Chartres Cathedral
Chartres Cathedral


March 8, 1997, 8:30PM Eastern Time

Portal Rituals for Planetary Ascension 2012Ritual of the Cathedral portal is the quintessential ritual! This is the fifth ritual, in the element of Aether. The four rituals preceding this one invoked the four elements and constituents of Matter: Fire, Water, Air and Earth. In Ritual of the Cathedral Portal we performed Fire Ritual to Invoke the Shield Guides. In Ritual of the Rock Eagle Portals we performed Fire Water Ritual to Call Forth the Wings of Love. In Ritual of the Pyramid Portals we performed Earth Ritual to Empower the Spirit-Soul. In Ritual of the Sarcophagus Portal we performed Air Ritual for Spirit-Soul to Walk the Sky. Thus, we invoked the four elements and also the energies of the ancient worlds: the Celts of Great Britain, the Mound Builder Indians of North America, the Egyptians, the Aztecs and the Mayas of Central America.

These are powerful energies we called upon, for these are the energies that built legendary civilizations on this planet, and in so doing preserved and advanced the Ancient Knowledge. We also have asked many great spiritual beings, Energy-Intelligences, Planetary Spirits and Occult Forces of the universe to assist us in our alchemical Great Work of spiritual evolution and planetary ascension. In these rituals we boldly called for many individuals, many collective consciousnesses and the God-power of the universe to shed Light and Love on us while we work on behalf of universal consciousness. These great and powerful Beings of Light responded to our collective call and are joining with us to bring us and our planet to a whole new level of consciousness.

What is the significance of the four elements? In classical astrology the appearance and construction of each created thing is determined by a specific combination of the concourse of the forces of the four elements. When the elements of Fire, Water, Air and Earth are in contact they set up a motion which produces an action. The form the action takes is dependent upon the concourse of the forces brought together. The first concourse of the forces of Fire and Air produced heaven and earth. The second concourse of the forces of Air and Water created a strong wind born from water, which created all vegetation. From the third concourse of the forces of Air and Fire, generation began. The fourth concourse of the forces of Water and Fire entered into contact with Earth and this resulted in the creation of humanity.

We learn by this allegorical mythology that concourse of the forces is a powerful formula for creation in the universe. In this Aether ritual we are bringing together the four elements and also the powerful Beings of Light and their energies to direct the four elements into the concourse of the forces for the benefit of our planet, our group consciousness and our individual selves. Because we are motiveless, desiring to work for the greater good within the Light of Divine Love, these great powers are responding. With this Aether ritual we will activate the great celestial Cross of Light in the vault of the Northern Hemisphere. This cross will light for eternity this time on this planet when Spirit and Matter came together for the love and benefit of all. Plato said the power which comes next to the highest God is marked with a Cross of Light upon the universe, and we will draw upon the power of our Cross of Light for guidance and energy as we continue our Work on the physical plane.

The fusion - the alchemy - of Spirit and Matter expressed by the Cross of Light also is powerfully expressed by the total solar eclipse during the night of the ritual, or Sunday, March 9, in Siberia. Lasting longer than 2 minutes, the solar eclipse will allow for an easy view of comet Hale-Bopp if you are in eastern Asia. The visibility of a comet during a total solar eclipse is quite a rare event and has only happened four times in the last century or so.

Throughout the ages, the alchemical union of the sun and moon is the most enduring symbol in alchemy. When Forces of Light (the Sun) and Forces of Dark Light (the Moon) come together on March 9, the energies of union will be facilitated by Chartres Cathedral near Paris. Within the cathedral, concourse of the forces is always active in the Earth of the crypt where the portal is cited; in the Water of the Well of the Strong beside the portal; in the Fire of the cathedral, burned down five times; and in the Air of the flying buttresses of the Gothic arches, built on the principles of sacred geometry.

By the Aether ritual, its natural power amplified by the solar eclipse, we will fulfill several Love goals, including: bringing into geometrical alignment the energy on this planet by bringing through the portal of Chartres the angels of geometry and the geometry monks; linking with the healing spiritual vibrations of the Divine Mother, Our Lady of Chartres; and activating for ourselves the energy power of the mythological wealth and legendary treasures of the planet and the vast wealth of the Knights Templar, who built Chartres and many healing hospices all over France. We will create for ourselves the Ring of the Niebelung, the golden ring symbolizing the power of Spirit with the wealth of the planet. With both Spirit and material resources accessible to us, we can continue our spiritual work and go forth into the world as spiritual knights under the banner of Health, Wealth and Love!

Several spirit-guided articles to follow this one are: Toward the Divine; Dreamtime Journal Activity: Vibratory Attunement; Celestial Order of the Prophets of the Golden Masons; A Light-Matrix in Stone; The Knights Templar and the Ark of the Covenant; Sophia, Queen of Heaven; and the Aether ritual.


Chartres Cathedral and The Knights Templar

When you do the ritual this time, think about inviting someone to participate. Sometimes, group consciousness (two is a group) can manifest an experience that is more palpable than what individual consciousness provides. LindaLibra's Merkaba meditation group produces impressive group ritual results. Here is their Ritual of the Sarcophagus Portal:

Our group usually sits around a large table with the various accouterments for the ritual in front of us. For this one, however, it seemed appropriate to set up an altar in the pathway of the room's portal without table. A pathway of crystals (most of these were milky) and candles led from the portal entry, and the altar itself had the large Merkaba in the center surrounded by a circle of crystal laser wands and other crystals on top of a like number of major arcana cards, intuitively drawn. Several other appropriately placed crystals were also around the setup. Each of the participants intuitively drew a power deck card and an angel oracle card to be read at the end of the process for further guidance. Our intention and focus was to be in a place of love for ourselves and the Universe so as to be clearer channels for love for the earth and all lifeforms. We sang songs and performed chants especially to assist in the raising of the vibration. The Heartbeat Drumming was also performed to attune to Mother Earth's vibration.

A 21 breath Merkaba meditation was accomplished with a call afterward for all to join in a network of light with all others who were also engaged in the meditative activity of the day (Gaiamind, World Peace, and yours), linking the cosmic Christ grid. A silent meditation allowed each to receive his/her own insight. The very first energy sensed by all present was that of the Divine Mother, followed by a stream of others including the sense of Archangel Michael and Gabriel (the first time I had ever seen Gabriel), Shiva, Jesus, and a number of others (ours is an eclectic group). The energy flowed around the room thru the portal in such waves that it was easily "seen" and sensed: we were sitting in a semicircle in front of the altar and around the area. In answer to my request, a "raft" of Mayans entered the room, resplendent to say the least. Each of the Mayan etherics appeared to blend with one of the participants in the meditation. We were in the silence of that energy for some time, and all felt they had received healing, inspiration, and personal guidance, as well as being a part of a greater healing, ascending effort. The general consensus was this was the most dynamic of all we have held up to this time. Thanks for being a channel of Light, Claire. Blessings.

Group Consciousness is a powerful dynamic and a blessed event. What an experience it is when someone sitting beside you describes to you what you are seeing through inner vision! Others are seeing it along with you because it is a group consciousness inner vision. In the group ritual I led this February in Atlanta, we saw with 3rd eye a flaming red rosebud. This is Dante Alighieri's "Rose of the Blessed." In Dante's structure of the universe, the Rose of the Blessed is situated beyond the planetary spheres and signifies ascension into a new way of seeing, a new way of thinking, a new way of Being toward the Divine.


With only one week until the ritual, the energy is really beginning to build! This is the quintessential ritual, so it is important to have a little more preparation time than usual. For this reason I have posted all the ritual articles, as well as the ritual, on the website. You may not hear from me again by Email before the ritual, because I am beginning my meditation now.

In the Aether ritual you will see references to a gold ring and a silver cape. This is part of an initiation I recently experienced in which I was empowered by Spirit to marry the wealth of the planet to the spiritual aspirations of all involved in this ritual. This light-body initiation and Divine Marriage was performed on the stone steps of Chartres Cathedral and officiated by the Celestial Orders of the Prophets of the Golden Masons. This is the name of the Order of the angels of sacred geometry and the geometry monks who are coming through the portal at Chartres. This is an angelic order devoted to the Divine Mother and whose initiates are the Knights Templar (warrior monks), the Benedictine monks (Alchemy monks) and the Palamun monks (Gnostic monks).

In the initiation, a man wearing a white ritual gown and a red cloth belt came forward accompanied by a Shield Guide. The man carried before him a small white pillow upon which rested a beautiful wedding ring of gold light. When the ring bearer presented me with the gold ring, it floated up from the pillow and turned slowly in a circle, growing bigger and bigger, then small again. A thin, wide sheet of glittering silver etched with symbols materialized and wrapped itself around my shoulders, form-fitting itself to me to become a silver cape. I felt intense excitement and breathlessness (even as I write this), and gasping a little (solar plexus chakra activity) I was awakened by my guides to take a deep breath. In that ceremony I was initiated as a spiritual knight into the Celestial Orders of the Prophets of the Golden Masons. We are divinely wed to the Divine Mother.

If you have questions or comments about the articles, the ritual or how to proceed, please Email me. In the meantime, may you have sweet, magical dreams!,


As a frequent skywalker I often encounter energy patterns and life forms different from my own. Have you ever dreamed that you are going in fast reverse and can't stop? That is the experience of connecting with retrograde energy. The energy is quite powerful and allows for the release of less-than-eternal emotions, especially fear, which weigh us down and hold us in our little selves while our larger selves patiently await. We are experiencing at this time strong retrograde energy, expressed by the apparent reverse motion of Mars and Pluto.

This energy has lessons to teach if we can find the classroom! After skywalking through the portal to Chartres a few nights ago, I encountered inside the cathedral the retrograde, spiral energy housed by the sacred geometry of the architecture. I passed through the portal and was moving inside the cathedral in comfort when suddenly I went straight backwards at about 30 miles per hour, then full forward, then took a sharp 90 degree right turn and then, falling fearlessly to the left, I tumbled down from the Gothic arches like falling from the tower on The Tower card in tarot. As I fell I had a series of thoughts and images that seemed unrelated to the experience of the moment.

Swept along in this retrograde energy vortex I fell into the crypt and into the fishy, Piscean water of the Well of the Strong. Under the Piscean energy influence of fishes swimming in opposite directions, I splashed around and experienced difficulty of movement as I struggled to right myself and reassert my own energy pattern. I avoided "drowning" only by finding the strength to shed a layer of self like removing a heavy overcoat. The coat was woven of fear, and after casting it aside I floated free.

This experience gave me considerable insights into ascension. The fish of Pisces are tied together and want to hold onto the old and the known, being fearful of loss and the unknown. But by releasing these fears we can swim free to the next level. The Pisces sign represents the attainment of universal consciousness at the end of a cycle, and this attainment involves letting go of the known in favor of the unknown. Connecting with retrograde energy also taught me a fascinating lesson about universal consciousness and the Eternal Now. Although it seemed to me I traveled backwards at a speed of 30 miles per hour, in fact I traveled so fast in reverse that I went into the future and experienced the events that happened the following day as thoughts and images as I fell into the crypt. Through the portal I went back to the future!

The energy of the Chartres ritual is profound and paradoxical -- it is both volatile and peaceful. And I wonder if you have seen any etheric young "pilgrims" lately? Some of them are wearing backpacks! They have come here to do the ritual with us.

The following astrological information is the work of Melissa Stratton. Thanks, Melissa! At the end of the article is a web link to a Chartres page with several beautiful photographs of the Cathedral, including the stained-glass Pisces window in Chartres. Melissa's astrology information for Ritual of the Cathedral Portal:

Right away what stands out is that 8 planets along with 3 asteroids (11 planetary bodies!) are lined up entirely within the 2nd and 3rd houses. The 2nd house, of connection with the material plane, is ruled by Capricorn with asteroid Pallas Athena (the wise warrior - Knights Templar??) at the cusp and Neptune in Capricorn nearby, and includes the important conjunction of Uranus and Jupiter in Aquarius. The asteroids Ceres (in Aquarius) and Vesta (in Pisces) are also in the 2nd house. The conjunction of Uranus/Jupiter in Aquarius can indicate expanded opportunities when we begin to trust advanced concepts. In the 2nd house, this conjunction along with the other 4 planets/asteroids points to an emphasis on creating a new material foundation based on expanded concepts.

The Pisces-ruled 3rd house contains a line-up of 4 planets - Venus, Mercury, Sun and Moon (tightly conjuncted in the eclipse) all in Pisces, along with Saturn in Aries. The 3rd house of lower mind and communication ruled by Pisces with 5 planets inside can indicate an intuitive opening up of the "lower" mind to receive the Piscean ideal of unconditional love - very indicative of the Divine Mother influence, I'd say! Saturn in Aries is a nice addition, since it tends to anchor new experiences in the mental realm - meaning, our conscious minds can more readily accept/believe these experiences.

Retrograde Mars/North Node conjunction in Virgo is in the 9th house of higher mind, indicating that the experience of the lower/conscious mind can be channeled through the higher mind. In fact, this shows that the higher mind is ready and willing to handle the details, organize and help integrate the experience.

The transformational energy of Chiron in Scorpio is located in the 10th house. It's interesting that the Atlanta (East Coast) chart has Scorpio/Chiron in the ego arena, while the major portal of Chartres has it in the house of worldly recognition. It's as if it is "time" for this ancient portal to be once again utilized "out in the world", but we aren't meant to use this for our own ego-aggrandizement.

Retrograde Pluto in Sagittarius is located in the 12th house, which has Scorpio at the cusp. This adds another message about transformation - Pluto is the planet of transformation in the 12th house ruled by Scorpio, the sign of transformation. Pluto/Sagittarius in the 12th house of connection with other realities, can indicate that it is time to let go of our fears around reaching out toward higher planes of reality. This process can help us reconcile the "dreamtime" with who we project ourselves to be - since in the chart Sagittarius begins in the 12th house, but spills out into the 1st house of persona and rules the ascendant.

The Vertex is in Cancer in the 8th house (another indicator of transformation, since the 8th house is the house of transformation) and is opposite Neptune/Capricorn in the 2nd house. This can be phrased as, "Destiny knocks at the door of transformation, waiting for us to dissolve our former concepts around the material plane and enter a new dimension."

The asteroid Juno is in Taurus in the 5th house of creativity indicating the willingness to commit to grounding creative endeavors.

And finally, one fascinating note is that the comet Hale Bopp (according to the ephemeris provided by Astrolabe) will be traveling through Pisces very close to the Sun/Moon eclipse at the time of the ritual! So it will be highLIGHTing the Pisces sector of the chart - the Divine Mother Love.

Melissa Stratton


Our Lady of Chartres Cathedral, dedicated to the Divine Mother and built 1128-1228 CE above an ancient geophysical portal, is a light-matrix in stone. Demonstrating this is a comparison of the cathedral ground plan to the World Soul, a light-matrix design based upon the Kabala Tree of Life. The World Soul light-matrix demonstrates the geometrical properties of light which are built into the cathedral as sacred geometry. Chartres is designed according to proportions which obey the law of the Golden Mean, 1.618 (phi). In Chartres, distances between pillars and the lengths of the nave, transepts, and the choir are all multiples of the Golden Mean. The ribs supporting the vaults of the quadrangular units of which the cathedral is composed are the shape of the golden rectangle. The overall ground plan design of Chartres is a Latin Cross, symbolizing Light of the Cross, where Spirit and Matter come together.

Portal Rituals for Planetary Ascension 2012

The esoteric concept of sacred geometry as being based upon the geometrical properties of light is demonstrated by placing the ground plan of Chartres beside the light-matrix. Spheres S1, S2 and S3 are connected by two diagonal paths of light, D1 and D2, and one horizontal path of light, H1, creating the top up-pointed acute triangle of the light-matrix. In the cathedral, these are the three great stained-glass windows through which streams bright sunlight, the material world counterpart of the Boundless Light/Great Creator. The brilliant light illuminates the interior of the cathedral, enlightening Sacred Center, S4 on the light-matrix. S2, S3 and S4, connected by H1, D7 and D8, form an down-pointed acute triangle, the mirror image of the first up-pointed triangle. The corners of North and South Transepts of the cathedral are S6 and S9 on the left, and S5 and S8 on the right. In the center of the transepts is occulted S7. The spheres S4, S5, and S6, connected by H2, D9 and D10, form a second up-pointed acute triangle. S5, S6 and S7, connected by H2, D13 and D14, form its mirror image, a down-pointed acute triangle. The spheres S7, S8 and S9, connected by H3, D15 and D16, form the 3rd up-pointed acute triangle. Below occulted S7 is Vortex, S10, defined as "Portal" in Kabalism. S8, S9 and S10, connected by H3, D21 and D22, form a third down-pointed acute triangle. Below Vortex is Great West Door, S13, defined as "Communion" in Kabalism. S10, S11 and S12, connected by H4, D23 and D24, form a 4th up-pointed acute triangle. S11, S12 and S13, connected by H4, D29 and D30 form a 4th down-pointed acute triangle.

This system of repeating mirror image triangles is a graphic representation of the ancient and venerable philosophy of Emanationism, the secret religious philosophy of the Jewish rabbis and many others before and after them. The World Soul glyph describes a universe (and a cathedral) based upon rational order and comprehensible intellectual structure. It is derived, in part, from Platonism, in which the original template, or tri-fold god-energy/light, is duplicated endlessly throughout the universe in various degrees of light-density and power. The philosophy is enduring throughout the ages but not widely popular, because the idea of God as the ultimate matrixed, metaphysical Energy-Intelligence-Creator expressed in terms of light is challenging to conceptualize, being such a long way from the popular notion of God as a gaseous vertebrate.

The light-matrix, like the Kabala Tree of Life, is composed of three vertical pillars. Left pillar is comprised of spheres S3, S6, S9 and S12, connected by vertical paths of light numbered V3, V6, and V9. In Kabalism the left pillar is designated negative. Right pillar is comprised of S2, S5, S8 and S11 connected by V2, V5 and V8. Right pillar is designated positive. Middle pillar is comprised of S1, S4, S7, S10 and S13. Middle pillar is neutral. Diagonal paths of light connect all these spheres together and form acute triangles of various sizes. The spheres on the outer pillars are connected by horizontal paths of attraction-repulsion H1, H2, H3 and H4. Three rectangles are formed by the horizontal paths of light connecting with the vertical paths of light at the spheres on the outer pillars. The rectangles are halved by the middle pillar, creating six cubes, three on the right of the middle pillar and three on the left. The light-matrix is a representative section of a continuum, the triangles repeating ad infinitum.

At the top of the left and negative pillar is Sphere 3, S3, known in Kabalism as "Form" and named Binah, the Black Mother. In Chartres this Kabalistic pillar is the Black Madonna, called Our Lady of the Pillar. She is the womb portal/feminine energy through which all of the material world is born as her Divine Child. The three pillars, depicting the ancient Three Primordial Principles of creation, is found in art as early as 6,000 BCE. The three pillars shows the polarities at work in creating the spiral energy of the vortex, a representation of which is found carved on the floor of Chartres. When studied from a different angle, both the linear ground plan of Chartres and the linear appearance of the light-matrix can be seen as concentric circles of the vortex. Spiral energy, Divine Mother energy, is the most powerful energy/light configuration in the universe.

Traditionally, when the pilgrims entered the cathedral through Great West Door they proceeded to Vortex. At the center of Vortex used to be the combat of Theseus and the Minotaur, erased over time by the feet of pilgrims. From the outer circle of Vortex the pilgrims performed a ritual of the portal in which they spun around and around ever inward, activating and integrating the spiral energy/light, until they reached the center of the vortex. After this ritual, they proceeded into the cathedral to await their turn to enter the crypt of the cathedral, where another ritual was performed to invoke the healing powers of the Divine Mother. Inside the cathedral, the metaphysical portal/shamanic tunnel is erected in the divine proportions of the sacred geometry that comprise its arched architecture. And there, at the end of the great arched tunnel, is the huge Rose window, the representation of Ain Soph, the Boundless Light.

131 feet below the pinnacle of the Gothic arch and 131 feet over the ancient geophysical portal floats Sacred Center, S4 on the light-matrix. Beneath Sacred Center, in the crypt of the cathedral, is a convergence point of telluric (earth) energy, where is located a dolmen and a well. The dolmen, a megalithic tomb of two standing stones supporting a large, flat boulder, was built about the time of Stonehenge. Located at that place is a well, called "the Well of the Strong." The dolmen and the well were once buried within a mound, creating a portal tall enough to walk through. Chartres is the 6th church built over the dolmen and the well, the other five having been destroyed by fire.

Until the 18th century, every pilgrim took part in a second ritual of the portal involving descent to the dolmen, where they were blessed with the water from the well. In the 3rd century CE, Christians named this underground sanctuary "Druid's Grotto" because mysterious rituals were held here long ago, and they attributed the rituals to the Druids and their college, or mystery school.

Residing in the crypt is the statue of The Virgin of the Crypt - Our Lady of Chartres. Throughout history, sick people were nursed in the crypt, usually for a period of 9 days. Great crowds were drawn to the sanctuary, and pilgrims slept in the cathedral while waiting their turn to the crypt. This accounts for the slope of the nave paving allowing a thorough washing, and panels of the stained-glass windows could be taken out to air the building. Many miracles took place in the crypt and are recorded in chronicles of the cathedral and attributed to The Virgin of the Crypt. The origin and heart of Chartres is the crypt, the womb portal of Our Lady and her healing spiral energy. "Traveling through the universe, spiraling through the universe is Universal Mother energy." (Words of the Matawil) Chartres Cathedral was built on the principles of sacred geometry especially to channel and amplify the spiritual vibrations of this nurturing, healing God energy.



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