from the children of men.
Surrounded them by forces and power,
shielded from harm they the Halls of the Dead.

Side by side then, placed they other spaces,
filled them with Life and with Light from above.
Builded they then the Halls of Amenti,
that they might dwell eternally there,
living with life to eternity's end.

(Excerpt from "Thoth the Atlantean")

Vol. 1, Issue 1, Part 2

Atlantis Reunion and Homecoming

Scheduled for October 5th, Thursday evening at 9:15pm on yahoo chat room, Atlantis - How to Connect

Begin to register participants.

We will take a merkaba journey to Atlantis on that evening. Set your sails on your Merkaba sphere for Atlantis! Visit to Atlantis led by Claire Grace Watson. Someone special will attend and invite us to tour the great and wonderful city of Atlantis. This is a chat room membership only journey, with members registering by ordering and familiarizing themselves with the CD, Atlantis How To Connect.

Dear Atlantean :-)

How are you? Doing well, I hope. My guides are guiding me to set up an Atlantis Reunion for Thursday night, October 5, 2000, in the yahoo chat room called AtlantisHowToConnect. I am emailing to invite to attend the reunion.

On that evening, we will be going by group merkaba to the dimension of Atlantis, where we will be met by Atlanteans who are already preparing the city for this event. Our group has done this once before with great success, and I would like to tell you a little about it.

A group of us went via mental project to Atlantis one evening in Channeling Sessions. We went in individual "bubbles." (If you look at the image on the first page of The Spirituality of Atom Smashing, I tried to show those spheres.) Many of us could see each other in our bubbles or spherical merkabas, and I could even see the color of one person's bubble or light vehicle. As I led the group, we went through a watery portal and entered a realm that is so fascinating, I tried to portray it in art on the cover of the CD, Atlantis How To Connect.

Atlantean Spheres
(Active Content Collage)

We saw white crystal pyramids (some saw blue) and we went inside one of them, where three hooded priests beamed us with rays of white light. Then, we could leave our merkabas and walk around in Atlantis. We strolled along until we were offered a ride by a kind of water taxi.

When we boarded the taxi we could see some beings standing nearby in a little group watching us. For me, the most amazing thing about the place was that we were not the only ones there. Others were there who were "not us."

The water taxi driver took us to a castle called the Peace Palace. (The driver had big ears. When we arrived at the Peace Palace and stayed sitting in his taxi, he told us, "Get out!" We accused of him of being originally from New York City and commented to him that he was a bit rude.) I attempted to show this castle on the cover of the CD.

There, we saw a group of otherdimensional beings having a party, and they invited us in. They were expecting us and we interacted with them. I personally saw beings with a lot of arms who seemed to be Hindu Gods and Goddesses. I was informed that they were. Others in our group saw other things, and some even saw me talking with those beings and all their arms. Some of the things we saw were the same and some things we saw that no one else saw. Some of us could see, hear, feel and smell, whereas others had fewer senses operating when in lightbody. But we all had the experience, one way or another.

Some of the people who went the first time will be with us and helping us all to get there together. It is really fun to try to get there together, and last time we went, everyone got there. This time the people who will be travelling to Atlantis are, in my opinion, truly Atlanteans. These are the people who are working with the CD Atlantis How To Connect. 53 people have ordered this CD as of today because they resonate with the material. And in my mind, that makes them Atlanteans. I would like to reveal more about these people but of course I leave it up to you to reveal yourself via this chat room, if you choose to.

The 53 people are from all parts of the world, with 44 in the US and 9 in other countries. In the US, 11 are in California, 4 in Washington State, 3 in Colorado, 3 in Florida, 3 in Wisconsin, 2 in Massachusetts, 2 in North Carolina, 2 in Texas, 2 in West Virginia, and one each in Alabama, Arkasas, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Virginia, Georgia, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Nebraska and South Carolina. From outside the US, 2 are in England, and 1 each in Canary Islands, Holland, Israel, Italy, Norway, Thailand and Cananda. As you can see, we are all over the world. But we are One and we are growing.

I hope you are interested in joining this group with whom you have something in common. You will receive an invitation from the chat room with a link to help you join, or you can go there and join now at:

I will be sending more email regarding this event, and I hope you are excited about it as I am. I have been to Atlantis with a wonderful group of people, and I am thrilled to be going back.

Peace and Love to you,

Unfortunately, I misplaced the account of the next adventure in Atlantis in which we went into a pyramid and got stuck in there and could never figure out how to get out until we realized to just walk straight through the walls. Hopefully, I will find it :((

Atlantis Pyramid
(Active Content Collage)

EVERYTHING IS A FALL (On account of gravity, if for no other reason)

Hi, again. Some people have emailed me to ask what the shielding is about, and here are my thoughts on that. I am being asked to shield because of the political situation, not that it's bad per se but that it's something we are in danger of falling deeper into.

Everything is a fall, it's just that there's a need for a guided, purposeful falling into things, and this fall into politics is not a fall into a spiritual realm at all. It's just simply the kind of diversion that caused, in mythology, the fall of Sophia into matter. She was dazzled by the bright lights and fell from her place in Heaven into the physical realm. We want to shield against being dazzled, in this case by the media commotion and all the attendant diversions.

The shields help us not to fall so much into the earthly situation at this time, because if you think about it, it's not healthy at all. We are falling into a realm of reality filled with all kinds of people just like us but who are not at all involved spiritually in any way. Yet, we willingly fall into that realm with them. We can't afford to do it if we know better, because when we do things and we know better than to do them, there is a problem resolving that karma. If we do them and we don't know better, if we are innocents, then there is forgiveness, but even that takes time. And maybe that's some time we don't want to take when we're trying to progress spiritually.

I mentioned this once before and channeled Ashtar on this subject and pretty much was told to buzz off. Others just ignored it. If you think we are not falling, always falling, give it some deep thought. We are fallen angels and what we do is fall. And we do it for a strong reason, a purpose that has to do with salvation, reclamation and redemption. When we are strongly falling into areas that don't serve a salvatory purpose, then we are becoming lost souls as we fall, and therein is the danger.

Don't fall any deeper into the political realms right now. It's bad enough that we fall into work and we fall into all those other things that are really just black holes in the path to the light. Right now, politics is positively dangerous. Just obey the Masters and keep to the high ground as we continue to fall.

There is a reason for the downward journey -- it's part of the path -- but if we lose sight of that reason, then we are no longer on the path. For clarity, the path is the one that Jesus took, the path of descension for purposes of salvation. First, he fell to earth through birth, just like we did, then after crucifixion he went into the realms of hell to save the sinners there, and that's also part of our path.

If you want to join us on a journey to the Halls of Amenti, beneath Atlantis, as part of that purposeful falling, there is a chat room link below that you can click on to go with us as we continue to fall with a purpose. In the meantime, float free and remain unbedazzled. And be sure to shield. Lord Hanuman and Lord Pacal of the Mayas asked me to put up Pacal's very powerful shield at this url:

You can see that shield at: Water Shield

Here is the Arbor Shield.

Arbor Shield

Peace and Love, Claire Shield Guide


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