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All of this material is entirely subjective and it reaches as far as it knows how but it does represent my truth. I do believe I had this experience and I have incorporated it into my outlook on life. Perhaps you will do the same, as you choose. It's pure comedy if nothing else. Pure profound comedy, makes me laugh when I read it. Since this was written I have evolved spiritually and some things written herein have changed. (If only my writing stays this nice.) I want to leave this as a path to be followed, for anyone who cares to pick it up.

An Earthly Throne is not the Home of a Moon Goddess

The Afterlife Story of Diana, Princess of Whales, Divine Moon Goddess
and the Coronation Story of Princess Ganatha Ganesha,
Crowned Head in the Court of Lord Ganesha

This is devoted to my inner call connection in Seattle with Princess Diana, just three months after her untimely passing. I believe spirit guided me to travel to Seattle, the whale city, where I would connect with Diana and her project, the whales of the planet. On these dedicated pages I also include my own impressions regarding my time in Seattle, as I recorded them at that time. I was writing under the pen name Ganatha Ganesha, a name given to me by Lord Ganesha, who pronounced me a member of his heavenly court. The meaning of this spiritual name is given later.

I will once again be channeling the beautiful spirit, the Queen Diana, who never made it to the English throne in this lifetime, but who sits upon a throne of Heaven in her present etheric incarnation. She is beautiful still and she is now a Moon Goddess, and one of the cherished goddesses of Heaven. As part of this introduction, she speaks to you now: (This part written several years ago as well.)

"My lovely friends, I am so happy to address you again at this time. I am so fulfilled in my new role as Moon Goddess and I have as my subjects the whales upon the Earth. We are one, the whales and I, and I do so enjoy them as my own small children, whom I dearly miss. I hope they are well and happy, and also my husband and family man, their father.

Good day to you now, and I must depart, as this channeler wishes to continue on with her work until such time as she can return again to me and speak for me my thoughts. She is most brave to contact me this way, as I am still heavy energy and am upon her head right now in the form of pressure. I cannot help it at this time, but I am only now learning how to work as spiritual influence with her and others of this planet. Good day to you all, my own true subjects under the sun and the moon. My love to you all."

Diana, Moon Goddess and Nature Divinity

Diana Princess of Whales, Princess Diana, GaneshaDiana Princess of Whales, Princess Diana, Ganesha


Seattle, WashingtonHello, Dear One! I hope you are well. I am enjoying Seattle so much. How are things where you are? With Lord Ganesha I begin to hear through inner voice many ascended masters, angels and archangels, and the beautiful deities of nature. Here are the words of a new nature deity I just today heard. I think you might enjoy reading this.

I once before spoke with my guides regarding Diana, Princess of Wales, and was told at that time she could not channel because she was still gathering energy. Since that time, I have received more information about her, and today she spoke through my spirit guide, Lord Sananda, and through me. According to Sananda, she is quite well but she is convinced she is Princess of "Whales," and so she is accorded that position.

Diana Princess of Whales, Princess DianaSananda says Diana's work at this time is centered on sending healing energy to the problems surrounding the whales, the whalers, the environmentalists and the people who rely on whaling products for sustenance. She sees these issues as critically important to the well-being of the planet and wants right away to begin resolution. Through Sananda - Diana, Princess of Whales, speaks:

"Good day to you all. I am so pleased to be speaking with you today. We are once again on the precipice of a great wonder in our universe in that we are beginning to understand the difference between being a whale and being a human. And the fact remains - there is very little difference that I can see at this time. But I do hope my vision to become clearer and I do hope my causes to be fulfilled. I believe there is much being done in my name on the planet at this time, and I would hope people at some point realize I am not really deceased, but am alive and quite well, thank you. I am leaping and jumping for joy! (Drag right image)

Now, as to my two little boys I would say to them, fear not my little lads but give a burst of hope, for I am not dead as you perceive me to be, but am well and alive, just living now at another dimension of reality. We will see you soon, I'm sure, and time enough for that. But for now, let us decide in a most auspicious way to undertake the watch as whale keepers and not as keepers of time.

Claire Grace Watson
Channeling Sananda channeling Diana, Princess of Whales


This continues the information I have been receiving about Diana, Princess of Wales. The following material is Sananda speaking to me.

"Let's discuss your channeling of Diana, Princess of Whales, shall we? We do indeed have Diana among us and we are pleased to say so, it is just she is running around everywhere organizing and generally trying to set up a foreign office. She is not a lot of fun, really, because she did not complete her spiritual training on earth and now she is lost at sea, so to speak.

Diana, Princess of Whales, is not a bargain by any means. She is so confused about things and she is causing somewhat of a havoc here amongst us. Not that we can't handle it or that I'm even complaining about it, but just that she is a problem, that's all. We love her, yes, but what a headache! She has completely gone round the bend at this time but will come about, we're sure, in the near future. In the meantime, she is actively seeking speaking engagements on her subjects, the whales, and wants to channel quite a bit. I'm afraid we're in for it."

Ganatha channeling Sananda about Diana

Diana is with me now as I am making a web page of this material. I have to laugh at this section, and she asks me, as though piqued, "What is so funny about this?" And I answer, "Well, it's just funny, that's all. The idea of it is so funny." She says, "Silly, silly, silly." And I laugh some more. Then she says, "Silly is as silly does." hahahahah We all laugh together.


Sananda says, "Now, Diana herself wishes to speak and we will be three of us propping her up and helping her focus and visualize." Diana speaks:

"My friends. I do wish now to tell you a little something of this beautiful and affable place in which I have lately found myself. What a truly, truly wonderful period of time in which to be born. I wish you could see it, I really do - all fluff and angelic, all kindliness and honor, all beauty and truth reside here. This place speaks literally volumes regarding what is to be expected by all who hope to enter here. My own experiences are such that I can hardly relate them without tears because I am so grateful to be resident here. It is wonderfully funny and marvelous, altogether. I would say to you, hope you enter these gates as I have - only hope it because nowhere else can there be such peace and serenity as here within.

All my love goes out to you and yours,

Diana, Princess of Whales
HRH Nature Divinity

Sananda now speaks:

Diana is one among us whom we adore as we do many others. Her place among us is secure, this much is true. Whether or not she achieved on the planet her exact spiritual goals as pre-determined by her is not of the highest priority, but whether or not she satisfied the goals she established for herself is what matters here.

She feels happy with her life and is therefore accorded the dues and rights normally accorded to a person who has fulfilled her purpose. She will not be returning for another physical life but chooses now to live a life as a nature divinity, per se, and not as an avatar among us, as was her first choice, but as a being dedicated to the well-being of an associated group of beings - the whales. Diana is most accomplished when she is working for the well-being of a large group of individuals, whether human or whales, matters not.

We may each of us become what we will, and that is the material point here. Diana chose to become a nature divinity. This is essentially how it works in life. We each of us become what we choose to become.

Your servant Sananda Buddha Jesus
Ganesha Level Divinities


Diana and Serena, Moon Goddesses

Oh, Dear Ones, Sananda was prophetic when he said, "I'm afraid we're in for it." I enjoy many guides, and they merge with me accordingly and if they are especially knowledgeable about what I'm doing or thinking, including when I'm shopping.

Solon Before, when I went shopping, I was accompanied by my guide, Solon Centurion, of Golden Age Greece. History does not record what a big shopper he was when he was ruler of ancient Athens. The shopkeepers must have loved to see Solon coming because he is/was scrupulously incorruptible and honest. Just means he shopped big time and paid cash. And the shopkeepers probably tidied up a bit when they saw him coming, to make sure they displayed their most attractive and valuable offerings.

But, Solon only buys when it fulfills the Pythagorean trinity of structure, function, order. Just means every purchase has to do three things: look good, serve a purpose and be well constructed. But now, another is among us, a new and experienced shopper with Solon's shopping vibes and just as finicky!

Pike's Market, Seattle, WashingtonDiana and I have been shopping for clothes at Pike's Public Market in downtown Seattle on the waterfront. Pike's is a big, old market with an international atmosphere and a mix of sights, sounds and aromas. I think they try to keep the clothiers separate from the fish sellers, but it's all a jumble, and the aroma of pungent sea creatures mixes with the sweet scent of Malabar incense and cooking spices.

On a slow day the place is crowded, and in the hallways and on the walkways are street performers, clapping and singing, strumming and humming. Everywhere the eye turns is something of special interest; colorful clothes of India, glittering jewelry from far away places, Egyptian music and dancing outfits; Buddhists and Taoists shops; an expansive view of the ferries and barges on Puget Sound - all at ground level and 3 levels deep! The building and its contents are an expression of multidimensionality. It is a big maze, demonstrating the 4 dimensions of depth, breadth, height and spacetime - the continuous representation of different places and different times. What a strolling feast for the senses!

Diana is not satisfied with much of the clothing at Pike's Market. ("It lacks style.") But she dearly loves the sensory experience the place provides. Seattle likes to mix together all things Earthian, all things physical, to see what results. The market on busy 1st Street is a strong energy mix of people and places. And so is the rest of the street, where shops assist you on your path, whatever your path is.

Plotting our relative position in this world of parallel streams of existence - physical and spiritual - can be challenging. Just so, and to help us reference, are the signs of the times. For example, existing nearly side-by-side on 1st Street and making similar Tantric statements are two businesses; Sexy Ladies will Raise the Dead, and Psychic World, tarot card readings. In this area is where Diana wants to open an office!

She is still connected to her senses, just as we are, and is still trying to fulfill their function, but she is out of body while doing so. (I must be out of body myself to be having this experience.) As to Pike's Market and all its physical world allures, I like it and its unique shops, but it is more like a carnival, not a business address.

Yesterday was Halloween and many of the people downtown were dressed in their costumes, but they didn't look all that different to me than they usually do. I don't take the place seriously, but Diana does, and this is balanced, I guess. It feels balanced. But when she is expressing her desires and trying to guide me, I'm reluctant to follow. I call upon my high level guides to come and take her place, and they do. It's easy to get the high level guides to come in. Just say, "I call upon my high level guides. I want only my high level guides to come to me now." Then, you can double-check your heavenly partner's suggestions, as to whether they should be followed or not. High level guides will put aside all personal agendas in order to serve you.

I think many people have attached entities or equal-to-lower vibrational beings trying to guide them, don't you? I feel as though Diana is sort of an attached entity, although it doesn't seem very polite to say so. Apparently, many people have attached entities, considering the "attached entity removal businesses" that have sprung up everywhere. Is the removal of attached entities a brilliantly conceived path or relentless capitalism?

Let's give a little consideration to the entity and why Spirit allows it to attach. Part of this whole attached entity removal business, the part that helps make it go and give it momentum, is that objecting to it as valuable amounts to heresy - and it probably indicates you have an attached entity objecting to being removed. This is really self-fulfilling on the part of the industry. I call it industry because that is what it has become. It preys upon people's natural fears regarding working with spirit.

I speak from experience here about this new psychology, being almost-a-psychologist myself, and having a Master of Science for Teacher's degree in English Education, which just means I feel real encouraged to hold forth this way. But mostly I feel qualified because part of what I do is remove attached entities, and I have removed some wicked ones, for sure. But I think the term attached entity has pejorative connotations. Heavenly Partner is a better phrase. And either you like your partner or you don't.

My guides tell me, lack of awareness is the only real danger in such attachments as these. Yet, the very existence and growth of this new psychology business proves one thing for certain: having attachments or partners seems to be the coming thing, what with so many of us being wide open and grounding higher vibrational light while still physical, and what with so many of us not-still-physical trying to catch up our spiritual paths, make up for lost time and find a light-filled spiritual path, regardless the current dimension of existence.

I believe this attached entity experience and spirit guide experience is a natural part of being multidimensional. This way of being is defined by the Sirians, whom I channel in their Sirian Light Keys. There is a specific key or enlightenment ray bringing about a certain kind of beingness. Multidimensionality means the boundaries between the physical, the astral, and the spiritual, are narrowing, and we are all gaining varied experiences of it, including interactions and attachments.

The lessons of multidimensionality are many. At first I deemed Diana, Princess of Whales, to be merely an interesting being who can channel with Spirit's help. But I much prefer to channel others, like ShivaBalaYogi and the dancing Shiva energy. Oh, what wonderful, flowing mudras are designed by my arms and hands when I channel Lord Shiva! And Lord Ganesha's healing energy is so blissful, ecstatic, sublime, loving. I call upon Ganesha and we feel his divine presence and see the colors. Such beautiful experiences.

Last night I asked Ganesha, "Why should I channel Diana?" He said gently, in reply, "If I don't mind, why should you?" And I thought, "Judge not, lest ye be judged." Ganesha gives us what we need for spiritual evolution and not what we want or think we want. Thanks be to thee, Lord Ganesha.

But He doesn't have to shop with her and I do, unless I want to be just blatantly rude. She loves to shop. When something catches my eye, some fabric design or color, and I'm attracted to it and I go touch it, I can hear Diana make different comments, some disapproving, like, "Don't even think about it," or "Garish, wouldn't you say?" Sometimes she approves but usually only marginally like, "That's more our style," or "Something like this is what we are after."

Astral Plane, Princess Diana, Life after Death, GaneshaShe is not completely satisfied with the clothing of Pike's Market but she dearly loves the sensory experience, and I have so far bought two things under her tutelage and approval; a gorgeous sequined hat befitting all three of the following: a Hindu guru, a royal princess and an Afghani holy man. (left is my reproduction of the hat) We also bought a sterling silver and sea opal bracelet of elephants, to symbolize our devotion to Lord Ganesha. Last night, Halloween, a small group arrived. I wore the beautiful hat and elephant bracelet and channeled Serena, Moon Goddess and sister to Diana, Huntress - Gaia's Children. Serena speaks:

Astral Plane, Princess Diana, Life after Death, Ganesha

Diana speaks:

"Say not that you will not give what you have, but say instead you will give all you have. This is my message to you on Halloween: You are so much more than ever you can know and you will give more now than you ever have before."

Sananda speaks:

"When you read these words, think of that which you already know - your light is bright and your purpose is dim. But remember these words today, that no matter where you go and no matter what you do, you are attended always by Spirit - always. Awaken more to that reality and come to know your purpose more."

Now I, Ganatha, speak: I asked my friend Carolyn, "Tell me, what do you think of this strong Chiron energy we're experiencing now?" "It's shamanic," she replied and I said, "Yes, very much so. Spiralic and embedding, going deeper and deeper, spiritually aligning and enormously grounding."

My guides remarked, "Spiritual values are being embedded within the mass consciousness of the planet, now. It is a mass event in all dimensions. The energy basin of the collective subconscious is being filled." And I thought when I heard that, "Something big is going to happen, something really big, and everyone knows it, or soon will!" People are so excited and asking, "When, When?" Have you noticed? Oh, what a fabulous beingness this ascension energy is!


Sirian Maylin Speaks:

Sananda speaking to me: "Dear one, we are well pleased with this effort and we want you to know we are looking forward to the responses we will be getting."

Diana speaking to me: "Thank you for your efforts on my part. Diana, Princess of Whales"

Sananda speaking to me "Ganatha, that is Diana speaking directly to you! She did it. She spoke directly to you. What do you think?"

My answer: I am amazed. How can she do it?

"She can't do it by herself. We are helping her do it. We are channeling her so she can have energy to do it. We simply mean, she can address you directly now as long as we are assisting her. It may not be very long, though, because she's a fast learner and can do quite a lot on her own. She has immeasurable compassion for whales. We're impressed with that. She is preparing to address the Sirian Council on her subjects, the whales.

Sirian Maylin speaks: "Diana, Princess of Whales, is a person most willing to work with us at this Council meeting as a representative of the planet Earth. As Earth's spokesperson in the negotiations involving the plans for usage of the American West, we agree she is qualified to speak before us and address us as such. So, of course we plan to channel her speech to you when she gives it. She will be speaking on the natural indemnity of the planet as regards its debt to the whale population.

She is working now on advising several of our Council members as to her speech and why she is giving it. To each of us she says a few small words and then focuses on staying coherently visible. This is a very tiring time for her each time she works among us, but we also are working on propping her up and keeping her stable and focused. She has much work to do with us and we expect soon to hear her speak on the problems associated with the diminishing whale population of the planet. She plans to ask for intervention from the Sirian Council to prevent further planetary ecological damage by the continued hunting of the whale population.

Some will oppose her opinions, of course, but her request to give them has been granted. Many of the beings present will not like what she will say because not all of the Sirian Council are of a like mind. We are bonded together as a result of the interchange of physics we share, and so we work together whenever we can and whenever a purpose arises. We are the Sirian Council, keeping you informed of these preparations."

Shaktinanda channeling Sirian Maylin, Sirian Council President


Yesterday we shopped! How much fun it is to shop with Diana. She has exquisite taste in clothing and she is such a good teacher. "There! Try that on," she will say. "Really? I don't think so," I'll say. "Do it and see how it looks. Go see!" and she will always be right - anything she tells you to put on looks just great. She will shop with you if you connect with her. Try channeling Diana into your next shopping trip.

She enjoyed for the first time consignment shopping. She had been campaigning to shop at Nordstrom, an expensive store downtown, but when I told her our bank balance she realized some karma, I think. It hit her pretty hard. "Do you know how much money we have in the bank, now?" I asked her. "No, how much?" she confidently responded. When I told her she replied downcast, "Shocking!"

After a couple of hours at a very nice consignment shop, and after handling everything therein and trying on several things, we bought the three things we tried. Then, we went to a thrift store, but she doesn't like to shop there because her vision isn't perfect. She is looking through my eyes, and her vision is better everyday. Two days ago, as we walked along a busy downtown street to the library, I asked her, "Can you see everything as I can?" She replied, "No, not at all. The people look like thick sticks and I can't see the cars individually, but as motion." I stopped to admire a flower and asked her, "What color is this flower." She confidently said, "Purple and green!" I had to disappoint her. "Almost. The flower is purple and red, and the leaves are green." "Oh."

She can see the colors of the clothes now, and also the cut and the style of clothing, but in the thrift store, where some clothes are worn, she can't see the wear or the little fabric nits that come with frequent washing. She departed to rest and regain energy and left me to apply my new shopping wisdom in the thrift store and to find something on my own, some clothing she would personally choose. I could tell it when she left and I could feel it when she returned. She has a bubbling, happy personality and she's very excited about her life.

While she was gone, some other guides came in to shop - I never did learn their names - and they insisted on buying a jacket, one that I knew Diana would say, "almost but not quite." But seems they just knew she would love it and they wanted to show her how much they had learned from her by producing this jacket when she returned. But I vetoed it, after much telepathic debating about it., I bet I was the only person in the thrift store whose right and left sides of the brain were in such heated debate, and still I wasn't confined as a mental somewhere. :-) But I won out over those men guides, whoever they were, and when Diana saw my choices, she said, "Magnificent!" And I have to say, I felt bursting with pride, just the way any good student feels when the teacher gives a big compliment.

On the way home in the dark (it gets dark in Seattle at 5 in the afternoon) a car sped by, and I felt her fear. "Why am I afraid of cars?" she asked. "Because you recently died in one," I said. "Was it a black car?" she asked. "I'm not sure. I think so," I answered. "Did I die in a tunnel?" she asked. "Yes," I replied. "Will you tell me more about it?" she asked. Oy. "Why don't you ask spirit to tell you more about it. Spirit can help you understand it better than I can." "Oh, yes!" she exuberantly said. "That is a good idea. Thank you."

When Diana died I was completely secluded at 7000 feet in the Rockies and channeling Limitless Light Formation and definitions of the Sirian Light Keys. My roommate, Rene Mueller, of, had returned to Switzerland. I was completely immersed in the world of spirit with no outer world interests or interruptions at all. I had no TV or radio, just the internet, and I wasn't on any mailing lists or surfing the net so that I could know she had died on Sunday. I learned of it the following Friday. When I look back on those days now, I see them in a new light.

At that chalet in the Rockies, spirit releasement and attached entity removal was part of our focus for 3 months. Although Rene and I had been divided about attached entities and what it was really all about, we had successfully performed spirit releasement rituals over the internet and on the land. We were channeling the divinities of nature and connecting with all the nature spirits there. It was a powerfully grounding-transcendent experience we were having. We released Arapaho Ratay Shaman from the land through spiritual transmutation, and we connected with tribal mothers of the land who call themselves "Mary." We channeled Spruce trees and released the spirits of the Pearsons from the mining camp at Eldora.

Shamanic bear and wolf energy added to the magical mix, and a big brown bear practically lived with us. Melchizedek was summoned in Limitless Light Formation Initiation with Lillian Maresh and John Hornecker. As an invisible being, he opened the screen door to the front porch and walked right into our house, with all of us watching. So also appeared Allah, Lord Michael and Sirian Council members. The veil between the worlds was rent, and St. Germain swirled the colors in the vat round and round and left colored flags to "find along the path like Easter Eggs," he said, and we passed through the portal.

What a wonderful, magical summer we had, and then it was over. How much I wanted it to last forever. During the week following Diana's death, after everyone had left and I was alone, I experienced very profound fear and an equally profound confusion about why I was feeling such fear. I said it was because of my rental dispute with my landlady, who was violating my lease. But that's just tenant-owner stuff, nothing to bring about profound fear. I knew it couldn't be that, but I also couldn't subscribe it to anything else, either, because nothing else was happening. I was moving and I had some idea where I was going, but had not decided. That was a definite uncertainty, and it could and did cause anxiety, but nothing like intense fear.

This fear was fiery and almost overwhelming. I was inside the alchemists' furnace and something unneeded was being burned away in the-fire-that-does-not-consume. When I look back on it now, I believe I channeled the mass consciousness empathic experience, collective fear, produced by news of Diana's death. I had such a pure experience because I was isolated and could not reference it. Instead, I was guided by spirit to dive into it. And when I dove in, I followed it back to source - Diana - and connected. How many others had such an experience, I wonder? Not many, I'm thinking, because of widespread media. Makes you think, doesn't it, about the double-edged sword we call media. Up there on that mountain top, I felt media's full power as it impacted the collective mind. It was archetypal - Moses on the mountain, God setting fire to the burning bush! After that, nothing was ever the same again.

I ask Sananda today: What about channeling Diana? Is she my partner or one of my guides now?

"Diana here. I am not your spiritual guide but your friend. We work together as a pair, sometimes, but we are not merged. We are being aware together, and when we have come together a bit more, we will work together as a team. Our focus will be the whales on the planet, and we will speak often about saving the whales. In due time we will become one, but for now we are friends trying to learn how each other likes to do things and learning how we both enjoy the same things.

I like to walk, you know, and so I would like to walk more and ride the trolley-bus less. About the things we are seeing, I can describe to you more faithfully that which I see if you would take the recorder with you everywhere we go and speak into it for me. Then, later on, we can channel more about the observations, if you like.

My plan is to bring people on the planet to a more aware status regarding my subjects the whales. Your purpose, as I see it, is very similar to mine because you strive to bring people to more awareness of spirit and spiritual material and of spirit's ways of making contact with people. This seems to me to be virtually the same program, only operating at different levels. We can, together, make a big difference in how others perceive programs such as these by our personal appearance.

With that in mind, I want to say to you how much I enjoyed shopping yesterday. It was such a beautiful experience, and with these clothes we selected I believe we brought ourselves together even more because you were so agreeable about my selections. I have to feel you would have chosen them without me but I understand from what you say you would never have made those choices. Now, let us begin a new regime, one in which we take our beliefs out into the public world and express them. That is my plan and I can only hope it meets with your approval, as well."

Diana continued, "The other day when we were riding the trolley-bus in Seattle, I noticed a young boy on the bus in a wheelchair. He was physically and mentally handicapped but appeared to be the happiest person there. I could see him clearly. He was gifted with laughter and love and he appeared to be enjoying himself to the ultimate that he was capable of doing. The happiness of this child is to be so admired, is it not?

Are we as gifted? Do we always give ourselves the opportunity to be as happy as we can be? No, I think not. But nevertheless we persevere, do we not? We continue our path in such a way as to make ourselves secure and free from worry, but do we make a path designed to lead us to ecstasy? Certainly we want to, but the question remains, do we? No, obviously not. But even if we decide to love ourselves to the maximum that we can love ourselves, and even should we be free to do whatever we like in the world, the important consideration is this - do we care for ourselves to the extent that we can give freely to others of our own joy and energy? What a beautiful path and how happy we are to have found it!"

Your friend,
Lady Diana Spenser, HRH Divinity of Whales

Sananda speaks now:

"Dear One, the above address was given almost completely without assistance. Diana is gaining in material strength daily, and we are so pleased to see she has gained quite a better focus and purpose. She remembers her maiden name and she believes she remembers much about her childhood as well. So, we are delighted, of course.

Now, about her project, the whales, we support that 700 and more and we give to Diana, HRH Divinity of Whales, our fullest respect and we accord her all the dues and privileges granted to our Mother's Daughters. Serena Moon Goddess will speak now:

"Dearest, we hope you are well and we want you to know how fully we enjoy ourselves as your moon goddess. Do we not shine on? So shall you."

Love to you,
Serena Moon Goddess

Channeled by
Princess Ganatha Ganesha

Yours InLight,

Princess Ganatha and Diana, Nature Divinity
with Mary Magdelena Miriam
and Sananda Buddha Jesus
Thanks be to thee, Lord Ganesha


Lord Ganesha speaks and tells the parable of why he has named me Princess Ganatha Ganesha, a crowned head in the Court of Ganesha.

"Once upon a time in a celestial kingdom by the sea in Heaven, a very wealthy king named Lord Gana ruled the world in that part of the Universe. He took for himself all that he saw and desired and loved and left nothing for anyone else, but that was just fine with the population there because it was Heaven and they, too, could have whatever they wanted.

One day Lord Gana saw a man holding a beautiful gem and he said to him, 'Give me that gem. I desire it and so I shall have it. This is my kingdom and you must turn it over to me right away.' The man said, 'No, I will not. It is mine and I live in Heaven too, so I shall keep my beautiful gemstone and you shall never have it.'

This irritated the king so much that he snatched the gem away from the man and said, 'It is mine and I shall keep it.' Whereupon, he rounded up all his forces of Heaven and he took them to guard him as he rode away in the sky on a cloud to his palace in the far reaches of beautiful earthly planes on high. There is sat and meditated his new gemstone until it would tell him all its secrets and all its truths. But the gem never spoke, no matter how hard the king meditated. It never said one word to him about beauty and love, life and happiness. The king complained bitterly to the gem about its lack of language, but the gem changed not, nor did it speak at all.

Then, the man to whom the gemstone originally belonged appealed to me, Lord Ganesha God, and said, 'Oh, please, my God, remove this gemstone from this mean king and let me have it back. I love it so much and it originally did belong to me.' I responded, 'Yes, you shall have it back but you also must take with it the head of Lord Gana. This is my ruling in this matter, that because the gem refuses to speak to either of you, then each of you must learn to speak to the other. And that one will be Lord Gana, for his vicious envy of your gem. He will speak to you about all his truths, but you must burden yourself with them by burdening yourself with his head. Do you agree to this?' I asked him. 'Yes,' he replied, for he wanted his property back very badly.

I returned to him his gemstone and cut off the head of Lord Gana and gave it to him on a platter, telling him to carry it with him wherever he went. He agreed, happily, to do so for he had his beautiful, beloved gemstone back and that was all he really cared about, anyway. Now, the story develops thusly.

The man with the gem carried the head of Lord Gana around with him everywhere he went until one day, many years later, he grew so weary of it and he appealed to me, saying, 'Please, Lord Ganesha, give this head back to its owner and return to him also this gemstone, for it weighs far more than it is worth.' I agreed to do so, and when I placed the head of Lord Gana back upon his shoulders and pried the gemstone from the hands of the man who loved it so, Lord Gana refused to hold it, saying, 'Sire, I care not for gems anymore but want only to love and worship you from now on, for I have learned my lesson and so shall I speak of you always with love.'

'Well, fine,' I replied. 'This is exactly as I wished to hear you speak, and now you must be elevated to my kingdom as a wise man, so let us leave this realm and advance to another.' 'Wait,' Lord Gana replied. "Take my wife Lady Gana with us, for she too wishes only to love and worship you.'

'Well, then,' I replied, 'I will take Lady Gana and give her the name Princess Ganatha Ganesha and place her in my court as a crowned head. I have discovered her through these ordeals, and I will give her a studded crown to wear, for she cares neither for gems nor truths, and she alone remains unblemished by these actions.' Therefore, I name you Princess Ganatha Ganesha, Divine Envoy of Myself, Lord Ganesha. My love to you, Dear One.'

Your Servant Ganesha

(For more on Humans Aeons, read Early Common Era Gnosticism.)

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